More Bluwolf

Good afternoon to all. I honestly wish to express that we are very close to receiving our blessings, there are some war scenarios that reflect itself over Iraq, but they are caused by a certain group of rich folks who do not wish for the world and it’s people to progress by no means, they are furnishing these dilemas but counting with God and the 50 countries who will battle and get rid of these evil forces all what is expected will pull through. There is nothing that anyone can say or do to push this thing forward for it has a new timing, the GOI is more than ready, many banks are now waiting, many governments are now waiting including ours, it’s just a matter of fine tuning all the new issues created by a corrupted, evil and greedy few. Getting mad at intel providers, Dinar sites or anyone in particular does not solve the issues that you may have, it doesn’t change nor the timing nor the situations be it personal or worldwide, so I personally will pray for all so that God’s peace and light may reach out to all, may His calm and tolerance settle all. You are now in your own phase alone in your own version of the desert. I wish you wisdom so that all may rest in His peace and that He may accompany all out of the desert where you are now. Be blessed people for our blessings are so very near, movement is being seen in all economical positions , people are silent and nothing negative is delaying, holding or stalling this. Be forever blessed, Na’maste Bluwolf

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