State Of Dinarland


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State Of Dinarland –
All those fishing fools who like to sit around the fireside at night boasting about the size of their fish and the number they caught, reminds me of another kind of fisherman, he who would be the fisher of souls, out of the swirling mass of uncertainty, and by now you’re really wondering who is reeling that line in, keeping the tension taunt, pressured, pulling so many, towards the frying pan, who is on the hook – being, pulled to the beach, floundering in the shallows, scooped up, netted, lying, gasping their last, on the hot coals of the feast to be.  So fat and juicy – as podgy hands rip it apart, devouring the succulent flesh of another blessing.

The created drama, the show must go on, the viewers ratings must be high, as the recognisable voices fill our ears, delivering what we need to hear. At the moment you are seeing the set up, it comes from numerous directions to confuse you, different players, who popped up and gathered followings, groupies, the little stories, intel, anecdotal evidence, all to paint a picture, all to set the scene, set the stage, the tasks to involve you, get on twitter, get on Facebook, write your senator and congressman, get on a list, get exploited.  You’re making such a difference, you’re influencing outcome, you are making this happen, and you are the people!

Classic sales pitching, its classic subversion operational theory, get them saying yes to you; your money is almost in their pocket, get them confused, send the message from many different sources, establish a number of leaders and followers, lead, lead, lead,  – the masses can’t help themselves, they will bite and swallow the bait.  Reel them in, into your opportunity!   But you have to play your hand, at just the right moment, catch the euphoria just right, and lead them by their noses, down, down to Lowrateville:   So who moved the cheese?  Lucky for the wise, they will hang on to the maximum amount of their blessing, the wise have got their bases covered, know the value of what they hold in their hands, know what it is worth and how to play the hand they are dealt.

The wise know that if there is one clearing bank – WF – the other banks have to pay for the clearing to go through there, ask this question – who is going to pay that spread, you or that other bank?  Of course you will absorb it somewhere in the exchange.

In any event it seems that there is loads of action happening, traders are taking perches on window ledges or suffering some fatal calamity, resigning, banking institutions are being found wanting yet again – currency manipulation – Libor rates or doing the chairman shuffle, the list goes on and on in MSM,  congressmen are retiring it seems in mass, wonder if that had anything with those deals struck last year, Iraq International rates seem more likely daily the list of the growing Tsunami grows hourly, carefully crafted.  In the mean time, behind the scenes, groups continue to be exchanged and the machinations of a few are becoming quite transparent as this drags on, common sense falls to the way side when it is blinded by a little bit of money.  Those who wish to manipulate you have to stay tight and motivated, on the cusp of this event, to have maximum influence over you; those working the plan know this fact, so ask yourself, who moved the cheese now?

The fact of the matter is all the rhetoric serves a purpose, serves to whip the masses, serves to awaken, and serves an ultimate purpose undisclosed to the majority, but there, about to step into the spotlight of applause, about to take centre stage.  It will be a beautiful moment.  Nothing is as it appears to be and the show is skilfully crafted.

All the while, the plan progresses apace, I too wish it were quicker, but it is what it is, and it moves down through the numbers at a steadily increasing magnitude, the rates are still reported to be high and the basket, it has all the best fruit in it, the wise who have been on this ride for a while, are already sorted and await their email whilst enjoying the comedy of fools and horses for different courses.  It is all good, all actually perfect, some will get street rate when it comes out, some, will privately do deals and negotiate better contracts, some will exchange before others, its life, it’s the game, for each of us it will be different, no date or rate exactly the same, just like the real world of business, there are some more acclimated to the progress to prosperity.  I suppose some might say commensurate with your input and involvement and experience, you shall receive remuneration.

But the real story is who caused the cheese to be moved again?

A good story always mixes the right amount of truth to make it believable.  A bait and switch, double, triple cross or more, is in play, with players who aren’t even announced yet, quietly taking centre stage.

Those that would invigorate a country know, different echelons of the market place have to be stimulated and the high rates that you feed to captains of industry, entrepreneurs and creators of industrial business will triple fold multiply and reverberate throughout the land.  So many of the Dinarian family like you and me, are and will be taking care of the grass roots, stimulating the economy, opening small businesses, new kinds of business.  Creative endeavours shall flourish; the arts shall take back the stage.  Middle level Dinarians shall investigate new ideas, building creative and wonderful new toys and tools.  Others will be fixing that what is needed to be done on the ground, just the right amount of juice is needed at every level, to get this engine firing on all cylinders and the cream is going to rise to the top and the foolhardy, why, they serve a purpose too which is to flood the economy with cash, all quite brilliant, all thought out by the boffins and think tanks and back office people, with just the right amount of confusion, and persuasion added,  all this meeting in the middle and spreading throughout the world, with a hidden sting in the tail for the greedy, manipulative and malevolent waiting.  A hidden surprise, to please the world, to gladden the heart, of those who hold a high focus is in the wings about to ease into the limelight, slowly, slowly, that’s how you do it, no need to cause a mess.

I’m hoping for a wonderful week, I like you, can’t wait to get on with the business of making a difference and paying it forward wherever I find myself.

Have an exceptional weekend.

Wealth of the new world

00010We are moving into our power more and more as there is a splitting of worlds …those who are expansive, creative, open and inclusive will be in one and those that are destructive, contracting, negative, stuck in beliefs which don’t serve them will be in another, its just the way it is, those on one timeline ,expansively opening to creation and their part and parcel of it, creating and expanding, moving in fact to a place where they encompass wealth, prosperity and abundance and then they will find they can create without and beyond the belief that money is needed, money is required for value.  That is IMO where we are moving to.  For very soon as we step on this final stepping stone, the true glory of God will be revealed and we will laugh and laugh at our forgetfulness and remembrance of who we are.

The effects of Omega 3 Fish Oil on the Brain

Palm Desert, California (CNN) — It was mild curiosity that drew John Virgin and his son Bryce to the flashing lights and commotion of an accident scene near their home.

In the back of John’s mind was his older son, Grant, who had gone for a walk nearby minutes earlier.

He gestured to an emergency medical technician to ask what happened.

“I called him over and I said, ‘My son was walking over this way,’ and he said, ‘Describe him,'” said John. “I said, ‘Well, he’s 6 feet tall and has hair color just like mine,’ and then he pointed at Bryce and said, ‘…and looks just like him.'”

Omega-3 recovery John looked down at the area that had been cordoned-off — the pavement covered with blood — and his heart sank.

“At that point you realize your worst fear,” he said. “I knew it was grave.”

Minutes earlier, the 16-year-old had been airlifted to a nearby trauma center after being struck by a hit-and-run driver. He had a long list of injuries: a torn aorta, a traumatic brain injury — including skull fractures and bleeding throughout his brain — compound bone fractures and spinal fractures. Seemingly endless bits of broken glass and gravel were embedded in his skin.

John and Bryce Virgin rushed home to break the news to Grant’s mother, JJ. Then the family hurried to the hospital, hoping to find him still alive.

When they arrived, they were met by grim-faced doctors who offered the slimmest odds that Grant Virgin would live through the night.

Instead of shrugging their shoulders in acceptance, his parents were indignant.

“It’s like, how dare you not fight for my son’s life?” said JJ Virgin. “It really took us … getting very aggressive and assertive to save our son’s life, because they weren’t going to do it.

“They told us not to. They told us to let him go.”

From that moment forward — time and time again — they would go against doctor’s orders. That included trying unconventional, untested therapies — anything that might help Grant. One in particular involved giving him high doses of omega-3 fatty acids (found in fish oil).

Fish oil is what the Virgin family believes ultimately — dramatically — altered his life course, and healed his brain.

Weeks before fish oil was even considered, Grant Virgin underwent multiple surgeries, and spent considerable time on a ventilator.

Eventually, his body was stable, but his brain was still riddled with damage. He was in a coma, and his doctors urged his family to “wait and see” while his brain healed.

“The doctor told me, ‘OK, now we wait.’ and I go, ‘We wait?’ ‘Yes, we wait,'” said JJ Virgin, who questioned that course of action — “‘Surely there’s something we can do?'”

The doctor’s response, according to her: “‘Nope, there’s nothing we can do. We just wait. The brain’s got its own time schedule.'”

Around the same time, she was receiving a flurry of advice from friends. One suggested trying progesterone to heal her son’s brain.

In early studies, progesterone has been associated with reduced inflammation in the brain and improved neurological outcomes after traumatic brain injury. But the data in this area, although promising, are very early.

Despite that, beginning about two weeks after the accident, his mother and father began intermittently rubbing a cream containing progesterone on him. (A leading expert questioned the efficacy of administering progesterone in this way, noting that in studies, it is administered intravenously.)

His family says very soon afterward, Grant Virgin emerged from his coma, and began to speak.

It was mostly a few words and phrases — “Let’s go” or “I love you” — uttered in endless cycles, but his family was heartened by his progress.

“When your kid is in a coma, and then coming out of a coma, you watch every nuance,” said JJ Virgin. “If his eyelash fluttered, ‘Oh, his eyelash fluttered!’

“You’re holding on to anything that you can see and monitoring everything, every single day. And so it was very clear when the acceleration happened. Really clear.”

Another, more dramatic, acceleration occurred several weeks later — about nine weeks after the accident.

JJ Virgin got more advice, this time from friends who had seen a CNN report about high-dose fish oil used in cases of severe traumatic brain injury.

Fish oil, they thought, might heal Grant Virgin’s brain.

“If someone said to me, you know what, you can give him fish oil, you can give him better nutrition, you’ll get maybe 5% (improvement), I’ll take that,” she said.

She got in touch with one of the foremost omega-3 experts, Dr. Barry Sears, who had consulted on the first-ever case of high-dose fish oil for traumatic brain injury in 2006.

It involved a miner, Randal McCloy, who was involved in a deadly explosion in West Virginia. His brain had been badly damaged by carbon monoxide, and his team of doctors was trying desperately to keep him alive.

McCloy’s neurosurgeon at the time, Dr. Julian Bailes, describes considering high-dose fish oil in this case, as akin to “throw(ing) the kitchen sink at him.”

“There is no known solution, there’s no known drug, there’s nothing that we have really to offer these sorts of patients,” said Bailes, co-director of NorthShore Neurological Institute in Evanston, Illinois, during a previous interview with CNN.

The theory behind fish oil as a therapeutic intervention for traumatic brain injury is at once simple and complex.

Simply stated, the brain’s cell wall is, in part, composed of omega-3 fatty acids.

“If you have a brick wall and it gets damaged, wouldn’t you want to use bricks to repair it?” said Dr. Michael Lewis, founder of the Brain Health Education and Research Institute. “By supplementing using (omega-3 fatty acids) in substantial doses, you provide the foundation for the brain to repair itself.”

More complicated is how omega-3 fatty acids might control inflammation — or damage — in the brain. Sears likens it to quelling a metaphorical fire in the brain.

That “fire” begins when the brain is traumatized — as with a profound injury like Grant Virgin’s, or milder insults like concussions suffered on a soccer field. Neurons snap, setting off a wave of inflammation in the brain that can smolder for long periods of time — sometimes weeks or months after the injury has occurred.

“That (inflammation) will continue over and over unless there’s a second response that turns it off,” said Sears, president of the Inflammation Research Foundation.

The fatty acid that Sears says can effectively “turn off” that inflammatory fire is a metabolite (what remains after the body breaks something down) of eicosapentaenoic acid, or EPA, called resolvin.

EPA is found in fish oil.

“What we think is happening is, high levels of EPA coursing in the brain metabolize into resolvins, turning down and turning off inflammatory process,” said Sears.

Considering that, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 1.7 million traumatic brain injuries occur in the United States each year, any intervention — especially a cheap one like fish oil — is an exciting prospect.

But fish oil as a viable and well-studied intervention is still a ways off; for now it dwells in the realm of the anecdote or case study.

There is McCloy, who recovered only a few months after his mining accident.

And a case similar to Grant Virgin’s: a teenager named Bobby Ghassemi who nearly died in a car accident before getting a large infusion of fish oil. A few months later, he attended his high school graduation.

There was the case of an 8-year-old girl who nearly drowned after her stroller rolled into a canal. Her head and face were under water for more than five minutes.

Eighty-two days after her accident, according to a case study published last year in the journal PharmaNutrition, she was given high doses of omega-3 fatty acids, after which, “…the patient exhibited very gradual but steady progress in terms of her tolerance for stimulation and activity.”

There are seven such cases in the medical literature, according to Sears.

“Maybe the work with Randy (McCloy) was just a lucky break,” said Sears, “But we’ve now done it seven times. So, so far we’re 7-for-7 in severe brain trauma.”

But there are other cases — likely many more than have been successful — when fish oil was tried and did not work.

It could be that fish oil was administered outside the optimal therapeutic window. Or perhaps younger brains are more receptive to the intervention (most of the successful case studies are among young people).

And there is a concern among doctors that high doses of fish oil could cause excessive bleeding.

Those caveats, well known to Grant Virgin’s family, did not deter them.

Nine weeks after the accident, as Grant was being transferred from an acute care to a rehabilitation hospital, the Virgin family told doctors at the new facility that he was already on a 20-gram-per-day regimen of fish oil.

In reality, his parents had been sneaking a few grams of fish oil into his feeding tube for weeks, but nothing resembling that high dosage.

Two days after he began at this more aggressive dosage, JJ Virgin got a phone call late one night.

“I get this call like midnight, and I’m asleep, and I wake up the next morning and go, ‘Did Grant call me and did we have this whole conversation?'” she said. “I just remember waking up the next morning going, ‘I must have dreamed that, that couldn’t have possibly happened.”

When she arrived to the hospital the next morning, a nurse told her that, in fact, it had not been a dream.

Forty-eight hours after receiving high-dose fish oil, Grant Virgin asked a nurse for a cell phone to call his mother, and proceeded to have a conversation with her.

“Unbelievable,” she said. “Unbelievable.”

Unbelievable, especially considering that was only two months after Grant Virgin’s parents had been told to “let him go.”

“We had been told he’d never be able to recognize anybody, he will never be able to focus his eyes, all the grim stuff,” said John Virgin. “(They said) the diffuse damage to his brain is so much that he’s never going to be Grant again.”

Today, 16 months after the accident, none of that is true. In fact, his parents say he is even better than he was when he made that call to his mother.

“We’re not expecting Grant to get close to where he was before, he’s going to be better than he was before,” said his father. “And he’s progressing every day.”

The Virgin family says that progress would not be happening if they had merely accepted what conventional medicine told them.

“I think one of the saddest things is to get to a place and have someone tell you, ‘You should just let your son die,’ and you don’t have the information to make the right decision,” said JJ Virgin.

“There is such hopelessness about brain injury and there shouldn’t be.”

That rampant hopelessness when it comes to traumatic brain injury is fueling a push by Bailes and Sears to do further studies about omega-3. (Bailes receives research money from fish oil companies, and Sears has his own EPA-rich formulation of fish oil).

They are on the cusp of beginning a broader study to find out if omega-3 can be a useful intervention for some people after traumatic brain injury.

The Virgin family, based on their own dramatic experience, is sure that omega-3 will do for others what it did for their son.

“OK, what if it didn’t do anything?” said John Virgin. “It certainly couldn’t hurt, but what if you have this kind of result?”

RV Update

This post is for informational purposes, and only for fun as I know many angels follow the GCR.


Revolution in the land
Revolution is at hand
Revolution  or Evolution

We cannot fight against what we are, we can embrace everything we are and evolve it to a higher level but we cannot make war with our self, to do so is to hold ourselves in a perpetual energetic band of stagnation.  For we are all part and parcel of God.

But Revolution / Evolution are at hand and the injustices must be put to right.  Those that would hoodwink you and misappropriate a portion or all your blessing must be seen in the stark bright lights of their treachery.   We do not need to hate them but we need to evolve them.  One method is to see them as they are and to say NO, not for me.  I shall take my business elsewhere.

Like those who would wish to manipulate and steer us into the arms of their favorite institution by spreading an illusion of compressed time and pressure.  We see you and say No, we shall practice discernment and Be Wise now.

To vilify you hood-winkers and dark masters, to give you power and your backers would only injure us by keeping us in your low vibration of lack, greed and persecution, we have seen the smoke and felt the winds of change sweep across the land, blowing the dark stench of illusion away to reveal fact.  We shall stand steady.

Those of us on the front line of popular opinion, sometimes battle to see, such are the powers of veiled treachery, and we get caught up in the unwise sway of manipulation.  It is easy to get distracted and caught up.

But the wise are blessed, for there are those who planned this from the beginning, looking out for us, helping us if we pay attention.  Though they might be under NDA and their channels of communication closing down daily as NDA’s are enforced, they still wish to do right by you and me.

Those that planned this, planned for the blessing to extend to you and me too.  Not just to the elite, not just to those of privilege and that plan has not deviated, not once.  Through all the smoke, through all the manufactured highs and lows, they are and we are still on track.

We are still on track, the rates are still high, this will be an easy process, but we must be wise and see things as they are, not caught up in the euphoria of greed and excitement, nor whipped up to follow someone else’s direction or misdirection.  Having been on the ride so long, let us take a moment to consider, before we disembark.

As of this moment high rates are still available to us, from the original clearing bank, set up to do the process and we only have to figure out the correct access point, the correct 0800#  It comes down to simple economics, there is a more than willing buyer, who will offer you top dollar, you need to connect with them.

Those who have been on this ride for long will know all the players concerned and the places they signed up to, don’t be fooled and caught up in a false sense of urgency be wise. I cannot tell you often enough that the unwary will be soon parted from their bounty.

But the wise shall inherit a blessing of such magnitude that they shall have means of change offered to them, on a silver plate.

State of play – Some RV News

Treat as rumor / this is just a fun post and is no means to be taken as an indicator of events planned – it is pure coincidence if that is the case.

I hope everyone is ready for the RV as it looks like things are getting hot for us.  One has to admit – some very strange anomalies are happening on the (Central Bank of Iraq) website since Saturday afternoon … all rates have been removed as we are told they are dismantling it and redirecting to the new site, which I believe is very significant.  What’s very curious though to me is they had an auction this week but aren’t telling anyone what the exchange rate is or how much it sold for…that’s a heck of a way to have an auction (if you ask me).


A lot of cleanup has had to occur in the background around the world in the banking arena to get to this point.  For instance, you may have noticed in today’s news that the Pope cleaned house at the troubled Vatican Bank by naming new cardinal advisers.  “Pope names 19 new cardinals, focusing on the poor” … Associated Press.  There’s been a major overhaul because of corruption and fraud throughout the world in the banking industry which had to be cleaned up.  Much has been going on behind the scenes and I believe many more things will be revealed in the near future.

The RV is almost here and about $1,500 Trillion has been let out by the Chinese Dynasty Family in preparation for this event.  The same holds true for the historic Bond Redemptions as trillions are being let out in payment of these.  As you may or may not know, the Chinese Dynasty elders (not the Chinese Communist Government) are financially backing all of the countries throughout the world their conversion to asset backed currency.  There has been a huge movement of gold around the world.  This is not a one world currency system, each country retains their own currency now backed by assets, rather than backed by nothing.  The release of the revaluation of the Iraqi dinar is the first to occur which opens the gates for all currencies to follow.

Here is what we are hearing about the timing issue…On January 31st, we will enter the Lunar New Year in China.  This 2-week celebration is of extreme importance to the Chinese.  The elders are preparing to accomplish the first releases of the Dinar and other things before this time.  It is expected the RV will be announced now, not after the Chinese New Year.  We are waiting for the release of the 800#’s for us to call to make appointments for the exchange of the dinar.  It appears that the only thing left is for Michael Cottrell to be paid (economic receipt) so he can fund the US Treasury.

The announcement of the Republic of the US is also going to take place, but that timing is still closely guarded.  I don’t know if that will occur before or after the Chinese New Year.

The releases of the Fines and Penalties (F&P) and the Prosperity Packages (PP) are also timed to the RV, and the Global Currency Reset (GCR) which I’ve heard will be after the Lunar New Year.

We hear the dinar rates are still holding high.  If you hold dinar we heard today that the market rate will be $3.47, the UST contract rate will be $28 and the Chinese contract rate will be $32.  It was also stated that the Viet Nam Dong market exchange rate will be over $2 and the Chinese contract rate will be over $6.  Market rates will not require an NDA but the contract rates will require signing an NDA (non-disclosure agreement).  These contract rates are from private placement contracts.  Do NOT call the banks yet.  You will have to call the 800#s when they are released to make an appointment to exchange in order to get the contract rates.  If you do not want the contract rates you will still have to wait until the 800#s are released to exchange at the market rate.  I’ll be sending out the 800#s as soon as it is official and they are released.  You cannot exchange until it is official.

Please read the attached excellent recap as to what has been happening to get us to this stage.  This is a report covers a lot of territory, including the World Global Settlement Funds, the St. Germain Trust, the Global Collateral Accounts, World Court at The Hague, Neil Keenan, Al Hodges, Michael Cottrell, US Dollar Refunding Project, the Iraqi Dinar Revaluation Project, Christine Lagarde, Queen Elizabeth, universal debt forgiveness, the introduction of the new precious metals-backed international currencies plus much more including a great deal of documentation behind all of what is stated… true history in the making and a massive process.  There are a lot of links embedded within the document.

In the attached document you’ll see Al Hodges, who has been working with us for over a decade to assist in completing this process.  We received the following from him this week:  “Thank you one and all.  The unwavering support of you folks, and many others too numerous to mention, over the years means [and has meant] a great deal to me personally.  I know as well, the very significant positive impact it has had on many of the fence-sitters and doubters.  I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Blessings to each and every one of you.  When we all get to Las Vegas, the drinks are on me!  Please come and lift your glass in celebration of what we have achieved.”

I believe we are VERY close to the beginning of a major shift into a new way of life.  I was hoping the 800#’s would be out tonight and could include them here, but they have not been released as yet. I’ll let you know when they are out.

Hang tight, your day is coming.

On the cusp of something great!

Well, its been a long time since we thought that the financial arena was going to be changing overnight.

001 (8)

Many of us have been years on this ride and still we are waiting to step off.  At times I wonder on our capacity to bear the constant up and down of this ride to freedom.  Are we at the end?  All reports say yes, and many have apparently stepped off the ride already, but until its our turn, specifically your turn, we are still firmly fastened into our chairs waiting our disembarkation instructions.

The many have requested help on this site, and Ive read each and every request, many of you have had to wait too, most will have found that their situation has changed and they have been in some manner or other delivered from their circumstance.  I am truly sorry that many could not be helped in the manner they so wished, until more funds arrive we can only offer what if anything is on hand at the time.

This is truly an exciting time for all of us who are invested, if reports are to be believed, soon this site will be transforming itself and moving into high gear as large amounts of money become available.

To all those in need – hang on – focus on the outcome you wish for, do something, anything, to move you closer to realising this outcome.

May you all be blessed beyond your beliefs.

Namaste many all beings be blessed.






Be Heart – Heart is One

The journey begins and ends with heart

How many follow a path with heart through life?

Who has silently stabbed themselves to death with the silent denial of heart, of self?

So many quietly dying while alive, gasping their last breath in remorse for a life – less lived. Ask an old person of their regrets for the things they have done – mostly none for the Doing they have done but many regrets for that which they did not Do – did not strive to Be. They hold regret for their life, less lived, less loved, less experienced, less risked, less infused, less enjoyed.


So as you lie here – where ever here is for you, – pegged spread-eagled on the hot shifting sands of the little ego self – enduring a crucifixion of a life less lived – the baking sun of criticism and denial, slowly drying out the juice of life, leaving a parched husk of self. Lying there, here, enduring the numbing process of a life of self imposed enslavement – ask your self – Do I want this? Is this me? Is this who I am? Is this who and how I want to Be?

This is such a momentous and miraculous time to be alive – on the cusp of the most marvellously, wondrously, miraculous show ever seen in the whole of creation. Wake up and Be alive!

Lift your gaze from the imaginary chains of slavery which supposedly clasp your wrists in imagined bonds of servitude as they purport to somehow twist their invisible insidiously grip tightly around your heart – choking your creativity – telling you to conform.

Realise NOW, you are not defined by another’s concept of you – unless you consent to it. You are a magnificent wondrous Being and quite simply you define yourself.

If you are in the energy of a small minded, contracted, tiny downtrodden slave – you will be it!

If you are in the energy of an expansive, wide ranging, multidimensional magnificent being encompassing universes, creating galaxies, swirling together worlds of wondrous complexity – that too – you shall Be.

You are and always will be free – focus on what you are – the ultimate expression of freedom!

Just Be that wildness of spirit that you were when young – that carefree laugh of a toddler which skips around your heart freeing you in its joy. Be that breathtaking sunset – the light breaking across the land, crisping the foliage with its golden sprinkling of nourishment. Be that powerhouse of creativity – divinity that you are and always will be if you allow your self to Be.

You are the captain of your ship – architect of your world. Take command – you are in the C.I.C. – Commander In Charge, you always have been and always will be the ultimate and final say in your creation.

Be all that you can Be for to Be less is not to Be. To be less than – that is to Be undone!

So go and Be all that you are in your Being and allow your true self to Be all.

Forgiveness of Self

Forgiveness of self <3 Does not mean condoning actions of another <3 all must take responsibility for there own actions. <3 Love is a most misunderstood word – it is a word of action – pretended by some – felt by many – understood by a few <3 never compromise your integrity for the thoughtless actions of another <3 stand for what you KNOW is right – even if it means to stand alone in 3D – in 5D Legions of Angels stand at your side and thousands of Angels deep behind you <3 Create as little drama as possible – you’re on the stage already <3 hope for a quiet exit <3 so PEACE may be your constant companion – at all times <3 Namaste


“All major religious traditions carry basically the same message, that is love, compassion and forgiveness
should be part of our daily lives.”
Dalai Lama

Is the Dalai Lama saying that if we try really hard to be compassionate we can get the prize of being a “spiritual person.”

Or are all the religious traditions on to something more important
than that?

If you’ve read the Gratitude ebook, you know my answer.

I was thinking about this today because I saw a very sad and
disturbing news item. A man who had killed a small boy many
years ago was being considered for release from prison.

The boy’s father was reported to have said that if the man was
released, he would track him down and kill him.

Now the human side of me, as a father, understands that. But I also felt the pain that this man has been carrying for so many years, unable to release it through forgiveness.

I heard Byron Katie tell a person in a workshop, “This happened once 17 years ago. Once! But you have let it happen 10,000 times in your mind.”

When we don’t forgive, we torture ourselves, over and over, reliving the trauma.

When we forgive, we set ourselves free.

Why should we live with love, compassion and forgiveness? To
give ourselves the greatest gift of all, the gift of inner peace.

And as we live with inner peace, we express it in the world and
bring those qualities to all our relationships.

That’s why all major spiritual teachings have that at their core.
Because inner peace leads to outer peace. Love wins.

So who do you need to forgive today? Let go, and let God.

You’ll be glad you did.

Many blessings,

Angels Gifting Humanity For Prosperity

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