Mnt Goat – “In-Country Announcement of A Fully Seated Govt”

UU6655 – “In-Country Announcement of A Fully Seated Govt”

Hi Everyone,

I come to you today to give you a recent update on the election process and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq.

Note: If you have not read my previous news letter from Wednesday 8/20, I encourage you to first read it. Today’s news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process.

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Today is Saturday 08/23 and yesterday Iraq made the announcement we have been waiting on. Yes- the announcement of a fully formed and seated government including now the prime minister (no longer a designate) and all his council of ministers (or cabinet). I personally have seen correspondence from other countries congratulating them on the timely completion of their new government. In each of these letter they are referring to the Haider Al-Abadi as the prime minister while just earlier this week they referred to him as the prime minister “designate”. What does this mean?
So why have we not yet heard the announcement in the prime news media?

Earlier this week Abadi had stated the Iraq would make the formal announcement on Monday 8/25. This was delayed from the 8/11 date they originally gave us. I can only guess they must wait for some reason to conform to this new targeted announcement date. Can it be that this date is being aligned with other announcements or other events too? Could they have been asked by the international community to wait? Could it be that they are moving so quickly in forming this new government they are getting ahead of themselves, ahead of a larger plan?

These are all interesting questions and I will try to answer them for you the best I can.

So what are these other announcements or events?

We have all heard of rumors that possibly Iraq is going to time the announcement of their government with the international rollout of the revaluation of their currency. I believe this to be true. I believe they desire (and asked for) these events to be synced up. My sources earlier this week told me that a political situation between the IMF and the USA may prevent this from happening.

This situation is with how they are going to deal with the recent derivatives defaulting issue in the banks. As you all should know this is a serious situation and since the banks would once again have to fork over very large sums (in the billions) to cover these losses. Yes – they are asking Uncle Sam for yet another bailout. No kidding! Yet they have made recently record returns from investors and shareholders.

So the USA taxpayers would never go along with another bailout of this magnitude since in the last bailout billions is still unaccounted for and thought to be massive corruption in this area (does it surprise you? ). I have been told that in this weeks G20 summit meeting this was all ironed out and two options are given to the USA to resolve this issue. One option involves the USA being bailed out by the IMF for a portion while the banks absorb the rest. The other option is for the USA to sink and default to investors. This would most likely cause a major crash in the exchanges and a run on the banks. I have heard the USA has chosen the lesser of the two evils. Since if they pick option one they will have to give up those UN voting rights that they have been pressured to do since earlier this year. Yes – this has been brought to the table once again and used as a bargaining chip by the IMF to get what all parties need.

Now that this decision has been made this lessens any resistance the USA may have had to releasing the currency of Iraq and letting them finally join the international financial community. Could this have been why Iraq was told to hold off making their announcement of a formed government until the G20 meeting could take place and all this could be ironed out? I believe this is partially true but I also know too that as of earlier this week they were having issues in the selection of a couple of the last minister candidates, in particular the candidate to head the security ministry. This too is now all completed.

Fate of Maliki

Remember too the other ramification of them now announcing a fully formed government and seating everyone officially is that immunity for Maliki and his goons is now officially ended. His mandate ended then as the prime minister. He will have no position in this new government nor do they want his influence.

Have they made some deal to extend his immunity? I have heard they have not and can’t wait for him to depart. Currently, as of yesterday, he still lingers. Maybe he hangs around for some photo shot or to shake hands with Abadi for the public appearance? Oops did I say “hanging” around? ……lol……. Fraudian slip….We all would like to see that….wouldn’t we?

There are reports that the international tribunal on war crimes and crimes against humanity can’t wait to get their hands on him. This should happen rather quickly after the ISIS situation settles down. We wait for the outcome. Trust me – he will not be getting away. He is very much in the scopes and within range of the INTERPOL and the Hague.


We all are aware by now to the progress that is being made each and every day with fighting these insurgents into Iraq. The Kurdistan Pershmerga are making great strides in this area with assistance from the Iraq army and the USA Navy air strikes. The Iraq army is now being advised (or lead) by the USA. There was a blockage of supplies, equipment and weapons coming from the international community by the GOI for Kurdistan but this had been resolved. I have been told this was yet another Maliki game but was quickly corrected once it was apparent what was happening. Unbelievable!

It is the intent of the USA along with a new international coalition to pursue ISIS into Syria and eliminate them. This is now moving along as ISIS flees into Syria. How far will they go with this effort? I believe and am hearing that the goal is to finally wipe out all terrorist camps and organizations in Syria. This new coalition I am referring to is also made up of Saudi, Turkish, Israeli, Jordanian and Iraq forces. This is not a temporary coalition but a permanent partnership in an ongoing effort in the future prevention or terrorism in the middle east. This coalition is fully supported by the USA and is global partners such as GB, Germany, Spain, etc…

I believe they announced the fully formed government yesterday and listed the ministers and their origin to calm down the masses in Iraq with the hope many of the Sunnis will lay down their arms and leave ISIS. This now seems to be working as many defect and go back to their homes. This is part of the first phase of the plan. To clean out Iraq and then to protect it boarders from further infiltration. Of course having an honest government that supports a well-trained, non-corrupt security force will help too. They hope to get this out of the new government.

Next, as I also stated in past news letters, is for them to gear up each of the provinces to provide a decentralized, autonomous form of security forces outside of the Badgdad GOI security forces. We can all see by now why this is so desperately needed. This will be much like the State wide National Guard in the USA and is being modeled off this blueprint. No more raiding the provinces or killing masses of protestors.

A sense of self protection too is going to make the people of Iraq more confident, hopeful and independent. In is desired that this will settle down the country of Iraq yet more and also will provide yet another layer of protection against the GOI security forces of corruption by terrorism we have seen in the past by its very own prime minister. This second phase will take a bit longer and there are funds allocated already in the 2014 budget to assist in effort.

So Much Propaganda
Please, please, please once again slow down and read the articles carefully. It they seem like a 180 degree turnaround from what you already know then ignore them. They are coming from some really negative, bad, misinformed people and I do not fully know their agenda or intent. They could just be part of the none sense and propaganda machine to keep everyone confused and frustrated. I can see it is working since the hundreds of emails I am not getting on these foolish notions.

I am getting my news from some really good sources most of it comes directly from Iraq. I admit I am not always 100% since this is dynamic and does change from day to day but never so much as a complete 180 degree turnaround from the news of yesterday, as in the garbage I am not reading. Rather it is simply a progression, an ongoing saga of Iraq and the international community (IMF) trying to get where they need to be before they pull this switch for the final rollout of the Iraq currency to the international community. It has been a push and shove of dynamics over the last year as both sides (IMF vs USA) want certain items and neither wants to give in. Eventually they do cave in and go back to the negotiation table, as we have seen recently in the G20 summit. This all takes time and too bad we as investors and Iraq citizens have to be pawns in this political maneuvering.

So today’s news is all very, very good news. Nothing but very good news to report.
What can we expect next?

So we actually got the announcement of the fully formed Iraq government on Friday but not yet in the “official” manner we expected. This was just an in-country announcement and not yet for the global news media. I anticipate they will give this needed ”formal” announcement on Monday 8/25, as they have told us earlier in the week.

I tried to give you some plausible reasons as to why they are doing it this way. They are trying to satisfy everyone and have timelines. Since this situation is very dynamic we have seen the timelines change and get moved out. We hope this does not occur once again come Monday. I do not believe they can afford to move it out again.

As far as fighting the ISIS militants goes, this is still a critical situation. If we see USA Army troops committed (so far its special forces and marine advisors only) we will know they are beginning the push of operations into Syria and this is more serious but very good for the stability and protection of boarders of Iraq.

Personally I have seen many cycles of violence (and other worldly events) come and go and this too is going through its last cycle as this may be the beginning of the end finally to the radical terrorist groups plaguing our planet. I am hearing Syria and Iran are the last strongholds for these terrorists groups.

There must be an end to evil (or at least a confinement) by the good guys. Good will always prevail and we must always stay true to our values of loving family and peaceful societies. Since following the RV process we know now first hand what a deviation from these values can bring to the planet and our societies. We have seen it in the middle east at it is not pretty. This warped sense of constant violence and destruction from terrorism is surely nothing but hell on the earth. It simply can not continue.

Then when can we expect the RV?

All I will say is what I have been saying all along we wait for a formal (global) announcement to the public that the Iraq government is now fully formed. Many of you asked me if a formal, public announcement is necessary and the answer is a big fat YES.

I do whole heartedly believe that the RV rollout will be completed just prior to or just after this announcement. We are once again in a very sweet spot to see the RV see something significant happen early next week. Be patient it is coming.

I want to emphasize once again this final announcement of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the Iraq government is stable, non-sectarian and is a functional government. This is has been the plan all along. They may have wavered a bit on how the plan was implemented but the overall plan guidelines have not changed.

Will the violence by ISIS have any impact on the RV?

To say no to this question would be a total lie since we do not really know and we have no way of gauging what level of security is needed. We are not the military strategists feeding input back to the leaders of this effort. I can imagine that there is a sense of some security they expect to reach prior to giving back the currency to Iraq. A couple targets we can see is to have secure boarders with Syria and to rid ISIS out of Iraq.

Remember too this is a huge investment by the PTB. Post currency RV is payback time. They need to make damned sure this country is stable for the plans that lay ahead for this region. There are huge plans beside sucking the oil out of the ground. I have talked about these plans too in many of my past news letters. Do you remember?

It took many years to get the UN resolution to impose Chapter VII sanctions prior to the 2003 invasion and I do not think they are going to undo the last carrot they dangle before Iraq (currency project) without seeing to it that they are once again stable and secure. This is just the way it is.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat

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