RV Update

This post is for informational purposes, and only for fun as I know many angels follow the GCR.


Revolution in the land
Revolution is at hand
Revolution  or Evolution

We cannot fight against what we are, we can embrace everything we are and evolve it to a higher level but we cannot make war with our self, to do so is to hold ourselves in a perpetual energetic band of stagnation.  For we are all part and parcel of God.

But Revolution / Evolution are at hand and the injustices must be put to right.  Those that would hoodwink you and misappropriate a portion or all your blessing must be seen in the stark bright lights of their treachery.   We do not need to hate them but we need to evolve them.  One method is to see them as they are and to say NO, not for me.  I shall take my business elsewhere.

Like those who would wish to manipulate and steer us into the arms of their favorite institution by spreading an illusion of compressed time and pressure.  We see you and say No, we shall practice discernment and Be Wise now.

To vilify you hood-winkers and dark masters, to give you power and your backers would only injure us by keeping us in your low vibration of lack, greed and persecution, we have seen the smoke and felt the winds of change sweep across the land, blowing the dark stench of illusion away to reveal fact.  We shall stand steady.

Those of us on the front line of popular opinion, sometimes battle to see, such are the powers of veiled treachery, and we get caught up in the unwise sway of manipulation.  It is easy to get distracted and caught up.

But the wise are blessed, for there are those who planned this from the beginning, looking out for us, helping us if we pay attention.  Though they might be under NDA and their channels of communication closing down daily as NDA’s are enforced, they still wish to do right by you and me.

Those that planned this, planned for the blessing to extend to you and me too.  Not just to the elite, not just to those of privilege and that plan has not deviated, not once.  Through all the smoke, through all the manufactured highs and lows, they are and we are still on track.

We are still on track, the rates are still high, this will be an easy process, but we must be wise and see things as they are, not caught up in the euphoria of greed and excitement, nor whipped up to follow someone else’s direction or misdirection.  Having been on the ride so long, let us take a moment to consider, before we disembark.

As of this moment high rates are still available to us, from the original clearing bank, set up to do the process and we only have to figure out the correct access point, the correct 0800#  It comes down to simple economics, there is a more than willing buyer, who will offer you top dollar, you need to connect with them.

Those who have been on this ride for long will know all the players concerned and the places they signed up to, don’t be fooled and caught up in a false sense of urgency be wise. I cannot tell you often enough that the unwary will be soon parted from their bounty.

But the wise shall inherit a blessing of such magnitude that they shall have means of change offered to them, on a silver plate.

One thought on “RV Update”

    Thank You, wonderful Jesus, for the fresh rain of Your presence. Thank You for the privilege of coming with great boldness and confidence before You and beholding You! I behold the light of the King’s face – the light that releases life and a cloud of favor that releases the latter rain. Thank You, Lord, for releasing the Harvest Rain. In Jesus’s mighty name, amen.

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