Bluwolf: There are those who wish to delay the GCR till 2015

Attention all the following was sent to a specific bank head this afternoon, the US government is scrambling and acting out against China trying to regain its petro dollar stature to no avail, problem that worries me is that these bank heads got word from there head office stating that no thanks to mainland greed there mission is to delay the GCR till 2015.bluwolf Lord I declare and bind any government or government officials or any entity of negative intentions or values to heaven, please hold them and bless them but just keep them away from interfering with this Global Currency Reset. Enough is enough. They also informed me that that doesn’t or wouldn’t affect the revaluations of the current currencies in basket. So now you all know and government now you all know that we know, so just do the correct thing and let the world adjust itself to the new changes for you in the US are not the world you are just a part of it so stand down a let us be prosper and free. Bluwolf (ymp)

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