State of play – Some RV News

Treat as rumor / this is just a fun post and is no means to be taken as an indicator of events planned – it is pure coincidence if that is the case.

I hope everyone is ready for the RV as it looks like things are getting hot for us.  One has to admit – some very strange anomalies are happening on the (Central Bank of Iraq) website since Saturday afternoon … all rates have been removed as we are told they are dismantling it and redirecting to the new site, which I believe is very significant.  What’s very curious though to me is they had an auction this week but aren’t telling anyone what the exchange rate is or how much it sold for…that’s a heck of a way to have an auction (if you ask me).


A lot of cleanup has had to occur in the background around the world in the banking arena to get to this point.  For instance, you may have noticed in today’s news that the Pope cleaned house at the troubled Vatican Bank by naming new cardinal advisers.  “Pope names 19 new cardinals, focusing on the poor” … Associated Press.  There’s been a major overhaul because of corruption and fraud throughout the world in the banking industry which had to be cleaned up.  Much has been going on behind the scenes and I believe many more things will be revealed in the near future.

The RV is almost here and about $1,500 Trillion has been let out by the Chinese Dynasty Family in preparation for this event.  The same holds true for the historic Bond Redemptions as trillions are being let out in payment of these.  As you may or may not know, the Chinese Dynasty elders (not the Chinese Communist Government) are financially backing all of the countries throughout the world their conversion to asset backed currency.  There has been a huge movement of gold around the world.  This is not a one world currency system, each country retains their own currency now backed by assets, rather than backed by nothing.  The release of the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar is the first to occur which opens the gates for all currencies to follow.

Here is what we are hearing about the timing issue…On January 31st, we will enter the Lunar New Year in China.  This 2-week celebration is of extreme importance to the Chinese.  The elders are preparing to accomplish the first releases of the Dinar and other things before this time.  It is expected the RV will be announced now, not after the Chinese New Year.  We are waiting for the release of the 800#’s for us to call to make appointments for the exchange of the dinar.  It appears that the only thing left is for Michael Cottrell to be paid (economic receipt) so he can fund the US Treasury.

The announcement of the Republic of the US is also going to take place, but that timing is still closely guarded.  I don’t know if that will occur before or after the Chinese New Year.

The releases of the Fines and Penalties (F&P) and the Prosperity Packages (PP) are also timed to the RV, and the Global Currency Reset (GCR) which I’ve heard will be after the Lunar New Year.

We hear the dinar rates are still holding high.  If you hold dinar we heard today that the market rate will be $3.47, the UST contract rate will be $28 and the Chinese contract rate will be $32.  It was also stated that the Viet Nam Dong market exchange rate will be over $2 and the Chinese contract rate will be over $6.  Market rates will not require an NDA but the contract rates will require signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).  These contract rates are from private placement contracts.  Do NOT call the banks yet.  You will have to call the 800#s when they are released to make an appointment to exchange in order to get the contract rates.  If you do not want the contract rates you will still have to wait until the 800#s are released to exchange at the market rate.  I’ll be sending out the 800#s as soon as it is official and they are released.  You cannot exchange until it is official.

Please read the attached excellent recap as to what has been happening to get us to this stage.  This is a report covers a lot of territory, including the World Global Settlement Funds, the St. Germain Trust, the Global Collateral Accounts, World Court at The Hague, Neil Keenan, Al Hodges, Michael Cottrell, US Dollar Refunding Project, the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation Project, Christine Lagarde, Queen Elizabeth, universal debt forgiveness, the introduction of the new precious metals-backed international currencies plus much more including a great deal of documentation behind all of what is stated… true history in the making and a massive process.  There are a lot of links embedded within the document.

In the attached document you’ll see Al Hodges, who has been working with us for over a decade to assist in completing this process.  We received the following from him this week:  “Thank you one and all.  The unwavering support of you folks, and many others too numerous to mention, over the years means [and has meant] a great deal to me personally.  I know as well, the very significant positive impact it has had on many of the fence-sitters and doubters.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Blessings to each and every one of you.  When we all get to Las Vegas, the drinks are on me!  Please come and lift your glass in celebration of what we have achieved.”

I believe we are VERY close to the beginning of a major shift into a new way of life.  I was hoping the 800#’s would be out tonight and could include them here, but they have not been released as yet. I’ll let you know when they are out.

Hang tight, your day is coming.

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