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Welcome to Angel Gifting – This project is for those who wish to give and to remain anonymous. At no time are any funds / money touched in any way by the website or any individual involved in it – It is simply a matter of matching those names of people in need with those who are willing to gift.

Please take a look at the website This is how it works: Someone in need contacts the website with a request for financial help and how much. The Angel Gifter (person who wishes to donate and help people) emails the site to say they wish gift a certain amount of money to help those in need. (They do not send ANY money to the site or anyone involved in it). All the angel gifting site does is send the NAMES of the person/people in need to the Angel Gifting person who is wishes to help someone.

At no time is any money exchanged or sent to the Angel Gifting site or people involved with the Angel Gifting site!!!!!

When the Angel Gifter gets the names he/she (the Angel Gifter themselves goes to the bank and gets a cashiers check or money order and posts it directly themselves to the receiver (person in need of financial help). That is it!   You can find us @

And you can like our Facebook page:
Please take a look at the website if you need clarification on what we do and how we do it.

BTW the website and its idea have always been my intellectual property and have been paid in full by myself. The Angel Gifting webpage has been up since 05 December 2012, along with the Angel Gifting group and Facebook page associated with the website were created & kept in readiness for publishing as we grew closer to the relevant time which is now.

I state this in Truth Love and Integrity.

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