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  1. Salutations To All The Heavenly Host Of Angels. I appreciate any support
    that I can obtain, I have been given the gift of Creatvity as an Artist Prodigy
    I created a Thereauptic Art Program that is spirtually base to help clients take
    negative behavior and express thru Arts,Crafts,Poetry & Childrens Books in 7 languages. But need help with supplies,marketing and advertisement. My parttime job does not cover this on my meager salary. I meaga creative, but I need an Angel to help me soar all this creativity across the world to help others with salvation, cognitive behaviors, depression and my program helps transformation. I recently had to let my Art Day Hab down, because of not enough money to support my cause, please art their any creative Angels?
    I can be reach by text or phone on Texas Central Time at:817-986-6562

        1. The situation is much the same – the terms whereby we can help people are clearly displayed on the web pages of the site – many are in the same boat the Angels send many blessings for wonderful change in your life <3

  2. Is it appropriate to ask for help for someone else? This someone was helping me and many others out of the goodness of her heart and has run into some issues with her computer.

  3. we are both starseeds,lightworkers–in dire need of assistance…we are not computer saavy–& do not know how to set up pay-pal account….so are we disqualified??

      1. The terms on which we can help you are clearly displayed on the website – please read them <3 Many blessings that help finds you there are many Angels sending you blessings in every moment <3

    1. its early tuesday morning here,,just got your messages ,time here
      is 6am What do i need to do on my side here to receive my blessing?
      God Bless you all,,those that have been blessed,,willing to help those that have not been blessed yet!

  4. Hi, I completed an application a few weeks a go? Im sure you;s are busy and maybe i dont qualify but i was just wondering if any help will be available soon? please? Im loosing it here, thanks and bless what you do, even if I dont get help.. i mean really mean that,, M

    1. The terms on which we are able to pay out are clearly stated on the website – we wish it were different we are many in the same boat. I am so sorry for your pain – so many are suffering – the angels send you many blessings so your situation my change and you might be at ease. Bless you for Now in the moment you are safe. <3

  5. Thanks for your reply, as I suspected really,there is no help, there will be no help, hope doesnt pay the bills, but thanks anyway it was a nice dream while it lasted, im now giving up.on everything… we are alone

    1. Dear Marty,

      There really isn’t any confusion about what we do and how we do it, if you bother to read the website it states exactly when and how any gifting takes place, this was set up by a few of us to help our friends in our group and there are many Angels who have come on board to pledge their help. We have decided to expand this to help as many as we can when the time comes that allows this to happen. We really cannot offer anything else except our prayers. I am so sorry that you felt it necessary to go venting at us – you may call us whatever you please – we have obviously offended you in some way – by offering help and only being able to provide it on the terms we have offered. Rest assured that I have forwarded your name through to the relevant people to remove from their lists.

      We are so sorry to have offended you and upset you.

      We offer you many blessings and wish you well with your endeavours.

      Kind Regards


      1. Hi Marty,
        I will preface by saying I don’t work for Angel Gifting but know they are trying desperately to help. I know you feel scared and alone…feelings I have also felt. In this situation it helps to understand the “bigger” picture which, I believe, is a Divine Plan unfolding for all on Mother Earth. My beliefs are that the economic collapse is a necessary part of this process of REbirth so that we may begin again and Create a financial system that is Fair and Equal for all on the planet. At any rate, there are a great deal of “Lightworkers” speaking of OPPT and I have done some research on this but haven’t been in a position, personally, to have to use the resources they are setting up…yet. Here is the website that explains what OPPT is and what they are doing. The link above is for those in a situation where legal documents are needed for a “cease and desist” for creditors. Again, I haven’t used these documents personally but I wanted to give you something that you may be able to grab hold of until things settle down.


        Also, please contact The Golden Age of Gaia as they MAY be able to help…however, I believe they may also be out of funding at the moment.


        Also, I have found a great deal of spiritual support and REAL information by reading this online newspaper:

        Again, please know you are not alone rather you are Awake which can be quite scary at first. Do your best to release “fear” if possible. I hope this helps!

        Blessings to you and your family,

  6. If I understand you correctly you have asked for my name to be removed form the lists? thats not very charitable. You correctly assumed that I am annoyed with promises that dont appear to materialise and the easiset thing for you to do is to further ensure this by rmoving me me from the lists??? not what I call charitable or helpful. Wouldnt it be easier to prove to me thatthis actually works? And if tit did believe me, you would have the greatest exponent of your works ever, plus, i never asked you to remove me from anything, I have registered for help fromseveral different sources and i wouldnt like to think tha im debarred from receiving help because as your correctly said I had a rant. Walk a mile in my shoes and you may understand me,, i have personally givn away so much money to needy people that Ihave left myself in dire straits, i couldnt have predicted the current ecomonic downturn and thus im broke, but onlybecuse I tried to do what you are doing,, any wonder i rant??? desparation, exasberation, fear, depression,, i do appologise, but im now in worse shape if im taken off the list for any help

  7. I just now completed your online form for urgent help in a small monetary amount for this month due to an unexpected and now cured illness of my Service Dog. The vet bills I have already paid have caused me to be unable to meet my basic daily life needs for this month and I am without other resources. 2 questions: is it appropriate to ask for Angel assistance with respect to this matter? and as for my PayPal account, how do I correct that which I submitted on my online application to make it the same as my email address (eg, adding the @aol.com info)… or should I resubmit? Thank you SO MUCH for your site & efforts; to find your site was indeed a blessing and your efforts are truly a gift from Angels. God Bless you all & thank you

  8. My dear loved angels, with the recent news of RV happening, is there any updates on the possibility of blessings coming the way of those of us in over our heads? I’m sure I’m not the only one in need, and any bit of hope would be so greatly appreciated? Is there any way to verify my wife and I are still in the loop, or check to be sure our application is still being considered? With all the love and prayers we have to give, god bless you all! Timothy & Frances Craig

  9. Blessings to you all,
    My names are past samuel m opingo
    Im a crusade evangelist and im praying that the lord will help me with resources to fund crusades across Africa…. im in need of crusade equipments, and truck! i also need support with air tickets to different countries to preach the gospel .. i atleast do three crusades a month… i come from Nairobi Kenya! please prayerfully help!
    yours in the lord’s services
    pst samuel m opingo
    Assemblies of Christ Ambassadors
    (on)Gospel missions and praise Across Africa

  10. love everyone. this is the best thing i have ever seen. i am pretty sure i am a light worker / healer but i have not worked a normal job in about 5 years. lets just say i got very sick. i have not done many healings with my energy because i have developed alone with no teacher. i just wanna say i need help. very afraid and alone. i will be more than happy to talk more. if anyone can help i really need support. very rough life and for months i have been starving myself and meditations. during my love and light meditations the vibrations is the only comfort i have now. don’t need money now but with no income i am very worried.

  11. It is silent ……… Anyone here…… Dear Admin….. How is everything…..
    Many of us are still have hope for a better world…… Please leave a reply…
    Thanking you……

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