Bluwolf Friday

As the current situations that was brought forth by the Spirit two years back roughly, is now a reality, as wise men all, what this inspires is that Our Heavenly Father is in complete control. Sure political blaming will be your dam cup of tea, but if you were really wise as I mentioned above you would choose a different path of thinking for these crisis are not of political nature but one escalated by the very rich elite bastards who will now have to run under a rock so that they will not get detected, but detection has been done and there pick up is now being arranged for there crimes against all humanity. It is now clean up time on aisle 5 and all the filth will be dispose off. Assurance that there is no coming back is being guarantee by many countries, exile is imminent and their assets will be breached. Iraq revaluation is now imminent and has to come into action immediately for it will immediately stop all terrorist strategies worldwide. This is not a question of you believing me or not, but this outcome will actually be this way and all of you will see it reveal itself before your eyes, some my skirmish like some evil snake about my comment but see you are the politically inclined and not the wise men that Americans need out there. If this revaluation was not stopped as it was on the month of November, 2012; all this uprisings would never of happened and let me end this issue with a true fact, the fact being all political parties, all positions involved in your government are to blame for this debacle occurring in the world right now, I did say all ! Now they are against the wall and against the clock to get the fixed necessary to wipe off there hands like always. In my honest opinion the above will get fixed within the next few days, a prudent date before the next new moon. Good day Na’maste Bluwolf ” Winston Churchill once said; the Americans will always end up doing the correct thing. Only after they have tried everything else.”

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