Mnt.Goat Update Friday Aug.1: “We’re in the Money”

UU9123 – “We’re In The Money”

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I come to you today to give you a recent update on the election process and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq. The news was very good once again.

This is a time of great anticipation and expectation for our exchange.

If you have not read my previous news letter from Weds 7/30 (LINK), I encourage you to first read it. Today’s news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process.

Today’s News
It is Friday 8/1 already and all the news from Iraq is very good.

2014 Budget News- I was told today that the new Iraq president now has the 2014 budget and has ratified it. It will be announced in the gazette publicly next week, however they plan to open it and begin spending it only once the new government is completed.

How can they do this without an RV’d rate?

So the pressure is on to complete the government since there is much unrest beginning in Iraq over the stalling of the government formation and the lack of funding the government programs. It is critical to now open the budget and fund these programs. How can they do this without an RV’d rate?

Since my last news letter I have also learned that the Council of Ministers is all hand picked and all they need is a final vote in parliament for the new prime minister to head the council.

The PTB are not about to let the same shenanigans take place with the ministries that Maliki played in his game of power in the last election period of 2010. In this election these ministers will all be seated before any significant change in the currency occurs. I have heard this repeatedly from many sources and this is the plan.

As I have described in my last news letter there are 5 nominees for the position of PM. I am hearing there is a single candidate from the National Alliance that is favored and he will basically go against the candidate from the State of Law Coalition. This final vote should happen anywhere between now and/or on Aug 5th. Note: I did not say the RV was going to happen in this timeframe

One other new tidbit this week also occurred that really took me off guard. I learned that on Tuesday July 29th Iraq is officially is now a full member to the World Trade Organization (WTO).

What does this mean?

This is just another indicator we are so close to the final rollout of the international RV of the IQD.

Can’t be a member of the WTO without an international tradable currency (one that reflects the true asset backed value of the country).

I have always believed that the RV needed a weekend to sync up with the banks and allow down time to push out all the needed files downstream and necessary rates to the monetary exchanges and trading platforms.

I do believe whole heartedly there is an extremely high probability this may occur in the coming weekend of 8/8 – 8/10.

Of course no knows the date or rate of the rollout, however we can look at the evidencse of chances taking place and see that it is not far away.

We should however not to expect to be at the banks exchanging prior to the final announcements of the new prime minister and the rest of his council (cabinet). This is something to watch for on the TV.

Probably will be on CNN or FOX News in the USA.


So today’s news is all very, very good news once again.

The amazing tidbits of news from this week are extremely important and encouraging as we have been waiting for this news all along. These are indicators as to just how close Iraq really is in realizing the true value of their currency on the international markets.

These tidbits included

1) the news about the nominees for the prime minister position,

2) the news about the 2014 budget being passed and ratified,

3) the full membership to the WTO 4) the nearness of voting for the prime minister and completing their new government

So this week was amazing. Like cleaning up many loose ends prior to the dawn of a new Iraq. Be patient though since it is taking much more time than we all want, since we as small investors are not really significant and there is a much larger plan being played out and it is dynamic.

We were told over a week ago that the would conduct their next parliament session on Aug 5th however we know they are conducting sessions each day.

What they meant is the new session would open. They are completing this ongoing session.

The new session will bring us the voting of the prime minister, the first item on the agenda.

We all know the big money that is made over war. Some say no one ever prospers over war except the very wealthy who start the war. This is only partially true. Some wars are necessary and someone has to finance them. As we know the rule of finance is to make a profit on money loaned. So we hear about the munitions and arms sales, the Halliburton deals for supporting the troops, etc, etc in the Iraq war.

However in this situation in this war the real money making begins once the troops pull out and the RV occurs.

There will be an RV and it will occur very soon.

It has just stalled over the last 4 years and if you have been reading my news letters over the last year you know why (Maliki syndrome).

There are many that say they want to roll this RV out by the end of July. Well…today is Aug 1st so where is the RV? All the tidbits of news we witnessed this week are telling us we are soooo very close. I believe there was a target for July. I am not hearing of any new target as it is now a day by day event watching for political success in Iraq.

If you have been reading my news letters seriously over the last year you know I have published many personal tips of mine on how to approach the bank on the exchange, safe guard your wealth and privacy and how to handle the personal wealth managers.

Please go back to the Mnt Goat archives and re-read some of these news letters. They will help you. I am not a financial advisor so please consult with professionals that handle large sums of money for investment and do it for a living.

Here is a brief list of those you want on your team of advisors:

Tax Attorney (pay fair share of Federal, State and Local taxes, plan for future tax savings)

Estate Attorney (setting up legal entities i.e. trusts, foundations, LLC, etc…advice on how to handle an estate, self preservation and legal protection)

Certified CPA (10 or more years experience handling large estates)

Wealth Manager (Private vs Bank provided, what are their fees or commissions? )

There is really nothing much more to say at this time other than to sing along with the money song: Enjoy, Relax and Wait !

I want to emphasize once again this final announcement of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the Iraq government is stable, non-sectarian and is a functional government.

This is has been the plan all along. They may have wavered a bit on how the plan was implemented but the overall plan guidelines have not changed.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat

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