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The end has begun for many, hopefully we are next. Baring any major slips of tongue derailing events you are approaching the final moments on the ride. Wise people are free and clear of legal entanglements of the scammers whilst the stupid will soon meet their fate at their hands.anonymous-al-ataque

There are timings of hours and minutes but perhaps days are more likely so keep your council in these final moments.

Wise people have their plan in place and know that the highest rates and protection is offered by the clearance bank – WF.

Make sure you are getting the best deal possible, finally the truth and validity of reputable providers of information will be seen.

You should always insist on no onerous NDA which removes statutory rights, a safe branded bank exchange location, with a de la rue machine to validate notes at time of exchange and the ability to see a genuine rate feed.

Do not let that money out of sight, not for one second. Ask to see VNN; IQN rates on the screens, before you sign anything, open separate Non Interest Bearing Accounts ( you will sweep later) check all paperwork, if you don’t agree to a section, use a ruler and cross it out and initial and get the banks legal representative to initial next to yours. Negotiate – there should be no extra fees beyond the banks official spread, don’t accept that, they are making plenty from your transaction.

WF plans to have a easy exchange for those who are wise to maximize. It will be done at branded locations, with all the machinery to validate your currency on site. The rates will be high without a debilitating NDA other than one which is there for both you and the banks protection which should read in basic terms – don’t speak about the exchange and the rate received. It should be a quick and pleasant experience.

I wish you all the very best.

You may repost if you wish to.

By Anonymous

Anonymous wrote:

There sure has been a lot of huffing and puffing from the scammers and those who wish to profit off your dinar holdings these last few days as they overplay their hands at every turn.anonymous_2

That so pushed PP group, full of fishing fools is failing dismally, falling apart daily as they hemorrhage participants, – who wants to be tied into an onerous NDA which might effect other parts of your exchange let alone to get screwed on the rate, – drop a note with them and lose the rest of your exchange ( even if done elsewhere ) because they got you over a barrel on contract and NDA and you sit with no recourse to justice.

Pity to get cleaned out but for being greedy, seeking advantage where there is none. But you have been strongly advised for months now to be weary of this, all too good to be true ,and only way of exchanging, offer

All that glitters is not gold but fools will be separated from their money smartly.

Don t get sucked down with the sinking ship. The undertow of greed could almost be a biblical reckoning for the servants of mammon. If the terms of the contract don’t make you run as you break into a cold sweat, its time you seek legal council advice, and thats not the kind from your next door neighbor, or Joe Soap in chat room x

It is plain to see by their PR stunts and overtures to those who hold sway in Dinarland, that desperation has taken hold and quotas wont be filled. Promises will be broken. Someone will be very unhappy and have to increase his percentage.

The boss has to make his cut or there will be hell to pay. The fanatical drive to stem the flow of those leaving has stepped up the campaign to shut down dissenters, and influence others to their cause. However some dinar gurus have ethics and cant be bought no matter what the con job served up in illusion. They wont touch the pundits.

Ive seen some old faithfuls worn out by the badgering, they just dropped a note to get them off their backs. No matter the pressure you wont see any overt praise or recognition of that PP group no matter how they try and tie themselves in with your favorite guru for legitimacy.

Their Private Placement bosses are not pleased to be losing out so big and on a daily basis and they have issued instruction to turn up the heat.

Those who have been in the game for some time have been through these slight of hand power plays before. At this moment so many are ripe for the scams, not surprisingly at the end there are sharks circling and waiting any opportunity to take your money.

The best scams are those with layers of truth and depths of believability, documents can be faked, calls intercepted, levels of access faked and placed, the scenarios are endless especially when big money is to be made. Go check out Hollywood for some intrigue and ideas how to do it

Loads of opportunity for the gullible to be taken in by many painted pictures of government organizations so big that there are lots of power plays and sideshows. When all the info you get is orchestrated and coming from all directions from those who you felt rapport for in the past with, its hard to keep on an even keel through this storm of dis-info and subterfuge/

Doesn’t take much to issue a few orders – the so called elite are not known for their great family values and work ethics as they feather their nests anyway possible. You have to ask yourself, how much money is enough.

Usually the people on the ground are used and abused and take the fall while the money and the gamesters are long gone. Make sure your money isn’t going on the game and the legal fall afterwards.

The dinar old-timers have been around the track a bit, bruised and beaten and on the whole a load wiser after the many winds of change which have blown every which way on the journey, they know the plan, they know the bank they wish to exchange with and they are in the group which will facilitate that exchange already.

They are just waiting, knowing the exchange will be easy, the rates will be high and the documentation reasonable. They really do intend to hold on to their money, the pundits on the boards with such vested interests they are trying their best to convince you to leap sideways onto the sinking ship, they wish to get you acting in ways which benefit them.

Don t get herd mentality and be sheep slaughtered time and again change and get wise.

If you are not in a group, you still know that WF is the clearing house bank, you know you will get top dollar for your exchange and you know it will be safe and painless. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out the best option for you.

You want to be in the high rate groups that have been around for ever, not these jump-starts, threatening their way into your lives?

I hear there is a way!

Perhaps you should be hanging out waiting for a chance to catch those group leaders where they go to post, most want to help you, perhaps getting your list of all those who want in to a that group together neat and tidy might swing some doors open for you.

Seems a safer bet. Miles safer than onerous NDA’s sneaking to nail you every step of the way for donkey years down the track, let alone the robbery of the rate you’ll get.

Let these elitist opportunistic pundits feather their nest with some other suckers money.

Feel free to post if you so wish.

By Anonymous

Anonymous wrote:

So as many have left the scammers and avoided some of the future thieving of the the so called private placement exchange being bandied around Dinarland, their leaders have resorted to chat room posts and public website publications.anonymous-al-ataque

The most hilarious being one of their family linage and telling the world how upright and proper their ancestors were, how they always have been close to the elite, yada yada, you get the picture. I think trying to PR yourselves in desperation attaching yourself to the elite who have stomped on all our necks for eons and particularly through this Dinar exchange is close to stupidity but then again to think that having ripped of a dinar exchange you can do the same with a PP dong exchange and that some actually jumped at the chance beggars the imagination.

I particularly loved the touch of a video pundit doing his best to associate his regurgitated info to the likes of Okie, Eagle 1, Frank and others who have stayed the course. What an insult, it is so sad what greed makes people do.

Many times its been said that the greedy will get their just deserts and they shall and we all know what that means, a big zero for the fool who throw away their chance in a lifetime. A little birdie has been saying that those down in the tropics gave them the finger, those island boys and girls weren’t born yesterday and didn’t take kindly to attempts to alleviate them of their currency. Sad that they attempt to pray on the ones least fortunate.

The wise know where to bank, if you don’t know by now, you have not been paying attention and better play catchup.

Where we are today: Sitting in the midst of smoke and rumor, with the news coming out of Iraq, the USA and the West, particularly the UK, so carefully planned and setup to create the world you think you live in. Propaganda, to make you give up your currency so that those vultures of personal benefit get to keep their advantage over you. These scammers deserve to be shot down at every turn, which I see one beloved Dinarland Guru just did, it truly gladdens the heart, as they sure did try to exploit his name for their own personal benefit and gain. I do wonder how they look in the mirror each day, don’t you?

Anyway back to matters at hand, as this post will be cut short as the beloved guru did whats right and brought this matter to light revealing the intents and nefarious skulduggery of the scammers.

Short summation: If involved with any of these rippoff artist, scammers and elitists, get away and your info off them ASAP. UST has sprung the trap and effectively closed them down.

Feel free to repost.

By Anonymous


Anonymous Wrote:

Just a quick catch up for all those fishing fools still on the baited hook of Private Placement / Private Purchase / Private Exchange …
Whatever hook is baited up at the moment for the foolish and unwise to clutch at like a drowning man, seems to me the General 64 group
just through out a lifeline to all not in a group – a quick read of his transcript from tonight will equip you with the facts – namely the clearance bank has made arrangements possibly for more countries with Dinar holders to exchange, covered tonight, Canada, United Kingdom and Im sure there are others, plus a method to bring on-board your friends not in the group.
Seems to me that the G64 torpedoed a whole lot of thieves tonighanonymous-timt.
A point about these private scams I mean exchanges or purchases … there is so much money being made and paid out to Dinar holders, it is absolutely scandalous to take a penny / cent from people to facilitate an exchange, just plain greedy when the only thing necessary is to provide the bank with the interested party’s email address. Oh they will feed you a line or more about negotiation yada yada … pure BS. So if you have succumbed already you know you’re going on a list with all your personal info and identity docs, the bank only needs your email to send you a exchange code or 0800 number, bet your bottom dollar that list will be exploited and you’re not going to enjoy that outcome either. Imagine if a criminal gang were to get hold of it – shudder to think of the risks you place yourselves and your loved ones in.

The G64 group just gave everyone a safe option, with the clearance bank or an affiliated bank … hummmm HSBC is everywhere?

Exchanging at a bank with the safety that it provides both physically and for your identity is worth a lot – not only personal ease of mind but a recourse to restitution if that identity were to become public knowledge or to be stolen.

I’m sure the details will emerge on the way it will work so all will feel secure.

Until then get your paperwork returned and get free of these greedy blood suckers skimming fees and off the top, if they were truly sincere they would say its not going to cost you a thing but the time to send and email with the amount of your holdings. All the rest is puff and smoke to obscure the truth that they want whats yours.

Be wise now!

by Anonymous.

Anonymous wrote:

So here you are at the end, full of confusion, peppered with misdirection and lies.  Very easy to get caught up in the nonsense of emotions running high and out of control.

At the end the sharks have gathered, feeding on the stupid, the unwary and the greedy.   All these flush little deals being dangled so seductively have all come to naught.  They shall all come to nothing as they cannot pay out until we have a RV.

Those who have not figured they have been caught in a double blind deserve all they don’t get.

There are International scams flushing out the Dinarians, getting them on the list and enticing them with empty promises, sign to them with exclusivity and sole access, the stupid and greedy will end up with less, and receive their just deserts.

I see many good folks have tried to educate, tried to explain, but misery loves company and even while many de-bus these groups daily, those remaining having been brainwashed and drunk the kool-aid can only yap around their masters heels as they seek attention attacking any sane thought on the matter.

The scam artists even ventured further afield – down to the islands to scoop up those in dire need, spinning lies and half truths with their silver tongued words of poison.
They have no shame. no morals and no integrity, to feed on the desperate and the needy who are already in distress really is of the lowest calibre of individual.

Please remember the many cautions you have been advised to take in the matters of verification of your dinar and your own personal security, those who don’t take heed, may in the future, pay a very high price. I suppose the Minos are leading the rush with no brains and nothing to lose and big mouths running with no consequence.

At the end various political agendas are being exposed as coercion to expose all actions in this saga are pushed to forefront.
There is a plan, its still on track regardless of political agendas and mayhem that is trying to be wrought.

The experienced are hanging tough knowing that they did the ground work a long time ago and even newly on-board participants should be wise enough to know that at the clearing bank they will get the best deal ever, without all the risky shenanigans of contracts, NDA’s and exclusivity agreements.

Iraq is just more smoke to bring water to your eyes – all eventualities have been covered and the plan proceeds, no matter how it plays in the public arena.

So here you are at the end watching the sharks circling and eating the unwary and stupid, make sure you don’t become fish food.

Soon we will be on the other side baring a catastrophic event.

May you be in peace while you wait.

by Anonymous.