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Universal Love

0001 (4)

Baby can I hold you tonight
Hold you in the firelight
Hold you close to me
Hold you tight

I love you
What more is there?
Years or centuries
Moments or hours
Seconds or minutes
Heart beats of time

Between your heart beat
Between your breath
Inhale your smell
Exhale Love

I remember stars

Universes began
Galaxies opened
Worlds created
Beings Birthed

Love Flowed

Dream / Dreamer

0001 (2)

I am the dreamer and the dream
I am the river and the sea
I am the wind and the sky above
And what I am, I owe to Love

I dreamed a dream of you and me
I dreamed we were eternity

For a moment
an hour,
a day,
a year
Centuries passed by
Eons and galactic moments
All they were,
only time to me
All they were
moments in eternity

I feel it Now
I felt it Then

I became what I am
I am Love
Love I am

Come As You Are

Come back here – I want you
Come back here – I need you
Come to where you belong
on breath, on a word, in a dream, in a song

Come to me – in the night
Come to me – in the day
Come to me – when I think of you
Come in each and every single way

Lets loose that dress – you dont need it
Let it loose and sweat away, the moments they unravel
Let loose – oh freedom, oh free woman, let loose and play
Let it loose and Be

Come to me in the evening
Come to me at the dawn
Come to me in the sunshine

We will never be forlorn


Stolen by a dream

Storm Of Sadness

walk away
into the moonlight
let the shadows play
as they skip around you

I’ll be here in this chair
waiting all night long, I don’t care
waiting for you to return to me

I’ve been here for a bottle, I may not see tomorrow
I loved the way the moonlight played upon your hair

The second bottle gets lower, hell I may be slower,
But I see you standing here by the chair,
my dear

In my dreams I do remember, that long last December
Of life so precious held within my heart, so near

Leaves began to drop, a heartbeat stopped
The desert rolled in across my land, aridly forlorn

I held the limp hand, no spirit at hand
The bottle to my lips a kiss of bliss
Oblivion to wash away the pain

The winter of my soul began,
Heavy snow across the land
blizzard of a life at hand
lost in a bottle
by a dream

Mystic Blue

My friends a mystic
Her eyes are blue

Look deep inside
Leave yourself behind

It was a glistening moment
That had me broken

It was her smile
kept me alive

I’ve searched this world
But none have your beauty

I searched and searched
I found you inside

Find your heart
You find your beauty

Touch my soul
Feel me alive

Deep inside
Dreams of beauty

Love and Mystery
Deep inside

Soul alive

001 (10)

Touched an Angel

001 (9)

I see your face, none have your beauty
I feel your soul, it left me blind

I touched an angel, whispers of heaven
You caught my heart, left me wild

Heart open, ocean deepness
Heart open, sky wide

Oh to look upon your beauty
Is to know, to touch divine

A silky moment, lasts forever
A still choice, a piece of divine,

I’m still breathless, wide open
Heart on fire, sheer divine

None can measure, or surpass you
No one can see, it’ll make you blind

Love is my master, or rather my mistress
Actually – the Goddess Divine

Such a silence, can last forever
Such a Love, can only be mine

If I stare,
I’ll be singed forever

Branded with LOVE