Borders to restrict flow

Anonymous: borders will be close because of viruses and so they say, flights out of country will be restricted especially to Spain. Fighting forces will seize fire. ME will be closing all borders, the revaluations that many seek to destroy or stop are no more stoppable than a run away train with no breaks. All monetary issues in Iraq and the ME will be covered with the revaluations of the dinars. There is a GCR and the IMF gives it, it’s blessings. Banks are and should be more than alert, there will be a lot of card swapping to cash in the left quadrant of the USA. Many were told just to be more than ready. There will be sufficient time for all exchanges at all banks including Wells. Rates will vary depending on the bank you choose for if you choose not to go to the clearance bank chosen, all the others will show what is simply on there computer screens a 3.68 approximate. Being wise made Solomon rich, take this as a advise. You may share.

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