Anonymous: FOR ALL YOUR EARS ONLY ; The strain of poetic war games is now taking a nose dive and will eventually disappear, especially after the close doors meetings between all parties of interest on getting the world back on its economical feet. The three rates were handed over by the PM to the UN president and the final key to sovereignty was handed over. The release shall go live internationally and the whole world should be back on its economic feet within the next couple of weeks. All help packages and Resets of Global Indications will simultaneously appear with no more morbid stalling from anyone. The plan has now been excecuted reaching what was expected, all the players are now pleased and all the objectives have been covered. Rates are still excellent for all. All 204 countries will be participating, all 20 choosen countries will be revaluing. Sanctions that were impose to four countries will be let me just say it in a nice way, these sanctions will just be unnoticed until the revaluation is fully excecuted and officially sealed. The timing for all is finally here folks and when it arrives into your lives please embrace it and give thanks to our Creator God for His perfect timing. The world is hunting down all the power players, they have two choices either desist to the harm or be ridden off. The final curtain is now coming down hope that you enjoyed the show.

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