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TNT Call Notes 23-July-2014

Tony: Good morning, TNT! Today is Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014 and it’s National Hotdog Day! We may all have to have one later… You in the chat room can explain later what kind you want to have, post pictures, and all the rest.

We’ll have a good informative call today, because things are going on. People are asking about PayPal, and they have changed it so that you can say you are making a donation.  That way they get a percentage, and they want their money. Our guy will fix the donate page.

I wanted to send out a tweet saying the light at the end of the tunnel is getter brighter every day, but I’ll leave that to DC.

DC: East to west, as usual. We were given yet another call to keep everything light and non-controversial because there is still more sensitive stuff going on. We can still give you some meat, just not the final stuff on top.  Iraq still has all their people ready. There are a few folks still changing, but the Presidency position is ready to go. There was a bad bombing in Baghdad and that delayed Parliament, but we should still get some announcements today. Parliament, CBI, border security are all ready. ISIS is under duress and being dealt with. Maliki is physically in Iraq, and would like the honour of doing the RV announcement, but will probably not get PM or anything else, so he is pushing on issues relating to the announcement. He is still around, just like our politicians who had a great deal of power still have a lot of influence, like Bill Clinton.  He hasn’t been in power for years, but still has influence by virtue of his personality, etc.  Iraq is ready to go and highly frustrated, especially the banks and the Qi cards. That is
causing a lot of grief because there are still different rates according to location.  The CBI is connected to all the banking systems, and everything is ready in Iraq. They are just waiting on announcement times.

Tony: They said they would announce the President this morning and now they are saying they will do it on Thursday or Friday. They are announcing that on the news. Yesterday they said there was a new PM, but didn’t say who it is. This morning they went in to take the Parliament vote; it was delayed two hours. We are waiting for the results now.

DC: The UN Security Council is happy with all the people selected, like they were last week as well. In DC, everyone is ready at the IMF and the UST, administration guys, Senators and Reps and committees have all been briefed. Law enforcement is ready, too, and the banks are all tooling up, even those who said they wouldn’t touch it until it’s actually announced. They are paying more attention at least, although they haven’t made actual changes as yet. Everything is nicely tuned up and waiting on the announcement of the RV and the Presidency and PM. They should occur at the same time or close to it. There are official plans ready to be implemented, and we just have to see how those turn out.

Tony: We are definitely NOT being controversial today. Obviously things are great and we’re excited where they are. We are only going to do a call for an hour. Anyone who has asked a question in the last month, please put your hand down, and give other folks a chance. We are letting the people in charge know what your questions still are. We need to know at this point “What do we do when the bell rings?” That is where you should be concentrating now. We don’t know about the plan and timeline yet, but those will come out, so you should be concerned about what you plan to do when that bell rings.

919 caller: If everything is so good everywhere, primed and good to go, why are we not at the banks exchanging? I know you are going to say that we are waiting for Iraq to announce it. What incentive do they have to announce, when they have a currency that they have been trading for months in the back rooms?

Tony: You are absolutely right. I’m giving you a dose of reality this morning.  Everything you said makes sense. What I need to say to answer that takes me into exactly what they have asked us not to talk about. DC?

DC: I can tell you the noncontroversial stuff and you’ll just have to figure out the middle part. We know that all the people in line are happy. Parliament has to be seated, and they are working on that. The CBI has done everything they need to, and they have communicated that to the world banking system. They world banks say they are good, too, and then they ran a few checks by exchanging a few people, as tests. That works well. The UST assisted in that. If all those people are ready and everyone’s playing nice, then I would argue that the next step is pretty straightforward. We were asked to keep it light and I hate not answering your question completely, but we don’t want to be an excuse for someone to get mad.

Caller: Everyone is frustrated, with the same reasons and excuses… in a circle.

DC: Sure. It’s been a rollercoaster. Let’s hope it all stays on track.
Tony: Especially today. We said certain things were supposed to happen, and they didn’t.  Then we can talk about it, after the fact. It was supposed to happen last week, and they are saying WE are the reason it didn’t because supposedly we gave out too much information. Now everyone seems poised on the brink; there is always too much time between agreeing and doing. I have an idea for that. Usually, everybody get together, come back in, cooler heads prevail, they decide to do whatever, everyone goes and does what they are supposed to do, and five minutes before the end it gets screwed again. My idea is for everyone to get geared up, THEN have the meeting and immediately press the button and get it over with. We do know some things have changed, even this morning (and we said, “Man, what took them so long?!”). It’s a good day, guys!

817 caller: Although our attention has been focused back on Iraq, what are you seeing coming together regarding the TRN? We have heard the TRN will only be used between banks and countries; if this is the case, we will be operating under dual currencies because I don’t trust the Fed not to print more fiat money. Is this a holdup by the UST
wanting to get their ducks in a row? Please observe the 55mph speed limit in your speech…

DC: The TRN or Treasury Reserve Notes… there will NOT be a dual-currency situation in the US. There are notes that are associated with it, as investment-grade notes. The entire TRN would be nice to have with the RV, but it’s not necessarily involved. It’s no big deal,
according to some senior Treasury folks. They have held off for a lot of different reasons, but that is not one of them. We are not going over to yellow or purple dollars. The real use of the TRN is for international trading and investments.

Caller: If we are going to an asset-backed currency, and the FRN is monopoly money, how will that affect us going out of the country?

DC: There are several who have this question. TRNs are notes as in a mortgage or unsecured loan note. The US dollar will still be there. The Fed is not going away; a dollar will still be a dollar and others will take our currency. There is a complication about going to the asset-backed currency and still using the Fed system. What’s going to happen is the
Fed pumping money into that system, and it will take six more months before there are zero dollars going into the system. The Fed will still be managing it, but there will not be as great a need tor the Fed to be as active in the market. There will be more stability because of greater reserves in dinar, gold, etc. Other countries who have asset-backed currencies will make everyone feel really good about their currency. There will be adjustments made to all the currencies. We are talking about 1-2%, not much. Also, the US will be expanding, as people consume more. That will stabilize the world economy.  These scenarios have been studied since the 1960s – how do you adjust for this kind of massive currency change. By bringing everyone up and make the US more stable with greater reserves and a greater economy, it will be a more stable economy with more people willing to accept the dollar. The dollar will still be around, with a minor drop as other currencies rise. A rising tide brings up all the ships, including the US. The Fed will still be around, but they won’t have to do as much work.

Tony: After the RV, we hope to have one last call to let you know what to expect for the next six months or so.

832 caller: I haven’t asked a question for six weeks. For future investment, where should we read or do research, especially for currencies?

DC: I get business ideas by reading widely. I read quite a bit of standard financial papers, worldwide especially for currency stuff. I also read the London Times, the Financial Time, the Economist, and the WSJ; those will give you a feel for where the world is going. Then
read in areas that you favour, like “Iraq is coming up, so I want to know more about their security and economy and political situation.” There are really good currency-specific articles, and there are currency letters (by email) that speak the same language you are
trying to speak.

Tony: I don’t want to talk about what I look at because people will say I’m endorsing things.  I signed up for various letters, and every day I get emails about stocks, industries, and such. I sign up and then I go and investigate. You will be able to see the currencies that went with the GCCR and what didn’t. This is going to happen a couple of times. There are another 11 currencies that will come behind this, and you can blow this one out of the water if you get the right ones. They will make it a lot harder, but where there is a will, there’s a way. You will have to do some work to figure out the connections – not what you know but who you know. So look at that route…

Caller: I’ll be 32 next month and one of my fears is just watching this money just go out, like the government keeps saying. At my age, where would you put my money to get a secure monthly income?

DC: I am going to divide up my money, after tax. The taxman gets his check first. Of the post-tax amount, I will divide it into several different piles: 5% for fun stuff, like cars. The remaining will be divided into buckets. One will go into a ‘grandmotherly’ conservative investment at about 4%. If I want to earn $40,000 per year, then a million will have to go into that bucket to provide for basic needs like housing, food, a bit of travel. Where do you find that 4%? Look at munis in highly-rated states that are not in debt (not California). I’d
looked RNPs; I’m looking into conservative ones that pay dividends. I’m also looking into blue chips that pay dividends and go on forever. There are annuities; I think I can do better than that, but those are good investments for a conservative play to cover expenses. I’ll add a good amount there so I’ll have plenty to play with. Then I’ll put the rest into middle-risk investments to (for example) pay for college or for my daughter’s wedding. I’ll work with a financial advisor to place those funds I won’t need immediately. I will also put money into high-risk programs like starting my own companies. I can do that knowing my family needs will be covered. I see it in blocks. You need to have your monthly income covered no matter what. Then I’ll need X amount for each child as they turn 18. Then there are the high-risk investments. Plus you should look into put money into different trusts that are totally separate from each other.

Caller: Thanks, and thanks for these calls. They help make sure more of us do NOT fall into that percentage of folks going broke in two years.

Tony: I like annuities for the average person, because I’ve never seen one go broke. They assume the risk; they spread it out, yet give you your return. There are some going up to 10%, and I like annuities because they give you that monthly check. They pay out in case of accidents, and you can use them just to double your current income. It’s a low-stress way to use this money to create an income. There are many available throughout the country and you can do research on your own.

Forum: What happened to the people who were guaranteed the higher rate it if didn’t come out in 30 days? They were paid and they are happy.

Q: Will there be a Canadian contract rate? Our understanding is that you have to be a US citizen or resident for six months or more.

Q: With the BRICS live, how long can the US system operate without imploding? DC: It can operate indefinitely; the US economy is strong enough to do that. The BRICS system is like a BRICS IMF, basically funding their countries. It was bound to happen, to give those countries coming up in the world more influence and power. I am big believer in this RV resetting the world’s economies, but I’m bullish on those countries having the most dinar: the US, the UK, China, Australia.

Q: If we ask for the contract rate, what will the banks ask of us? They will charge a flat 2% and afterwards, the money is yours to do with as you will.

Q: Are baskets 1 and 2 combined? How will we know when future baskets will go? Who is going to be there to tell them to get ready?
DC: Everyone has learned a lot from this experience; they don’t want another five million people doing this again, so there will be a lot of restrictions. They will limit the connections with ‘gurus’, raising the amounts required for accredited investors; you will have to read a
great deal to find out what is happening.

Tony: It’s going back to the banks and the good ol’ boy network to get into this deal. You should definitely do your homework.

DC: You’ll just have to figure it out for yourself. Once this leaks out, there will be a lot more credibility, and a lot more people will pile into it. That’s one of the reasons to keep people quiet, so that people who have been told in the past and didn’t buy it will go out and buy
currency based on random information.

Tony: After this happens, maybe those same people who scammed you out of your dinar and dong might try to scam others out of their new currencies. Investigate and find out.

Q: If the RV released beyond CL, Janet Yellen and CBI’s approval? We won’t answer that.

Q: Why isn’t the US helping Iraq? We are helping, but we also have to let Iraq learn on its own. Everyone is up in their business, and really they need to get out of Iraq’s business and let the figure it out. Actually Iraq is maturing nicely. After this goes, there will be much
less interest in Iraq.

Tony: Will people be going to Dubai, Kuwait or Iraq on vacation?
DC: The amount of money pouring into that part of the world is amazing. Those of us who have visited have been amazed at the reconstruction. It also has a tremendous amount of historical background, so it will be a really neat travel area.

Q from HI: Will we have to fly to the mainland as we don’t have WF or tier 1 banks here?
DC: I asked this specifically, and was told that tier 2 banks will exchange for you. If they are not treating you right, you might want to fly over to the mainland.

Q: If we sign the NDA for the contract rate, what is stopping the PTB from taking it all from you later with the excuse that you have talked about the RV when you have not.
DC: They have to prove that you talked about it. You have to be able to take oath that, even if you’ve been asked, you have never talked about it, not even to your drinking buddies. Just don’t talk about it to anyone.

903 caller: I went into a WF bank in Alabama and talked to a private banker about foreign currency. He asked what I have, and said that they will have nothing to do with it, ever.  He was Texas gentleman, and he looked at me like I was an idiot and said it was a scam.
Tony: It will be all right. You’ll walk back in and he’ll be educated. Unfortunately that is part of the growth process he has to go through. Nothing we can do about it, but it’s almost over now.

Next caller: Will all the big five banks have contract rates for both dinar and dong?
DC: We don’t know at this point.

Caller: Thanks, and I pray that by the end of the season, you will no longer be responsible for feeding all the baby birds; we will be out of the nest and flying like eagles.  Oh, and what is a muni?
DC: It’s a municipal bond that is tax-free; Wikipedia has a good explanation.

Tony: We’ll finish there. We should have a good weekend.

DC: Everyone is ready to go in Iraq and the US. We understand they are working on a plan and I hope it’s the final one. We are back in the good graces of whomever, and we are on the list to help walk people through the first 10-14 days. Other credible people will be on that as well.

Ray: It’s been a blast, looking for this to wrap up, and post-RV, you can find me in the

Tony: We are hearing nothing but good information at this time. There is a plan and everyone is happy with the plan. They are determining the timeframe with a few tweaks to make this happen, so we will sit back and let it happen. We have more information and
details that we are not allowed to give out, but everything we are hearing is great. It’s not done yet, because you are not at the banks, but if they can stop leaving so much time between release and implementation. We were supposed to hear announcements today,
they pushed it off to tomorrow, so we’ll see. If something happens, I’ll send out a tweet. On that note, enjoy your day!

TNT Monday


TONY – Good afternoon, TNT. It’s a great day in the neighborhood. DC is here. It was a nice, quiet weekend, right DC? Everybody understand that we had a really good call on Friday about meetings and decisions taking place. Over the weekend you were expecting tweets to keep you informed. There are still meetings going and all those people are still getting together to make final decisions. There was no hold-up, fuss or fight. Just final decisions, some of what need to be made today. We are close to the end. Sometimes the madness will stop. The call we had on Friday was informative for a whole lot of people, esp. people who didn’t know who dinarians are. They were interested in your goals and plans for all this money.

T – There are def people out there who don’t want you to have it. But there are many more people proud to be on your side after Friday’s call. We showed how we can help our fellow man. So, thank-you for expressing that part.

DC – Our conference call on Friday had some unexpected people listening. They were very complimentary of us. The rest of the world is moving towards the RV. East to west: first of all, they have everybody picked out and ready to go. There was a little fussing. The articles are a little behind the times. But we understand every position is picked out and ready to go. They are waiting for specific timelines – 2 they are working on. They have been trying to hold off until the 3 main positions are released. CBI, new speaker, PM, etc. are all ready.

DC – The fighting in Anbar is being dealt with and they are decimating the ISIS. Iraq is ready to go. Not much else to say. Timelines have been leaked out (but not by us). T – Iraq is great. But that’s what you said on previous calls. Why is that? DC – Simply, because they have been ready. It’s now just a coordination schedule with everyone else. They have been trying to coordinate with the int’l community, specifically the USA.

DC – The UN Security Council is okay with everybody they’ve picked. The IMF is helping with their usual stuff. The US is helping with some coordination. There are a little bit politics being played about when it gets revealed. Quite simply, that’s what we’re waiting on. Not that much has changed. Everybody was quite happy with the outcome of the meetings over the weekend. It’s kind of a non-answer, and there’s not that much to say.

T – And that’s a good thing. There’s really not that much more to say. Banks have been ready for months and months now. Final plans are being laid out. The IMF is ready. BIS is ready. World Bank is ready. Iraq definitely has everything they need, from their banking system to the QI Cards, to the GOI, speakers, PM, president, etc. It’s all got to be coordinated to that one hour so speculators don’t jump on it. That’s really the fine point. Others can say this and that has to happen, but most of those things have already happened.

DC – Timing is being extremely closely-held. They want everybody involved to be really, really prepared. In the past they spent hours and hours going through it, training, checklists, etc. Then somebody got in the way and messed it up. So the mentality now is to basically give everybody a super-broad timeline, pull the trigger, and let everybody catch up with it. They told everybody they are free to pull this trigger at anytime they want to and let everyone catch up. That makes sense.

T – They can’t give too much time or someone will mess it up. Finally, there is where we’re at. The decision will be made and it will go. No pre-warning to the banks. We’re waiting for that one call or tweet, however they decide to do that. What should we expect after it happens?

DC – You’ll have a lot of banks scrambling to catch up. Everybody is so well-rehearsed it will go well. There’s a 75% chance guru-types (including Tony and myself) will do call and give explanations for about 7-14 days. We’re back on to the training calls, we’ll get the 800#s to tweet out, then to a very straight-forward calls explaining everything. T – Guys, we have no window, so don’t ask. Our goal, for us as dinarians, is to just get through this thing, get our procedures and go. All we need to do is anticipate when the announcement will be made, then have your plan ready when it is.

T – You should have your 10 things ready to go. We’re not going to be crazy. They now understand we are not some crazy mob who will riot and tear up the streets. We are educated. Let’s prove them wrong that 90% will be broke in 2 years. Have your plan and work your plan.


C – At this point, most of us realize that we get different info for different reasons from different levels. Please explain what you go through to get the intel/info. T – We get info and try to verify it from 3-4 different gov’t sources. We also go out of our area, out of the country. We have Canada, UK, Iraqi citizens, businesses, gov’t officials, many different countries (Holland, New Zealand, China, etc.) and they bring us the info and we put the pieces together to put together a likely scenario. We always get more info than we give you because a whole of people can’t handle the truth. We try to take that part away from you as much as we can. It can change multiple times a day, i.e., news articles vs. what we already know has taken place. They usually do things 2 days before it’s released to us.

T – My telephone starts going off at 4:30 AM in the morning to 11PM at night. And those calls aren’t for Tony – they’re for you. They are trying to help you. This morning, for instance, stuff happened over the weekend. Mandela, MLK, Ghandi went through it. I was asked if I was going to go through it, too.

DC – Most of our sources truly believe they are helping others. A lot of my sources I know personally. My boss told me that Tony is the least full of BS. That’s why I joined this. Why do people put up with the personal attacks? We do it because our sources want to help make a better mankind. We don’t always get the best info from high sources. They all have different viewpoints depending on their affiliations, i.e., the UST, Parliament, etc. We put the pieces together.

C – There are no WF banks in West Virginia. I called a lot of their 800#s in the eastern USA and none would discuss anything related to the dinar or dong with me. Where should I go?

T – They won’t discuss it with you until it happens. Afterwards we will get a list of 800#s of banks in your area.

T – I placed an order with Sterling through WF and they closed my account for “risky business practices.” These people you’re calling now don’t know at their level.

C – One of the 800#s I called told me I would have to go to TX to exchange or wait a week to get the money. DC – Very few banks have a De LaRue Machine that are built to handle the dinar. Most will send it off and credit you overnight.

C – Do we still need CCC (Clean & Clear Certificates)? DC – Most likely no. However, if you’re buying an expensive house where you don’t live in one now, they might ask for proof of funds. Most of the time the banker can give they a call on your behalf and verify.

T – Banks have a Foreign Currency Book now. You can go ahead and start checking the 7 specific points you check and verify yourself. Go in there with confidence.

C – On last Wednesday’s call you said we need to make a decision and “they” keep wavering back and forth. They’ve already done this a few times, i.e., back in November, the elite, the F&F program, etc. So, being this close, could they cheat us out of what was promised to us by giving us the int’l rate and telling us to be happy? I get the idea they (PTB) thinks a bit less of us. I don’t trust what’s going on.

DC – You’re looking for reassurance and, if not, some other scenarios to look into. There are some bad apples in this and history will show it. And law enforcement will deal with that. There are a tremendous number of people trying to maximize and make this as profitable and smooth as possible. The vast majority are very much in that camp.

DC – In terms of other scenarios, this will be like the wild, wild west. It will be extremely volatile and then settle down like Kuwait. Playing the Forex game is for those with advanced understanding. It’s tough to do (playing the market). You could lose your ass. The trader’s market is full of sharks. The vast majority will take the street rate and that’s a great return on their investment.

C – Regarding the 800#s, have you gotten anymore clarification? DC – It’s like a yo-yo and changes all the time. Right now we feel we will be helping you mostly because of the Friday call and who was on that call listening. If it’s not us, fine. But we want somebody to help y’all through this.

C – I never hear from anybody else about a contract rate, just an int’l rate. T – Believe me, if I had never told you about the higher rates my life would be so much easier now. But it made things easier for scammers to prey on you (by you not knowing). But we know thru our sources that those rates should still be in place. Those opportunities will be there for those on these calls and who are actively engaged. They will not be there for 4M other people.

C – Some of us feel there might be some motivation there for the PTB to plan meetings to plan meetings. Frustration gets to the level where they keep putting this off and more of us will say “screw it, just give me an int’l rate.”

T – I understand that.

DC – The entire process has made everybody frustrated. It’s palpable in everybody I speak with. I don’t have words to describe how frustrated I am.

C – Is the dong still with the dinar?

T – Yes, I believe it is.

C – Can you take someone with you other than your lawyer? There are people with sight problems who might need help.

T – If someone is disabled I’m sure they will let you help them.

C – It’s hard to find a lawyer. Any suggestions?

DC – We will all need really good tax attorneys and reps for sure. I just don’t have a good answer for you on that.

T – If they do this process like we think they will, I don’t think you’re going to need an attorney there for the 1st appointment. This first meeting is about signing the NDA and exchanging. Hopefully when we get the package we can review everything.

DC – Think “cattle call.”

C – Have you gotten any updates from the banks on how they’re going to handle reserves? Will they lock in our rate at the 1st appointment? If they won’t what happens?

T – It would be wise and make sense for them to lock in your rate up front, but until we get the package we don’t know. Remember that the dealers will be exchanging at the int’l rate. You always have that option. Either way it works for you if it’s just that rate. Explore your options, banks, rates, dealers, etc. Don’t get locked in until we get the package.

C – Can my adult 3 children go in with me?

T – No, if they’re adults they’ll need their own appointments.

C – Can we talk with friends and family that signed NDAs? DC – We understand that the NDA is transaction-specific. It will cover everything related to that transaction, so you won’t be able to discuss it with anyone. I think it’s going to be a big issue.

C – How are you going to know if people get treated fairly and what rates they got if everybody is under and NDA?

T – We will discuss it with some who have exchanged. We just don’t talk to bankers.

C – When EF Hutton talks everyone listens, like the Holy Spirit talks I listen. He told me in January that the Iraqi dinar was going to shoot up overnight this year in July or August.

C – What about Wyoming trusts? Do you know anything about them?

T – I would definitely talk to a trust attorney. Wyoming does have really good trusts that no one else has.

T – There are ways to structure your trusts if you don’t think the beneficiaries can handle it.
C – Earlier DC said there was a decision-maker. Who is that?

DC – If I said there is one person, then I misspoke. It’s a group of people.

C – Are there any ramifications for the US if this is continually delayed? DC – Yes, there are all sorts of issues economically, politically, regulations, everything. Delays have a real cost.

T – Ray says the Zim will be ZWN.

C – I have a little dong and dinar. I cannot find receipts but I have the letter of authenticity.

T – I’m not sure you’ll need that. It’s a currency exchange of currency for currency. You can always take it back to where you bought it as they’ll have record of the purchase. You can go to the bank and at least 1 dealer will come to you. If they want to take it, do it. They won’t require receipts as long as it’s good currency.

C – Now that we’ve gotten rid of Maliki’s skanky ass, who’s on first now? If it’s the Dragon Family, tell them we are humanitarian, not political or bankers. I’m going to have a huge foundation because I don’t do anything small. This is causing more stress by waiting. 99% of Americans are fed up with the Cabal, the Bushes, Cheney, et. al. I’m damn ready. We know what we are going to do and how to do it. Just bring it on!

RECAP: DC – Iraq is ready. There were important meetings on Friday and Saturday. There won’t be much spin-up time. They’ll pull the trigger and everybody has to be ready. My belief is that all parties are picked. They have enough votes and ready to go. It could be anytime now.

T – Belief it or not, it was a good weekend. Some decisions were made over the weekend and today. Every agency is ready. All green lights. We’re just waiting for somebody to give the go. Again, hopefully we’ll be able to send out that RV announcement tweet as soon as possible. I can’t give you a window to get you excited, but I can tell it can be at anytime. 99% of the people involved are ready and are trying to decide the best time. END OF CALL.

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