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TNT Call notes 18-November-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, November 18, 2015.  As they were so gracious in letting you guys know, there was no call on Monday or Friday, but the information is really, really good.  On Friday we didn’t have a call because Tony was on the way to Vegas.  I had a super-fantastic time and met some TNT people there.  I also had a distraction while I was there, on high alert, hoping to leave Vegas and go straight to the bank.  It didn’t happen.  I came back on Sunday and was going to do a call on Monday;  however, early Monday morning, banks called their people in and things were in motion, gearing  up.  I thought I was going to do the FINAL call late Monday afternoon.  I was waiting for that, and I didn’t want to do a call to tell you what was going on at that moment because it would have sent you all running to the bank, scrambling like crazy.  I didn’t want to do that you or to them.  So I thought we’d wait until we got the official word.  I didn’t get that and didn’t do the call.  It didn’t stop anything happening, but it hasn’t got to us, our level yet.  It was happening across the  nation and would have had people running around like crazy.

What happened is that everyone went through their final agreements again.  Everyone is on track and the banks are authorized.  We are on super-super alert, everyone ready to go.  It stopped yesterday, and that upset the bank people because they were ready.  Yesterday at 4pm everyone was called back to the banks, including security;  they let them go home at 7pm.  They are still excited, still feeling it will happen this week, but we’ll have to wait and see.

Everybody in every country I’ve talked to says they are ready and done.  Iraq supposedly completed everything on Saturday and released it to the next level.  They released the lower denominations to the banks, and the banks are now waiting.  They want to activate all the cards, trying to do everyone on the cards, getting away from the cash.  They thought it would be five days after the banks are completed in Iraq. There is something they are doing with their system this week. When does that five days start?  I don’t think it really matters because they could change it.  It could have started as soon as the lower denominations are delivered.  Nobody is arguing or complaining in the agencies or governments, the ones who are actually involved in the process.

Oh, the banks brought in their people all day Sunday.  That is just as frustrating for them as for us – the bank employees, anyway.  We are just sitting here ready to go. The rates are there, no pending or holds;  it’s just when they try to process it, it won’t go through.  It’s just sitting there.  I say it won’t go through for me and you, although at certain levels it absolutely will go through.  We are waiting every day and hour, waiting to see when this is released.  Nobody knows what we are waiting for or who is holding it up. We are just waiting for a Go signal.  The banks do say they are waiting for UST approval;  others say maybe they have already done that, so don’t blame the UST.  I heard this morning that it is NOT the UST holding it up, but another three-letter agency.  I don’t want you to blame that three-letter agency, so I won’t say who it is.

What a day, huh?  What a day!

951 caller:  It’s another beautiful day.  Do you think this will happen before the end of the month?

Tony:  This should have already happened.  I know China’s deal is due on the 30th November, and I have wondered if they are trying to stretch this out until then.  Others have said that the RV needs to happen for China to join the SDR.  I am waiting to see what day is payday for the Iraqi military and government employees, because in my opinion that is when they want to put money on the cards.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

617 caller:  I’ve been reading that actually China has control of this now – do you think that is true?

Tony:  It is a global event, not a China event.

Caller: We are so ready for this!  I just want to get to Vegas!

Tony:  Me, too!  And I’ve just been to Vegas!  I hope to meet you and everyone there or at one of our other locations.

797 caller:  Thank you, especially after such a frustrating weekend. You said it all, so thank you!  :  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I know it was frustrating for everyone, especially for those who knew whey I wasn’t doing the call.

301 caller:  The rates are still there?  I was glued to the phone the whole weekend!

Tony:  The rates are still there.  I was sitting down with good people, smoking cigars and drinking Scotch, glancing at my phone every ten minutes to see if I should make a call.

408 caller:  Have the terrorist activities caused this re-scheduling?

Tony:  Every time we see something like that, the first thought is to wait and see what is going on, because no one wants to celebrate when bad things are going on.  On the other hand, it’s taking the focus of the world, so it might be the perfect time to do this, while everyone is distracted.  I know where it is, I just don’t know why it’s been held up because everything is done.  They have ISIL to worry about all the time.

318 caller:  A whole bunch of us are super-fantastic.  We all want to meet you and we hope we do!  :  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I spent my whole morning, day, night, looking at texts from different people, trying to make sense of it all.  In the midst of all that, Pam is over there making truffles!  Is this not a call day, and you’re making truffles!  That’s how hard she works…

404 caller:  I appreciate all the information that is filling in all the gaps.  There has been a lot of speculation with the lack of calls.  When DC was on the calls, we were briefed more about plans A, B and C.  What risk is there is that this is about implementing Plan B rather than Plan A, skipping the US altogether?

Tony:  The United States is 100% aboard with Plan A.  It is moving forward, no one is being eliminated, everybody is set up to go. That is all the information I have – every banking, Treasury, international source says this is ready to go with us in agreement.

Caller:  You said Tuesday that is had stopped, and that is a bit of a red flag. What caused it to stop?

Tony:  When I said it was stopped on Tuesday, I meant the bank activity that was happening on Monday.  It didn’t stop the process.  They were anticipating something larger happening, and that’s why I didn’t do the call.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  The guy making the TNT Superfantastic hats and t-shirts sent me the .jpgs to post on the site so that you can have your own jewelry, hats and shirts made if you like.  I went to a local guy who said he can print the clothing in one day.  We are trying to create a separate page for the downloads so that everyone can make their own, without worrying about someone making a profit.  I think Daz is doing that.

312 caller:  We’ve missed you!

Tony: I was hoping I would never have to do this again!  But here we are…

Caller:  I get Abadi’s tweets and I try to understand what he is saying to the people. There have been calls and meetings with Iran and such.  Is that trying to make Iran a connection before doing all this?

Tony:  Iran is always going to have some influence in Iraq.  Are they trying to control Iraq?  Yes, but we are trying to do that as well.  Is the RV waiting for Iran?  No?  Iran is part of the agreement, but we don’t have to wait for that.  We don’t know when it will happen.  Iran wants to improve their country, but the requirements for the RV have been met.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so Tony can go and we can do this thing!

512 caller:  The window of opportunity is open, right?  Is there a chance of it happening this week?

Tony:  There is an excellent chance of it happening this week, and the people I talk to can’t understand why it hasn’t happened already!  It could be any time.

707 caller:  I’m from California, and I have two questions.  How can those of us who are learning this financial jargon be able to read the rates on the screen?

Tony:  If I had millions of dollars and I’m sitting with an exchange person making a deal with me for rates and such, I would ask to see the rate on the screen and then ask simple questions like “A million at that rate comes out to what?”  I would ask the questions and expect to get an answer.

Caller:  Thanks to my sister-in-law who gave me your number and the Bank Exchange Checklist a year ago, I know what to ask for.  It also says to ask for Clean and Clear Certificates – what is that?

Tony:  Ask you wealth manager to say that they know where the money came from and that there is nothing illegal about it.  That’s important if you are moving large sums around, so that Homeland doesn’t get involved.  It says they are satisfied where the  money came from.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

410 caller:  I hope you had a good time in Vegas despite all the mist and smoke;  otherwise it’s just a working vacation.  Have you had any more information about how you will be allowed to help us?  Or not?

Tony: That’s why I didn’t do the call, because I was waiting for instructions.  I was hoping not to affect the process.  Even this morning, they were saying “you can’t say that on the call” because many people are listening who get upset if I say too much.  I am just trying to get this done. The system has been run again, and everything is working.  There is just one little thing to be done and then we will go to the bank. I don’t want everyone mobbing the banks, helter-skelter, creating chaos at the banks.

Caller:  It would be really, really nice to have this happen before Thanksgiving.  Otherwise I’ll be hours from home and have to run out before dessert!  It would be frustrating for the banking people as well.

Tony:  I think it will happen before then, or should happen before then.  What day is Thanksgiving?  Thursday of next week?  I think we should be okay.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

941 caller:  You think it will be done before the 26th?

Tony:  I don’t control it but it seems like it would be done before then.  Last month Iraq didn’t pay their people until the 27th.  I would be comfortable when I know when they are paying people in Iraq.

Caller:  A lot of people out there are pretty upset.

Tony:  People should be already doing that.  Nothing will affect this – it’s too far gone. There are too many countries and agencies involved.  There is no forcing the government to do something that is going on around the world.

Caller:  When this hits, many people and businesses will be busy doing things they have put off for the last five years.  [More of the same about exposing people, etc.]

Tony:  We weren’t supposed to be involved in this at all.  First it was for the government and then for the elite.  You cannot live the rest of your life based on the RV, and we’ve said that over and over again.  We are now part of it;  they tried to remove us, we are back in it and I understand that fight.

Caller:  [more of the same]

Tony: The 13303 was to help the citizens of this country to go over there, own businesses, get involved in the finances and be treated like Iraqi citizens.  It was not designed for us to get rich;  we found out about it and are taking advantage of the Iraqi situation.  It was designed to wipe out the US debt, like Clinton did, and to pay for the war.  In the process, the rich did get richer, yes.  Then, with the change of administrations, we were able to take advantage of it.  We were being cut out, we found out, and then we were able to get back in.  We are taking advantage of something that 350 million of our fellow citizens won’t even find out about, and they will be unhappy when they do find out too late!  The people holding it up will have some problems, in the end.

Caller:  [more of the same]  Get it to happen!  I want to pick up my two new vehicles!

909 caller:  Bruce and his group have been talking about this coming out as a float starting at 1:1, and taking a year or so to come up in the rate, and also that the zim is not in the first basket.  Is the zim still in the first basket, and are the rates still high?

Tony:  We’re going to be very, very happy with the rates, even if the dong comes out at 47 cents.  The zim has a very good rate as well.  The rates for the dinar exchange here in the United States are what we receive here.  In Iraq, the rate will be 1:1 in Iraq, and that makes sense for them.  That is great for them because they just got 3-4 times the money of what their money would buy for them.  Our rates in the US are different.  They will get one dinar for every dollar left in Iraq.

Caller:  I need to hang out with you and DC to take on your easy-going nature to be able to handle this.  That last caller always wants to make a big issue out of everything, and he needs an attitude adjustment.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

919 caller:  I am the call you have been waiting for – I am not giving permission for this to go ahead.  I’ve been the holdup all along.  Let it go and have a nice Thanksgiving!

Tony:  I will give everyone your phone number so that they can call you!  <laughter>

954 caller:  I’m super-fantastic.  How many currencies are in the basket?

Tony:  Seven that I know of.

Caller:  Great, thank you.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

423 caller:  I’m great, out planning pansies.  They look delicate but they are tough.  Tony, I feel sorry for you – I know you are tired of saying the same things over and over again.  Now, what is your hunch about why it was stopped this time?

Tony:  I do not have any reason other than … have to be careful here.  Last week when I left, I was told it could happen any time over the weekend. I don’t want to say what happened in Paris stopped it, because we don’t want them to feel they are affecting the whole world.  However, I don’t see another event or requirement that they need.  We are doing told everything has been done, and it should have been over on Saturday, but here we are.  We are still be told it’s over and done, and some are saying it should never take us that long.  There are too many things going on, too many distractions.  With the security precautions we have here, we should be seeing it any moment now.  In LA, there was a “no flying at night” because they had some security issue.  They had 10,000 cops out in the streets in LA because they were anticipating some event like Paris OR expecting you at the bank.  I look at all those things to see what is affecting us and to see where we are at. The world is not stopping so that we can go to the bank.  There are a lot of things you don’t hear about, that I do and have fit into the picture. It is frustrating, too.

Caller:  Is it the same person saying ‘we’re ready  to go’ and then saying ‘stop’?

Tony:  Everyone is saying they are ready to go, do another test to make sure it all still works, then let’s go.  In the  meantime, if the agencies or other countries find something out, or something happens, then it gets stopped again.  It’s common sense that you don’t do an event like this in the middle of that.

Caller:  Something is always coming up, and if it’s big enough, and someone wants to stop this…

Tony:  Iraq wants to bring their country back up, and it’s available to go today. They need to choose a time that no one expects so no one can mess with it.  I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Caller:  Do you feel something is different this week and it will really happen this week?

Tony:  This morning when I was getting information, I was on the line asking “yeah, but what makes this different?” because I know you will ask that.  Bank security has not been brought in for months, because that is a dead giveaway.  Well, they brought security in yesterday, so that was different.  The onslaught expected by the banks should have started last night, but it didn’t.  I don’t know if security is there today – probably not after this call!

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Raleigh, and I hope to meet you really soon!

Pam:  Thanks for the great call.  I want to thank everyone out there.  Tony, DC and the other dinar gurus have really helped and taught a lot, and it’s amazing what you have taught all of us.  We’ve all learned and evolved and changed so much in this process.

Ray:  This When am I going to see it Wednesday and hopefully it’s before nightfall.

Tony:  Okay, I’m with you!  Just in case this is our last call of this nature, let’s thank the multiple countries, administrations, bank people, agencies, people who have risked their jobs, lives and families to keep us informed.  Thanks to everyone who helped us survive in these last five years.  The biggest jobs is living your life afterwards, how to keep it yours, make good investments, etc.  Someone helped you get through the process and all we ask in return is for you to pay it forward.  Please help someone make a better life.  If we each help  ten people, ten days after the RV, that will change 60 million lives in one day.  I look forward to that.

Hopefully this is the last call of this type. Anything could happen at any moment, so BE READY.  If you still have questions that need to be answered, get in the forum and ask people.  Know the first Ten Things you want to do, and what to do at the bank. Enjoy the rest of your day!


TNT Call notes 11-November-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, November 11, 2015.  Without a doubt, I am super-fantastic – happy and excited to be here.  We appreciate the service of all the veterans out there.  We thought about whether to do this call, because I’m not sure I’ll be doing a call on Friday or not.  There may be no reason to do a call on Friday, but in any case I will be traveling.

There is not a lot of information today so this could be a short call.  Most bank screens are blank at the moment, and that is hopefully part of the plan. Most banking people are confused this morning because the plan was for this to be OVER today.  They called people in last night thinking it would be completed early this morning, and here we still are.  Nobody can give a definitive reason as to why.  Many are distracted by Veteran’s Day ceremonies, and many banks are closed. There is still a timeframe through the rest of this week through Monday when this should be completed.  Many in the Iraqi govern-ment who think it will be done on Sunday, and others say “no way this can last until Sunday!”  Nothing has been stopped, argued or changed;  there is just confusion as to why it didn’t happen as it was supposed to this morning.  Maybe this afternoon we will get more information on that.  It’s still a good day, we are on our way.  Iraq put out the 50,000 dinar notes, and the lower denomination notes are at the bank waiting to be distributed.  They are still telling them how the RV process will work, every day, so that as many as possible know when it does get started.

301 caller:  I know you said that the elderly have to worry about exchanging currency.  My father is retired;  will this affect him and his monthly income?

Tony:  I don’t know if it will affect a retirement pension, it’s more those who have medical or government programs (that are means-tested).

Caller:  I’m not going for the contract rate.  What difference will it make if I go to a bank rather an exchange center.

Tony:  I don’t think there will be a lot of difference; nothing beats a failure but a try. The exchangers are going to be doing the market rate, and the banks will as well, probably.  So it’s just a question of where you feel safe and security. The exchangers will give you the rate upfront;  then you go to your bank appointment and see which is better.  IN the past there was a great opportunity at exchange centers, but then they removed some of the exchange centers and reserve programs.

Caller:  Have the average citizens been paid in Iraq?

Tony:  Some of them have been paid at the old rate and some at the new rate.  They have not been paid this month at all so far, and it’s already the 11th.

973 caller:  I’ve been waiting a while to get on the call.  Back on May 21st, Susan Swanson posted with checklists, etc., and one of those things was to write ‘all rights reserved” when you sign the NDA or contract.  Is that still a good idea?

Tony:  Whoever posted that on TNT doesn’t represent TNT.  I’m not familiar with what she actually posted, but you can always call a local attorney and get some free advice for 15 minutes to find out what that means on a contract.  I don’t know myself.

Caller:  Is the zim still in the basket?  And are there exchange locations in NJ?

Tony:  Yes, the zim is in the first basket.  I don’t have a list of exchange locations.  If you have a base nearby [or a town of over 100,000], there will probably be an exchange location near you.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  So we all can go, and Tony, too!

410 caller:  I would think this would be the perfect day because they don’t have the people in the bank.  Are they understanding this in Iraq?

Tony:  I think they are getting educated;  I’m not sure it matters to them that it’s Veteran’s Day and the banks are closed over here.  This is a global currency event, so there are banks open around the world apart from ours.  I got a call this morning that they are all mad at the banks because it didn’t happen today.  I heard the three-letter agencies cleared it all again last night, and nobody knows where the real problem is.  Everyone thought it would be today.  In Iraq, everything has been done, but our sources are saying it probably wont’ happen until Sunday.  Everyone is in position, ready to go, and some don’t think they will make it until Sunday.  The IMF meetings went great yesterday and everyone said last night, “Let’s go, let’s get this done.”  But here we are, and we don’t know what happened.

Caller:  I’m very grateful.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

404 caller:  When you say everyone thought it would be over with early today, how likely is it that it might be triggered today?

Tony:  It’s very likely because we don’t know why it didn’t happen.  This could happen at any moment – they could be trying to make it happen right now, because I don’t know what made it stop.  I know the goal yesterday was to release it last night.  It was supposed to go early morning.

Caller:  Sistani made it clear earlier that he wants this to be done.

Tony:  We see his messages that people should not use the laws as an excuse not to do this – get it done and then argue about who is gaining or losing power.  He has the power of the people behind him and nobody’s trying to stretch it out.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  So we all can go, and Tony, too!

Tony:  Five years ago, we said that it would be total chaos and confusion at the end because they don’t want people to know the exact day or hour.  Everyone in the system is saying “let’s do this!”  They put out the 50,000 notes today, and some say that articles said that those notes will be put out in 2016… but here they are, and part of what we said would happen. That’s a good thing and you all should be really happy today.

707 caller:  Regarding DC, many say they miss his being here, and I share that.  You are such a great host on this call but DC…

Tony:  DC will be here when he can come back here.  He is doing what he needs to be doing.  He is very private, and he will be here when he can, and not otherwise.

775 caller:  A long time ago, you said something about the process the banks go through when they accept our dinar.  They make an income at different stages, not just the fees when we exchange.  Could you go over how that works?

Tony:  You give your money to the bank and now you want to know how much the bank is making off of that?  You don’t care how much you make, you want to know how much they make?  Banks make money off of your money:  overnights (making money every single night), and off your deposits (fractional banking at a ratio of 1:8;  that is, you put in 10K and they loan out 80K, out of thin air). That’s how they make their profits.

Caller:  I thought there was another little kickback when the currency gets back into government hands.  I’m looking for some leverage here.

Tony:  You want them to give you their percentage, too?  We are not going to get their money because they are in business.  They do have the option to give you some of the contract rates and/or not charge you fees.  But you have to be the negotiator there.  They will negotiate with you.  Your rate and everything you will be offered will be based on how you present yourself during the exchange process.  Dress and behave in a professional manner.  If you look like you have no clue what you’re doing, that’s how they will treat you.  If you have done your research and know that there is an opportunity, and talk to them about what rates and interest rates you believe you should receive, and knowing that they will make money off your money… You have to be willing to negotiate and not be intimidated, because they will treat you the way you present yourself.

Caller:  I know there is a lot of talk about the 3.8% ‘ObamaCare’ tax, but that is a ‘lesser’ amount – you are taxed your net income tax OR the 3.8%, whichever is less.

559 caller:  I’m blessed!  I was going through some notes, and I know some of these things no longer apply, but you said something about negotiating during the second appointment.  However, there was some discussion of a flat tax – is that still happening?  Also, do we need to specify the correct three-letter codes, or just take in the currency and ask them for the best rates?

Tony:  During the exchange, if you can get a higher rate during the beginning, go for it.  They could have rearranged all that.  Most of the people doing the exchanges now will actually BE wealth managers, so that will be easier.  Re: taxes, I heard a RUMOR is that there may be a 15% flat tax.  However, ‘prepare for the worst, hope for the best’.

Caller:  We calculated everything on a high rate, low rate, flat tax… all possibilities.  Do we have to specify the letters like IQN?  Do we need a sweep account?  Do we need to specify that no one has access apart from the wealth manager?

Tony:  You are just trying to confuse everyone now.  IQD and IQN show different rates, according to my banking sources.  Remember to say “I’m here for an exchange”;  that’s really important.  As far as the accounts go, I was told by someone in the UST to put my dinar in a separate account because it will be tracked and taxed differently.  That falls under the category “better safe than sorry”.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  So we all can go and meet Tony there.  Hopefully this is our last call.

773 caller:  I read a chat post saying the CBI was to respond to statements about the monetary policy.  Did they say anything about that?

Tony:  There are always discussions about that, so I’m not concerned.

Caller:  I heard that Iraq had met with the IMF and signed a memorandum of understanding.  What relevance does that have to the RV/GCR?

Tony:  The IMF is one of the agencies that has to sign off for this to happen, and it will potentially hold the responsibility if this goes wrong.  The IMF wants to make sure everything is in place and if anything occurs afterwards, even if the leadership changes, they can come back and take control.  For 200 years, and what is normal business for Iraq looks like corruption to us;  the IMF wants to make sure that everything agreed on stays in place, not letting the Finance Minister walk off with ‘his’ money.  A lot of things had to be put in law and the IMF wants to make sure it remains that way.  Iraq is trying to work all this out and make sure it  gets done;  the IMF is more concerned about the next guy who comes along, to make sure the law rules and not the individual.  This is the more important because the foundation for the GCR is the Iraqi dinar, so they need to make sure it stays stable for the next 200 years.  If Iraq collapses and everyone is using dinar as a reserve, what happens to those reserves

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’ve got used to talking to you every week!

Tony:  We can have a conference call with Pam and Ray!

TexasGranny:  I called you five years ago when I went into Chase and Pam connected me to the call so I could talk to you.  That was the first time Chase acknowledged that there was an IQD and there would be an exchange. That was five years ago!  I’m tired of waiting for a good ‘Black Friday’!  I am waiting, Tony!  Everything has been said, and all we are doing is waiting.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

410 caller:  I’m super-fantastic as well.  I know you haven’t been saying the rates for a while; on the final call, can you tell us the contract rates, so we have a baseline?

Tony:  That depends on who I get the call from and what they ask me to do.  If I don’t get the call, I’ll tell you everything I know.  However, if they call, I will do what I can to make it smooth for everyone.  There isn’t a set contract rate;  it’s more what they will offer you IF you meet their criteria.  They may offer you a little more and spread out the contract rate. That would be based on what you have.   So if you have above X amount, it more worth the bank’s while to offer you a higher rate.  If you only have 100K dinar, they will only have 300-400 thousand dollars, and you will probably not be offered the contract rate.  If you have millions of dinar, or can combine it with dong, rupiah and zim, then they may offer you more.  I’m not sure;  I’m hearing two different versions.  There is a contract rate, and I know of people who have negotiated 25-100 cents more on the rate.  So sharpen up your negotiation skills.

Caller:  I quality for the contract rate and I have a number in my mind.

Tony:  If you have never negotiated before, you shoot for the stars and land on the moon.

Caller:  Let’s say I’m DC, and I’m going to ask you:  is there any question you might ask at this point?  What would that question be?

Tony:  I think I’ve told you everything already.  You’ve already asked all the important stuff.  It’s all out there, on the table, and we just have to wait for it to happen.

Caller: What one thing should we be doing right now?

Tony:  Get ready.  Have your plan.  Go through your numbers so that you have a definite plan, and when they give you a number, you know what you want to do.  You need to know what the other banks and dealers are offering, and then negotiate for higher rates, better terms, whatever you want in an offer.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

954 caller:  We have heard of three possible procedures – have they narrowed that down?  Will there be one 800 number for all banks, one for each bank, or shotgun?

Tony:  I don’t think there will be one 800 number because the banks are in competition.  I hope there will be an 800 number for each bank.  If they go for the shotgun approach, it will be chaos because everyone will be calling all of the banks.  We think it makes sense for them to at least give me and other gurus an 800 number so you can choose a bank.

Pam:  Thanks to you, tony, for your service, and to DC for his continuing service. My dad was in Pearl Harbor on a tanker, and my husband was in Viet Nam.  You guys deserve all good things.

RayRen:  Thanks to all veterans;  it’s your day. All gave some, some gave all.

Tony:  The day is not over, and anything could happen.  Only a couple more days left in the week.  We probably won’t have a call on Friday because it’s in the middle of my flight time.  We might do one earlier or later.  Thanks to all our veterans, so please enjoy your day.  Anything could happen today, tomorrow, Friday, and if so we will definitely do a call and get this party started.  Enjoy the rest of your day;  we are just waiting for someone to make that announcement and tell us that we can go.


TNT Call notes 9-November-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, November 9, 2015.  I really didn’t want to do this call today, and started not wanting to do it on Friday!  It’s a great day.  A lot of things are happening and everyone should be positive.  We could have a couple more hours to do this or a couple more days.

This is what happened over the weekend:  it’s been confirmed all over the place.  Once again they passed out the lower denominations.  On Saturday they went to the main banks in each region and on Sunday they went to all the banks in all regions. Every day, they explained to the Iraqi people how this process is going to work;  also in the mosques, they explained and said that this is ‘imminent’. Yesterday and today people were looking for a scheduled global announcement.  Today there is a group or meeting where they are going over that announcement, making sure it’s worded correctly and explaining everything that his happening in the global economy.

Banks are excited, or were over the weekend. They were given a new date and time to start looking for this – not the exact time, just a start time.  That is part of this week.  According to our sources, some in Iraq have been informed how much currency they should have in their pockets. They were informed what procedures they should take, as foreigners, and also when they think this should be all over.  These are those who only a week or two ago thought this wasn’t happening until 2016 or 2017, and now they are being told this week will change their lives.  Everything we are hearing say that this is a life-changing week for us.  I am spreading that out across the whole week… just be ready from any moment after I hang up this phone.

Their bank people are just like ours – they call their customers, family members, friends.  They think they know the day and the start time, and they are letting people they know.  Speeches have been written on both sides, and they are being careful to explain all sides of the situation.  Iraqi citizens and foreigners have been informed of procedures, which are different for each group.  I’m glad to be here, although I’d rather be at the bank!  But let’s do what we do…

636 caller: Anything specific we should be looking for, other than your text?

Tony:  I don’t know another way to send it out to you apart from a text. You can go to other sites if you want.  We will put it out on our other tntsuperfantastic sites, as soon as I determine they want me to do something.

503 caller:  Everything sounds awesome!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  If you do not have a question, hit *2 to put your hand down.  I’ll give everyone a moment to do that and then refresh. Okay, everyone with their hand up now has a question, right?

313 caller:  When the dinar goes live, will it show up on the CBI website?  I’ve been watching that every day for the last six months.

Tony:  I think it will.  I think they will want the world to know…

Caller:  The banks are going to call you when this goes live?  How long will that take?

Tony:  I don’t know what the final decision is:  no call, 15-minute call, ten days of calls.  If they want us to help, we will help make this as smooth as possible for you guys. I know people in the banks who will call me, and whatever they tell me, I will respond to that. I will get a call from Iraq before then.  We’ll see what they want us to do.

404 caller: When you talk about those speeches, will they be low-key or high visibility?

Tony:  They will be low-key. They are not going to stop the presses or anything.  They are expecting an announcement in Iraq, and in the rest of the world it will be in financial circles only.  It will just be a statement about changes going on, the new banking system, etc.  I don’t have it yet.

Caller:  In the past, we have been briefed that we would doing this AFTER the Iraqis, and then at the same time.

Tony: I think WE internet people will be doing it at the same time as the Iraqi people, and everyone else will be doing it a few days later.

Caller:  Basani was making it clear that it wants this to be done now.  How long do people have to make it clear that they want this done now?

Tony:  I am not Muslim or Iraqi, so I can’t answer that question.  It is important that the Iraqi people know that their top religious leader is behind them because if things go sideways, they want to know that he is behind this wanting to get this done.  They are politicians and they understand that.

Caller:  I heard that they are doing the first reading of the Budget tomorrow.  Can they do all three readings in one day and pass the Budget?

Tony:  I don’t know.  I don’t care about the 2016 Budget;  we are still in 2015, and the Budget still has the same low rates in there.  That never made any difference to me.  They can make it 35 dollars and this is still happening.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  so Tony can go and we can celebrate!

Tony:  I’m going to Vegas anyway this weekend so that I can go to the Big Smoke.  It’s Monday and I still haven’t had my shirts made.  Any of you guys that make those TNT shirts, I wear a 3x and will happily pay you for it.

409 caller:  Several years ago when I decided to purchase my dinar, my father bought it for me, so the receipt has his name on it.  Does he need to give me a gift letter, or is the receipt sufficient for my taxes?

Tony:  Better safe than sorry – have him write out a gift letter for you.

Caller:  When you have a gift letter, does that change the tax bracket as for short or long-term investments?

Tony:  When you were given the gift, it wasn’t worth much.  When you exchange it, you’re on your own.  The point is to receive the gift when it’s worth less than $14,000.

Caller:  I will talk to a professional.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And Texas!

Fave attorney:  We were hearing talk about Abadi, that some people aren’t happy with him?  What do your sources say on that?

Tony:  My sources say that whomever they put in office, someone won’t like him.  So I’m pretty sure there is some truth in that.  I think that there is a little bit of that, with some saying he is no different from Maliki, with people protesting in the streets.  They are now telling the Iraqi people that everything promised is about to happen.  They went through all the reforms, telling people the details of what they mean, and I don’t think there is any concern of Abadi being removed from office.  I think this week all doubt will be removed, he will be loved by his country and Abadi will go down as the first leader of Iraq who benefited his country rather than himself.

Caller:  Procedures or taxes?

Tony:  I haven’t heard anything new.  We will have to wait and see.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

281 caller:  One of my friends has contacts who talk to him about this thing coming, and they say before the 15th.  What do you think?

Tony:  Great – that’s a good number to give him.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Another 281 caller:  As for Vegas, is this going to be in December or is this too close to find a venue?

Tony:  Every year so far, we have run into problems arranging something at this time of the year.  I like Vegas, although we could move it outside Vegas… Reno, maybe, but Reno is cold.  We started with 8,400 people, and if everyone is rich and the numbers go to 16,000, we will need a stadium!  The banks should want to help so that you can learn things before you spend your money, so I’m trying to set this up as fast as possible.  All the other locations like North Carolina and Atlanta, we shouldn’t have a problem.

Caller:  Wherever you have it, we will all come.

Tony: The smaller venues will be one day, and Vegas will be four days so that more people can get to the classes and speakers, and so that the banks can offer what they want to you.  I also want to introduce all the mods from the last five years, so you can meet Pam, Ray and all the rest, and also so that you can meet each other after talking for years on the phone.

Caller:  I met your brother for the first time this weekend at the Houston class.  That will help us prepare for this when it happens.  [Appreciation]  I will follow you anywhere just so that I can get some additional information.

352 caller:  I appreciate it that you are courteous to those who are rude to you, to those who seem to challenge you.  Do you have a date in mind – how long before you call it quits?

Tony:  The day I go to the bank and exchange my currency, that’s the day I call it quits.  We are here to go through it – there is no ‘quits’.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

610 caller:  Good morning from the West Coast!  Are the people protesting in Iraq?

Tony:  They have been protesting but are not right now. There were 2-3 million in the streets, and that is why they made announcements in the mosques and on television, and why they told them the lower denominations have been moved. They are being public about what they are doing to keep people from rising in the streets.  They know they are at the point of ‘enough is enough’.

Caller:  They also need to sit down together with a few cigars, sign it and get it done!  Happy Veterans Day to all our vets… [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! so we all can go and listen to the banks and meet each other.  Raleigh, Raleigh, Raleigh!

301 caller:  When we call the 800 numbers will they tell me where the nearest bank will have a Delarue machine?

Tony:  I don’t know – I don’t think so.  I don’t think they will know where all the machines are located. They will tell you where to go and your appointment time.  Then when you hang up, call that location and see if they have a Delarue machine.

Caller:  Maybe I’ll just hop on a plane to Reno – you said they will have one.

Tony:  Nothing beats a failure but a try.  I wouldn’t go all the way to Reno just for a machine.  We have to have some confidence and trust.  The banks want us to exchange.  You have to know how much currency you have. The last thing the banks want is for people to come back to the internet and tell people how the bank ripped you off in your exchange. They will do everything they can to make this as smooth as possible.

Caller:  How can I get a text from you on my cell phone?

Tony:  I do send out tweets but I don’t know how… Pam does.  Do you have twitter?

Caller:  Maybe Pam could fix me up?

Tony:  Nine times out of ten, Pam is at home doing nothing.  [NOT!]  I will give her your number and ask her to help you out with that.  You’re not in the chat room at all?  Okay.

602 caller:  Going back to DC, he always deferred to you on in-depth knowledge of the dong.  If you are 100% sure our dinar is coming out, are you also comfortable that the dong will come out at the same time?

Tony:  I’m as comfortable as I can get. They are shown on the screens together, the banks have been trained to exchange them together, so yes.

909 caller:  I was reading an article on a dinar blog and it said that China will lead the way on this exchange. They said China will exchange dinar, dong and zim, through HSBC, DeutscheBank and the Bank of China… what do you say?

Tony:  Are you suggesting the big four in the US will not exchange?  I think he is trying to say that CHINA will be using the dong to build up the value of their currency, just as we are suing the dinar to support the countries involved in the Iraqi conflict.  Under Basel III, China can use dong to enhance their currency, so that is being exchanged through their system, so yes.

Caller:  But in the past you said that China is offering a contract rate on dong?

Tony:  Yes, and dinar as well.  The banks here will exchange dinar and dong, but the article is probably saying that China is the foundation bank for dealing with the dong.

650 caller:  You spoke of the lower denominations being distributed, and there are reports that they are actually being circulated in Kurdistan – any reports on that?

Tony:  All I know as of this morning is that they are at the banks.  T hey are supposed to be distributed today, but I haven’t heard that as yet.  They are still scheduled for this week.  I haven’t asked any of my contacts if they have them in their hands;  they work at the bank so they probably have seen them.

Caller: You’ve said this week is an important week as a window.  Do you see any specific indicators?

Tony:  What I’ve already told you – banks have been notified, memos sent out, and meetings are being held to prepare announcements on both sides. That makes me think it’s happening this week.

561 caller:  Has Baghdad been paid?

Tony:  People who can make these decisions made sure that I knew that we would get paid when the average Iraqi citizens get paid.  That’s how it was explained to me.

Caller:  So we are waiting for them to be paid?  And the lower denominations?

Tony:  When the lower denominations are released, that’s them being paid.

832 caller:  I have two quick questions.  Did the  Chinese become a reserve currency in the SDR?

Tony: They moved that to the 30. November, so we are still waiting on that.  I don’t think they will wait another five years, it’s just a matter of the meeting and being announced.

Caller:  When will Iran be listed for doing open business with the world?

Tony: They will start when there is an announcement of a formal agreement in place.  It will be global news.  We are not waiting on that;  it is not the holdup.

Caller:  [Appreciation] from me and all my family.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

252 caller:  My uncle passed last week, and one of his children found a box with all his dinar.  How can we exchange that?  Will we have to show his death certificate?  Is that considered a gift or what?  What is your suggestion?

Tony:  Because of your circumstances, without knowing if she is the only child or what his will says.  I would find out who is in charge of his estate, see if there is a will and how he left his estate, and see if other family members are involved.

Caller:  Can you give RayRen my number?  [can’t hear]  I went to Wells Fargo and asked about exchanging;  the young man asked what I wanted to exchange.  I showed him my dinar, and he said, “It’s real”.  I asked about the rate, and he didn’t see it on the screen so he took it to the manager.  She then looked on her computer, but hesitated, and just then the supervisor came by.  They came back and gave the usual story about not having anything to do with the dinar.  But I thought it interesting that the young man said “it’s real”.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Pam:  We will attempt to put the Twitter/tweet instructions on the site, where everyone can see it.  We put the transcripts up after every call, and the link for Tony Robbins’ book.  You can register for the tweets without having a twitter account. Sometimes you have to register several time.

Also I want to read something sent to me this morning:  “Life is like a dance, and we’re partners.  Setbacks, delays, and detours? They’re like steps in the mambo, tango, and cha-cha. If you dissected the movements and saw them without the rest of the dance, everyone would look to be in great pain.  But when you see the big picture… poetry in motion.  In life, setbacks, delays, and detours are often just my way of “keeping” you for something way better.  Don’t let them discourage you, don’t see them out of context, and whatever you do, don’t stop dancing.”

Ray:  It is magnificent Monday, awaiting information as it unfolds.

Tony:  All the information is very positive.  Every step gets us closer to the finish line.  Statements are being prepared, people being notified, information on Iraqi television and in the mosques they have told them to get ready. The banks were given a date and time over the weekend for this to start.  All our information says ‘this is the time’.  I always say “you have to get through it to get to it” and we are through it according to my information.  We should have one more call together if they want us to do something.  If not, we might have a few more calls to help you get through this. It is on the way!  Enjoy the rest of your day…


TNT Conference Call 6 Nov 2015 Verbatim by Zebragirl

T:  Okay.  Goooooood morning, TNT!  Here we go again and again and again and again.  But we are here, that’s the good thing.  We know it cannot last forever, that’s the great thing, so, and we hope that it’s over with.  So, I gotta do a couple things before we get started.  One is there is a celebrity, is what they tell me, in our chat room who may be messin’ up our call right now, so if that’s the case, tell her she gotta go ‘cause we got more important things to do.  All right.  Love her to death….

Pam:  And you better explain that!

T:  Nope.  I love her to death, but it’s okay.  Well, everybody in the chat room knows who I’m talkin’ about, so anyway.

Pam:  And nobody else does, but it’s a good thing.

T:  Yep.  It’s, it’s all right.  Okay, guys, I, I got good info to tell you guys, but I gotta start it off with this.  We’ve been puttin’ off payin’ for this thing, and I’ve been tellin’ you guys, and I’ve put it off ‘til today, and unfortunately it’s not here.  I was hopin’ every day it was over.  Every day Pam tells me, “You gotta pay the bill, gotta pay the bill.”  I’d be like, “Nope, tomorrow’s it, tomorrow’s it, tomorrow’s it!”  And we’re at tomorrow, so I’m gonna let it go until whatever happens happens, but if we’re not here Monday then you guys know why.  If we’re here on Tuesday, then you guys know why, and that’s all I need to say about it, I think, ‘cause we’re gonna go from there.  But if we’re not for any reason–and that would just be a reason–you guys know what we’ve told you, explained to you, and hopefully you have a plan you can work with.  If we are, we’ll definitely pass on the latest greatest and whatever it is they want us to pass on to you.  And I’m gonna go into that today just in case.  All right, so I wanted to get that out the way.

Now, everything is still good.  Everybody is still on go.  Everybody was on go yesterday, last night, and confused this morning, and I’m just telling you that.  It’s nobody’s…fault.  And I don’t even know how I said that with a straight face, but anyway, it is, I mean it’s really not.  I mean, it’s somebody’s, but understand nobody’s doing anything intentionally.  I guess that’s how I should’ve said it.  I’ll tell you, the latest thing that I got was there is a, well, kinda sounds like Wednesday, tell you the truth, but I’m gonna read it to you guys just so you know.  It says, I don’t even know if I read it to Pam…let’s see.  “There’s a meeting underway, should be short.  Apparently the blocked pipe has been discovered.  Will let you know when I know more.”  Which is pretty good, it’s a pretty good source, gives out good information.  Been right about quite a few things lately.  There, the meetings that we were on the call Wednesday at the conclusion of the meetings, everybody was happy, excited.  There was a, a go time, and I’ll tell you guys it, it was from the meeting was up until eight o’clock Eastern this morning.  I don’t know if I should’ve said that or not.  I mean it really doesn’t matter, it’s past eight o’clock, so nobody shouldn’t be mad.  It, it just didn’t happen at eight o’clock this morning or the time frame for this morning.  Doesn’t mean it can’t.  Doesn’t mean they didn’t immediately say, “Okay, we didn’t make that, but let’s do this and this,” because my understanding is they did, so.  We’ll just have to wait and see, but, and we’ve gotten it from every country, and this is what I usually do now.  I get things from four different countries–excuse me–all saying either what their local banks have said or what their government has said, ‘cause we’re gettin’ it from both governments and banks, and that this is the latest plan that they have been made aware of.  So I’m not gonna hype you up for the weekend, goin’ into this or that.  I’m gonna tell you that the windows I was given before, they’re sayin’, “Hey, man, don’t worry about that.  Day or night, don’t worry about that, they’re, they’re tryin’ to get this thing done.”  So they do have times that they do like to do it on Friday, and they do have times they like to do it on Saturday and Sunday, but I’m told don’t worry about the times, it’s all tryin’ to be done.  Done, done, done.

The rates are still at the bank.  They’re unchanged.  They still say “pending.”  I know some bank people have actually tried to do transactions; it wouldn’t let ‘em do it.  I know wealth managers called some people into their office yesterday thinking they were going to be able to exchange them.  Told them to bring in all their currencies, set up their appointments, and that’s in three different states.  Nobody got their transactions through.  But for some reason, or they were doing that for a reason is what I should say.  And they’re definitely doin’ that for a reason because everything was pointin’ to this being done yesterday or no later than eight o’clock this morning.  I will tell you that the bank memo…that I was made aware of said, told them to be ready to exchange the public on Thursday at eight o’clock in the morning.  Yesterday morning at eight o’clock, that’s what the memo told them.  Again, we know it didn’t happen, but it’s okay!  It lets us know they are trying.  They are trying, they are planning on it, and they are exposing it to their people every time they do something like this, and they seem to think this is the time, and it, it’s actually gonna go!  So all that is good news to me.  I don’t know about you guys.  The bad news is it hasn’t happened yet.  The great news and superfantastic news is they are definitely trying to get it to happen right now.  They are definitely being told it’s about to happen right now.  They are definitely wanting it to happen, just like we are, right now.  So that’s the positive that, that I take from it.

It is at the highest of levels.  It’s not any low-level thing being done, and it is people trying to be, my understanding anyway…over, well, let me see, let me say this the right way.  They are concerned with, with making a mistake by doing it at the wrong time, so they are…I want to say kind of skittish, you know?  “I know it looks right, it might not be right, but if it’s wrong, man do we got a mess on our hands.”  Or, “If it’s wrong, who’s gonna take the blame?  If it doesn’t come out like, exactly like we said it does, who are they gonna point at?”  And I understand that!  ‘Cause this is a life-changing, globe-changing financial event that will change people’s lives forever, some for the good and some possibly for the bad.  So I’m not mad at them not wantin’ to be a hundred percent sure, because they want to be a thousand percent sure before they do this, and I understand it!  It’s something that, actually if you guys knew the entire history of it, it’s not eleven years in the making but is absolutely almost fifty-four years in the making, and nobody wants to be the one to accept the blame for messing that up, and I understand it.  And that is really the big problem at the moment, I think.  My understanding, anyway, but I could be totally wrong.  Or I could be totally, totally, absolutely right.

So with that, not much else has changed.  The procedures are still there.  Everybody’s still ready.  The rates are still the same.  There’s still people gettin’ mad at me for telling you guys the rates, which I really don’t understand that part.  If that’s the rate, it’s gonna be the rate!  So, I mean what’s the issue with that?  And we haven’t gotten any updated procedures yet, so there we are.  All right, you guys ready?  Did I forget anything?  Ray?  Pam?

Ray:  Sounds good to me!

T:  All right.  615?

C:  Mr. Tony and Team, I want to thank you, since this may be the last chance to thank you for just the excellent, what you’ve been doing to help hold us in the game here.  And just wanted to share with you, I like you am desperately trying to get people to think past when am I gonna get my money and how much am I gonna get.  And I know, you know, you’ve talked about the, have your ten things ready.  My personal burden has been trying to get people to think about how they’re going to give, because there are ways to give without burdening people.  And I wanted to give a, just a quick example, sixty-second example of what I’m gonna do, for instance.  I’m married and I have a daughter who’s married to a serviceman in the Air Force.  We just had our first grandbaby and I wanted to give them as much as I can without hurting them.  And we’ve all talked about the $14,000 exemption that any, any one person can give someone $14,000 in a year and there’s no taxes, no tax burden, and no paperwork that has to be filled out.  What people don’t think about is I can give my daughter $14,000, my wife can give my daughter $14,000.  I can give my son-in-law $14,000, my wife can do the same thing, and the same thing for my grandbaby, and so you’d give a total of $86,000 to my family tax free, no paperwork, and no tax burden on them.  So I wanted to share that so people think about that.  And like Pam said, you can go to Dr. Google and type in “what’s new estate and gift tax” and you can find all the stuff on, you know, the IRS actually does a good job of telling you what to give.

The only other thing I wanted to add in there, too, is what people may not realize is that medical expenses and college tuition is 100% tax free.  You can go give, pay a million dollars on somebody’s medical expenses and there’s no tax burden at all.  The only catch is you have to pay it directly to the hospital.  You can’t give the person the money to go pay their tuition or medical expenses.  You have to write the check directly to the, the place of, and, so anyway, I just wanted to get people to really think about their giving campaign, because that’s to me what most of this is all about, how we’re going to help our fellow humans.

T:  Okay.  Well, I want to thank you for that, and I want people to know everybody should, in fact, look into that themselves so it satisfies them.  And the other thing you have to be concerned with when giving people money is how does this affect their financial situation if they are receiving government assistance or they’re on some special program or if they’re in a retirement community or house ‘cause sometimes that amount in their bank account can knock them out of that opportunity, can move them further down the line, or if they’re in a, a home, can be taken out of their bank account and given directly to that home for supporting them.  So there’s a lot of things to look into…

C:  Right.

T:  …when you’re giving out that money to make sure it doesn’t hurt them more than it helps them.  But…

C:  Yeah, I….

T:  …another way to do it and again look at is what you said is pay their light bill, pay this bill, I mean, just pay something that they owe, anything that’ll lighten that burden for ‘em, I’m sure they would be thankful for, okay?

C:  Yeah.  Just want people to think about, exactly, the things like you mentioned, too.  Start planning now and, because of, I guess the reason to really start planning now is we’re gonna have to pay, and if we exchange in the next week or two or this weekend or today or whatever, we will have to pay a quarterly estimated taxes on January 15th.  Oh, and that’s another thing.  Like colleges and religious institutions that are 501(c)(3)s, you could automatically start planning to give to those now so on January 15th you don’t, you can take that into account for the amount of taxes you owe.  But I just, I’m not sure people are really thinking about, I know they want to help people, but I don’t think they really thought about how they can help people, and they ought to be doing that instead of focusing on when am I gonna get it and how much.

T:  Right.  So, it’s (inaudible)….

C:  Thank you again.  And Vegas….

T:  All right, thank you, sir.

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

T:  All right, thank you.  All right.  Okay, 707, good morning.

C:  Good morning, Tony.

T:  Hey.

C:  Appreciate you being here, and I’m, I’m sending you a donation today.  I hope it’ll help.

T:  All right, thank you, sir!

C:  My question to you is regarding a situation I’m in.  It’s not real serious, but if you were me, what would you do?  I have a friend who is out of state, she’s in a state where there are no Wells Fargos, and she has an account there at Wells Fargo, so she has given me Power of Attorney to go and do her exchange, and I’m satisfied with that.  What would you do in calling the 800 number or whatever to get the appointment, get, get my appointment and her appointment as close together as possible?  Because it looks like I’m gonna have to drive a ways to get to the appointment, so I want to get ‘em either together or close together so that I can kill two birds with one stone.

T:  Okay.

C:  What would you do?

T:  My understanding before, when we were gonna do the 800 numbers and it was just gonna be one system, which I’m not sure it is anymore, but you needed to call back for each individual appointment is what they were trying to set up.  So based on that individual, based on how much they had, based on their Zip Code.  So I’m gonna tell you, I think that is the way they would prefer to do it, and they have people calling.  But I’m also gonna tell you nothin’ beats a failure but a try, okay?  And I’m on the phone, I’m explaining it to that person and saying, “I need to get both of these now, and this is the situation.”  So that’s what I would do.  And if he said, “Sir, I’m sorry, you have to call back,” then I’d hang up the phone and call back!  Nothin’ I could do!

C:  Well, that’s what I’m planning on.  Thank you for the confirmation.  That’s, that’s exactly what I’m figuring on doing.  And I love the, the mantra that nothing beats a failure like a try.

T:  That’s right!

C:  I’m made that a part of my life!

T:  Okay.  Thank you, sir!

C:  Thanks a million, Tony.

T:  All right.  Vegas?

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, yes.

T:  Yeah, I, I’m still wantin’ to go to Vegas.  I don’t know about you guys, but we gotta keep sayin’ it so they can get it in their mind, “All right, let ‘em go to Vegas.”  So, all right, thanks!  All right.  Okay.  All right, 615.  Good morning.

C:  Tony?

T:  Yes, ma’am!

C:  Hi!  I, I have one simple question I wanted to ask you.

T:  Okay.

C:  Some of us don’t live near a, a bank, one of the big banks, one of the four big ones, and so I’m wondering, will there be a way for us to find out where the exchange centers are in this area or even one exchange center?

T:  Well, I’m pretty sure once the numbers are out and you call the numbers, you give ‘em your Zip Code, they’re gonna give you the closest location you can go to from there.

C:  For an exchange center.  Great.

T:  Yeah.

C:  That’s wonderful.  Okay, great.  Thank you so much.

T:  All right, thank you!  Vegas?

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T:  All right, thank you.  All right.  That’s our thing, Vegas.  Let’s go to Vegas.  813, good morning.

C:  Good morning, Tony.  Thanks for taking my call.  There’s been some mention of exchange locations.  For example, in San Diego I’ve heard that someone was told there would only be (unintelligible), and there was some other mention of locations in Tennessee and Kentucky, and I was just wondering if you knew of any locations that were in central Florida or specifically in Tampa?

T:  I don’t have all the locations down.  I’m sure there’s plenty of locations in Florida.  I knew about exchanges taking place in Florida two years ago, so I, I know there’s plenty of ‘em there.  So as a matter of fact, there was probably Texas, California, New Jersey, Florida, ‘cause of all the military bases, Atlanta, were the biggest regions with exchanges.  So I don’t think you’ll have a worry.

C:  Okay.  ‘Cause I did hear about one in Miami, but that’s kind of far from Tampa, so I was just wondering.  Okay, great.

T:  Okay, do I go to 404 from here?

C:  Sorry?

T:  Do I go to 404 from here?

C:  It’s about, it’s about a four-hour drive I think.

T:  Oh, no, I meant the phone number, 404, ‘cause you sound like 404.

C:  Oh, no, no.

T:  Oh.  Okay.  All right, Vegas?

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

T:  Thank you.  All right.  She did sound like her to me, but.  All right, 410, good morning.

C:  Hello!

T:  Hi!

C:  This is very good, and I really, really appreciated that first person talking, again, to people about let’s get, give forward.  ‘Cause I, this morning I was in, listening to the radio, and there was a woman who had set up a foundation because she heard about these kids that were going to school.  They had, their families were not really families that were making much money or they’re living with grandmas and they’re struggling just on their pensions to feed the, these young kids, and talking about kids that they’re preschool and early school.  And they, at school, will give them a breakfast and a lunch and an apple or something in the afternoon but, and on the weekends, and especially three-day weekends, they leave that place not knowing if they’re gonna have any food.  And this woman started a nonprofit, and she has been able to help those kids get meals, and she makes them into backpacks.  And she got the donations of the backpacks and she got the donations from the food suppliers, and man, this is something that, like you say, go out and do things that will support something like that you can see in your own community.  And it just….

T:  Absolutely.

C:  And that’s the thing.  And I’m so glad he reminded everybody of that because we do start to think of ourselves after a time because we’re like, oh really, again?!  And, and then we really have to rethink.  They have to face those things every day, those kids.  And, and we can do things like that.  And there’s other people that deserve that, and a kid always deserves something.  They didn’t put themselves in that position.  They are just there in that position.  So, any case, there’s, I’m sure there’s more things like that everybody can get involved with and, but I do want to emphasize how everybody on this call must feel, like this is just about done and that we have appreciated every piece of information you’ve ever given us for helping us stay with it and helping us think about those things and making this really impactful.  My only question, really, is are we gonna still be counting ten days out and then we do this, our, our TNT project.

T:  Day of giving?  Yes.  I like that.

C:  Okay.  There was a day of giving.  Cool, okay.

T:  Day of giving.  Yep.  Ten days from the RV date, let’s see it everywhere.  It’s gonna be our day of giving, TNT Superfantastic.  People should get tips out of this world, I mean they deserve it.  People should get help, assistance.  It should be a day that we all know, even if the world doesn’t recognize it, we all know.

C:  Oh, we’ll feel it.

T:  If we will have a site to communicate, yeah, that, that we’ve done one little small thing to make a change in, in our country or the world during that day, and we did it together, just like we went through this together, I think would be a great thing.  Now, I, you guys know I have a passion for kids, and not just ‘cause of my own, but I even had that before I had kids because they’re just so innocent and loving and giving.  But to help a child, even what she’s talkin’ about, that, that breakfast, lunch that, on those off days, that backpack, those are memories that children will have forever, ‘cause they’re small and they’re innocent and there’s good things.  But it also gives them the direction for their live, gives them something early enough in life to realize, “I want to be like that guy, I want to be like that woman, I want to be able to do this for people when I grow up,” just by following your example.  And that will just happen!  I’m just telling you, I, I’ve seen it over and over again.  I know from my own daughter’s wishes and plans that she had, and I will tell you guys this just because you brought it up, again, but.  All this Kiesha’s Kids and everything else, a parent, after my daughter passed away, came and told me and my wife about a time when my daughter was ridin’ in their car and they were goin’ to play and one of her dreams was to build a house for kids to come to.  She had never told me, never told my wife, never even discussed it with us, but she had shared that dream with them that that’s what she was gonna do when she grew up.  Now, a lot of this came from that, and Kiesha’s Kids came from that, but it was because of the things she saw as a kid that, that put that in her mind already.  So you feedin’ those kids breakfast, handin’ them those backpacks, doin’ the things that we do for kids and, you know, at Christmastime and beyond, those things resonate with them for a long, long time, okay, and those are good things.  But thank you, I appreciate it.

C:  Thank you.

T:  All right, Vegas?

C:  Oh, and Vegas!  Yay!

T:  There we go.  All right!  Thank you!  Okay.  All right, so will the real 404 please stand up.  This you?

C:  The real 404 is actually sitting down, and I would like to remain sitting down if I may.  But if you want me to stand up, I can do so.

T:  Okay, wait.  No, but can I go and drop your husband, ‘cause I saw him down here somewhere.

C:  Yes, you may.

T:  Okay.  All right.  Let’s go.  I’ll find, I’ll….

C:  And I’ll fix him dinner as a result.

T:  Okay.  All right, what’s goin’ on?

C:  Couple of questions for you.  And thank you for, for taking my call.  The, the, on Wednesday you had alerted us that the process was getting underway at 12:20 a.m., and based on your comments today, is it safe to say that that’s the same process that concluded at 8 a.m. when it, they were thinking that it was going to RV but didn’t?  Is that one in the same, that it was over a two-day process?

T:  Okay.  So…yeah, it, the thing started at 12:20, the meeting went through, everybody was happy again.  They had a, a window of time they were supposed to complete it, and yes that window was over at 8 a.m. this morning.  It did not happen.

C:  All right.

T:  So, does the process continue?  Yes.  Have they already designated a, a new time since they didn’t meet that?  Yes.

C:  Okay.  And it’s a process that, is it a safe presumption that it did not go back to the beginning.  It’s fine, we are all here…

T:  Yeah.

C:  …and we’re in a holding pattern treading water until things materialize?

T:  Yep.  Did not have to start all over.

C:  Okay.  Okay.  And based on the information that, that you have shared and perhaps information that you can’t share because of it’s sensitivity, nonetheless, how likely do you think it will be that we will actually be on a call like this on Monday?

T:  I, I don’t think it, it is, I mean based on what I know.  That’s not the plan.  Things, early next week, we could or couldn’t be talking but I, I just want to tell you guys this, all right?  So, without being, and it’s not harsh at all, so I don’t need to even worry about that.  Several times in the last two weeks, three weeks, they have absolutely planned for this to go, several times.  Got people geared up, sent memos out, said, “This is the time, this is the next window.”  I don’t know why the windows are there, I really don’t, if we gotta have another meeting to talk about it, ‘cause that just means that window doesn’t mean anything ‘cause somethin’ always comes up in the meeting.  You guys are in business, go to meetings.  Something new always comes up.  “Okay, well we’ll wait.  Wait.”  I know you gotta have somethin’ on there.  So while I’m looking at this and sayin’ it’s great, based on all the information that we’re receiving, based on, you know, where we’re at as far as training, banks, gettin’ people geared up, and the only problem is every time it doesn’t happen, nobody knows why it didn’t happen.  I prefer to have a reason, myself.  Long as there’s a reason, okay, we can deal with that.  Then let’s get this fixed, let’s get that, something, but when you get so many people saying, “I don’t know.  I don’t know!  I mean, they brought us all in here, so we’re here!  They put us all on alert!  I mean, they, they told us don’t go on vacation, don’t leave further than, you know, a hour from your house or thirty minutes from your house or make sure somebody knows where you’re at, and we don’t know why we didn’t do anything?”  And that’s just kind of realistic, and, and we go through that all the time, more so in the last two weeks than ever.  More so, you know, I got people talkin’ to me after the call sayin’, “Man, you were really excited today!  You’re,” like, because what I was told was really exciting today, you know?  ‘Cause I know at the level of people, they’re sayin’, “Oh no, man, this time, I mean we’ve got to go!”  And we’re still sittin’ here.  So I don’t even want to give you guys an illusion.

Everybody’s really super, super happy.  And I’m telling you I’ve been, like I said, putting off paying for the call.  They called me and I’m sayin’, “Hey, just give us ‘til this or give us ‘til that, so don’t worry about it ‘cause you know, we’re gonna be done,” because that’s what I believe!  I can tell you that this thing could go in the next…four or five hours…three hours, two hours, or the next two or three days.  I can tell you that there are honest-to-good people who believe that this isn’t gonna happen until next Tuesday, Monday or Tuesday because that’s what they were told.  And there are other people who have said, “Man, I just walked out the room, and this is the plan,” you know?  So, and I can go with both of ‘em!  And I say, “You know what?  Okay, I can live ‘til Tuesday if I have to.”  I prefer to be done today like everybody else, but if I have to, if that’s the window that I have to look at.  But I know none of them are making it up, and I have to go out there and figure it when I’m gettin’ it from this country, that country, and that country.  I know all of them, like I always say, has a thread of truth in it or, or a piece of the puzzle, and I just have to see where it actually fits in and which one makes the most, most sense!  ‘Cause there’s still people right now today who are trying to give us erroneous information.  I know that.  I know sometimes they call me and say, “Well, this agency wanted me to tell you this,” or “this guy said this or that.”  And I said, you know, and we’ve known for a long time.  This is probably not, I mean this isn’t being too, but that’s their job.  Okay, I’m gonna say that, I’m gonna put it that way.  That’s what their job, that’s what they’ve been asked to do, and sometimes they believe it, sometimes they don’t.  But that’s what we have to go through.  Right now today I’m feeling superfantastic, I’m feeling this thing could be at any moment, and that’s what I’m goin’ with.  It could be at any moment.  It could take ‘til Tuesday but, the guys who got that, and they were banking people, so I’m gonna say if they’re right, okay, I can live ‘til Tuesday.  But if happens any moment before then?  I’m happy.  And the other people are telling me, “I bet it never makes it ‘til Tuesday.”  They said that it won’t even make it ‘til Monday, but we’ll see!  Okay?

C:  And do we, do we know what was said in the….

T:  Now you got all (inaudible).

C:  Do we know what was said in the mosque this morning at all?  Have you gotten that information?

T:  I have not…

C:  Yet.

T:  …gotten that information yet.  And usually, guys, Friday morning is hard because it is Friday over there, and we don’t get stuff direct from them until like three in the afternoon Eastern, just so you know.  That’s usually when we start gettin’ what happened.  Unless I get it, you know, first thing in the morning, which lately we haven’t been gettin’ it, we’ve been gettin’ it in the afternoon.  Okay?

C:  Okay.  Okay.  Well, I appreciate all of the added information here, and with that I’ll close out with Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so Tony can go and the rest of the team, and we can go for a major celebration.  And again, thank you ever so much.  Appreciate it so much.

T:  Thank you!

C:  May today be the day.  Thanks.

T:  Okay.  Yes, may today be the day!  559, good morning.

C:  Good morning, Tony!

T:  Hey.  I want you to know somethin’ before we get started.  And that is Pam has not sent me one text message yet, so I must be doin’ okay.  All right, go ahead.

C:  Well, you’re doing great, and Pam is right on cue, so she’s doing wonderful, too.  So, wanted to say hi to Ray and the mods, too.  I appreciate it and thank you all, and we’re just super, superfantastic here.  You know, we’re on top and can’t be stopped, and that’s what we’re waitin’ for.  So…

T:  Yep.

C:  …and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’ll say that up front, too.  And by the way, my husband and I will be sending you something as well.  So we want to help you to help everybody else keep this thing goin’.  Though, if you’d hurry up, Tony!

T:  All right!

C:  I’ve chewed my fingernails down to my knuckles now!

T:  Woooo!

C:  Waitin’ for, waitin’ for that tweet here.  Every time the phone makes some noise, we jump!  Anyway…

T:  Okay!

C:  …I just wanted to let you know.  But I, you pretty much answered all my questions just now with 404 and the fact that people have been hinting or alluding to the fact that we have to start all over again if things don’t happen soon.  So I appreciate you saying we’re still waiting and we don’t have to start from scratch again, so I wanted to thank you for that.  But I will say that, just to thank everybody, and one other thing.  With helping people on our ten days?  I’m also going to get those little money cards for grocery shopping and for places like Walmart, Target and wherever, Kohls, wherever they want, to give people, put ‘em in a little envelope from TNT and Superfantastic.  And if I see people on the streets or ladies with their children especially, this time of year their money, even being on food stamps or fixed incomes, whatever, they need that little extra for their little food products and stuff this time of year and also to help them with their children, with their extra clothing, or possibly their little Christmas gifts.  And just to have that extra in their stockings this year would be a way to do it.  And I just wanted to pass that along because, again, they don’t have to show that money at all.  It’s on a card, they can use it up, and have that extra.  So however much they want to put on it, like that gentleman said, the $14,000.  I know that giving to specific people, like you said, in nursing homes or on their fixed incomes or their Sections 8’s, if they get extra money that could get them in trouble.  But if you put it on a card where they can spend it and not show it, that’s a way to do it, too.  So I just wanted to pass that along, ‘cause not everybody can get to the restaurants just to give to a specific person, but they can give more by spreading it out as well.  So I just wanted to pass that along, too, and say thank you, thank you, thank you, and we’re waitin’ on Vegas, and, and Ray for St. Thomas, so.

T:  Okay.

C:  And I promise I won’t wear a bikini!

T:  Okay!  Well, I want to tell you something that…I absolutely, absolutely love your idea about the cards.  I think it’s the greatest thing, especially in low-income areas or, you know, so, or people don’t have to walk around with cash in their pockets and worrying about somebody really taking it from ‘em.  And if you take a card and you get those little card envelopes and you put, you know, “TNT Superfantastic” or whatever you want to put on ‘em as, as you give ‘em out, your, your own little message, I, I just think that’s great.  And I think it’s great instead of giving somebody a, a hundred dollars to go buy Christmas toys, you give ‘em a, a Walmart card or a Toys ‘R Us card or a credit card where you’ve already spent the money and they can go in there and do that for they, those kids.  Or, I mean they have different meal cards, you know, go to restaurants and eat and, “Here, take your family out to dinner on me.”  ‘Cause a lot of kids have never been out to dinner.  They never been a restaurant, anything, ‘cause mommy don’t have that kinda money, daddy don’t have that kinda money, we eat what we eat.  But that’s a treat, that’s a life experience for them, and you can do that on a card.  So I, I love your idea, absolutely love it, thank you for sharing it with us.  Somebody just texted me, so don’t a thousand people text me, but somebody just texted me, had a great idea.  You can stand down at the unemployment and hand out cards like that to people who you know need ‘em ‘cause that’s why they’re there.  It’s a great place if you just want to go help a few people or you want to keep it goin’.  I live in Sacramento, and we used to have a guy every year at Christmas–I don’t know if he still does or not ‘cause everybody was tryin’ to figure out who he was–but he used to go down to the homeless shelters and just hand out hundred dollars, hundred dollars to people, and, you know, and they got, they’re waitin’ for that every year, and everybody tryin’ to figure out who he was.  But they complained about that was puttin’ him in a dangerous situation ‘cause he was handing out cash, and now a bunch of homeless people knew that some homeless people were walking around with hundred dollars in their pockets, so I could understand that.  But doing this type of thing, going to those places and handing out cards, is probably safer for them and you get the same result, and you don’t have to worry about the money being used to buy alcohol, drugs, or anything else ‘cause they’re gonna have to go to that store to use that card or something else, where at least you’ve gone at least one step further.  So I think that’s a great idea, okay?  Thank you!

C:  Thank you, Tony.  And Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T:  Vegas.  Okay!  All right, here we go with 313, good morning!

C:  Hi, Tony!

T:  Hi, how are you?

C:  I’m, I’m well!  How are you?

T:  I’m superfantastic.

C:  I don’t have any questions.  I just want to say that everybody is still saying that there are laws that need to be passed before the RV can happen, and they’re saying that the Amnesty Law hasn’t passed.  And, what do you think about that?

T:  Well, I think the Amnesty Law has been passed.  I think the Guard Law has, the National Guard Law has been passed.  Amnesty, Amnesty maybe not, I’ll check on that, but I thought it did.  I think all the banking laws have been passed that need to be done.  I think Iraq has done everything they needed to do, and they have been very transparent about it.  They’ve been praised about it, and I think they’re ready to go!  So I, I think they’ve publicly announced to their people real easy that they’re about to see these changes any day, about the value is about to change, and I don’t think they can just keep saying that over and over and over again publicly and not make it happen or not expect something else to happen when it doesn’t!  Okay?

C:  So you’re not sure about amnesty?

T:  I’m not sure about amnesty law because I know for a fact they were arresting a whole lot of people yesterday.  We got that, they arrested some Ministers, some other people that were under Iraq’s parliament, so…I’m, I’m not sure.  I know there were some people on the list, and my guy over there said, oh he said they were running like rats in the dark, I think was, is the way he put it, somethin’ like that, because they were arresting so many of ‘em yesterday.  But I don’t think that’s stoppin’ it, I, I don’t.  I think the, the banks laws, the government and everything else, what needed to be done was done, and I think people are just concerned, and they’re really concerned about once they release this money, do they still have the same authority or power that they do right at the moment.  That, that’s their greatest concern.  Will they lose their influence over the situation, and have they done enough or assured that the right people there are, are enough so it doesn’t matter.  That’s what I think the biggest concern is.

C:  Okay!

T:  Okay?

C:  Thanks very much, Tony!

T:  All right.  Vegas?

C:  And, if we’re still here on Monday, can you let us know if amnesty was passed?

T:  Oh, yeah, I’ll ask him today, over the weekend, just to see exactly where it is.  But every other law, I’m pretty, I know National Guard passed.  I know all the banking laws already passed.  We already got all that information.  I was thinking amnesty did, but that’s the only one I have to check on, okay?

C:  Okay.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T:  Thank you!  Have a great weekend!

C:  You, too.

T:  Okay.  702, good morning.

C:  Good morning, Tony.

T:  Good morning, how are you?

C:  Good.  Tony, do you know the rate on the dong?  Is it over a dollar?

T:  It’s…it is on the screens right now, yes, it’s over a dollar.

C:  It’s over a dollar?  Okay.  And Tony, some of the questions that you ask, or you, you say that you want to tell us but you can’t, do you think if you really did tell us that that would really stop the RV?

T:  Well, what questions are you talking about?

C:  Just some of ‘em.  You’ll, you’ll say like, “Well, no I better not go there ‘cause, you know, they probably won’t like it.”

T:  Okay.

C:  You know, you say some (inaudible)….

T:  That has nothin’ to do with the question.  I, I’ll tell you guys this, and, and I don’t mind sayin’ it and everybody.  You know, people call me and they say, “Look, you know, we’re at a certain position in this thing, and you need to be sensitive to certain issues.”  And I say okay, I can do that!  And I can do that, and that, that’s for us.  I’m not doin’ it for me.  Guys, I’m not doin’ any of this for me, believe me, ‘cause I’m gonna get paid regardless, and I’ve known that for years.  I’ve bought currency like everybody else, so all the rest of this is…well, let me tell you, ‘cause I’m gonna tell you.  Man, Pam will have a, Pam, I’m gonna tell this conversation real quick.  Sorry.  She might say, “Tony, you wasn’t supposed to say that, ‘cause he gonna know who he is.”  But anyway.  He, well let me think.  I shouldn’t have said that part.  See, those are the kind of things I know you’re talkin’ about, but there are other people who are sensitive to some of the things that we say, and I understand it, and it doesn’t necessarily affect me.  You know, I was blamed three, four years ago, three, four months ago.  Every time it didn’t happen it’s because something Tony said on the call.  They stopped it ‘cause Tony said this or Tony said that, which, you know, I always used to say, “Now who does that make sense to?”  They’re gonna stop a whole global event because somethin’ Tony said.

C:  Right.

T:  Now, okay.  Well, I will tell you there are some very important people who got very upset ‘bout some things Tony said!  And I understand that, but did it really stop the RV?  And that’s your question.  And even right now we’re at a sensitive point.  But my, my thing was this.  Everything we try to do here, so everybody understands it, is to try to help you guys get the most you can get out of this.  ‘Cause we’re all gonna get something, but we try to help you get the most.  We try to help you understand the process that it’s going through.  We try and under, help you understand what’s on the table for you and why it’s there for you, and then we try to help you understand after all this is over, the calls are stopped, the, you’re not dialing in and you’re not on the internet anymore, what you should be doin’ with your future.  That’s our purpose in being here and trying to help as much as we can.  I can’t control our government, our banking system, international agencies, and they’re all listening.  Now, the issue is sometimes when I do, they, well, they feel that I can cause you to get very emotional, which is true, and we all know that, they feel, so we don’t need to do that at this time, ‘cause then that’s just another fire somebody gotta put out, another complaint.  And I’m just bein’ straight up with you guys so you understand what, where we’re at.  I can say something sometimes that may affect a decision being made in another country ‘cause they didn’t know this or didn’t know that, and we know that has gone on and that’s part of the negotiation, and that’s why other countries give me other information, that’s why I get information from here.  Sometimes the purpose is to do that, and that’s their business!  But I know they’re givin’ each other things they want to be said or, or not be said, and we have to understand that.  We’re just a byproduct.  So when they say, “Can you do this and do that,” I gotta think about does that help you?  Does that help the people that I’m here for?  And if it helps us get to the end faster, I’m glad to do it.  If it helps you understand more, then I’m glad to do it.  If it helps us insure that we’re gonna be treated fairly like was agreed, then I’m glad to do it!  But I still have to be sensitive about what I say and do, and today is one of those days.  Okay?

C:  Cool.  All right, one more quick thing, Tony, I appreciate that, Tony.  One more quick thing.  My, my name’s Dominic, I live in Vegas, and we, we all definitely want to meet you, and we always say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so that, you know, we could all meet.  I got a question for you, Tony.  If, I don’t know why you couldn’t meet us anyway because if you had a big birthday and you would’ve invited two thousand friends, the NDA can’t stop you from doin’ that.

T:  Well, I agree with you!  Now, I still gotta read it and see what it says, but I agree they, they can’t shut me off from talkin’ to the world.  I mean, they can say, “Don’t talk about this subject,” and I can agree.  But to say, “Hey, you can’t ever talk to a group of a hundred or, or forty thousand people,” I, I don’t see that myself, and I don’t think that’s what it’s gonna be about.  It’s gonna be about the subject matter and really explaining how this process really happened, certain things that happened during the process that I’m aware of, and, and certain people.  I think that’s gonna be the real restriction.  And besides that, and I’ve told you guys before, I fully understand their concern with how I could influence you guys, especially after this is over with.  How, you know, I’m not even goin’ through it ‘cause I don’t want them to be concerned.  I’m just gonna say influence you guys, so I understand that part.  All right?

C:  Okay.  Thanks a lot, Tony.  And Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T:  All right, thanks.

C:  All right, man.

T:  All right, thanks.  I didn’t want to get in too in depth right there, so.  Anyway, 406, good morning.

C:  Hello, Tony.

T:  Hey, how are you?

C:  Oh, I’m about as good as I can be.  I first off wanted to thank Pam for playing the Texas song.  But maybe she could play it at the beginning and at the end so that we’d get a double dose of it.

T:  So misery loves company, huh?  That’s what they say.  Misery loves company.  Okay.

C:  I wanted to tell you a quick story.  Years ago when I was not financially well off–I’m still not, but I wasn’t, I was a lot less then–the Catholic Charities gave me a $500 card, Master type card prepaid, and that helped me make it through a two-month period until I found another job.  You know I’ll be giving them a bunch of cards to give out when this happens.

T:  Great idea.  I mean, great idea.

C:  And the only other question I have is…(unintelligible) get this done, how soon do you think we can get this done?

T:  I mean, it could happen soon as I hang up the phone if they wanted it to.  I mean, because everybody’s in the position to do it, so.  That’s how soon it could happen.  Now, when it will happen, I don’t know!

C:  Well, let’s just hope for the best.  I also wanted to say one other thing.  That Catholic Charities I was talking about was in Las Vegas, and I lived like thirty years in Las Vegas, and I know it’s a great city.  And those people that knock it haven’t seen the other side of it.  All they’ve ever seen is the gambling on the strip.

T:  You know, I was gettin’ ready to say they actually have Catholics in Las Vegas?  I mean they live there?  Okay!  Okay.

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T:  All right, thank you, sir.  All right.  All right, 352, good morning.

C:  Good morning, Tony.  Hey….

T:  Hey, how are you?

C:  You know, we keep hearing about how happy everybody is that this thing’s gonna go through, gonna go through, but you know darn well there’s somebody out there that is, doesn’t want this to go through and will fight to the end.  And I just wondered, did you ever give any consideration to the fact that it could be the, the Illuminati or the cabals that are holdin’ this thing up?  ‘Cause they’re more powerful, sinister, dangerous, and manipulative than the IMF or the Treasury or the, the CBI is ever gonna be.

T:  Well, let me tell you what I gave some thought to.  I gave some thought to gettin’ on the call with 30,000 people that reaches 300,000 people in 24 hours, that reaches over 3,000,000 people in 72 hours, and talking about the Illuminati and the cabal in a negative light.  I gave that some thought.

C:  So you give, you do give it a consideration that it could exist.

T:  I gave it some consideration that I got more sense than to get on this call and talk about it.  How ‘bout that?  So!  With that, you got another question?

C:  No, I don’t have a question, I just have a thought about the first guy that made comments that we oughta give.  And I thought the first person we oughta give to is you, because every, every time you mention that you need money, it seemingly indicates that we didn’t give you much in the last time you asked for it.  So I just thought….

T:  Well you know what?  Let, let me explain that, ‘cause I, I’m glad you brought it up, ‘cause I, I was tellin’ Pam that this morning, “Hey, if it don’t happen it don’t happen,” ‘cause everybody got (inaudible), that we think this is over with every call.  And she said, “Well, Tony, it’s because you keep sayin’ you think it’s over with at every call, because you don’t want to ask for it because you think it’s over!”  So I’d be like, “Oh, that’s all right.  It’ll be done, it’ll be done.”  So it didn’t happen, and that is how I felt, or I wouldn’t, I was like, “I don’t even care, I mean, it’s gonna be open,” and I said that.  “I’ll just pay it and pay whatever else is owed on it.”  But, and I still feel like this could be over any minute, so I don’t want you guys to think I don’t.  It’s just it’s been so close and timing, and I told you guys before we’ve been up to ten minutes of this thing happening and it didn’t.  I just drug it out as far as I can drag it out, that’s all!  So, I mean, that’s the only reason, and I wanted it to be over!  I didn’t want anybody to send me nothin’ else!  Let’s just be done and go on with life.  So I understand why even when we said it the last couple times we didn’t get enough ‘cause enough people felt the same way.  So I’m not mad about it, it just is what it is!

C:  Well I hope we can, I hope we give you our consideration and send you some money this time.

T:  All right, we’ll see what happens.

C:  But thanks again, Tony.  Okay, bye.

T:  All right, thank you, sir.  Vegas?  No Vegas?

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T:  All right, there we go.  All right, 770, good morning.

C:  Hey, Tony.

T:  770?  Hey, how are you?

C:  Fair to middlin’, I guess.

T:  Fair to middlin’.  Man, I haven’t heard that in a long time!

C:  Here’s a quick question.

T:  Okay.

C:  It was supposed to go, it was sometime this morning, you said like eight o’clock.

T:  Well, not right at eight o’clock, but eight o’clock was like the cutoff if it didn’t go, it, it wasn’t gonna go this morning, so.

C:  Uh-huh.  So they always, they always have a, another time after that?

T:  They always have a time.  I don’t always give you guys a time, I don’t give you guys the hour because if I gave you what I got and it didn’t happen they’ll say, “That’s ‘cause Tony put it out.”  And I’ve gone through that God knows how many times already.  When we used to say be ready for this, be ready after this hour, and, “Well, we were gonna do it but he put it on a call.”  Somebody will call somebody and call me and it’s all Tony’s fault.  So okay, so I don’t do that.  They call and say, you know, “Why is he givin’ out the rates on the call, and they don’t need to know the rates.”  I’m like, well, why are, okay, anyway, I was gonna say somethin’ else.  Anyway, I mean, far as giving you…

C:  Yeah, I heard that.

T:  …the rates, it doesn’t make any difference.  No, I was gonna say somethin’ totally different, but anyway.  So I’m sayin’, well, here’s my thing, and I’m sayin’ this for everybody ‘cause everybody knows, and, and this isn’t being insensitive, it’s the honest-to-God truth.  So when they tell me, “Hey, man, you got eleven, you know, federal agencies listening to your call,” I’m sayin’ okay, I know, ‘cause they call me, okay?  “You got 44 countries listening to your call.”  I know, because they call me, they send me email, they send me all that, but everybody else knows that too!  I mean, everybody knows that!  So, what, whatever we’re doin’ is, is very public, very aware, and they gotta know all the information that Iraq is puttin’ out to their people, we’re getting it, we’re puttin’ it out to you, same thing.  Everything that the banks has given me, everything that governments are giving me from the different countries and the banks from different countries, so this is the one spot right here where everything comes out at.  So there, there’s nothing really hidden unless they say–and I’m tellin’ you guys, honestly, too–‘cause when they say, “Hey, you cannot say this on the call, but I’m tellin’ you just so you understand.”  Which I need to understand some things or I don’t believe them.  And I can’t say that on a call!  I mean, I just can’t say it!  But I can still convey to you the best I can how I feel about this, and everybody has to know it.  And they all know I’m gettin’ this information from somewhere, I’m not dreaming it up.  It’s on the boards, it’s in the meeting rooms, the memos have been, come out, it all can be verified, so….

C:  Well, I mean it can’t, nobody can, can hold, you know, Tony accountable for it not going, I mean, you know, that’s crazy.  But, you know, my, my question….

T:  Oh, believe me, there’s plenty of people that do!  But go ahead.

C:  Well, I mean, those are fidiots.

T:  Yeah.  But go ahead.

C:  But my, my question, and it always, poundin’ me from one week to the next, is there’s always a reason, you know, ten minutes before it was supposed to go, and then they put it off for several more days.  And then they have to have another meeting about that.  And, you know, my question is how many meetings can you possibly have over, you know, an eight-month period?

T:  Okay.  Here’s the thing, guys, and I understand that.  For the whole time we’ve been here, there’s been a time to go, a time to go do the exchange, it’s gettin’ ready to happen, and I mean in the first couple years we knew that, and for you guys who haven’t been here, I got the phone calls.  People explained to me, “Hey, we said that ‘cause we were tryin’ to catch some bad guys comin’ across the border, we were tryin’ to do this, we were doin’ that, and we know they listen to you.  We were tryin’ to catch some people doin’ something in the electronic system, and that’s why we gave out that time and, and we caught ‘em.”  I mean, I got those phone calls, and I’m like okay, but let’s just do what we doin’!  Okay.  So then we go and they get ready to go and they stop it and it’s, you know, within a day, within two days.  But we used to get reasons.  “Well, ‘cause now they need this done, now they need that done.  Now, you know, Iraq is arguing about this, and it was supposed to be done by this time.  They didn’t get it done, so now we have to move it, now somethin’ else.”  We’re not getting that.  We’re not getting that in the last two weeks.  We’re getting, “Everything is done, laws are done, banking system is done, cards are issued, amounts have been loaded on cards.”  Everything we get is another step towards finalization until we’re just ready to go.  And now the latest reason of why it didn’t happen is because it’s…paralysis by analysis.  And, and that’s just it!  It’s just analyze, analyze, analyze, and nobody wants to be the one to, to, to move and take all the blame if it’s wrong!  And something has to happen in there to get that final piece where somebody says, “All right, guys, let’s just go, and if anything else comes up, we’ll just fix it along the way, or we’ll just have to go make a correction, or we’ll just have to, you know, do what we have to do after that point.”  And nobody has made that decision yet.  It’s just, “Is there anything else can we do to make sure that we’re one hundred or one thousand or one thousand percent right here?”

C:  But this has….

T:  So it has come a long, long way, and could that go on forever?  Yeah.  I don’t know where it’s gonna end.  I don’t know when somebody’s gonna say, “All right, enough is enough and, and you know, I’ll take the blame.  Let’s just go.  Let’s just get this over with.”  Or, “I won’t take the blame where there’s no blame to be taken, let’s just get it done!”  I can’t tell you when that’s gonna happen.  All I can tell you is everybody’s geared up to give it another shot and when it gets there if everybody’s still good, then it’s goin’!  ‘Cause there’s nothin’ else to do!  ‘Kay?

C:  Well, yeah well, my, my only thing, Tony, was this.  You know, for as many times, as many people they, that have already gone, you know the system works, you know that the process works, there’s no such thing as perfection because it’s all driven by man, and man’s not perfect.  So to say that, you know, well nobody wants to be accountable if you’re goin’ wrong, but then that means anything you’ve done already is probably wrong.

T:  Okay!  But it’s not about the system.  You’re right.  The system works!  They’ve done it over and over and over again.  They paid out people last Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  They didn’t pay anybody yesterday, we know that, or the day before.  It’s not a system issue.  It’s a after-I-transfer-this-power issue.  Do I believe in them a thousand percent that they’re gonna do what’s right?  Do I have all of the capabilities afterwards to change things should I need to, to protect that should I need to, or to take back control should I need to, if I don’t have a thousand percent confidence that once they get this they’re not gonna turn left instead of right.  You understand?

C:  Yeah!  Yeah!  But my question is…

T:  Okay.

C:  …if, if, if you’re, if you’re doing wrong, how can you ask someone else not to do wrong if you don’t even know what’s going to happen ‘til you do it!  You’ll never know until you get it done.

T:  Well…

C:  Then you’ll know what you’ll have to do.

T:  …I agree, but….That, that’s what we’re waitin’ on, so.  They gotta have the confidence to do that and say, “I can handle it before and I can handle it after.  I’ve done all I need to do to make sure.  If there’s something else afterwards, we’re still in a position to do it.”  And I think as soon as they feel that comfortable, we’re gonna see an RV.  All right?

C:  All righty!

T:  Vegas?  Vegas, Vegas?

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so Tony and everybody can go.

T:  All right, thank you, sir.  Okay, Pam, you wanted to say somethin’?

Pam:  I do!  I do, thank you.  I know that we can, we can beat this horse all day long about why it hasn’t happened, when it’s going to happen.  The truth is, we don’t know.  But what we can focus on is what we need to do.  Moving forward, what do we need to do?  What can we do?  Because we can’t do anything about that.  One of the things we can do is remember that you guys got into this because somebody out of the blue said, “Spend a hundred bucks, spend fifty dollars, spend a thousand dollars, whatever, this is gonna be awesome  Trust me, trust me, trust me,” and you did!  But if you do that again when you’re a gazillionaire and some wealth manager says, “This high-risk investment is going to be awesome, trust me, you’ve gotta throw some money there,” that’s where you guys need to start thinking, and that’s one of the things that we’re most concerned about is that there are a lot of people out there–we call ‘em charm, charming scoundrels or scallawags–that’ll take advantage of you.  Wealth managers make money for somebody else, so be careful who’s actually working for you and thinking about you and taking care of you, because it’s usually just you.  That’s it.  Ray?

T:  Ray had to leave, but you obviously did not hear this morning where the part was to be sensitive!  So you obviously did not hear that part!

Pam:  They didn’t say anything about pickin’ on wealth managers!

T:  Oh, my God!  Okay.  All right!  Okay, guys!  Everything Pam said.  The, the real thing is this is here.  It is here, it’s gonna happen.  We’re still part of the greatest opportunity in the history of the financial world, I guarantee you that, and sooner or later it absolutely has to end.  There’s been too many people already paid, too many people been promised, too many people–and I mean governments around the world, banking systems around the world–who are waiting for this, eager for this to happen, for it to be dragged on and on and on.  There are people publicly, and publicly I mean amongst themselves and on these meetings, all saying, “Go, go, go!  Yeah, we’re ready, let’s do this,” that are making themselves look bad every time this doesn’t happen, for their own reasons, or whatever they are.  So I, I’m still positive about it.  I’m still positive about the process.  I’m still happy that we’re here, we’re gettin’ the information.  Like the guy used to say, don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do.  And that’s what we’ve been doing.  We’ve been hearing ‘em, but we’ve been watching ‘em a lot harder and seein’ where we’re really at, what’s really going on, how close are they really to doing this, and that’s what I think you guys gotta do.  Know that every time we go through this, and again, there’s nothing in Iraq, no news articles coming out where their government is fighting each other, fighting for laws, where Parliament is fighting, anything they gotta change.  Everything really coming out of there is positive!  They’re leading.  The only negative part is the people are upset that it hasn’t happened yet.  That’s a good thing!  ‘Cause for the last four or five years it’s been the government fighting each other and changing and unwilling to do all the things they have done this year.  All done!  That’s a good thing.  Their people are ready, they are ready.  There’s some other people who are having some issues, and once those are…satisfactory in their mind, we’re gonna see this.  And I think it’s a lot closer than further, it’s ever been.  I like the time frame.  I would’ve loved by eight o’clock this morning, believe me.  I’m still okay with the next window ‘cause it’s not a month off, it’s not a year off, it’s not even weeks off.  It’s here, and we’re just waitin’ to see it happen.  All right?  I’m havin’ a superfantastic day.  I hope you guys do, too.  If anything absolutely outrageous happens or superfantastic happens over the weekend, you’ll get a tweet and if the radio’s still here, we’ll be here.  All right?  All right, guys.  Enjoy the rest of your day and your weekend.  Goodbye.

Pam:  Thanks everybody.


TNT Call notes 4-November-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, November 4, 2015.  I don’t know what happened today but something … they aren’t letting you call in on the webcast until 15 minutes before the call but when I checked it before the call, there were already 20,000 on the line, and 35,000 total on the call.  I don’t know what they are hearing, but there are many more people than usual on the line.  We do have some really good, exciting news.  I do hope this is the very last call, our last week – it is that close.  I haven’t paid the bill, and hopefully don’t have to.  I pray to God that we don’t.

Man, everything is super-super positive –everyone is ready, the rates are on the board, and calls from several countries are seeing the rates and they all say pending. They have a date and time for this to go live, and it IS this week.  There isn’t much time left in this week. There have been meetings with bankers and wealth managers, and have called people in for appointments this week.  They all feel it’s happening this week.  The banks have brought in some people to find out what they need, to get a head start and build their client lists.  There is nothing wrong with that – it’s what we want to see.

My understanding at this point is that unless you have a couple hundred million USD, you will most likely NOT sign the NDA – that limit or higher.  That’s the latest thing I’ve been told, although I haven’t seen it in a document. That’s how they are trying to set it up, with higher rates than we originally thought – double, triple, trying to share the wealth with more people.

In Iraq, Abadi gave two speeches through the mosque, on Sunday and Monday, saying that everything the country has been waiting for, the people are about to see – prior to Eid.  Some people in Iraq expected to see this yesterday and/or today, and expect another update at evening mosque today.  They are supposed to be told exactly where they are with the reforms and when they should be completed.  Everyone is happy, and they fully expected to be paid yesterday or today, and they have been assured everything will be explained to them today in the mosque.

There is currently a meeting going on with several international agencies that started at 12.20am last night and it’s still going on. Once this is concluded, activation date and time will be given. That’s my understanding, anyway.

Supposedly NDAs under ten million US dollars will NOT be required, unless the bank is scared.  It could be 500 million at contract rate that an NDA will be needed.  I’m just giving you the pieces of information coming out of meetings. I’m just telling you in case we don’t end up doing a call.  If we do the call, I’ll explain the details then.  The rates are looking very good and on the screens in different countries.  Six banks in the US have the rates on the screens saying ‘pending’.

I’ll read this part, from Pam (the tyrant):  This keeps popping up and many are concerned.  Will the banks send out the currencies off to be verified or will they be verified on site?  Many are concerned about derivatives, counterfeits, banks taking the currency and the customer not getting credit, etc.”  That’s a text sent to Pam that she sent to me.  Here is the real deal:  years ago, when this was put together, I had bank personnel who had worked at the banks for years saying, “Don’t trust the bank!”  They would not leave their own money at the bank where they worked!  On the other side, people in the banks told us they had been trained, been told what to look for, and also that some personnel would be hostile because they missed the opportunity of a lifetime and might take it out on you.  Nobody can protect you from all of that except for you.  Bank people are human beings like you, and they get emotional. There will be a lot of emotions throughout this process, so be smart about it. It’s the same with the police – many are good, but some are bad.  There are bad people in every industry, and there will be some bad bank people out there, so you can be aware.  Banks will follow their own policies. Exchange centers should check your currency, deposit, and get you out the door.  Other banks will have to follow their regular procedures, and that usually involves counting the currency, sealing it, and sending it off to their regional centers for verification.  If you don’t like their process, you get to walk away.  You get to control that part.  If you don’t like it, leave it.  If you are not happy, go somewhere you are.  Don’t be forced to do something you don’t want to do. The power is in your hands about what you agree to. Ask how it is going to go, and agree to do that, or not.  When I buy a car, I don’t’ want to talk to a number of people and I want to get to the end.  If you are concerned about verification, ask how they do that and find out how much will be deposited in your account.  If you’re not satisfied, leave.  Keep it simple.

In the exchange centers, they have known about this for a while and it should be smooth.  The only possible problems might be in the smaller regional banks.  Then some of these issues might come up.

They expected you all would be in the banks today, actually, but got held up because of these final meetings.  Hopefully we will get that date/time this is being released.

615 caller:  I’m a first-time caller.  My father was a lawyer and I used to read his law books so I understand law codes.  I’m trying to understand the tax implications.  I’m not a tax attorney, but I’d like to share my version.  I’m an attorney once removed, I guess!

I’ve heard a lot of discussion about taxes, and some seems close to true but others will get you into trouble.  In IRS Pub 44, it specifically lists foreign currency as a class 2 asset that you buy or sell for gain or loss.  So that usually falls under the taxation for capital gains.  The day you buy it, that cost is the ‘basis’, and after one year, it becomes long-term capital gains.  Until then, it’s considered income, as with all short-term capital gains.  After a year, there are a couple of tax rates:  if you fall in the 15% tax rate, and only exchange up to $200K, then you might pay no taxes.

Tony:  There is a possibility that there is no taxes, but depending on how much you  make in the exchange, there may well be taxes.  We cannot go through the whole tax code on this call.

Caller:  Federal income tax on the highest bracket is39.6%.  On 2013, there came in a net investment tax as well of 3.8%;  also, if you make more than 100K, you have to pay quarterly or you might pay an additional 2% tax.  As you said, though, set aside 50%, or more if your state has state income tax.

951 caller:  Do you really think this will happen before Christmas this year?

Tony:  Well, I’m broke and I need money.  All the requirements have been met, all the fussing and fighting has subsided, all the articles we saw last year… we are seeing none of that in the last few months. Every article has been about building the economy and building for growth and that money has to come from somewhere.  All the fighting has stopped and everyone wants this to go through.  All banks in the US and the world are seeing the same rates and the same timeframes for this to go live.  We used to look only the US banks, but I am hearing from all these other countries.  Hopefully by the end of this meeting this will all be done and finalized. That is what I’m looking at:  the level of the information, where it’s come from and what it is.  So now it’s different.

Caller:  On the last call you said that they were only waiting for one agency to approve this…

Tony:  On Monday, the IMF and one other agency were having a problem but they resolved it.  They are in a meeting right now, and hopefully at the conclusion they will say “this is the time and we’re going to do it.”  The banks have already been briefed on when to start, and they also ask, “How do you know this is the time, for sure?”  They are not sure, this is what they are being told, just like me.  People say that banks that told them they were not going to be involved a year ago, they are now calling to set up client appointments later this week!

Caller:  Okay!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

717 caller:  That was a great tweet and we are all ready for some excitement in our lives!  I was listening to calls from a year ago because I wanted to hear that great belly laugh from you and DC.  That was very contagious.  In the documentary Laughology, they say you can add eight years to your life through laughing!  Is 404 around?

Tony:  I’m just not sure of the taxes because they are still trying to do some special thing and there might be zero taxes, 15% or 50%.  I just don’t know.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

423 caller:  Have you heard from Okie?

Tony:  I talked to Okie on Monday and Tuesday.  He is sounding better.  He is as happy as we are;  he has been around for a while.

410 caller:  When they are talking about a date and time this week, does this mean this week?  Or that it might go to Monday?

Tony:  I’m not going to say it can’t, but the date/time I know about it prior to Monday.

Caller:  Under ten million IQD there will probably be no NDA?

Tony:  NO, that is under ten million dollars!  It’s not a currency, it’s a dollar amount. So that is the total, that under ten million USD, it’s at the bank’s discretion.  I heard from one of the banks yesterday that they won’t do any NDAs under five hundred million.

Caller:  Okay!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

727 caller:  Do you know an exchange center in or around Santa Rosa, California?

Tony:  Do they even have banks in Santa Rosa?

Caller:  I was at a large branch of Wells Fargo where they have a wealth manager.  I purchased some of my currency there.  When I spoke to the WM, he said this would never happen, you would have to go to other countries, and so on.  He said that most people get mad when he says this, and he has a conversation with his father-in-law every w eek on this topic.  He said he gets his information from Paul Christopher, the WF chief foreign exchange strategist.

Tony:  Either he just exposed how far WF doesn’t trust him with this information, or he’s one of the biggest liars in the world.  Two of the top exchange locations in the country will be in Reno and San Francisco, and both belong to Wells Fargo.

Caller:  So when I make my call, I’ll drive to San Francisco… and I’ll stop at that branch and show him my deposit slip.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

313 caller:  Did you hear the rumor that the dong is supposed to go live today?  I called the bank and it hasn’t hit the bank yet.

Tony:  I did hear that rumor, and I think anything’s possible.  What do you want to say?  Yes, I think that’s right;  I think we’re going to see it?  Yes, I did hear that it got approval to go today, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to go today.  I think it’s much too early for any of that to take place, but it did get approval and that is a good thing.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

404 caller:  You mentioned in your opening remarks that the process got underway at 12.20am today?  Is that correct?  And when it reaches its conclusion, will the RV go automatically, or will it still involve something further?  In the past, you said that there were algorithms that ‘couldn’t be stopped’, and yet…

Tony:  You listened closely and came to a logical conclusion.  My understanding is that after completion, it is FREE to go at some designated time.

Caller:  Is it ‘free to go’ henceforth, within a given timeframe?  Or does the process have to be reactivated?

Tony:  At the end of this meeting, in theory, everyone has agreed it can go.  I don’t know if it will go in five minutes, twelve hours or what.  They do seem to be saying by the end of this week.

Caller: Will this be when the banks are all open, all closed, or is that no longer relevant?

Tony:  They are more concerned about the markets than the banks.  The banks are more concerned about which day than what house.  Today is not a concern.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  May this be our last call!

816 caller:  I can’t usually hold long enough to get on the call!  To clarify something you said, if you have UNDER ten million, there will not be an NDA.  I thought we would not have to sign an NDA is you took the international rates.

Tony:  Nothing was said to me about contract rates.  If you have ten million US dollars or less, it’s up to the bank’s discretion whether you have to sign an NDA.  Before, they said that if you didn’t take contract rates, you wouldn’t have to sign an NDA.  Yesterday I heard from one of the banks that they would not do NDAs for people who exchange for less than five hundred million US dollars.  That from is one bank, at a higher level.  I just don’t know;  we’ll have to see what happens.

Caller:  I don’t plan to say anything, whether I sign an NDA or not – just don’t want to have to worry constantly.  I just want to take the international rate, get out, help people I know are in need and live the rest of my years not having to worry.

Tony:  All this information just gives you plan A and plan B;  if this comes up, this is not the first time you’ll have heard it.  They are considering all this, and I hope we will have all this information up front before you make your call and go to your appointment.  You have time to settle down on the plan you want.

Caller:  If they demand an NDA for over ten million, is that just at one bank?  Can you  split your funds between different banks?

Tony:  I don’t know.  There is no NDA required at street level, regardless of the amount, according to my sources.  One is saying ten million and above with the contract rate will have an NDA;  the other is saying 500 million with the contract rate for the NDA.  We’ll just have to see.  It sure sounds good for this week.

505 caller:  First-time caller… [Appreciation]

Tony:  If you really want to thank me, don’t ask me a year’s worth of questions!

Caller:  I’m from the Bay Area, and now I’m calling you from Mexico where I retired to.  I’m about 6-7 hours from Tucson, where my currency is being held, and I’m in the top 10% of currency holders so I don’t want to cross the border.  I have legal residency in Nevada and will exchange in Reno.  It sounds like there are few days of the higher rates and then will come back down.  I have an off-the-shelf trust read to be mailed to me.  If you were in my situation, traveling between countries, would you exchange without the trust?  With the trust I can avoid the initial taxes.  What are your thoughts?

Tony:  I would have already made my trust and put the currency in the trust.  I would then go to the bank with the trust papers and its EIN and exchange into that account. IN my opinion, you don’t need the trust to be completed – you need a trust, an EIN, and a bank account in the trust’s name – that’s all.  Put the currency in the trust’s name initially so that you can use the trust’s bank account.

Caller:  Ah.  That makes sense.  If you want to go to Vegas, you go and drag the rest of us there.  I can’t handle second-hand smoke, myself, so could you possibly go to a town that really needs the money like New Orleans or some place where we could donate just by our presence there?

Tony:  Anywhere I go, there is going to be second-hand smoke, because I smoke!  If we are looking to help a local economy, we’re not going to put a dent in Las Vegas… or New Orleans, either.  They have people smoking, drinking, partying and gambling in New Orleans as well!  We do intend to go to North Carolina, Georgia, Minnesota and other places.  We limited the smaller venues to 1,500 and got 8,000 in 15 minutes!  But we will have smaller venues for those who don’t care for Las Vegas.

The bank will require documentation that the trust exists before they open the account.  If you have a skeleton trust, with the documents, get your EIN at, then you have all that you require to open the account.  They just need to see that the trust exists, not all the paperwork, as long as you have the EIN to show it’s recognized by the US government.  You don’t have to wait for the RV to do all that, you can do that today!

770 caller:  If the dong has been approved, what does that actually mean?

Tony:  It means the dong can go when the dinar goes and the RV is announced. It cannot go before the RV, but it’s been given full approval to go.

Caller:  Does that mean we are that much closer, out of the woods?

Tony:  If nothing else happens, we are out of this by Monday at the latest.

Now, when I say ‘set up’, I mean that I have the name of my trust and the EIN; t hat doesn’t mean I have set up the entire day-to-day workings or purposes.  I don’t do trusts;  that’s what Ray does.  That’s what I would do, but I haven’t gone to Ray’s trust class. I can only tell you what I understand.  Pam went to his class and she says I need to do X, Y and Z.  I don’t need to do any of that because I have Ray!  I’m just putting that out there publicly, so that you know it’s Ray’s job to deal with trusts.

Next caller:  You said in the mosque that they would make an announcement in the evening mosque;  what time is that?

Tony: It’s over;  we just haven’t received the information yet.  Morning mosque goes from 5am to 10am;  in the evening I don’t think it starts until 6pm.  I don’t know how long it goes in the evening, thought.

Caller:  If this had happened a few years ago, I would have blown it and made terrible mistakes, but now I’m sober and settled. I know what to do and I will be leaving a legacy for 3-4 generations.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Pam says she has something to do…

Pam:  I’m still sober, too.  Tony is not an expert is everything.  He can be wrong;  he doesn’t know everything.  Ask those questions to Dr. ;:Google, who does know everything!  Tony is not giving you legal or financial advice, and I’m not sure Tony even gives good advice!  Talk to professionals who do know what they’re talking about, or talk to Tony’s brother Ray!

Ray:  Okay. Based on what some have heard, it seems like we might see it today, at least with the dong. Be optimistic and enjoy your day.

Tony:  I am very optimistic on the time frames we are hearing.  Everything is being done right now, and banks are telling their managers the date/time when they expect to have lines out the door. That day is really close.  Banks and sources in banks in other countries still have the same or similar rates ‘pending’. There is no negative news, no doom and gloom, nobody stopping it or saying it won’t happen until 2016.  Everyone is just getting ready.  Abadi said that Monday/Tuesday they will see what they have been waiting for… definitely by Eid [which is Monday, 7. November].  They were expecting it yesterday, today and definitely by tomorrow. They are being updated in the mosques about all the reform measures, and I think it will be good news.  I hope and pray this is our last call apart from one telling you to go to the bank. Enjoy the rest of your day, and I look forward to this happening any moment, any hour, any day of this week.


TNT Call notes 2-November-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, November 2, 2015.  Those who don’t really have questions but who have their hands up, just to get on the call, please put your hands down by pressing *2.

I absolutely positively did not want to be here today, but I am, and since I am, I will give you some information and you’ll be glad you are here to day.  Before that, one of our transcribers RE57 had an emergency over the weekend;  I’m sorry for what your father is doing through, but I’m glad you are able to be here today.

Here’s the information Pam was alluding to, and why she is surprised to be here as well.  We really shouldn’t be here.  The reality is that all last week this was supposed to be completed by Saturday night or Sunday morning, but here it is Monday and we are still here.  Today is a super-fantastic day, and everyone is waiting for this to happen any moment.  I got calls from three different countries yesterday all saying “today is our day”, 3-4am this morning should be our time. I got calls from individuals who were told to pass on to me that I probably wouldn’t be doing a call today, or that it would be my last call today.  People from various countries say the rate is on their screens.  Kuwait says his screen shows pending and he thought it would go today.  Other countries have live rates, no pending, but waiting for approval.  I could have told you that on Friday but then you would get all excited.  All the different countries were supposed to go yesterday but it didn’t happen, and I’m hearing it’s for a minor reason.  We’ll see what happens.

Let’s talk about procedures.  I will go as in depth as I can, so pay attention because you will have to make some choices.

Pam, what did I say that went all over the internet?  What CL said in Australia?  I got two calls from other gurus saying that CL announced the GCR in Australia. I said that yes, I did hear that, but it needed to be verified.  If you are going to quote me, please quote me correctly.

I told you there are always options – first, second and third mouse scenarios, and who moved my cheese?  We have options when the rates come out;  they have a plan and we have a plan. My best information is that they want to get us complelely out of the way in nine days.  To do that, they have some options.  One is that they come out with a higher rate than expected to get you all running to the bank… and that makes sense to the majority of people.  Just go get the  money!  They could do that and just see how this works.  They can do it for a few days and then let the bottom fall out and it goes back down to $3.41 or whatever.  Everyone else will surely come in then, because they will be afraid that it will drop down to a dollar.  It could then hit Forex, and go up to double or triple what it’s ever been, and come again.  That is just a scenario, and you have to decide if it’s better to take the $6 to $8, or wait for Forex, and hope you get the timing right to exchange at the crest before it drops again.  This is a scenario that might happen, so that you can plan accordingly.

The rates on the screen right now are still super rates, ten times better than we thought they would be when we got into this.  You cannot lose, and then you go out and make money with your money. I  was just on calls again and everyone is excited although there is a hiccup here or there.  Right now it could go any possible moment. People are in place, screens are available, and my understanding is that they are waiting for one agency to give their approval for this to roll.  I won’t say what agency because they tend to get made at me.  The President did sign off on the Budget, saying that the economy is going to expand.  Influential people say they want this holiday to be the holiday.  They want the economy to take off in 2016 because this is an election year!

808 caller:  Aloha from Hawaii!  I have been listening for five years…

Tony:  And you have been here for 509 minutes.

Caller:  Like with a lot of people, I have about nine people involved in this, mostly family members.  They have not been following, although I have been trying to educate them;  they will not know what to do when this happens!  How do I handle them once it goes?

Tony:  A lot of you will have this same problem.  I’ll be honest, and tell you to tell them to go the bank and they will explain to them.  I’ve been trying to explain this for five years, and if they have not been following, then they need to have the bank explain it.

Caller:  I have given them a cheat sheet on how to dress and behave and what to ask for, but I’m sure it will be utter chaos. They say they will do what I do, but that might not be best for them.

Tony:  Most of the internet people will go for the contract rate, sign an NDA and not be able to talk about it afterwards.  Those who heard about this and didn’t take the opportunity… they are not getting any of my money.  Those who have walked this path with you should already have their plan and their list of Ten Things. They should already know to set aside 50% for taxes, invest 25% and spend 25%.  The rest, you have already helped enough.

Caller:  You said this should be the greatest Christmas for all of us. There will be Xmas parties, and I have family members who will see me renovating my house, but they didn’t get involved because they thought it was a scam. What do I say to them.

Tony:  You say something like, “I got into an investment that worked out, and I don’t discuss my finances with anyone.”  If they ask specifically about “that dinar scam”, tell them to Google it because it turned out not to be a scam after all.

707 caller:  I don’t have a specific question, but thanks to that caller for bringing up that discussion for those of us who have small groups.  I act like Tony for my group, and that discussion was helpful.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

352 caller:  A few weeks ago you talked about asset-backed currency, fiat currency and derivatives.  Can you explain that a little bit?

Tony:  That’s not going to affect us at all.  You will still get the same dollar and the same purchasing power that is had.  You won’t get a green dollar and a purple dollar;  one won’t be worth 80 cents or 72 cents.  That asset-backed currency is for our government to trade in bonds and with other countries.  It won’t change your life one way or the other;  it’s about global trading.  People have been using your fears about something you will never see.  If it’s just us – the internet people, maybe 500,000, and then after the all it affects a total of six million people – the remaining 90% of the population doesn’t know anything about this.  Are they going to wake up and have two separate currencies?  Of course not.  You would be better sending your time making money with your dollars.

Caller:  What about derivatives?

Tony:  Those will not affect you either.

Caller:  I read on recaps that we will have code and the person who gave you that code will get some kind of commission. That doesn’t seem right to me.

Tony: That is for the groups if you signed up for one of those.  They are getting paid for negotiating a rate for the group.  I think most of us will get a better rate walking in off the street.  I do know a group that negotiated a higher rate directly with China, and they will get $18 or whatever. That’s different from all these scam groups that say you wn’t get paid for two years, or you will get $2.50 and they pocket the rest.

Caller:  I think you should negotiate your own rate.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

903 caller:  Just sitting here waiting for this to happen.  From 1 to 10, do you think the rate will be for our dinar?

Tony:  I think it will be well over three dollars, and you will enjoy it.

408 caller:  I was wondering if you have an insights on exchanges in Europe.  Based on what the big four banks are offering here in the US, what is the best thing for him to do?

Tony:  I don’t know how this is working out in Europe, or anything about a contract rate there.  I just don’t know.

303 caller:  Please, don’t be here tomorrow!  I have been with you for my fourth year, and I get up at 4.30am to tune in.  I prepare as well as I can for the calls. Please don’t fall prey to those who are whimpering that they don’t have the chance to get on the call. I don’t think Iraq could have been any more prepared to get this RV launched, from the laws to putting the cap on ISIL, to the IMF ultimatum to get their act together.  I thought they had complied with all of that, so it was a disappointment NOT to have it announced today.  I think we all know which agency is still blocking this – did they pop up a the last minutes or what?  What will be the trigger point?

Tony:  We are all frustrated.  Iraq has been passing laws like crazy because they have been wanting this so badly.  On Saturday, we heard that the RV was live in Iraq at $1.14. They were trying to pull in the last of the three-zero notes, and that was not for the first time.  That was not the RV as such, just trying to get those notes off the street.  Then I got a call from another country – Canada, Puerto Rico, Kuwait have live rates on the screen and they were all geared up to do this. They were then told that there was one little thing, but it’s still going.  On Friday I got a message saying that it had been moved from the 1st to the 2nd.  How could they know that on Friday??  But they were right.  I don’t know what the glitch was, but I’ve heard the glitch before, and that isn’t usually a couple of minutes or hours.  I don’t know what this particular glitch was, but I do know they are not setting up the entire world for something this big, getting all the other countries and telling people to go to the bank tomorrow without something big happening.  I wasn’t supposed to be on this call this morning, but here I am.

Caller:  All these tangible things like the cards being loaded, gold going to the banks and all the rest, they can check them off as having complied with them. It is almost as if the RV is becoming an arbitrary thing in the hands of those with the control.  There is nothing more that needs to be done, yet it isn’t done. What do you think still needs to be done??

Tony:  There is nothing we can do, and we don’t know what else they want to be done, because everything we know about has been accomplished.  I do know they are gearing up for it in their own way, and the process is being completed.  I know that everything is positive right at this moment, and I think we are in a great place.  I don’t want to start a firestorm.  I was happen the Budge was signed this morning, and to hear what the President said, and happy with everyone gearing up and getting ready with a timeline in place. I don’t know there is anything they need to do apart from just doing it.

Caller:  Please continue to give us a go-date or time.  Yes, we are disappointed that it didn’t go as expected this weekend, but without your intel we wouldn’t have anything to get excited about.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

301 caller:  I really thought we were going on this holiday weekend, and I so hoped we would get that call from Tony during trick-or-treating.  You said you would never do a call in the middle of the night, but you get calls at 3am… will there be a call then?

Tony:  When I started this, I didn’t have the intel relationships, and we all thought it would happen within weeks or months.  Over time, they asked if I would make a call when this happens, to let you know what they want you to do.  They don’t me to make that call in the middle of the night, and then have you calling every bank in America trying to make an appointment at 6am.  They still have three different plans and they don’t know which one they will choose.  I will know as soon as this goes live because I have people involved in the process worldwide.  They will be doing transactions when they call me, and if that happens before the PTB call me, I don’t know what I will decide.  I wouldn’t want to call you without some kind of direction – would you want me to?  I would like to know the plan so that we can get organized, get in as fast as we can and get as much as we can.

Caller:  I was more wondering if a call might be 7am your time which is 10am our time.

Tony:  I don’t know the answer because I don’t know what time it will go live.  I will send out a tweet if it goes during the day, and then ask what 800 numbers they want me to put on the screen because that is what you will be looking for.  IT might not go at 3am, it might be at 3pm and we’ll put up the numbers right away.  They want people in the bank within two hours of the announcement, so they may want me to do a call at 5am, if the banks open at 7am with extended hours.  They may not tell me anything, and in that case, I will give the information I have as soon as it happens.  I know they would like it would be during the day, but yesterday they said it would be 2-3am.  It will go as soon as they fix whatever they are trying to fix.  I’m on pins and needles like you guys…

503 caller:  Did people get paid salaries in Iraq this last month?  At what rate?

Tony:  Everyone did NOT get paid, but those who did get paid got $3.41 on their cards.  One of my sources did get confirmation, but another sources did not.  It could be that they are waiting for the higher rates.  The $1.16 rate per dinar was about pulling the last three-zero notes off the street, nothing to do with the RV.  In the mosques they were told the value was going to change on Sunday and it didn’t happen.  I don’t know what happened today;  I’m sure I’ll find out after 3pm today.

Caller:  Instead of first-time callers, how about “if you haven’t spoken on the call in the last two months”?  I’m a Pacific person, and if I have a question I’ll call in the middle of the night and stay on hold.  So, that might be more fair and appeasing to the crowd.  It’s just a suggestion.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

312 caller:  Is there an event that has to happen that will act as a trigger, such as the Chinese yuan becoming a reserve currency…?

Tony:  That would make sense, and it could happen so that they don’t have to reset again, and it also makes sense that yuan should be a reserve currency able to do swaps and exchanges on a global scale. While all that would make sense, what I’m seeing and what’s being accomplished in the background that you’re not seeing suggests that this is not what they are waiting for.  Their actions say that they are not waiting.

Caller:  The US fleet has been pulled out of the Persian Gulf for the first time in 40 years, and that is pretty much the death of the petro-dollar.  Do you know when the yuan might become a reserve currency?

Tony:  I say 21. December, 2015.  Let’s see what happens.

We have a lady who is 83 years old who has been in and out of Intensive Care, but she is on all our calls.  I want to give her a shout out.  I really appreciate all our older people who are still waiting for this opportunity and time they have left to share life with us.

Ray sent me a text of who to call on next… in this case, 773.  I am the only one with the numbers on the screen, so how does he know he must be next??

954 caller:  You’ve said there are three plans available.  Have there have been any changes to taxes and caps?

Tony:  I just got updated on those on Friday after the call.  Hang on while I think about it!  I think it was still 20 million dinar and 50 million dong on contract rates only.  I still don’t know if the zim is half a billion or a billion US dollars, and after that the payments are 20, 50 or 100 year payments.  I know nothing about taxes;  there were some proposals but nothing has been finalized.  Go with 50% and hope it’s less.

601 caller:  I always wonder where Shabibi is;  I have a feeling he will figure in this.

Tony:  I haven’t heard anything about him recently;  I’m sure he is there putting this together.

512 caller:  Has anything changed about the process of getting the 800 numbers?

Tony: Again, they have three different plans in how they will get it out to you guys.  Not every bank is an exchange location.  It’s going to be total chaos with people calling every bank, so I’m sure there will be some type of direction.  Initially, when we started this, there was only going to be one 800 number to send you to the different banks. Now they are talking about an 800 number for each bank for you to call.  Then either we will have a call and give you the information, and then put up the 800 numbers for each of the banks.  I know that some people will call and make appointments at all four banks in the few days of that higher rate.

Caller:  I got to a small local bank, and they actually acknowledged for the first time that they will be making exchanges, they just aren’t doing it yet.  I wasn’t on the first part of the call, but you did say that you expected this today?

Tony:  It should have gone over the weekend, for real. There are a lot of tier 2 banks out there.  The smaller the bank, the more limited the amount they can accept because they will cap out.  You might like to be a big fish in a small pond, so that is an option.

Next caller:  We went across the border this weekend so we were out of touch.  Did CL sign off on this RV some time last week or this weekend?

Tony:  I heard she said some things last weekend in Australia, but that has not been confirmed.  I heard that everyone signed off on the RV for this weekend, and then at 3am this morning. I’m always happy when East Coast and West Coast agree, but I’m even more encouraged when I hear the same thing from outside the country.

Caller:  In the last call, you implied that of the two codes for dinar, one may be higher than another – can you comment?  And where is 404 today?

Tony:  Yes.  And I saw 404 earlier;  maybe she put her hand down.  Pam?  Ray?

RayRen:  Continue to enjoy this Magnificent Monday – are you ready?

Tony:  Alright, that’s it.  If you haven’t got your plan ready, you might want to take some time off and get it together.  The numbers are great, people are excited, they are moving people around and contacting people all weekend to let them know where to be and when.  Things are very, very positive for this week:  any minute/hour/day this week. I am hoping and praying we are NOT back here on Wednesday, we’ll be doing something else.  Enjoy your day, and I’ll see you at the bank!


TNT Call notes 28 October 2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, October 28, 2015.  I can’t think of one reason why we should be here.  I don’t know why we are still here!  The investment law and card law was passed, the banking security law was passed.  There is nothing they are waiting for there. The rates are on the screens at three different banks, without holds or pending there. The rates are varied at each bank, because that is their plan.  Each one is still saying they are waiting for the Treasury to say Go.  The UST is not holding it up, but will give the banks their Go signal.  Higher up the food chain, they are waiting for one of the agencies to say Go.  They did a number of exchanges over the weekend, but they are still waiting for the global Go, meaning US.  I was waiting for when Iraq got paid.  Today is the 28th, and we just found out that some people had money in their accounts today, although I don’t know at what rates. T hey have been waiting all month, told it would be done 6-7th, but it did happen.  I would be super-excited except this is the same scenario as last month.  I don’t blame them, but this is just what they did last month.

The rates on the bank screens are higher than we heard in the past. They raised those up to get you to come in faster.  There is nothing wrong with that!  Take those rates, go get your money and let’s get on with life.  There is nothing negative – it’s done and we’re about to see it.  I’m not giving out any rates, but they are above what we have been talking about.

936 caller:  What agency is holding this up?

Tony:  One of those top three-letter agencies, NOT the USA.

Caller:  If we don’t’ take the rate at first, if it drops back and rises again, how long will that take?

Tony:  The rate was supposed to come out at $3.41 to $3.91.  That’s the first mouse.  Then after 3-5 says it would hit Forex and go up even higher – that would be the second mouse. Then it would top off (imo) at 10-12 dollars OR you would go get the contract rates.  That would be the third mouse.  Now I understand that they are trying to skip over the sucker rate and offer us more, one to three dollars more, so that they can get these people going. They just want you in and out and go on about business. You have to see if that is enough.  I think the rate I am looking at now is a second mouse rate PLUS nothing beats a failure but a try.  That could be the second mouse and even the third mouse if you do it right.  They are trying to be done in nine days.  If you are playing the Forex game, it’s still going to be about 10-12 days.  You have to know what you’re doing with that, have your personal banker on speed dial to move as soon as you call.

Caller:  Are there any changes in the procedures or taxes?

Tony:  Pam is sending me a text.  We know there are three different scenarios on offer, and we still don’t know which they will choose.  It could go at any moment, any time. They have some preferred windows, but it could go in the next five minutes.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

919 caller:  I am so thankful for my TNT family and I know thousands feel the same. There is so much information we have gathered, and learned so much – it’s a goodness to see all those who are out to help other people.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

404 caller:  I hear the discussion of somewhat higher rates;  what difference does it make if we can’t go to the bank and exchange at those rates.

Tony:  You cannot see them – I can. They are showing them at the bank for a reason!  I anticipate those will be the rates when we are at the bank and they may climb. They are training and exchanging at the weekend and those are the rates they are exchanging at.

Caller:  I have been listening to you for several years, and I thought all the laws were already passed.

Tony:  Every law has to go through three phases, and they say it has passed but it hasn’t gone through the final parts.  Now those laws have been through the final part.

Caller:  I assume the three-letter agency is the IMF.

Tony:  I assume that as well.

601 caller:  Will the banks still charge us 2% to exchange?

Tony:  I hear there may be an opportunity to talk them out of it.

513 caller:  I have a quick question – there was a rumor that at midnight the Forex reset and then that it didn’t happen.

Tony:  I heard the rumor, but I don’t follow Forex.  I am listening to my intel sources and the bank personnel, because they intend to do some exchanges before it hits Forex.

Caller:  The rumor also states that Iraq RVs, and I think we would have heard that.

Tony:  The only way they can control this is to do it before Forex.  Iraq would love to have a few days before it goes public, but this is 2015 with internet and communications, and they cannot do that without parties and information flowing out.  There are many so-called gurus with their own contacts at all levels, so we will know when it happens.

941 caller: What’s the window now?

Tony:  I am hearing any day, any hour, waiting for authorization to be pushed through.  From authorization, it only takes two minutes to go around the world.  If it changes in NZ, it will change here as well.  Otherwise, people will be rushing to the bank to buy as much currency as they can.

Caller: WF is still saying they are not exchanging dinar and dong is still the old rate.

Tony:  That’s okay!  We know the training, the exchange locations and the rates on the board.  If they say that, it’s just an uninformed person, that’s all.  That person checked as high as they were authorized to go.  We talked to a guy in Georgia this morning who I have known for years.  The bank called him this morning, and said, “This is the rate yesterday;  this the rate today.  I want to make sure you are still coming here to exchange.  I will get on a plane and come to you, if necessary.”  That’s how eager she was to have his business.

Caller:  I know this is bound to happen, but some of the people here are just not being honest.  Most of the good bankers will talk to you, and you can tell if they know.  Others turn you off, and they will lose customers that way.

Tony:  And some people just don’t know… they are just not the people trusted with this knowledge.  I’m okay with that because I know more about their bank than they do.

703 caller:  I’ve been listening to you for a while and we’ve been at this spot several times. What do you think is so different this time than last year.  What one thing is the lynchpin, or something we’ve never seen before?

Tony:  there are several things.  The laws have been finally passed to deal with some people’s egos.  The level of information has increased;  the cards have been issued at the $3.41 rate, that’s new.  The banks have said they are tired, frustrated and won’t play the game at the end of last year, and now they are actually doing exchanges, not SKRs.  Those things are different.  Everyone we talk to says that it is done, it is done, and they are waiting for the right time. They’ve given those times 4-5 times this month; t hey give it 2-3 days and then something else happens rather than just doing it.  They cannot hold it forever, and everyone keeps saying it is done.  They are not discussing or fussing;  there is nothing left to be done.  We just wait.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

914 caller:  I have some dinar for my son who is not here right now;  can I exchange it for him?  He is in jail for a felony – will that be a problem?

Tony:  You can give him a gift letter or exchange it in your name and then give it to him afterwards.  They will be doing background checks and there are some people who cannot exchange.  They are looking at terrorists, drug dealers, and gang members, and those will definitely not be getting this money.  It depends.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

559 caller:  I’m super-super-fantastic.  Like others on OM, I could hardly sleep last night. You mentioned on Monday that you could try to negotiate a higher rate based on your overall amounts – does that mean they all go into one account?  I heard the Gen64 group might go first.  Also, will there be exchange locations in central California?

Tony:  How many questions is that?  Hold on.  Years ago, somebody at the Treasury told me to separate dinar from the other currencies because it will be tracked and possibly taxed differently.  That’s what I was told years ago and you have to decide if you want to do that.  Going in, I would negotiate the rates.  If I have 5,000 dinar and they say the rate is $3, I would ask how to get the rate up.  They might say “if you have more dinar”.  Well, I don’t, but I do have X dong and Y zim, and taken together that might get me to a higher level of opportunity and investment based on my total assets.  You have to negotiate;  include everything and ASK what they can do for you.

Caller:  Exchange centers?  My closest city is Fresno, over an hour away.

Tony:  There will be some banks in Fresno.  As for the Gen64 group, if there is such a group still, is not going a minute before anyone else. They are not going to be first in line for anything.  We are all going to go at the exact same time.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony: How long have you been doing this?  Eleven years?  Thank YOU to sticking with it!

Caller:  In that time, family members have passed away, been injured, we lost our home and business, but we always kept our dinar with us.  Now this ride is really worth it!

775 caller:  I am better by the day!  Last Monday, you made comments to the gentleman who had been in for five years and was whining.  As a business owner, you develop a plan and you plan to succeed.  Even with planning for a business, you are in control as the CEO, yet things go wrong or ‘not according to plan’.  When someone whines about something of this magnitude, with all these countries involved, I’m amazed they are still involved and wonder if they will hold onto the money when they have it.  Even when I have been down to my last few dollars, I have the choice to pay bills or hold onto my currencies, and I’ve never been tempted to give away, sell back or shred my currency.  So keep things in perspective, hold on, we will get there.

Tony:  I understand that people are frustrated because they were planning on this as Plan A.  I have a friend who is a police officer, and he asks every week if this is happening so that he can move on.  I tell him just to go to work and hold on.  The ones that really get me are those on the calls or send me letters and they feel entitled to something. They seem to think I can actually make it happen – not in desperation but out of entitlement.  It’s an investment and you have to wait until that investment pays off.  They are not going to raise the price by $50 just because you want them to!  Someone cared enough to tell you about this opportunity and you feel entitled to demand it now??  It’s about 190 countries, it’s a big mess, and if it hasn’t been done for ten years, it might not happen for another ten years.

Caller:  I have my own troubles, but I’ve never been a whiner – I’m always grateful and willing to stand out in front of WalMart if I had to, to hold onto my currency.  My concern is that those with the bad attitude won’t be able to hold onto it when it does happen. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

301 caller:  Are you 100% there is nothing in the United States causing this delay?

Tony:  I’m not 100% sure I’ll be breathing by the end of today.  We are getting texts right now saying they are trying to push it through right now!

Caller:  I went into an Amish shop to get some shoe strings.  I saw a man counting out change to pay his bill, and I decided to pay his bill for him.  He couldn’t believe someone would do that for him.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  My son is in Sacramento and I’d like to meet with your local group sometime.

301 caller:  I as watching CNN and I see that President Obama is sending in more troops to fight in Iraq – is that holding this up?

Tony:  I don’t’ think that is holding this up.  They have enough provinces, money and troops in enough locations for this to go through.

219 caller:  I’m super-fantastic!  Just wanted to say Hi.  [Appreciation]  I’m struggling financially, going to court over my mortgage, but will not give up hope or my currencies.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I know many are going through similar things and it’s bad while it’s happening to you, but those are just things, just properties. Tomorrow will be a greater day as long as you hold on .  As soon as this happens you will have the best cards, nicest houses, on holiday at great places, and celebrating that you wouldn’t live in that old neighborhood for anything.  It’s another opportunity to look at life differently, but also have compassion for those still in those conditions, and you reach down to help them up.  There are some opportunities coming!

773 caller:  It’s a nice fall day here in Chicago.  You said they are waiting for authoriza-tion, but I thought they already had that.  Do they have get re-authorized?

Tony:  It’s a reset every time.  They put a window out there so that nobody knows the exact time.  Somehow that time always runs out because someone has the opportunity to screw things up again.  Last time it was something at banks in Asia.  By Tuesday they cleared that up, and got authorized again, but we are still sitting here.  There is always a reason for it NOT to go, but they are running out of reason…

This is what happens:  Iraq, China, the US, the IMF, and Russia get together and say, “Let’s do it!”  They send out the green light. They have to go back to their central bank and tell them to get everything back up. They call everyone in, do some last minute training, get the rates back on the boards… ramp it up again.  Then the banks call back and say they are ready.  They run some practice exchanges to check the system still works properly. Then all the banks have their Go, but they have to get their Go from the Treasury, and the Treasury has to check with the White House.  If it runs out of the window, they have to start all over again.  The idea is to stop all the speculators from manipulating the system and making huge profits on the currency.  That’s why I keep saying JUST GO!  One day we will make it through the whole process.

Caller:  I know that Iraq is worried about Da’ash… are they Iraqi citizens with the same cards the other Iraqi citizens have?

Tony: They are hoping that Da’ash will not even have cards.  That’s why Iraq insisted on ID checks.  ISIL would take over a city, tell everyone they can join or die, and many joined up.  The government is saying, “Quit ISIL, and you will get a card and a lot more money to live on, plus you won’t have to kill anyone.”  Iraq is giving out cards because they want people’s money in the bank, so they are handing out salaries and pensions on these high-tech cards.  Also, any time they identify a bad guy, they can switch off the card.  It’s easier, but people are concerned because the government controls it, and if there is a computer error, they cut you off and you have to prove them wrong.  In the meantime, a lot of things go sideways. That is what they are concerned about over there as well, and the Iraqi government wants to teach the people to trust the banks, but they are concerned that the money is out of their hands, and only available 8am to 5pm, in the banks. They are trying to convince the people that the banks are okay, and when they are comfortable with that, we will see the RV.  Meanwhile, they are teaching them in the mosques, etc.

Caller:  I can understand their mistrust.  It takes a time to change that mindset.  We have to wait and hopefully it will be good for them and good for us.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

954 caller:  I was told that if we put a huge tip on someone’s bill, then the credit card company might consider that fraud and void the tip.

Tony:  That has happened on occasion.  To be sure it gets through, give them cash!  If you put it on the credit card, they have to pay taxes, it might get taken away from their hourly pay, etc.  So it’s better to pay such a tip in cash.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I hope this is the last call we have.

Tony:  One other thing – Okie called me this morning.  He said that he had a phone call yesterday from the IRS, saying if he didn’t send $360+ dollars to location X, they would arrest him in the next 24 hours.  I knew it was a scam, but there are some older people out there who might not know it’s just another scam going around. They were using a DC number, but it is NOT from DC.  He had a recording but he could only play it one time.  I just wanted to mention that.  Look out for your older friends, and make sure they know.

510 caller:  Anything on taxes?

Tony:  I don’t think we will hear anything on taxes until afterwards.

919 caller:  You said some of the rates were higher?  Just dinar?

Tony:  All the currency rates are higher.

954 caller:  Anything else on caps now that rates are higher?

Tony:  So far as I know, the caps are the same.

404 caller:  You said three different banks had different rates.  How different were the rates?  How can we get the best rates without calling every bank?

Tony:  Good question.  You should be concerned with the difference in the rates.  I will tell you the truth:  the rate was almost 80 cents different.  Depending on what you have, that can be a lot of money!  The different rates were 80 cents apart, with no holds or standby.  When it goes live, they may be closer together, and they could offer you more depending on what you have.  There is some opportunities out there if you are in the right place at the right time, depending on amounts, being a ViP customer, whatever.  Nothing beats a failure but a try.

Caller:  Will this information be on the different banks’ websites.

Tony:  It won’t.  They will call some people and offer it to their loyal customers.  That guy who got the call this morning, she gave him the rates and asked if he was still going to work with her.  He said yeah, it was twice what he expected!

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

707 caller:  I’m concerned about those different bank rates, so I’ll just go to the one I think will give me the best deal.

Tony:  It was a good question, but don’t let that stop you from moving when you see the market rate come out.  Just go do your thing.  I don’t know if they will do one 800 number or five 800 numbers;  I don’t believe you will have time to go to five different banks to figure out where to go.  Whichever bank you go to, at least try to negotiate something higher.  If you have less than 300,000 dinar, that probably won’t work – you don’t have enough to negotiate, compared to those who have millions of dinar/dong/zim/rupiah.  Not everyone is going to negotiate for that higher rate.  You should know how much currency you have and whether it will make sense for them to give you an extra $2 and are willing to leave it in the bank for six months.  For smaller amounts, they know it will be gone rapidly.  If I had less than a million, the plan is put it to work as otherwise I have lost the opportunity of a lifetime.

Caller:  I appreciate the college education I’ve received.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Pam:  You need to stop… twenty minutes ago.  I don’t have much to say.  It’s all been asked and answered.   We just have to wait it out… just be ready and be there.

RayRen:  Likewise.  I’m getting tired of saying goodbye to the same people.  Enjoy your Wednesday.

Tony:  Okay.  All I can say it that there is nothing holding it up, nothing stopping it.  Even as of this morning, they are saying that they are pushing forward to make this happen sooner rather than later.  I’m still expecting it to happen at any moment, any hour.  I am giving you as much information as I can;  apply that intel to your plan so that you can move on a moment’s notice.  Your plan should be done, rather than downloading stuff from the forum.  Your plan and your first Ten Things should be ready, and you should have an idea of what you want to do with this money, so that you are interviewing your wealth manager as he is interviewing you.  Enjoy the rest of your day, and I truly hope this is the last call.  If we need to be here Friday, we will be.


TNT Call notes 26-October-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Monday, October 26, 2015. How are you guys doing?  Hope you had a superfantastic weekend.  We were expecting to be in the bank this morning, and I’m not, but it’s still on the way.  The good news is that there was preparation all weekend for this to happen, with people called into the bank.  They had some additional training and explained how this is supposed to work.  Yes, they were given examples of the numbers, and being trained on what you might expect and want to see. They were told the criteria they should look at, and to adjust your rate.

So they were also told this is happening, and it could be today, tomorrow or next year – but I’m going to make you train this weekend in case this happens next year! That is a good business decision!  We know that’s not going to happen.  It’s an exciting thing and they are ready to go.

You guys saw the NBC article but I’m not concerned about that.  A long time ago, a guy involved in the process, and he told me what would happen. He said, “Don’t listen to what they say, notice what they do.”  That’s a different thing.

I know this hard on everyone, but it’s getting easier.  If you are a new person, we have been here for five years, and have heard it being announced a thousand times… but that is part of the process.  Nobody is going to tell us the exact time.  We have explained to you how many people and countries are involved, how many have manipulated the stock market and Forex market… you actually think they are going to say on Monday that this is going to happen on Wednesday at 9am??

New people might not know, but those who have been here for a while know that we get the dates and a window of opportunity. They are doing this all up and down, and only a few people know when it’s actually going to happen.  They use that as a way to trap smugglers, like the time they found those people coming up from Mexico with duffle bags of dinar.  Until it actually happens, you can go live your life, and then you can get the street rate, while we negotiate contract rates for ourselves.  There is one guy who sends me an email every day saying “It didn’t happen”. Don’t torture yourself!  This is not for everyone, but this is our best opportunity now.  The news over the weekend was just better and better.  Now the  people you are sitting across the desk from have now been given the parameters on which they can make a decision. That means this is very close.

Last week the banks were going through their system and listing the names of those who had bought from them in the past. If I wanted to exchange people and I’d already used up my government, high-dollar customer or friends-and-family lists, who would I give the first opportunity to while we’re waiting for that major announcement to be made?  This is just Tony talking.  If I run through this really quickly, what’s left?  Those on the street, those who bought from amazon, ebay, exchange dealers, etc.  So the bankers want to deal with those they already have a connection with, and then everyone else will be paid shortly afterwards.  That’s my theory, anyway.  So those who bought from the banks in the last ten years should be the next ones to celebrate, any day.  I don’t see these bankers bringing their people in on the weekend, paying them overtime, telling them how to negotiate, on something they will only use in 2016/2017.  As a business owner, I would want this to be fresh in their minds… not even for a month later, but now.  As a teller, I need to know the rules of engagement just before I need to use them.   They have been training people for years, for the 800 numbers to bring you in and take your money.  The people in the exchange centers were trained two years ago.  They didn’t train private bankers for what to do after your exchange until now.  We are talking about two different groups of people being trained.

So things are great. If you cannot handle the process day-to-day, the real information that changes all the time, meetings where people decide something else… then don’t do it!  Put your currency in a drawer and live your life as if you had never heard of it, then one day you will get the surprise of your life.  I know there are people losing houses, cars, jobs, but don’t  lose your currency.  That is your lifeline; it’s the only way you will get back to where you were, so don’t let go of that.

Someone texted me today saying they cannot do this any longer and they sold all their currency.  Life is better for that person.  But you will never get this opportunity again.  It will change your entire life if you hold onto it.  It’s one thing selling it back, but someone else said they took my advice, and ran their currency through a shredder.  I thought, “Are you out of your mind??”  Nobody is telling you to do that.  I hate to see anyone give it away, shred it or sell it back, when if you look at the history, you KNOW this currency will come back and pay for everything.  The GCR is based on the value of the dinar.  They haven’t put all this time into it, develop a strategy to affect all the countries of the world, and you’re going to throw it away?

Just put it in a drawer.  This is happening.  Some of you will be getting phone calls. I will not because I didn’t buy any currency from a bank, but the rest of us will be right in line behind you.  It could happen at the same time, a few hours later.  It’s something they are using to train their people more, and I’d rather they trained their people more slowly than with a line out the door.

It’s a great day in dinarland and a great weekend for them to do this.  I got calls from Iraq, and they said everything is finished and complete and they are just waiting.  I got that from three separate sources, that is’ done, over, and they are just waiting for them to make the announcement.  Over here, they are also just waiting.  It’s done and we are going to love the numbers;  just be patient.  I hear what they are saying and more importantly, I see what they are doing. It’s the 26th and Iraqis have still not been paid this month. They are taking this to the last possible day so as to only pay them once.  The  rate is still showing on their cards, right now.  I think it’s a great day!

210 caller:  [Appreciation]  When you go exchange, you are saying 50% for taxes, 25% to take care of bills, 25% to make money.  Can I buy currency from Columbia right away?  Or should I do that later?

Tony: They won’t want you to do that in the first appointment because they want you in and out.  You can do it later, probably.

Caller:  I am disabled and I have two kids to take care of, but I want to join you in giving money to programs you know will actually work.  I’m not computer-savvy;  I’ve been listening to you for three years, and I have taken in everything you have been saying.  Now when we go in, we have to say “exchange”, right?  Take my number because I cannot take this with me and I’d like to give it to people it will actually help.  I hate to give money to charities that just spend it on administration.

Tony:  Yes, you will be exchanging.  I will take your number, but you know that Bill Gates has a foundation to give money away, and he has a plan for that.  I think Pam is putting together a site for charities that she recommends for charities that actually spend the money on places/people that would benefit, not just buying cars and houses.  That is Pam’s ‘safe list’.  It’s

Caller:  [Appreciation ]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

941 caller:  Are you saying this will take longer now?  You said before it would be 20-25 and now it’s the 26th.  Our local WF is saying they don’t know anything about this.  I’ve been doing this about five years…

Tony:  Absolutely not.  I think it will be shorter now.  They are saying one thing in public and doing something else in the background.  In five years, I have discussed several times why they do that:  they are not going to commit to the public or their staff that they are doing this until it’s in public.

Caller:  In Florida, the banks all knew about it, especially Chase.  It’s just certain areas…

Tony:  So you went to one area and almost everyone knows about it.  You go to another area and they don’t know anything about it.  So what is your  question?  You know it’s true because one bank already told you.

Caller:  It’s pretty confusing.  Some bank people are nasty, and that bank actually sold dong!  People are going to be mad at the banks because they were so unhelpful.

Tony:  You’re right.  But if the banks had told their people five years ago about this RV, all their staff would buy currency, make millions and quit their jobs. The banks are working with the government, but they are not going to be held responsible when it doesn’t get released when we expect it.  It’s still happening, we just have to wait our turn.

Caller:  It’s not fair that the banks won’t cash it when the dealers will.

Tony:  Why would the dealer take that risk when he’s still trying to sell it to you?  They cannot take the general public until the US Treasury says Yes.  Meanwhile, the banks can offer to their special clients, absolutely.

Caller:  [more of the same]

Tony: The banks got some people through.  I understand that people are upset.  I’m trying to explain the process.  You are about to get a bunch of money fi you understand this process.

831 caller:  Regarding exchanges in Europe, I have a friend with a lot of currency over there.  Will he be able to go after the contract rate?

Tony:  I think if we have the opportunity, they will as well.

Caller:  This is a huge opportunity.  We don’t have any control over what the government does, but we are in line, so buck up – it’s worth the effort.

Tony:  Stay in the game until it’s our turn, then go live your life.  If it’s taking a toll on your life, just put it in a safe place, walk away, and come back when it happens.  That way you still win. If you sell it back or shred it, you will lose more than you know.

Caller:  Absolutely.  My wife and I started a nonprofit.  The gentleman in the wheelchair who wants to make sure that his money doesn’t just go into admin, we have discussed this a lot and we have lined it up so  that all the overhead costs are covered by a for-profit so that all donations are going to that cause, which is providing housing for honorably discharged veterans.  We would love to be on Pam’s site.

Tony:  Well, talk to her about that.

Caller:  [Appreciation ]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

352 caller:  I was curious the first, second, third mouse.  All those who  are called in, are they considered the first mouse?

Tony:  A few years ago, some groups agreed to 50 cents/dinar, and that is what they will get.  The first, second, third mouse applies to when this goes to the general public.  The plan is ever-evolving.  At one point, it was to come out at $3, and many would go to the banks right away.  Then it would go to Forex at a higher rate, and those people would make more money.  Then it would come down again.  Now they are planning to bring it out at a much higher rate, so you really would be excited.  Then it will come down within five days, and this cycle would start over (with Forex, etc.)  If it comes out at 5, 6, 7 dollars, then it would probably be better to go to the bank unless you have experience in Forex.  The first mouse will get 5, 6, 7 dollars and it drops back down, then everyone will think it would be better to take it now.

Nothing beats a failure but a try. At least try it.  A closed mouth does not get fed.  I don’t know how else to say that without getting the world upset.

Caller:  Was there a reason it didn’t got between the 20th and the 25th?

Tony:  I don’t know that it as been stopped.  I expected to be in the bank and so did others.  They have been training the bank people, how to respond, and what the parameters will be for the meeting and negotiations. They would not be doing all that if we were not right at the edge.

Caller:  So is the window now up to the 3rd November?

Tony:  That date got taken off the screens.  There is NOT a window at the present time.

707 caller:  What do you think of the possibility of the delays and hold up have to do with the IRS?

Tony:  Nothing to do with the IRS that I know of.  Nobody has told me that, nobody seems to be arguing with the IRS.

Caller:  I have been told the IRS is member of the cabal and they cannot make up their minds how much of our money they will get.

Tony:  Not that I know of.  I don’t know how ‘cabal membership’ works.

Caller:   No one does, and that’s how they work.  [Appreciation ]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

773 caller:  Did you say you talked to your contacts in Iraq?  How are the people there?

Tony:  We didn’t talk about that.  Everyone we talked to said that Iraq and Kurdistan are aligned and they are all just waiting.

Caller:  That is very good news, combined with the bankers being trained this weekend.  You said something about the wealth managers doing our exchanges.  How will we  know if it’s a manager or an ordinary teller – or won’t it matter?

Tony:  I imagine will give me their business card.

Caller:  Maybe when we call the 800 number and tell them how much currency we have, that will point us in the right direction.  Hopefully we will still get the 800 numbers, and if now, we have a plan for that, too. [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  It’s better to be ready than to have to get ready.

772 caller:  Are the rates still on the screens?

Tony:  People are being trained and people are exchanging, so there must be rates somewhere.

Caller:  Thank Pam for  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

770 caller:  Are we still looking like where still in the loop?

Tony:  Yup, we are still here, just waiting our turn.  I’ve been talking good news since I started this call.  You were paying attention to the call?  That wasn’t good news??

Caller:  I’m looking for better news.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Other 770 caller:  There’s a lot going on in the world right now.  It seems like Russia and Putin are doing more for us than for anybody else.  What is your feeling on that?

Tony:  More for us??  What are they doing for us?

Caller:   They are going after ISIL while we are helping ISIL.

Tony: What are we helping ISIL do?  Here is the big picture, as I see it.  I see us dropping off weapons, and maybe they are getting into the wrong hands.  I don’t’ care who gets it done, just get it done.  Then we can take the next step.  [Note: my computer crashed here.]

If I am fighting three people, if I can knock one of them out, then fight the two.  Or people get behind me, and I have larger force.  If I am supporting ISIS, and Russia comes in, and they are bombing the guerillas.

Caller:  I thought they helping IRAQ more than we are.

Tony:  They are not in Iraq, they are in Syria bombing ISIS in Syria.   If they do retreat they will retreat to Iraq.

Tony:  If we are in Iraq helping them to be a democracy, why we want Russia coming in there showing them.  Russia is encroaching on us, how they helping us?

Caller:  It seems we riding down the trail to nowhere.

Tony:  Every week we are seeing more and more laws that stabilize the country.  We see rate in our own bank system;  we see laws passed, and as long as we see exchanges being done, we know it will happen.  Laws are no longer an issue and timing isn’t an issue.  I have time because I know it be the end of the rainbow.

I am trying to keep you happy.  I understand their feeling, too, and that is what makes it hard. I have to look at both sides.  I have discussion after the call about this person or that being an a—hole.   I can’t give out all I do have.  I try to explain all that I can without upsetting the apple cart.

Caller:  How are they feeling in Iraq?

Tony:  Last we heard they upset and frustrated.  I haven’t heard about any huge riots, but I am sure people upset because they are hungry.  They want watch television, enjoy air conditioning, they want to live normal lives.  I would be frustrated.  They are hanging on.  We know that this is going to run out and hopes it gets done before it runs out.  If it explodes it will be another ten years to get this done.

Caller: [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Pam is saying it’s time!  What does that mean, Pam?

Pam:  It’s time to get on with other things.  “Beautiful things happen in your life when you distance yourself from the negative.”  Focusing on the negative just adds to its power.  It’s really good when we do follow that.  I’m getting tired with all the negative, so keep it positive!

RayRen:  Continue to enjoy your Magnificent Monday.  Be prepared with a goodbye message for today’s call.  That’s it – goodbye!

Tony:  Ray, you want to tell them about the car?  Years ago, we had someone who had an issue with their house. They explained to the bank about the dinar, and they were able to get an extension, because the bank thought it would be happening then.  Then this weekend a friend got a new car;  the dealer actually called him in and said that he would be able to afford it on X day, and I’m not going to give you the date.  They knew that he would be able to afford the car this week because the guy who owns the dealership holds dinar and he knows the date they will exchange.  So the guy who owns the dealership called the man and gave him the car because he knew when he would be paid.

They worked over the weekend finalizing this deal.  They started on Thursday, and this weekend the banks trained their people in the questions we will probably ask and the answers they should give.  We heard the rates are higher than expected to encourage us to come in within nine days.  The IMF report mentioned deleting the zeros, and also something about summer 2016;  however, everyone who is doing things is doing something different.  Enjoy your day.  I truly know that every call could be the very last call.  Have a super-fantastic day!


TNT Call notes 23-October-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, October 23, 2015.  Today is a super-super-fantastic day – you have no idea.  Pam wants this to be First-caller Friday. I have 500 people on the line with their hand up.

Pam:  Dump them all!  Then we can have No-question Friday.

Tony:  In the chat room we lost Knight Hawk, one of our good members.  Pam started a thread for those who want to send condolences to his family.  Knight Hawk was very popular in the chat room, 42 years old, and he passed away in his sleep.  His brother is in the forum, too, so we want to send our condolences.

So much has happened this morning, and I want to tell you the strategy for the last 60-90 days.  I also want to tell you a bit about what to expect when this happens, and a scenario you can use to your benefit.

In Iraq, some of our sources are saying that they ARE expecting something to change over the weekend.  They have been told to look for something, a physical something, so I don’t know if it will happen or not. We’ve heard about lower denominations being given out, parties being planned, etc.  That was NOT announced in the mosques this morning, it’s coming from government officials and through parliament.

On this side, the green light was given from 3pm yesterday, and started this morning at 2am, and it didn’t happen.  There are two windows they like for the weekend for 3-4 hours each time, and if it doesn’t happen we go to the next one.  Some people were at the bank at 5am this morning because they thought it was happening.  People have been moved from branch locations to exchange locations because they thought it would happen today. They have been told not to plan anything for this weekend or next week because they  will be busy.  I was told certain notifications went out in the last hour, and I am trying to confirm that.  I can just tweet ‘verified’ if it is.

There is a possibility that dinar will come out at an unusually high rate, maybe even over $5-6 for a very short period of time, then fall back to where it should be ($3.41), show up on Forex, where it will probably rise and then fall again.  If you don’t know how to access Forex and watch it grow, I would probably jump on that early rate, which will be for a short period of time. That’s what I mean by “they moved the cheese”.  Once it comes back down,  you will have to wait and work to get that higher rate, and I don’t know if people have the expertise to do that.  It should settle above the Kuwaiti rate. Their goal is to get that completed within the first nine days, so they will probably want to start it a little higher than originally planned, to attract everyone within those nine days.

No bad news apart from a meeting yesterday when CL was highly pissed off that nobody could get this right and it hasn’t already happened. That’s actually a positive thing, because she let them have it during the meeting.

Every weekend for a while, everyone has said they are ready to go, and that is like the boy who cried wolf. They are not just getting us excited, but also bankers and govern-ments all around the world excited every time they do this. They are also frustrated and tired of working overtime, going in early, etc.  Maybe that was the strategy the whole time, to get everyone so sick and tired of hearing that they won’t believe it when it does go. That could work to their advantage to keep out the bad guys, because they are just as frustrated as we are.  We’ll see.  We do know that one day it will actually happy.

If eight people say the sky is blue and two say it’s pink, the sky is probably blue.  I have a contact in Baghdad who says he doesn’t see ANY of what you are talking about!  People over here are frustrated and mad, and I don’t see any of what you are saying on the call.  This is just for that guy. I cannot exchange any currency because there is no dinar!  He gave me some other stuff that I cannot tell you because it might get him into trouble.  He’s doing things that are very different, and that just shows that they are not giving us all the information and we are not 100% right.  However, I still have to report the information they are giving me from other parts of the government.  They don’t know each other and they are giving me the same intel!  This guy is also right, telling me that his exchange rate from 1100 to 1200 and now he cannot exchange at all.  If they don’t have it to exchange, then they are pulling it off the streets, and that means they are getting ready to do something.  It’s not possible for Iraq to survive another 30, 60 or 90 days without any money??  If they are monitoring the 25K notes, there is a reason for that.

It’s a great day, everyone is prepared.  They don’t know when, but it’s wide open and let’s go do this. I’m hearing this from multiple levels and countries, from Puerto Rico, Iraq, the US and other countries, all in the last 24 hours.

Pam said First-caller Friday, but no one hung up.  Let’s go straight to 404:

404 caller:  Thanks, and may this be THE day!  You said rates could possibly go up to $5-6, I’m thinking that is the international rate, not contract rates, no NDA.  Will contract rates still be available?

Tony:  Yes, that’s right.

Caller:  Many reported that the RV was to come out on the 20th and it was stopped;  many think that has to do with whether it goes through the Swiss system or the new Chinese system.  Also, there is an article on Bloomberg saying that the IMF is blessing the yuan as the new reserve currency.  So there is the rumor that the RV will come out without the US being the lead.  Could this force the US to stop blocking the RV?  What impact would that have on US currency holders?

Tony:  There are a lot of things going on in the banking system. The new Swiss system was supposed to go live including Russia and China (on the 20th).  Chinese yuan was supposed to be named A reserve currency, not THE reserve currency.  That gives everyone some options, and how this would devalue the US currency a bit because the world would not need to use dollars as much. The guys in Iraq thought they would see this on the 20th because so many things were happening on the 20th.  On the US banking screens, it said 20-25th.  Yes, it should have gone on the 20th, but something came up in the banking system that had to be resolved – not necessarily China.  The news today is that the problem has been resolved and the IMF has given the green light for this to go at any time. Some still believe it’s within that window, up to the 25th.  A few days ago a new date/window came up, but they have since removed that date from the screens.

Caller:  Is your bag packed and in the car?

Tony:  My bags are not at the door because DC and Pam have told me to have my bags ready for over a year, and I’m not going to do it until I get the call.  When they call me, then I’ll pack my bags…

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  So Tony can go.  May this be the day!

Tony:  Dang,  #1 just hung up as I was getting ready to push his number;  he’s been on for 1500 minutes!  I’ll go to #2

707 caller:  I have a technical question.  I have a dear friend who is in St Louis for a murder trial for the next three weeks.  She gave me her zim and a power of attorney.  Will that work for her?

Tony: I don’t know.  Call your or her wealth manager, say that you have the currency and a  power of attorney, and ask if that will work.

Caller:  Yes, I have her ID, notarized power of attorney, bank details and all the rest.

Tony:  Find out if they will accept that.  If not, she can send her actual attorney, and you can go with the attorney to keep an eye on things.

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

828 caller:  Is there still a contract rate on the dong?  What is the rate?  Same for dinar?

Tony:  I’m not giving out the rates because Pam always gets a call afterwards.  The rates are still very good, and there are still contract rates.  The zim is still in the first basket.

301 caller:  Can you go over that platform a little bit more?

Tony:  Those platforms are great to be part of and returns can be good, but they can be dangerous, too.  You have to investigate and see the documents.  It’s better if you go through a bank, but you need 100 million to do that.  The one I was doing in London was because I was invited.  The ones that really pay, you have to be invited.  They are not for the average citizen.  If you don’t have 100 million, there are ways to get together with friends and family members, using trusts or corporations, but you have to figure it out as a business and trust the people you are working with.  Having said all that, be very careful who are you are choosing, because on the internet someone will say they are putting one together, and trying to get you to join.  Don’t do that!  This is something you only want to do in person with people, with YOUR attorney, not their attorney who may be part of a scheme.

Caller:  Is there a limit on the dong?

Tony:  I don’t know, we haven’t talked about that in months.  I’m sure we’ll find that out.

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

410 caller:  There is so much exciting going on, it’s hard to know what to ask!  Have there been changes or notifications on how you guys are going to present or how we are getting this information?

Tony:  I have no idea whether we’ll have a status page, a 15-minute call, a longer call… but as soon as I find out, I’ll send out a tweet!  These higher rates should be available for a couple fo days to give people time to get in, and then it will show up on Forex where it will rise for a couple of days and then probably drop.

Caller:  This sort of feels like the last call.

Tony:  Things are all good, but we’ve been here before thinking this is the last call.  If we have to be here on Monday, we will be.

Caller:  Are the windows really only 3-4 hours?

Tony:  The windows are different days, and then THEY like certain hours within those days.  We will stay alert.  If I thought it was going to hurt the process, I wouldn’t be giving you this information.  I am not the only one who has this information;  I am just trying to help and hopefully it won’t even matter, so don’t get mad at me!  I am happy and feeling better with every text I get.

313 caller:  I was on a conference call that said we would never get the international rate, only the rate the banks set.

Tony: There is the international rate, the official exchange rate, then on Forex there will be a market rate and the contract rate.  We’ll be getting the market rate as shown on Forex.  This first rate will be a flat rate for a few days;  it will then fall back to international rates, and then it will go live and it will climb. That is the rate we will get.  The banks will set the rate, but they will be competitive because they want your business, so the rates will be similar.

Caller:  Iraq is not waiting on laws to be passed…

Tony:  They passed some more banking and protection laws on Wednesday to help convince people to use the banks – so they can feel protected.  These should be the absolute last laws to go.  I understand there was a banking issue on Wednesday that caused a delay but it has been fixed and agreed upon. It was not our banking system.  Other that than, the RV was scheduled to go.  It was scheduled for last night, but I’m still talking to you!

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

541 caller:  In earlier calls, you said there was a billion-dollar cap on the zim;  is that per person or per entity?  If I have an entity, that has a different tax number.  Can I put some zim in each entity and each have its individual cap?

Tony:  If you own or control five entities or trusts, the billion dollars is over all of them collectively.  The limit is per person that they think controls that money.  Pam reminds you that we are talking about a billion US dollar.  We have 25,000 people listening to the call right now, and you want me to tell you how to circumvent the US Treasury on this call??

Caller:  I’ve only been in this three months, and I’m just asking the question.  I don’t want to do anything illegal.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Then don’t do that!

773 caller:  You know this GCR is all about Tony and people are waiting to see your bag packed.  You are so like RayRen!  Re: the Bloomberg article, it says the vote to bring in the yuan as a reserve currency may be as early as next month.  That article is dated 23-Oct-15.

Tony:  That vote was supposed to happen on 20. October, and fi they  moved it, it was so this can move through the system.  It’s very likely to be approved.  One of my contacts strongly suggested we all buy yuan/renminbi.  I told you that, but I have a number of currencies already.  I told you two years ago that there are nine currencies set up in the second basket, and yuan is one of those nine.  I don’t know if it’s been moved into the first basket.  The rules will change immediately after the RV, although you could buy it before, but there are so many other opportunities that we can get involved in right here.

“My group” in this context means my intel people.  It might be a good idea to buy yuan, but I’m not doing it.

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

813 caller:  You mentioned on the last call that some banks require existing bank accounts in order to exchange.  Is Wells Fargo one of them?

Tony:  My understanding is that WF is the only bank that HAS to take everyone, because they are the lead bank. However, they don’t want people who only have one 25K dinar note and who will spend it all rapidly.  They don’t want some people, but there are many other banks and investment companies who will gladly take your money, give you a checking account and a credit card just like a bank.  If you have a lot of money, there are a lot of foreign banks that will gladly  take your money.  So you do have options.

Caller:  Do the Iraqi people go first or do we go with them?

Tony:  I have been told that we should be notified and free to go as soon as the Iraqi people go en masse.  No one goes before they do.

636 caller:  Aren’t the Iraqi people still using the US dollar?

Tony:  Not so far as I know.  That guy I talked about earlier cannot even get dinar.  He also said that they are not to have more than 2,000 dinar on them because there are gangs going around robbing people of their dinar.

Caller:  I heard that the IMF just gave Iraq a new loan – is that US dollars or dinar?

Tony: They are giving them US dollars that they exchange for dinar to pay for whatever.  They don’t want Iraq to fall flat on their face, so they give them a little more until this GCR is in place.  They are barely limping along until the RV.  Our contact over there says that he cannot exchange dollars for dinar and that tells me something is about to change.

Caller:  I put my faith in what you put out rather than anyone else.  My frustration is that  some people think that we dinarians are being played for fools.  [talking about a guru]

Tony:  I’ve heard about those guys, how they got people’s money and got them into network marketing.  We tell people about that, tell them why I don’t do that, and warn them about certain things.  People are adults;  they should look at whatever sources make sense to them.  If they are always asking for $300-400, invest in their trust or program, hand over their dinar, etc., then you should be wary.  There are going to be a lot of lawsuits after this happens.

Caller:  They keep saying “I have this information but I cannot tell you” – why would any one believe that?  They will be shocked about what happened to their money.

Tony:  People wait until after this call to do their call.  That’s what brings people to their site. They get paid per click, so if they can draw you over there with “Tony said this or that”, they do that even if they say Tony is wrong.  We have seen this happen across the years – they draw you in with something negative about Tony.  One site said that she was my mother, and she got a thousand people to sign up for $35 each – just for saying she was Tony’s mother! I’m not the only person who gets information and everyone has to put that information together as best they can.  Everyone has said “this is when it’s going to happen” and not one of us have been right. The ones who are telling you it’s not happening until next year… they don’t tell you why not!  If you know it’s not happening until then, tell me why and what can be done to bring it in. They are just a bunch of negative people and I don’t want to live with negative people.  If you can’t tell me WHY it’s not going to happen, then don’t tell me!

Caller:  How long will the banks keep up moving people before telling them to go fly a kite?

Tony:  Some banks did that two years ago… then they paid some more people and said “’we’re done” again.   But there is too much money to leave on the table for them to walk away forever.

Caller:   [Appreciation]  Bank, bank, bank!

Tony:  Pam said “time, time, time!”

Pam:  It was time ten minutes ago, but this is Tony’s call… I want to thank Daz for running the chat room and forum.  He’s our only full-time mod and he keeps it all rolling.  DavidM and PaperBoy are there as much as they can.  We thank the transcribers and guest mods, and also ZebraGirl for the verbatim transcripts.  It’s been tough and fun.  Thank you all.

RayRen:  I’m looking forward to getting this done.  Have a good Friday.

Tony:  We sincerely hope this is the last call.  We are frustrated and also excited as you are.  We are still within that window of the 20-25. October.  I am still expecting it;  if the banks can get through this, with their employees being tired of being called in early  and late ‘for nothing’, well, that’s what we’re being told as well. I look at it, but it still has to be worse for the Iraqi citizens. They are not only waiting for the money, they are also going through hell as they wait.  They have the rate on their cards, and they still haven’t been paid this month. If they don’t get it again, think what they are going through! They are going through it, they are surviving and not tearing their government apart.  It will be a life-changing moment, and that’s what gets me through this.  Every time I get a call saying “get ready, pack your bags, don’t go too far from home”, I say to myself that I could be living in Iraq. I’m pretty sure they are having it worse there.  I’m still blessed to be part of this.  Hopefully this is our last call before THE call.  I am super-fantastic and hope you are too.  Enjoy your weekend!


TNT Call notes 21-October-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, October 21, 2015.  We are here again, where we should not be.  I really didn’t expect or want to be here now, but here I am.  This is One-Question Wednesday according to Pam, and she always gets her way, so make it a good question.

We didn’t expect to be here, had the option not to be here, but because we are here, we need to pay the bills. They are red, and Pam reminded me.  We always hope that this is the last one, and I was surely hoping this time…

When are we going to the bank??  Let’s get this money. Everyone was ready to go yesterday, and we were told were eligible to go on Monday at 3 o’clock.  After 3 o’clock, everyone was ready to go.  We are waiting for actions, not words, and look for certain actions in the government offices, here and in Iraq as well as other countries.  Canada was telling their people that “this the time” and Puerto Rico was doing “that”, that notices were being given in the mosques in Iraq, and from different banks here as well.  We look at all that and it points us to the true time.  Some of the people giving us information are getting concerned that we don’t listen to their intel.  If we are getting something from one direction, and we get 7-8 similar pieces from different countries and sources, then I have to pay attention to all those sources (which agree with each other).  If eight people say the sky is blue and two say it’s pink, you are going to believe the eight!   Nine times out of ten, those eight people are going to be correct.  We do know that some sources are giving us bad information, and we know who they are and when they are going to give it to us.

I got a text this morning that said, “On today’s call, please address why it didn’t happen on the 20th as you said”.  I told you clearly that on the calls that the window is the 20th to the 25th.  I don’t know why it didn’t happen yesterday – it could happen today, tomorrow, any time up until the 25th.  You have to listen and understand that this is in somebody’s plan, that they are putting out this information to the banks, government offices and exchanges, not just in the USA but to the entire world.  So don’t take it personally – I don’t.  I clearly said that right next to the rate it says 20-25. October.  If you don’t like it or understand that, hang up now.

Not t=30 minutes ago, I heard the new dates are the 25.October to the 3.November.  That was before the call started.  I just got a text from another bank saying 20-25th is still on their schedule.  I now have to wait to find out if the other bank didn’t get the message or what.  I am waiting to talk to my trusted sources.  Meanwhile, many have said to me that this is still on the cards to happen any time.

In Iraq, they said in the mosques that the laws are complete to protect their money in the banks and they are urging people to put their money in the banks, that they are insured as with the equivalent of the FDIC.  If anyone takes their money, they will be prosecuted.  They need that so that when this money starts flowing, they won’t withdraw all their money.  The funds are on the cards, and they need to have that money on deposit so they can do their fractional banking in Iraq.  They want to build confidence in the banks now that it’s going international.

We are still in a good spot.  I told you what I heard just before the call started.  Everything has been accomplished and we truly don’t know what they are waiting for.  Yesterday the banks got a new date, and today they got told a window. That’s where we are at.  I really didn’t think we would be here today;  we should have gone over the weekend.  The date the banks got last night was still within our window, and then they got a new window this morning.  We have to wait and see what happens.

404 caller:  You said that you had the option of not being on this call – is that an option you could choose, or an option given to you by your sources?

Tony:  Did I say that??  I don’t recall saying anything like that. I would prefer not to be on this call and was hoping not to HAVE this call.  I didn’t think we would have this call today.  On Monday, everyone was so excited and ready to go, and we even had a time.  Every call could possibly be the last call, and our information keeps telling us we are within that time frame.  The people calling me are so excited because so many people are being notified, and then it doesn’t happen.  We are getting this information from around the world, so they are jerking everyone around now!

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  So we can celebrate the end of an era…

951 caller:  I’ve been trying to get on the call forever!  Do we need to have accounts set up ahead of time?

Tony:  My understanding is that some banks will only exchange their prior customers.  Other banks will accept anyone and give them the option to move their funds.

Caller:  Someone stole some of my dong, and I have receipts.  [my computer crashed]

Tony:  There is not much you can do about it, if they stole it now;  afterwards it would be a different question.  I would document the theft on my computer and notarize it, for your own peace of mind.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

702 caller:  I’m on a day-by-day.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

559 caller:  I have my bags packed, in the car, waiting for the call!  We heard that Wells Fargo is doing some stuff today;  how does that affect everyone on the two different coasts, given that the East Coast will hear things first?  Will that be an issue?

Tony:  When you hear WF is going to do something, is that announcing the RV or early exchanges?

Caller:  Possibly to start scheduling appointments?

Tony:  There are a lot of rumors out there.  Most of the early exchanges that have taken place have been East Coast to the Midwest.  Last time there were exchanges, there were 20 locations, and not that many at each one.  The banks have their lists of people who purchased currency from them, and it makes sense that they call their loyal customers.  I think that when it really happens, everyone will get word at the same time. When it is announced in Iraq, I have at least ten people who will call me, so we will be notified. It’s not anything they can hide, so it will be announced to everyone at the same time, and everyone will have equal access to the contract rates.

Caller:  So this window, it sounds like they might be pushing it to the beginning of next month.  A lot of people will be on pins and needles, so can you possibly tweet when you hear at the end of the day?

Tony:  Take away their anticipation, you mean?  If I can get it from the right people, and confirmation from reliable people, yes, I can do that.  I don’t normally, but if all the actions  point to a later window, then I can let you all know so you can relax and enjoy your weekend.

Caller:  I still anticipate the 20th to the 25th, and I’m sending you a contribution, too.

Tony:  Remember, they still have this on their cards.  Shop-owners, merchants, ordinary citizens… even if they were lying to me, why would they lie to other countries who don’t have TNT calls?  I am looking at the big picture, and it’s on their cards, but they haven’t been paid this month.  They are doing this for a reason.  I am still looking for that time frame until it’s gone, because it makes sense.  I try to do what I can do.  I talk to my team and see where the pieces fit (or not) and then bring it to you.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Here we come!

719 caller:  I was hoping to be more than super-fantastic, but I’m a lady in waiting.  For the guy who had his dong stolen, he can take the cost as a tax-deduction on his Schedule D, and offset his gains.  But he’d need a notarized statement that it was stolen.  He’d have to do that for what he paid for it, because he didn’t realize the gain.  He can get with a tax attorney and see what he can do, but if he wants to take the value after RV, he’d need a police report.  He has to have some kind of statement that gives the facts.

We’ve been hearing the lower denominations and the coins were coming out by the 20th.  What is happening in Iraq that this keeps being delayed??

Tony:  Okay.  The banks the said the window is the 20-25;  the guy in Iraq said that this would be released on the 20th, and it didn’t happen at that time.  They were also told the fils and the lower denoms would come out.  This means that other people are making PM Abadi look bad and causing people to lose confidence, because he keeps putting out the messages that the reform is complete.  So that is why people are losing confidence in him. I don’t think the president of any country would intentionally make himself look bad.  He is trying to put this out in the time frame and they are not allowing him to move that fast or on the dates he stated.  How many times can one cry wolf?  It’s up to the Iraqi people to decide when enough is enough.

Caller:  I’m surprised the agencies would do that to him. They keep saying all these laws have been passed, and the various gurus say that Iraq is moving forward. Is Parliament at odds with some of these laws?  Or is it outside sources holding them up?

Tony:  We have been watching this for years.  We always knew that there were battles going back and forth between Iraq, the PM, Parliament, etc.  We saw articles going back and forth, but now we see none of that.  There is a united front apart from how to handle Maliki, and even that is going on behind closed doors.  We see no controversy about HCL, etc., so there must be another issue holding this up, whether it’s about removing people from office, those in the banks or shops ripping people off..  Those are the things being accomplished now.  Do we need to have every T crossed before we see the RV?  No.  They do still need to grow, but this is holding up the world’s economy because that is all based on the foundation fo the dinar.  I think it’s an outside influence, because nobody intentionally makes themselves look bad. There is no benefit to them apart from keeping people from rioting in the streets, but that won’t last that long.

That goat and anyone who is telling you January, 2016 – can they tell you exactly why they think it is going to be that date?  I can tell you everything that says it IS going to happen;  can you tell me the information that supports it happening mid-January, or whenever?  We can show you right now is when the banks, the mosques and the government of Iraq is saying, so kindly give me the same information.

Caller:  People get upset about the Mtn Goat, but that person is not being forthright about who they are, where they are or even their gender.  Actually, I wonder if that person is being paid to encourage people to give up!  They are saying ‘it’s on, it’s off, it’s this date, no, it’s later’…

Tony:  There are people out there like that – people in groups and it’s clear that is their job. I understand that.  There are some idiots out there who call themselves gurus, and they are mad this hasn’t happened.  You can and should listen to what everyone says;  that is what I did when I first started looking into this.  I do have enough sense to stop listening to them when they stop making sense, even me!  If there is someone out there with better information, listen to them.  I don’t listen to those other people any more.

Caller:  The Goat is only posting from old articles that come out after the fact. Hopefully this will be done and we can move forward. We are not going to Vegas but we would like to attend one of Ray’s workshops, if you could post them on the site.

Tony:  Pam…?  There are concerns I got today about China becoming a reserve currency, like the US dollar is a reserve currency.  There is nothing wrong with that, and the IMF was supposed to announce it yesterday.  That is different from the NBC article saying China is asking for the yuan to be a GLOBAL reserve currency.  That is like the Euro, with a group of countries all using one currency when working with each other.  I don’t see that happening, personally, because who would dominate that?  The whole world would be affected when one country/currency went up or down.

770 caller:  We keep blowing past all these windows with erroneous reasons why.  What would be any incentive to do what needs to be done and move this on?  Someone must be benefiting from these delays, because the average citizen certainly doesn’t.  From what we understand, the Iraqis are struggling and their government looks bad.  How can you do that over and over again?  Someone has to be getting something out of this.  [saying the same thing over and over again]

Tony:  We know this, and all I can tell you is what they are telling their people and what they are getting prepped for.  The banks are going through the same thing, people coming in early, making lists, staying late last night, ready to go.  I heard that Canada was to go on Tuesday morning.  I can’t be concerned about how or when, all I can do is give you the information.  I have been told that we will not go until the average Iraqi citizen goes, and I’m rooting for them to go so that we can go.  We’re not going to exchange until the average Iraqi citizen has been paid.  A few people here and Iraq and in Canada have already exchanged as part of moving the process forward.  All we can do is to hope that whatever is holding this up let’s go and this goes forward.  Many people in the US are still on alert, and we won’t know what’s going on until later this afternoon.  All they can go is stay ready.

I don’t know that we are suffering just so that they can make money… or if we are waiting for the benefit from those other people who don’t’ have currency but may suffer if this is not prepared right.  At one point, we could have exchanged, but the dollar would have lost a lot of its value and everyone would have suffered.  “They” don’t’ have to hold this so they can make money – they have money, and they will get even more when this goes through.  The privileged will have even more privileges, and we will have some as well.  They are not doing lots of exchanges;  they are doing five here and ten there.  They are training new people because the ones from four years ago have moved on.  They are doing these few exchanges as a training exercise.  I don’t mind, because I know the rate and I know that we are going to get this.  Nothing we say can affect the decisions our government makes that relate to other countries and the global economy. That will not affect our rates or our participation, and there is no reason for us to be involved because we’re annoyed that someone got paid in front of us.

One day we’re going to get paid, at this rate.  They don’t care that you are annoyed and upset that others have been paid in front of us.  I want to get paid, too!  But I’ve been told four separate times that I have to wait.  So I’m doing everything I can while I can.  They are not going to change the schedule and goal because the internet people are angry.  All we can do is find out how close we are to that step.

Pam:  I’m here, just waiting for the caller to stop ranting and taking up all the time. I know there are others who feel that way, but this the most complex financial transaction in the history of mankind and it’s not about us.  It’s global!

Ray:  Continue to enjoy When am I going to see it Wednesday…

Tony:  I understand the frustration, but there is so much positive going on, and the last set of numbers was so much better.  It’s all good, and the timing is very much here, not just from what they are saying but the actions being taken.  The memos, the rates are all good.  Don’t worry about the timing, focus on getting ready and making sure you have a plan to create a legacy.  Put your emotional energy there. We are not going to fight the US government over something that we cannot change.

I probably won’t find out until this afternoon what everyone else is doing and saying.  We do have to pay the bills (though I didn’t think we’d have to).  Enjoy the rest of your day.  There is nothing pointing to January.  Every source I have is pointing to this month.  I heard the last day is the 3. November and I told you that right away… and that might be because I gave you the dates 20-25. October.  I truly hope we will not be here on Friday but if we have to, we will.