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Between Breaths

The Rendezvous at the time where silence stood still

At the place where madness slipped silkily across oblivion’s path

Where the four corners rushed to center at a heartbeat of passions pulse

There, that’s where you’ll find me, alone, in the company of gods passed

At the in breath of creation, paused, childlike in antiquity, now, forever more,

Waiting breathless for you,


0000001 (8)

Liquid Love Splashed The Beach

0001 (6)

Heart strung melody
What is meant to be, will be
Moments of splendor, wonder, ecstasy
Touched endlessly in harmony

Eternity of unity in its entirety
Motion on ocean,
Liquid humanity
Splashed upon the shores of desire

Grace she led me, followed eyes blind
Drift wood strewn beaches of cast aside doubts
Clumped mangled together flotsam of promises
Shifting dunes of improbability trickled in the wind

Loved dawned, eternal flame rekindled
Firelight desire fed inevitability
Sparks flickered heaven bound
Heart light burning bright

– Shift Shaper –


Oceans of Delight

00000000001 (5)

Sail away, set sail, across oceans far, free, deep
Away from shore, to where the oceans secrets keep

Stars beckon from the heavens, twinkle lit course on track
Sun golden liquid horizon to greet the morning tack

Albatross flies skimming ocean top, free, wave crested delight
Wingspan wide, lofted flight

Yardarm passed sunset flashed rum rationed redness
Sun trickled drop slipped into dusk’s evening star, blackness


– Shift Shaper –

Colour My Love

00001 (6)

Colours of life, colours of dreams
Colours rise and fall out of primal scream

Splash dash blue, sky wide oceans clear turquoise dolphin play
Earthen land tears did fall, jungle sprung green oasis drops

Orange, red, tangerine sunset colour hue
Sprinkled golden upon desert washed landscape of life

Moments of eternity, colour coded, antiquity clear swatches
Artist of the brush and form, creation spawned, whispered into existence

Soul clear decadence expressed indulgence, light picture perfect
Colour washed emotion bright, lifetimes light expressed rainbow


– Shift Shaper –

Shape Shifter Shenanigans

Raven cocked his head to one side,
Feather reflecting sunlight
Looking at me, steadfast in his vision
I absolutely invisible, a pin point,
Nowhere, everywhere,
Flowed quicksilver into Raven,
I, Raven soared high,
Pine trees,
Lofted smell of intoxicating resin sap,
Needles littered the forest, carpeted floor, soft delight pine scented
Lion, lamb lay down together
Bear and Eagle watched

– Shift Shaper –


The Next Generation

Eyes like the bluest sky, memories like rain
Streaming down, teardrops of love and pain,
You went away, your’ wind wild hair in the summer sun,
Windswept across beach bare, golden strands sun streaked away fun

See your face, lives so gray, memories drift away
Remembered place, life far behind,
Always with you in the sky so high, stars and planets pass us by
Memories of lifetimes, blinked away, both here, there, everywhere passed by

Looking into your soul, so dear, life times draw near,
Sorrow, happiness, but none sweet as the rain
Laughter we meet again, washes away the pain, hope rejoices burning bright
United in the sun, a flame so high

Sunrise on a wild bare beach, close, never again out of reach
Swirling sands, eternity, driftwood upon the shore
Carried oceans of currents of time, beached home
Burning bright, daylight sun, incandescent flame like mine

Circling eagle’s flight, soaring in the thermals high
Spiraling down, target sensed, hawk eyed and heart committed
Dropping gravity punch connecting sparks flame high
Oxygen rich climbing combustion burning bright

– Shift Shaper –

0000001 (7)


0000001 (6)

Forever I dreamed, did I dream forever
The dream was all about you, or was it all about me
Did I dream it over, did I dream it down
Did I dream it all up, did I dream that dream around
Did I dream a beginning, did I dream an end
Did I really dream you up my friend?

Indigo danced in the pale moon light
Skipping moonbeams on the cold desert sands
Swirling in and out of existence
Flickering flame nurtured by the breeze of antiquity
Dancing to a rhythm as old as the universe, as timeless as an atom
Swaying in and out of sight of mans eye

Indigo was night itself, bright in her mystery
Purple shrouded moon turning crimson in the dawn
Sun-rays flicked upon her skin translucent
Spin of shadow and light infused with life
Becoming Indigo
Dancing daylight, shadow rippled life



00001 (5)

I see your face; it takes me away, quickly, suddenly
Another time and space
Memories, dreams, life times of love,

Long ago in a distant time NOW,
Lived in a moment of clarity
I reached for you, found me

Smile goddess like
Lose myself under the sky spilling rainbows
Breathe on me like the spray washes off the ocean to cling salty to my skin

Let me dive into your eyes to a new reality, soul deep and blue
Blond hair cascading like waterfalls majestic, just like you
Skin so soft in nectarine smoothness juicy to the touch

Lips that launched a million words,
Greatest three,


– Shift Shaper-