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ANONYMOUS: the way I am following all the bullshit going around ( isis, ebola scare, now shooting in Ottawa, next we might get shit stating shootings coming from Mexico ) as I see them closing the borders in and out of the US, it’s incredible to believe and state WHY NOW, WHY IRAQ, WHY CANADA, WHY AFRICA, WHY AMERICA ( KILLINGS OF BLACK CHILDREN, PROBABLE MARSHAL LAWS WILL BE IMPOSED). I would presumed that anyone carrying monies with Arabic writings on them will be stopped and red tagged, thank God that our bills have English writings on them, see they knew what they were doing even then. All these signs are just letting you know how close is our revaluation and how freaking greedy these ITS in governments are.

a common victory is to occur shortly

Anonymous: a common victory is to occur shortly with in the Middle East. Wall Street is demonstrating the lost of its fiat support for change is now imminent. Banks have been silenced and foreign gold is skyrocketing. US is the last country to finally give in to this world’s economical needs for the power of some is no longer strong in the country to the west. Many rich from the west have taken there monies elsewhere, now there money have left the mainland and now once all were cleared is that this rv go is to occur. More borders will be closed do to the Ebola scare and that scare may just last until the trn officially drops in value and they absorb your accounts or there 65%. This is reality folks.

Borders to restrict flow

Anonymous: borders will be close because of viruses and so they say, flights out of country will be restricted especially to Spain. Fighting forces will seize fire. ME will be closing all borders, the revaluations that many seek to destroy or stop are no more stoppable than a run away train with no breaks. All monetary issues in Iraq and the ME will be covered with the revaluations of the dinars. There is a GCR and the IMF gives it, it’s blessings. Banks are and should be more than alert, there will be a lot of card swapping to cash in the left quadrant of the USA. Many were told just to be more than ready. There will be sufficient time for all exchanges at all banks including Wells. Rates will vary depending on the bank you choose for if you choose not to go to the clearance bank chosen, all the others will show what is simply on there computer screens a 3.68 approximate. Being wise made Solomon rich, take this as a advise. You may share.


Anonymous: FOR ALL YOUR EARS ONLY ; The strain of poetic war games is now taking a nose dive and will eventually disappear, especially after the close doors meetings between all parties of interest on getting the world back on its economical feet. The three rates were handed over by the PM to the UN president and the final key to sovereignty was handed over. The release shall go live internationally and the whole world should be back on its economic feet within the next couple of weeks. All help packages and Resets of Global Indications will simultaneously appear with no more morbid stalling from anyone. The plan has now been excecuted reaching what was expected, all the players are now pleased and all the objectives have been covered. Rates are still excellent for all. All 204 countries will be participating, all 20 choosen countries will be revaluing. Sanctions that were impose to four countries will be let me just say it in a nice way, these sanctions will just be unnoticed until the revaluation is fully excecuted and officially sealed. The timing for all is finally here folks and when it arrives into your lives please embrace it and give thanks to our Creator God for His perfect timing. The world is hunting down all the power players, they have two choices either desist to the harm or be ridden off. The final curtain is now coming down hope that you enjoyed the show.

Who is anonymous?

 Anonymous wrote:

So many people want to know who anonymous is. They seek him high, they seek him low, they seek him everywhere. Who is anonymous, is he, a she, is it a group, is it a guru, is it you or is it me?

Who is anonymous?

Do you look in the mirror each day? Anonymous stares back at you.

Anonymous is you, its me, it is every single one of us, for if one of us falls another will take their place, for truly we are legion and we are on the march, justice is at hand.

Anonymous is freedom! Anonymous is truth! Anonymous is Justice! Anonymous is you!

I, anonymous, lives within you, when you wake you might become that anonymous, and do good for your brother and sister, for your planet. Today he/she is American, tomorrow an Iraqi and perhaps the next its a Frenchman or an Englishwoman or perhaps an Indian or African, its you, its me, its everybody, when you become who you truly are.

Truth made manifest in the world and the flutter of a butterfly wing in the Amazon basin creates a monsoon in Hong Kong.

Its just a whisper on the wind but it become a bellowing shout in the corridors of power. Moving mountains and unseating kings, putting common criminals to rout!

We are anonymous.

We are legion.

We do not forgive.

We do not forget.

Expect us!

Feel free to repost

by Anonymous


PM that was elected this past June,

Anonymous: The new PM that was elected this past June, sat down today, he has 30 days to place the full government, all he needs to be seated is just 3 so that shouldn’t take him so long. It was announced in there Gazette and that makes it official, it was announced by President Obama and Vice-president Biden sent his support and blessings. Change is now officially underway, banks are sorting out certain world tasks while the timing is unwinding at a fast pace to get all projects sent out quickly soon followed by the revaluations of all 204 countries known as the GCR. Please do not worry about it being stalled for that will not occur again. Pleasant evening. You may share if you like.

Anonymous 8-8-2014

Anonymous wrote:

There is so much smoke and distraction flying about these days past. Many have become distressed and discouraged. Have faith that the end is upon us.anonymous-al-ataque

At this present moment, right now, there are 80 groups in the US who are extremely excited and positive as they are on the highest of alerts and are expectant to progress shortly.

There is a definite timeline and we’re on it and at this very moment the USA and Iraq are adhering to the timeframe laid out by their Secretary of State, with its deadline, of today!

The deployment of US forces is to ensure that everything gets done by Saturday evening 9pm est. their Sunday, if all goes well we should see the PM position announced in their official Gazette, which in turn will force the international release of their currency (on Sunday).

It is envisioned that at this point we will be well prepared with the 800 # issued. Our banking and orderly exchange, should then begin. The rates are very high for all concerned, even when the public rate is announced the high value will be reflected and all shall share in the high exchange.

Whilst we must add the proviso that situations can change, however, even that is becoming highly unlikely.

Even though there has been lobbying and skirmishes in Washington today, the final stage has been set!

The world is ready and waits no more!

You may repost if you wish to.

By Anonymous

From Anonymous 7/21/2014

From Anonymous 7/21/2014: 1. Not Miss C, Mr. D, Mr. F or Mr. P are part of the US Treasury. 2. The Secretary of the Treasury (UST) only answers to the US President and not to any outside source. 3. The bank selected for clearance by the UST is Wells Fargo and from all indications, there will be no hard tax or anything of negative matter that will be imposed on WF by the UST. 4. The original groups that were initiated and under the wings of Wells Fargo and Madame Wu do not have anything to worry about, so I suggest that those putting out false information about these groups should stop. This certain “outfit or group” of people are putting out scare tactics and lies just to get people nervous and in the hopes to reel people in for the sake of ripping dinar holders off. 5. Lastly, this certain Miss C has been cast out of many discussion rooms for no one believes her for being a copy cat and also a compulsive liar. You have been warned!

From An Anonymous “We Are 99.85% There”

By Anonymous 7/13/14 – Emailed To Dinar Recaps

It has been months since I last posted. So long in fact that you may not recall my last comments sent directly to Dinar Recaps. But that is OK – for I have never sought ‘guru’ status.anonymous-tim

I am not friends with, nor do I collude with, anyone you know on the boards – NOT the goat, Okie, MarkZ, Jester, TNT Tony, wife in the know, General64, Zap, JonnyWg, BellaGrits, Atty Hodges, JC Collins, TerryK, WHA, etc. etc. etc., nor any of the Dinar traders.

I am asking Recaps to post this because I believe it is the most widely read Dinar board. I suspect this info will then be copied over to other Dinar chat rooms as well, but I’m sure with these last two sentences will be omitted.
Earlier today when I saw Zuvrick RM’s comments in Exogen/Stage3Alpha thread on Recaps, I decided to not wait any longer to share more information with my fellow Dinar holders. Zuvrick Rm’s comments are very close to the truth regarding the Cabal & how their days of control are ending.

We are 99.85% there. (Yes, there is only one very minor financial control that must be put into place for these cabal members & yes, they are fighting it for all they are worth. But then I would too, for it is scarily similar to the ‘mark of the beast’ if you have read your Bible.)

Since we are this close, I believe it is now safe to share this info with you. I want to show you how some of the pieces of this massive puzzle have fit together over the months and years, to allow the Good Guys to make the necessary arrests AFTER the WGS/GCR.

Also I think you need to know that all of us, as legit Dinar holders, have played at least a small part in a huge sting operation by the Good Guys/White Hats. (‘Good guys’ are not just men and they are located world-wide. White Hats are located in the USA.)

The WhHats had to gather enough evidence to put the US cabal away or at least permanently bar them from future financial transactions (the reason why international transactions are now being tracked and centrally reported by all international banks – in the USA, we saw this implement on 7-1-14 as FATCA).

While we would have liked for all the cabal to be prosecuted by the International Court in Hague on moral issues alone, the WhHats needed the solid proof of – clearly illegal – numerous – monetary transactions.

It has been very heartbreaking for all of us, because these info ‘false flags’ mentioned in points 1 & 2 below, have made it an emotional roller coaster ride for us over the past 3 years (it was July 2011 when the intensity of the sting operation took hold).

This evidence gathering process extended the WGS waiting period for us to the point of making it almost unbearable, but I think it has all been necessary. I’m sharing this now because I too honestly believe everything is done for the WGS and those funds are now truly safe, in very secure places.

And as I said before, the cabal are nearly neutered and spayed as well! (Yes, I used animal terms on purpose – LOL!)

1) The many times Okie told us the RV was happening (IE. the plane was cleared for landing, it was a 737 ($7.37 rate), runway lights were visible, etc.), the cabal was receiving this same “it is happening now – any minute now” info from their inside sources, in order to set them up for attempted insider trading on the FX.

The purpose of the postings on the Dinar boards was to give validity to the sting that was underway. We most certainly should not blame Okie at all for any “misinformation’, for he was asked to help the WhHats and being a strongly patriotic and religious man, he did his job well.

In future years, as we reflect back on these times, we need to thank Okie for what he was willing to do for us and his country, regardless of the price he personally paid via his slandered reputation at times among Dinarians.

Because I do not know Okie personally, I don’t know ALL the details regarding the loss of his son and more recently the accident that nearly took his daughter-in-law’s life. But I do pray that his family has not been targeted by the evil cabal in ways only they seem to be able to orchestrate, in order to make Okie pay for his (perhaps even sometimes unknowingly) aide to the WhHats.

2) The reports month ago of DC elites cashing out early at very high rates – was another sting operation.

‘Have you wondered why TNT Tony and DC are JUST RECENTLY saying these “characters” did not deplete the contract funds? Well … here is the rest of the story about that one too.’

Little hints were given to these DC folks at time of exchange into partial SKRs/partial cash that they were truly favored since they were given first chance to redeem Dinars before everyone else, and that there were ways “wink, wink” to make even more money on this.

These hints prompted the elites to give their ‘exchange cash’ to their friends, family, office staff to buy more Dinars – allowing double-dipping to be done – but in reality it was more “gotcha” insider trading evidence being added to the legal case against these DC elite.

So as all of us were stressing that the DC folks were stealing all the Chinese funds available for Dinar purchases at the contract rates, in reality – just the opposite was happening. The WhHats were simply ensuring that none of the elites’ Dinars would be paid at the higher contract rate and due to their egos and greed – the elites won’t even get the street rate – for their Dinars are looked up as evidence! (Are you smiling yet?)

During these early DC elite exchanges, hints were also given to them that a certain Dinar dealer(s) would handle their new ‘double dipping’ Dinar purchases on the “hush, hush”.

While I believe there was more than one Dinar dealer involved in this sting, but I cannot find concrete evidence to support my suspicion of the 2nd dealer. The US dollars given to these DC folks for their early exchange of Dinars were actually marked bills and they were then given in exchange marked/traceable Dinar currency – which will never be redeemed!! (This is where you should really be smiling!)

So as you can now see, the cash these elites were given was taken in off the street in this sting operation as the elites used those US dollars to buy more Dinar. So their original Dinars are locked up and the ‘double dip’ purchased Dinars are marked bills that will not be exchanged – means the elites aren’t receiving any money at all because those SKR receipts are just worthless paper!

But at the same time the WhHats and Good Guys (elites’ attempted international transfers) were busy gathering lots more fraud/illegal activity evidence against the elites.

The “errand boys” used by the elites for ‘double dipping’ will face some repercussions, but the real purpose was to seal the fate of these DC elitists. It is refreshing to know that some of the exchange funds, although a relatively small amount of cash, was given to help those in need.

3) I know this is going to sound like a schoolmarm or a preacher, but I mean well when I tell you that in the future you truly need to be looking as much at what isn’t being said directly, as what is being laid out in clear black & white before your noses. Don’t live life paranoid, but please, please learn to read between the lines! Three examples follow:

a) What did I not say in #2 above?

As you began to read, didn’t you wonder how “they” knew which DC elites owned Dinar in order to know who to target in this sting? If “they” know who the elite Dinar holders are, don’t “they” know who all Dinar purchasers are?

Yes, “they” do, but “they” do not know who we may have gifted Dinars to or if we have sold some Dinar for cash or checks (unless Dinar was noted on the check’s memo line), but “they” sure know about any Dinars we have purchased – whether from a Dealer, Craig’s list or Ebay.

Will.. Will “they” make us account for any Dinar that we don’t exchange during our initial bank visit?

Not likely. Why not? Well – remember that we’ve been hearing for months now that Iraq will issue new currency. If we don’t exchange within a certain timeframe (it truly is long enough – so don’t stress about this), the current IQDs will become worthless, just like the Saddam era – pre-2003 IQDs are now worthless.

Also “they” believe most of us will not gift to individual family members/friends/charities more than what we believed could be exchanged into $1 million USDs. “They” have known what the Chinese contract rate is for many, many months now. But we haven’t.

So think about ‘when and why’ the idea was introduced to Dinarians to use a dated, notarized gift letter. The ‘when’ will give you a good idea regarding the date the Chinese finalized the contract rate with the US Treasury.

The ‘why’ for the dated, notarized gift letters is so that at the time of exchange, those who received gifted Dinar may not have to obtain a copy of the giver’s original Dinar purchase receipt.

That is — if at the time the gift letter was drafted, the rumored exchange rate times the amount IQD gifted did not equate to more than an anticipated $1 million USDs – then no copy of the giver’s purchase receipt will be needed.

b) Treat MSM news the same way –

look for details that were not mentioned, before you take any info at full face value – question not only is it accurate, but also is the complete full story being told?

As an example that Dinarians can relate to: ISIS terrorists. Many “gurus” have told us they believe this was a ploy by Maliki to stay in power as Iraq’s PM. Chuck Hagel adds to the smoke & mirrors just this past week by saying ISIS is a significant terrorist threat to the USA.

But what does O do? He goes golfing, flies out to a bar in CO to drink a beer and shoot pool, and goes off to Texas to be close enough to the Mexican border to fake interest in solving the US’ illegal immigration problem. But what has O not done?

Since ISIS surfaced in June, O has NOT used his phone and mighty pen to ink another of his infamous EOs to designate ISIS as a valid terrorist group that must be controlled via US financial sanctions (also known as an OFAC order).

Sadly, all those “gurus” or (“guru wantabe’s) who kept a close eye on the DFI EO status, never thought to look for an EO that should have been signed and wasn’t. Please learn to look for the logical missing pieces!

c) Research and Filter very thoroughly, sometimes many times over — any posts, ads, news, etc. now or in the future regarding possible investments or worthy charities – especially for what is not being mentioned but is a very relevant piece of information.

Also learn to completely, totally wipe from your mind those seeded ideas that have been proven false. If you need to – keep a list of what you have researched and determined to be bogus schemes and false claims.

Investments — Ask yourself if the 17% annuity return rate that is being advertised on some Dinar boards really seems legit. Get the details as to whether this is an annualized return or the 17% is really the difference between the annuity purchase price and amount you would receive at maturity – perhaps as long as 15 years later.

The scenario that 17% is the lifetime yield is much closer to the level of return for today’s low rates on bank CDs. Because we have believed in Dinars, the once-in-a-lifetime windfall, many think we are easy targets for believing their hype as well. Be careful with your money. Invest – but invest wisely.

Charities – A valid, but very sad, example of charity fraud is the Relief Funds for Haiti following the January 12, 2010 earthquake. As American’s we phoned in millions and millions to help the Haitians.

The money was taken from our bank accounts at time of our calls, mailed checks, etc. But then two years later we were told that the funds still had not been released to help the people of Haiti due to US gov’t concerns about Haiti’s political corruption. Really?

To support this explanation, we were even told about Haiti’s former leader coming back from his fancy home in Paris to try to get his grimy hands on some of the aid funds. But we never heard if he got any money nor even when he returned to Paris. MSM slip?

No – we must learn to keep up with their lies in order to be able to prove what stories are in fact lies.

MSM and our gov’t are counting on you not being interested enough to watch/read the news or if you do, that you won’t try to remember or take the time to think through and follow up on how the pieces of info given to you just don’t fit together.

If you will think back to what was going on in the USA in 2010-2012 (high unemployment claims, swelling lists of welfare/food stamp/public housing recipients, etc.) – you can figure out why our money was never sent to Haiti and which gov’t was really corrupt toward their people.

Goggle and read Oxfam’s report issued Jan. 2014 — 4 years after the Haiti earthquake, to better understand how much more relief aid is still needed by these destitute people.

Bogus Schemes (my nice name for pure BS!) and Bogus Terms – Please, please delete from your memory the bogus terms introduced by some “guru” months ago or those once true facts that are no longer valid. Examples:

i) Clean & Clear Certificate – has NOTHING to do with banking, stock certificates, investments or currency exchanges! Google it.

However, since it has been so overused in Dinar chat, you must now go to the 2nd & 3rd search result pages in Google to find the real deal – I kid you not! It is a document related to mining!

And even more funny is that it is limited to mining operations in the Asian Pacific! Sadly, sometimes we really do earn the name of “sheeple”.

We must learn to check out the facts – regardless of who is delivering the BS pile to us, for even the most trusted ones sometimes fail to do their homework and end up with BS on their face as well! (If you google this, you will see which sincerely beloved and trusted guru I am referring to.)

ii) Need for Non-Interest Earning Account – no longer true! This became irrelevant 18 months ago! Way past time for you to permanently bury this idea in the graveyard!!

This recommendation became invalid as of 12-31-12 when the FDIC no longer provided unlimited deposit insurance for those funds in non-interest bearing accounts. Be a good steward with the money the Lord is entrusting you with – invest wisely vs. being like the Biblical servant who out of fear, buried his talent in the dirt & did not allow his money to grow to make a good return for his master.

iii) Cash Exchange vs Investment – remember what Shakespeare said, “A rose by any other name smells just as sweet.” Same holds true for taxes. Regardless of what you call your transaction (even if you call it your ‘Depends moment!’) – the taxes you will owe will be the same!

Let’s take a recent event as an example. Employees of Facebook were given lots of shares of the company before it went public. When they received these pre-IPO shares, Facebook shares were not readily marketable nor did it have a quoted price on any (stock) exchange – it only have a book value which meant something to Facebook as a company.

But when these employees decide to sell their shares, it will not matter if the shares were readily marketable at the time of receipt or not – what will matter is a) how much did they pay for the..

a) how much did they pay for the stock, b) how much did they receive upon sale and c) how long did they own the stock. Hopefully you have kept track of all your Dinar receipts!

4) While I still have lots more to share, this message is much longer than I intended. So I’m limiting it to just one more thought – but one which I hope will prompt you into many thoughts of your own.

Years ago when I began to read articles about people who may have influenced where the USA is today, I started a list of those who I thought were the Good folks vs. those whom I thought were the Bad folks.

I cannot say for sure if I put the Good folks on the left because I tend to be more politically conservative or if I simply wanted to think about all the Good folks first. Also I try to think outside the box for a ‘bigger picture perspective’ a bit too, so I never focused solely on the Iraqi RV.

I have to admit that when I first began to read about the St. Germain trust, the WGS – countries forgiving other countries’ war debts dating all the back to when records were first maintained, the Leo Wanta funds, V.K. Durham’s story, prosperity programs, CMKX mega-sized lawsuit against the SEC, etc. I was more than a bit skeptical!

But I made the decision to read at least three articles before making a final call to dismiss a particular theory or not. Surprising to me, the more I read, the more the pieces seemed to fit together!

I suggest that you check out NASARA if you are not already familiar with John MacHaffie’s site. While I still cannot bring myself to read the galactic/ET-space aliens articles, I do read the rest.

What has most recently “jelled” for me are the connections between the historical war bonds/WGS funds, Neil Keenan being in the Philippines and Pope Francis’ changes at the Vatican.

I can just hear you say, “Really?” The historic war bonds were rumored to have been stored in the Philippines – why? Because it was the closest dominant Catholic country to China and Japan – holders of the war bonds issued by the USA for WWI, WWII, Korean, and Vietnamese wars.

Test me – google the primary religions of SE Asia countries of Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, Malaysia and Mynamar. You will discover the only country where Christianity is the dominant faith is the Philippines and it is Catholic. So why is the Vatican really involved?

They hold assets from European countries that were garnered during other wars (the “spoils of war” some may call it) as well as while European countries owned/controlled other nations — India, South Africa, Central & South America, etc.

These Vatican held funds are the collateral backing for various European nations’ war bonds. Except for those foolish countries who gave gold to the USA for safekeeping!

The world had to wait for the historic bond funds to be released until a Pope was appointed who has a heart for all of God’s people – a genuine desire to help all people throughout the entire world.

A pope who does not seek to control the European countries by holding their riches hostage in the Vatican vault nor threaten to use the money to enrich the coffers of the Catholic Church.

Now if Pope Francis can get the rest of the world to follow the “I” principles.

Iceland for how to Stay wise and healthy, so that you can keep hold of your blessing and enjoy it for a long, long time to come!

They eliminated debts but at the same time restored their county’s economy. Ireland for how they settled their religious differences and restored peace in their country.