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There sure has been a lot of huffing and puffing from the scammers and those who wish to profit off your dinar holdings these last few days as they overplay their hands at every turn.anonymous_2

That so pushed PP group, full of fishing fools is failing dismally, falling apart daily as they hemorrhage participants, – who wants to be tied into an onerous NDA which might effect other parts of your exchange let alone to get screwed on the rate, – drop a note with them and lose the rest of your exchange ( even if done elsewhere ) because they got you over a barrel on contract and NDA and you sit with no recourse to justice.

Pity to get cleaned out but for being greedy, seeking advantage where there is none. But you have been strongly advised for months now to be weary of this, all too good to be true ,and only way of exchanging, offer

All that glitters is not gold but fools will be separated from their money smartly.

Don t get sucked down with the sinking ship. The undertow of greed could almost be a biblical reckoning for the servants of mammon. If the terms of the contract don’t make you run as you break into a cold sweat, its time you seek legal council advice, and thats not the kind from your next door neighbor, or Joe Soap in chat room x

It is plain to see by their PR stunts and overtures to those who hold sway in Dinarland, that desperation has taken hold and quotas wont be filled. Promises will be broken. Someone will be very unhappy and have to increase his percentage.

The boss has to make his cut or there will be hell to pay. The fanatical drive to stem the flow of those leaving has stepped up the campaign to shut down dissenters, and influence others to their cause. However some dinar gurus have ethics and cant be bought no matter what the con job served up in illusion. They wont touch the pundits.

Ive seen some old faithfuls worn out by the badgering, they just dropped a note to get them off their backs. No matter the pressure you wont see any overt praise or recognition of that PP group no matter how they try and tie themselves in with your favorite guru for legitimacy.

Their Private Placement bosses are not pleased to be losing out so big and on a daily basis and they have issued instruction to turn up the heat.

Those who have been in the game for some time have been through these slight of hand power plays before. At this moment so many are ripe for the scams, not surprisingly at the end there are sharks circling and waiting any opportunity to take your money.

The best scams are those with layers of truth and depths of believability, documents can be faked, calls intercepted, levels of access faked and placed, the scenarios are endless especially when big money is to be made. Go check out Hollywood for some intrigue and ideas how to do it

Loads of opportunity for the gullible to be taken in by many painted pictures of government organizations so big that there are lots of power plays and sideshows. When all the info you get is orchestrated and coming from all directions from those who you felt rapport for in the past with, its hard to keep on an even keel through this storm of dis-info and subterfuge/

Doesn’t take much to issue a few orders – the so called elite are not known for their great family values and work ethics as they feather their nests anyway possible. You have to ask yourself, how much money is enough.

Usually the people on the ground are used and abused and take the fall while the money and the gamesters are long gone. Make sure your money isn’t going on the game and the legal fall afterwards.

The dinar old-timers have been around the track a bit, bruised and beaten and on the whole a load wiser after the many winds of change which have blown every which way on the journey, they know the plan, they know the bank they wish to exchange with and they are in the group which will facilitate that exchange already.

They are just waiting, knowing the exchange will be easy, the rates will be high and the documentation reasonable. They really do intend to hold on to their money, the pundits on the boards with such vested interests they are trying their best to convince you to leap sideways onto the sinking ship, they wish to get you acting in ways which benefit them.

Don t get herd mentality and be sheep slaughtered time and again change and get wise.

If you are not in a group, you still know that WF is the clearing house bank, you know you will get top dollar for your exchange and you know it will be safe and painless. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out the best option for you.

You want to be in the high rate groups that have been around for ever, not these jump-starts, threatening their way into your lives?

I hear there is a way!

Perhaps you should be hanging out waiting for a chance to catch those group leaders where they go to post, most want to help you, perhaps getting your list of all those who want in to a that group together neat and tidy might swing some doors open for you.

Seems a safer bet. Miles safer than onerous NDA’s sneaking to nail you every step of the way for donkey years down the track, let alone the robbery of the rate you’ll get.

Let these elitist opportunistic pundits feather their nest with some other suckers money.

Feel free to post if you so wish.

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