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None of us has to explain a damn thing!

“None of us has to explain a damn thing. In ANY case, all we have to say is, “You got a claim? Alright, prove it.” Their questions are ludicrous and a waste of our time. “Where were you on the night of the murder? Did you receive money? Were you driving 120 in a 90 zone? Did you use that credit card to obtain goods? Were you wearing your seat belt? Did the house get paid for you? Did you stop for that red light? Did you use the bank loan for your schooling?” IMMATERIAL! IRRELEVANT! The ONLY thing we have to ask is, “You say I owe you? Prove it. You claim I didn’t have on a seatbelt? Prove it. You claim that the bank paid for my house? Prove it. You claim I murdered someone? Prove it.”


I always imagined being stopped by a cop who might say, “Do you know why I stopped you?” “Are you asking me if I can read your mind?” “I clocked you at 120 in a 90 zone.” “How are you going to prove that?” “I got you on radar.” “How are you going to prove, three weeks from now, that the detector even works, never mind that you didn’t fabricate that?” Or, how about those camera trucks. How can they prove that it wasn’t photo-shopped? The burden of proof is always on the accuser. Answering questions only fuels them. If they think we violated a statute –not that any of them apply to us, anyway– it is their job, and I do mean their job, to PROVE IT.” – Mary Croft

Agency Trust Accounts

Agency Trust Accounts..a working study

This is a temporary measure and more suitable to some than others.

Seek professional advice!

the included notes are somewhat random

here is what I got so far……..

It takes 15 minutes to set it up and its free. Its not under the depositors SS# but the banks FEIN#, under custodial fiduciary care, we retain full control, funds are private and safe from bank co-mingling and there are reports it possibly defers tax assessment

Its a vehicle found on the private side of wealth management in the trust department. Its a “shelf trust” available to customers to accept incoming capital assets
its like a trust account. its in the bank, funds are and can be distributed…even to your other accounts. You own and control the money…you direct your manger custodian as to what to do with those funds…as i currently understand it

Definition of ‘Account In Trust’

An account that is managed by one party for the benefit of another. It is sometimes called an account held in trust, and the trust relationship can be either explicit or implied. Accounts-in-trust are typically set up for minors, and transfer of ownership will occur when the minor reaches legal age.

Investopedia explains ‘Account In Trust’

The person managing an account in trust is a fiduciary to the ultimate owner or beneficiary of the account. A good example of such accounts are accounts managed by adults for minors, such as Uniform Transfers to Minors (UTMA) accounts. The term can also be used generically for any trust account, regardless of whether there is a formal trust agreement.
it was first promoted as a method to defer or divert tax assessment…which has never been a big concern for me….but a cupla things mentioned about it intrigued me and led to these other discoveries. If you have’t been able to afford the costs of setting up a trust for exchange (like 99% of us)….this is something thats “on the shelf” at the bank for the asking as i understand it. It was propsed that the exchange deposit could go directly into this “trust account”, under the bank’s FEIN# and held there under our control but not associated with our name or SS#….until a time comes that we move those funds into other entity structures that we have later arranged for in our best interest…and then simply extinguishing the “shelf trust” after deletion of funds balance.
we are a party to the contract…a principle on the contract…the bank is under contract with us…their contractual duty is to manage and protect the deposits by our direction. Contract is the highest form of law

its under the banks ein#…..not our ss#. Its is an agency trust account under contract fiduciary custodial care.  It is not meant as a permanent vehicle necessarily…

it may provide a mechanism to assist us in exchange by both providing instant and cheap anonymity with legal protections under law….there may be additional opportunities yet discovered…may be not

set up in 15 minutes so we can exchange and then get pros to do our Trusts and Foundations … sometimes takes 3 months
Then transfer everything into your permanent structures when complete

and… keeps getting better  …..

Agency Trust Accounts are generally defined as a legal arrangement in which one party (the trustor or grantor) transfers ownership of assets to a person or bank (the trustee) to be held or used for the benefit of others. These arrangements include the broad categories of court-supervised accounts (e.g., executors and guardianship), personal trusts (e.g., living trusts, trusts established under a will, and charitable trusts), and corporate trusts (e.g., bond trusteeships).

Unlike trust arrangements, agency accounts are established by contract and governed by contract law. Assets are held under the terms of the contract, and legal title or ownership does not transfer to the bank as agent. Agency accounts include custody, escrow, investment management,232 and safekeeping relationships. Agency products and services may be offered in a traditional trust department or through other bank departments.

these operate……………

temporarily in lieu of a well constructed personalized trust, no trustee, under the banks EIN…retain full control, bank acts as agent under instruction, under private contract, bank legally owes fiduciary responsibility

its a normal pre approved trust entity…standard in most trust departments of wealth management

a “shelf trust”

Agency accounts differ from trusts in that title to the assets in
the agency does not pass to the trustee, but remains in the name of the owner

Agency Accounts

Agency accounts differ from trusts in that title to the assets in the agency does not pass to the trustee, but remains in the name of the owner of the property, who is referred to as the principal. First National Bank of Fort Smith offers two types of agency accounts – managed agency accounts and custodial agency accounts.

Managed Agency Accounts

By opening a managed agency account in our Trust Department you can receive the exact type of professional asset management that our trust beneficiaries receive without the necessity of a trust. Has your investment portfolio been tailored to achieve your specific investment objectives? Does your investment strategy take into consideration your risk tolerance, time horizon, tax situation and liquidity needs? Have your investment decisions been governed by a proven investment discipline? Has your investment portfolio been properly diversified to avoid unnecessary risk? The Trust Department, through our agency accounts, can insure that all of these essential elements of your investment program have been addressed and you can rest assured that a proven long term investment discipline has been tailored to your specific needs.

Custodial Agency Accounts

By opening a custodial agency account in our Trust Department you can experience security and simplification by consolidating most, if not all, of your assets into a single account. Just think, one tax report as opposed to 10 or 15! Someone you can trust to account for your assets, collect the income, pay your bills, insure tax and insurance payments are made in a timely manner and provide many other services. The investment of these funds are directed by you. However, you would enjoy the reduced commissions and better pricing that the Trust Department receives due to its institutional relationship with some of the world’s largest brokerage firms. We see this account as being a stepping stone to other types of accounts that we offer i.e. Managed Agency or Living Trust.

Trust and Asset Management Services—Online Manual …

Unlike trust arrangements, agency accounts are established by contract and
governed by contract law. Assets are held under the terms of the contract,

Private Contract is the highest form of Law

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