Bluwolf: scenes in the middle east are defecting the eyes of many,

The components and scenes in the middle east are defecting the eyes of many, shifting the mood from lies to reality, the stage is all set, we either believe or we don’t. Our reality is just a matter of well precise bank timing. bluwolfMovement on all aspects of this rv has been taken, all unsolved measures taken care of, change is in the air. While in my homeland the lies are also being used, houses like Moody’s have taken Puerto Rico credit to less then junk, imo I find it to be bullshit since it is a known fact that when your USA gets a financial cold we get the flu. So now even in Puerto Rico we are seeing a lot of media uncertainties and lies, we see how in the US there is a lot of eye shifting, the children in the borders, O being sued, O asking for billions, (he is trying to get the fed to make money, nice try big shot, but we are already Golden Standard. ). Yes a lot of scenes here and abroad, Israel remember my prophecy, they are like a stroke of a paint brush, shifting lies for reality, no one will speak about Iraq again, for its government is seating, it is to go international at any moment, even tonight, the GCR is in route, the PP, FP, Saint Germain in fact all that is expected shall arise. All that has been quit overdue will be for God Jehová is in total control and like I wish to inform you its just a matter of timing now by our UST choosen clearance bank. That’s where we are right now. Let us pray that all hostilities seize everywhere and in every place and that the dark side just stop there bickering and last minute involvements, enough already you have lost all the battles for Jehová is serious in getting His blessings through, so stand down by the blood of Jesus. Na’maste Bluwolf

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