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Welcome to Angel Gifting, we are the home of Angels—Building the Bridge to Prosperity, now, in the Golden Age.

Our world is about to change in more ways than one. With the global reset of the financial system, the entrance of asset backed currencies for all countries, the delivery of prosperity program packages, the payout of farmers claims, and the currency revaluation of several key  countries, our world is moving swiftly into a new age of prosperity for ALL.

But how do we get there, when there are so many people in our world today who are in desperate need? As it may take a short while for the transfer of “new wealth” to make its way to those most desperately in need, Angel Gifting was founded to initially meet the short- term needs of those people, who were slipping through the gaps of society, by funneling blessings from Angels who donate now or when they receive money from the various prosperity packages and / or currency revaluations, to those in need—through individual grants— Angel Gifting aims to ensure the money flows quickly to where it is most needed.

This is not about ending 3rd world world hunger or saving the displaced who have become refugees, this is rather about the people you see your community, in the street, or living next door, those who are living in quiet desperation in your neighborhood and mine, people like you and me who need a little extra help, whatever that might be.  This is our initial focus which will expand as the blessing multiplies.

If you are an individual that would like to help in this endeavor by donating a small portion of your blessings from prosperity packages or currency revaluations, we welcome you to join our team of Angels. You can truly make a big difference with your new found wealth and pass the blessing on to another by clicking here.

If you or your family is in need of assistance, please click here.

Please be aware that the majority of our Angels are depending on the deliveries of prosperity packages and currency revaluations to enable them to help others, so many are in the same boat as you might be while we all await the arrival of these earth changing events.

There are some Angels who will be able to donate now, in these cases we will pass on donations to those who we intuitively feel are in dire need.

To those who are in a position to donate now, sometimes just a small amount can shift things in a persons life, just to know that someone else cares can make a huge difference,

In the meantime, High Vibration Angels are available who donate some of their time in prayer for you and/or family members who are facing a serious financial or health issue, please don’t hesitate to make a request or in the Angel Gifting Facebook group.

If you have the ability to help those requesting assistance NOW, please contact us as we have many who have already expressed an urgent need NOW. Every little bit helps.

To learn more about this gifting program, click here.

Thank you for visiting Angel Gifting we hope you too become an Angel.

Angels Gifting Humanity For Prosperity

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