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Just a quick catch up for all those fishing fools still on the baited hook of Private Placement / Private Purchase / Private Exchange …
Whatever hook is baited up at the moment for the foolish and unwise to clutch at like a drowning man, seems to me the General 64 group
just through out a lifeline to all not in a group – a quick read of his transcript from tonight will equip you with the facts – namely the clearance bank has made arrangements possibly for more countries with Dinar holders to exchange, covered tonight, Canada, United Kingdom and Im sure there are others, plus a method to bring on-board your friends not in the group.
Seems to me that the G64 torpedoed a whole lot of thieves tonighanonymous-timt.
A point about these private scams I mean exchanges or purchases … there is so much money being made and paid out to Dinar holders, it is absolutely scandalous to take a penny / cent from people to facilitate an exchange, just plain greedy when the only thing necessary is to provide the bank with the interested party’s email address. Oh they will feed you a line or more about negotiation yada yada … pure BS. So if you have succumbed already you know you’re going on a list with all your personal info and identity docs, the bank only needs your email to send you a exchange code or 0800 number, bet your bottom dollar that list will be exploited and you’re not going to enjoy that outcome either. Imagine if a criminal gang were to get hold of it – shudder to think of the risks you place yourselves and your loved ones in.

The G64 group just gave everyone a safe option, with the clearance bank or an affiliated bank … hummmm HSBC is everywhere?

Exchanging at a bank with the safety that it provides both physically and for your identity is worth a lot – not only personal ease of mind but a recourse to restitution if that identity were to become public knowledge or to be stolen.

I’m sure the details will emerge on the way it will work so all will feel secure.

Until then get your paperwork returned and get free of these greedy blood suckers skimming fees and off the top, if they were truly sincere they would say its not going to cost you a thing but the time to send and email with the amount of your holdings. All the rest is puff and smoke to obscure the truth that they want whats yours.

Be wise now!

by Anonymous.

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