Every Single thing you are doing is chosing a direction <3

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“In every single thing you do, you

are choosing a direction. Your life

is a product of choices.”

Dr. Kathleen Hall


My wife was telling me today about

a recent luncheon she had, and how

disappointed she was that the two

other women spent the whole time

complaining about people.


So she won’t go with them again.


Sandy was not judging the other

women as being wrong, she was

just being true to her choice not

to be around negative energy.


Our life is a product of our choices,

and one of the most important

choices is who we associate with.


If we associate with generally upbeat

and positive people, our lives will

reflect that.


If we associate with negative people,

we’ll wonder why we’re always

feeling discouraged and tense.


In my experience, it seems that the

negative people outnumber the

positive ones, so we have to choose



We also have to BE positive and

supportive so they will choose us!


If you’re in a negative environment

at work, it’s better to eat lunch alone

than to subject yourself to an hour of

negative gossip, gloom and doom

just to have company.


What if the negative people are

family? Well, as I’ve heard Bob

Proctor say, just don’t go as often

and don’t stay as long. Take

responsibility for your environment.


You’ll be glad you did.


Many blessings,


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