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So as many have left the scammers and avoided some of the future thieving of the the so called private placement exchange being bandied around Dinarland, their leaders have resorted to chat room posts and public website publications.anonymous-al-ataque

The most hilarious being one of their family linage and telling the world how upright and proper their ancestors were, how they always have been close to the elite, yada yada, you get the picture. I think trying to PR yourselves in desperation attaching yourself to the elite who have stomped on all our necks for eons and particularly through this Dinar exchange is close to stupidity but then again to think that having ripped of a dinar exchange you can do the same with a PP dong exchange and that some actually jumped at the chance beggars the imagination.

I particularly loved the touch of a video pundit doing his best to associate his regurgitated info to the likes of Okie, Eagle 1, Frank and others who have stayed the course. What an insult, it is so sad what greed makes people do.

Many times its been said that the greedy will get their just deserts and they shall and we all know what that means, a big zero for the fool who throw away their chance in a lifetime. A little birdie has been saying that those down in the tropics gave them the finger, those island boys and girls weren’t born yesterday and didn’t take kindly to attempts to alleviate them of their currency. Sad that they attempt to pray on the ones least fortunate.

The wise know where to bank, if you don’t know by now, you have not been paying attention and better play catchup.

Where we are today: Sitting in the midst of smoke and rumor, with the news coming out of Iraq, the USA and the West, particularly the UK, so carefully planned and setup to create the world you think you live in. Propaganda, to make you give up your currency so that those vultures of personal benefit get to keep their advantage over you. These scammers deserve to be shot down at every turn, which I see one beloved Dinarland Guru just did, it truly gladdens the heart, as they sure did try to exploit his name for their own personal benefit and gain. I do wonder how they look in the mirror each day, don’t you?

Anyway back to matters at hand, as this post will be cut short as the beloved guru did whats right and brought this matter to light revealing the intents and nefarious skulduggery of the scammers.

Short summation: If involved with any of these rippoff artist, scammers and elitists, get away and your info off them ASAP. UST has sprung the trap and effectively closed them down.

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