Ghostwriter: Wake Up Before Its too Late!

The Ghost Writer Wrote:
Dinarians you had better wake up and fast, you had better ask some questions and make a noise or you will surely regret you inaction and your blind golden retriever faithfulness.ghost_writer_quill_ink
This is and always was, to be, a Blessing! A blessing to those who knew it was up to them to change the world from every echelon of society, in every conceivable way.
Do not fall to manipulations and the hypnosis of those who will do anything and everything to put you and keep you, down and enslaved.
So which pill did you swallow? Did you take the RED pill or the BLUE pill. Just in case you took the blue pill and drifted off in blissful ignorance of your situation, forever lost, smelling the rainbow farts of unicorns as they leap over the fluff clouds of Dodoville, the red pill awaits you if you chose to read on.
You better wise up and fast!
The whole world awaits the US getting their ducks in a row and the show on the road, they are for sure getting some show on the road. The show of the government, the show of those slimy individuals who will not relinquish control, who will not change. They are up to it again, yet still the Dinarian family is fed their nightly calming platitudes as they drift off into sleep dreaming of a better future which is supposedly just a day or two away.
Wake Up Now!
You have heard from Bluwolf and some others about the skulduggery at play in California, Boston, Utah etc, but whats really going on there?
Some say a scam, some say a sting, they could be wrong, and still the world waits, waits for the greatest show on earth to begin!
Why are we not at the bank?
Why is the designated Clearance Bank not allowed to start to process us?
Why isn’t Wells Fargo allowed to process the big groups, yes those under Madam Wu, the Stanley, Studley, G64 groups, why are they being hindered, why are they being sidelined.
Why are the group leaders from the G64 not standing up and asking questions loudly? Why are they not addressing the problem proactively now, with the banks? Many put their trust in you, get off your asses and on those phones!
Why is the world at large waiting? … Oh its for the perfect moment! … Balderdash! There will never be the right moment, there is only ever the one moment of Now and it is time for the release of this blessing.
Those fools who think they are so clever as to exchange early have been themselves shocked, the funds are not available and you can show any ticket you want but you cannot access them till public release. Were you all too greedy? Do you think that these lower tiers would be allowed to double dip as the others did. No you were set up in more than one way. Firstly you got hit with very low rates, you are going to cry at the end of the day. Secondly you are going to find after all those fees and lined item costs you paid – California exchange at Banco Santander, paid out on SKR, vouchers, tickets – however you wish to call them, after $3 they got $1.78 and those funds will not clear – you are going to find that you were paid through one person, resident in one of the highest taxing states and you made it to the list for further taxation at those high state rates, so you are going to lose even more when its taxed on the $3 and not on net. Big Oooops there!
Then we had the Bank of America exchanging at $18 in Boston and Chase in Utah at $14 etc. etc. … I really could go on if necessary, but you get the point … you’re not getting paid yet!
Why are you not getting paid is the question? Who is making money? How are they making money? Why are the Dinarians being shafted? Why is there a continual delay for this Blessing?
Why is the UST processing through other banks?
What could they get to gain by taking in x amount of dinars at a very reduced rate?
Where is the contract rate going?
Why are we all being primed to take street rate without a fuss?
There are so many whys and perhaps if action doesn’t start or you don’t think of them yourselves, I’ll have to put together something, which hits a little harder! Right between the legs!
Don t be complacent, don’t let the devil get into the details of this exchange!
So get asking questions before its all too late!
You many repost if you wish to.
By the Ghost Writer


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