Bluwolf: we are just a phone call away

Well my belief is that we are just a phone call away from entering the bank. I know for a fact that Iraquí government is now officially sorted out and shall all be seated within hours.bluwolf I also have received info on the placement of the new trn’s. The 8% taking only applies to cash extracts not to virtual accounts. As I have stated, CL gave you the time frame and the deadline is 7-20 for the GCR, I will agree on that your rv should be casted off within hours, new PM new International Release. Our bank is more than ready. One word to a certain lady of gossip, the Generals64/ Studley group is legit and it isn’t and never will be a scam, so misses C be very careful how you carry on for you are telling lies about a legitimate group. Na’maste Bluwolf

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