MTN Goat – UU0448 – “ A Critical Time Period”

Hi Everyone,

I come to you today to give you a recent update on the election process and how this relates towards the international rollout of the IQD for Iraq.

Note: If you have not read my previous news letter from Wednesday 9/2 , I encourage you to first read it. Today’s news letter, as in all my news letters, is a continuation of the ongoing saga of the IQD RV process.

Honestly I really tried to limit this news letter today to a few pages, but there is just so much news and in my attempt to organize it and relate it I have gone over the limit somewhat. Forgive me?

Today’s News

Today is Thursday 9/4 and we still look forward to the “formal” announcement of the fully formed government of Iraq.
I would like to given you a background on events of what has transpired so far to eventually get them to the final announcement. Are you interested?

Last Tuesday I had told you that there were still many ongoing meetings planned this week between the blocs, parties and secs concerning the formation of the new government. That the govt was not yet a “done deal” regardless of all the rumors you have been hearing.

The major concern was all about trust. Trust in whether this new government led by the National Alliance would be the same as the Maliki government or would it finally give the country what it needed. There is a backlog of laws (a bucket of laws) in various stages that stalled and need full implementation. Many of these have been passed already but never implemented. Some are the continued saga of having been guaranteed by the constitution but neglected implementation for political reasons. Reasons mostly of sectarianism for the region or provinces to which they would most apply. Mostly Sunni and Kurd prejudices.

In order to work on this trust issue, the designate prime minister Abadi proposed a meeting of reconciliation.

This meeting was much like what was done in the 2010 election when Maliki went to Erbil and they eventually had to sign the Erbel agreement in order to announce the government. These laws I am referring to above evolved from this agreement. Maliki never implemented Erbil after 4 years. Back in 2010 he too had 30 days to implement Erbil once the government was announced. They trusted him to do this. (Just so you know the “designate” is not a full seated prime minister in Iraq election process until he fully seats his government. He has 30 days to do this once he is given the mandate by the new president). So as it applies now to the 2014 election, it also applied to the 2010 only back then they trusted Maliki would implement Erbil since he did sign the agreement. After all a man’s signature is his word…….isn’t it?

So Malik neglected to seek parliament confirmations on some of ministers too since when he presented his list of ministers to president Talibani, there were ministers missing. They allowed him to announce a fully formed government even with the disputed ministers in question for the sake of holding the country together. There was still much turmoil and bombings going on. A situation Maliki seeked to recreate this too for this election process. We all have seen what he did with ISIS and continues to do with the bombings.

(We have seen over the last 4 years why Maliki did this and how he used these proxy positions to his own political and personal gain. I have talked about this in many of my past news letters in more detail. I encourage you to go back and re-read them. )

So designate prime minister Abadi, during this new election year of 2014, is up against a huge trust factor from what happened in the 2010 legacy.

Do they want to repeat that scenario?

In Abadi’s first attempts to form his new government just after 8/11 he was met against stiff opposition by all the blocs, even by some from the National Alliance members. Some blocs even wanted to forgo the effort of forming the new government until a later date when ISIS was under control. This of course would have been playing right into the hands of the desires of Maliki. This would have only made the situation much worse since many of the young Iraqi Sunni men were joining ISIS as a last resort to forcibly make some political change in Iraq. This was all a brilliant move by Maliki but it simply was ignored and they moved forward despite all the frustrations and roadblocks Maliki threw at them. Then of course we know about the obstacle of him not resigning until forced to do so. Some even say he only finally capitulated with the threat of assassination.

One of the first steps taken by Abadi then was to form committees. These committees would collect the demands and these parties. They had sessions and would meet regularly to discuss their demands and try to address them. These meeting took place for over a week. These meetings are now concluded. This list has been handed to speaker of the house Jubouri.

From this meeting came a document listing some 17 demands. This is reminiscent of the Erbil agreement of 2010 and contains much of the same language only this time they are not going to trust the designate prime minister as he must first give them his demands then they will allow him to fully announce his new government. So in the summary Abadi can not take permanency in his position as prime minister unless he meets their demands. He has agreed to these demands and has sent them to parliament. Parliament has been working tirelessly in the background on these demands. Meanwhile he continues to work on the candidates for the ministries. This is now all done.

So this is now where we stand on the progress of the new government. They are working hand-in-hand to get these laws passed (the 17 demands) while Abadi is piecing together his new cabinet and putting the final touches on it.

Here is a list of some of these demands: ( do not expect anything new)
• Kurdistan and other oil generatiing provinces want share of oil revenue as guaranteed by the Iraq constitution and to pay restitution for unpaid past amounts 17% – HCL implementation

• Article 140 (heard this recently in the news and is to be finalized today)

• Full implementation of the Provincial Council ( Federation Council)-already heard that Allawi is selected as candidate for presidency of this council. This is actually the third president the constitution is referring to.

• Implementation of a National Guard system within the 6 provincial districts for more decentralization of security forces. New laws since the ISIS attacks and Maliki corrupt security forces in Anbar massacre.

• Implementation of the Amnesty Law (anyone who has not spilled Iraq blood will be pardoned). Finally free these political prisoners or given them a fair trial

• Passing of the Budget Law (if even a provisional budget for the remaining 2014)

• Implementation of the Economic Reforms Project

• Completion of the Currency Reform Project ( I luv this one….lol…:)

• The Independence Judicial Law – making is illegal to have any political ties by any judges or members of the justice system. Stiff penalties are to be imposed.

Today is Thursday and we were promised this would all be completed? But I am hearing it is not and here is the current progress on it so far:

Prime Minister-designate Haider Abadi did given the cabinet list of names to the President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, pointing out that the announcement of the government will not go beyond next Saturday at the latest.

He told us that the federal government is comprised of 32 ministerial portfolio, pointing out that the National Alliance will have 17 bag, what would be for the cord 7, and 8, the National Union of Forces Ministries.

On Sky News it was revealed some of the candidates proposed line-up on the final list submitted to parliament today:

Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Ibrahim al-Jaafari
Interior Ministry – Jaber al-Jabri
Minister of Finance – Barham Salih (very much pro-currency revaluation)
Minister of the Environment – Qutaiba al-Jubouri
Ministry of Electricity – Salman al-Jumaili
Minister of Agriculture – AWS Orfali

More news today – The MP, of the Kurdistan Alliance, Alla Talabani said that the Kurdish negotiators team will meet this afternoon (9/4) with representatives of Kurdish parties and the Kurdish lawmakers in Baghdad to brief them on the final version of what has been reached in negotiations to form the government.

Talabani confirmed that “all the MPs and representatives of parliamentary blocs on high alert in preparation for a meeting to vote on the formation of the new government, which was presented by the assigned Prime Minister, Haider Abadi to the House of Representatives to vote within the next few hours.”

She explained that “there is considerable pressure to announce the new government today or tomorrow, Friday, and all MPs were directed not to travel to their home in their provinces or leave the capital until presented cabinet and to vote it.”

A source in the information department of the House of Representatives announced the possibility of holding an emergency evening session to vote on the next government.

More Rumors

This week the propaganda machine was at work once again.
No! Maliki is not going to be the next vice president.

Does anyone actually think for one second they would allow this mad man back into the government? Are you nuts for even bringing such nonesense to any forum. It is obvious hype by Maliki supporters. Why do they keep doing this nonesense? Maybe hopeful but not reality.

This article is almost not worth mentioning except that I wanted clarify for all the stubborn readers that still believe Maliki has a chance in partaking in this new government. Why would you want the evil at the helm once again. Do you think this will get your RV faster?

So here is the truth. This is propaganda and is a phony article. We all should know better by now, shouldn’t we? So can we all finally put this rumor to rest?

Here are a couple more creditable rumors –
The sources confirmed that the leader of the National Coalition, Iyad Allawi will have the position of Vice President of the Republic, as it would be within the High Security Council, which will include three presidencies. Of course all this nonsense will be confirmed once the announcements are made.
It also confirmed that Saleh al-Mutlaq and Osama Najafi will not be exluded from the political scene, and they have an important share in the presidents and ministers as deputies.
So today’s news is all excellent once again as we continue down the road of success for forming the new Iraq government. The news this week is once again overwhelming. Rumors are flying wild. Be careful on what you believe.


So this week the progress so far is – we got the list of the distribution of the ministers earlier in the week. Now we see Abadi sent the names of his minister team to parliament for a vote to confirm them.

Remember ordinarily they would announce a fully formed government at the conclusion of this confirmation session. There are now a couple ways this can go. Since no one really knows let me propose a couple scenarios for us ongoing spectators to watch for:

1)Will they actually make the announcement of the fully formed gov’t once the voting is final? This should happen today.

2)Or will they delay telling us the results of the voting until all 17 demands are first met?

3)Or are they already all met and just waiting on the gov’t formation to catch up to it?

4)Or did they once again compromise as in 2010 and are now allowing the new government to be announced, trusting that they will meet these demands (or some of these demands)at a later date?

I know for a fact the leaders of these blocs are using these demands as political leverage, the only leverage these poor people have over their government to ensure they are getting what the constitution says they should be getting. This all has been part of the long journey in forming this government. So just how will this all play out?

The stage is now set for something significant to happen. We know parliament has been having meetings and sessions in the background all along and have been working hard on completing these demands. We know some of these demands have been sitting on the “bench” waiting for nothing but to be implemented. We know they may be having an emergency session of parliament today to confirm the cabinet. Why would they do all this in such a rush?

We know that there are other meetings scheduled for today. The Bretton Woods meeting on speeding up the global currency reforms and the decision vote in NATO to support Iraq in its fight against ISIS. All of these decisions are dependent on having a fully formed government.

Now do you also understand why Iraq is in warp speed to get these announcements?

Can you now see why some are saying that when this government is finally announced there will be a “basket of laws” all at once that also will be announced?

Now do you see why I have been harping for so long on the fact that the RV is connected with the “announcements”? No – is could not have happened every night or over the holiday weekend! How could it possibly? Do you see why the rollout process may be ready and finalized and they keep stopping the software at the crucial time just before the files go downstream to populate the exchanges and conclude the rollout? They need this final piece – the announcement of a fully formed government !

Also the RV must be done just prior to or just after since many of these laws are dependent on the revalued currency. By the way the revaluation of the currency is also one of their demands.

Once again Iraq witnessed another tragedy and senseless loss of lives in the recent bombings in the mosque and the more recent Speicher base killings. We can see how this slowed the election process and caused delays. Was this intentionally orchestrated once again by Maliki to highjack the process and cause Abadi not to meet his 9/9 deadline in his mandate? We know what might happen to Abadi is he does not meet the mandate of 9/9.

So I hope now that it is all much clearer to everyone now as to when we will see the RV and why I have been saying it will occur in conjunction with the announcement of the fully formed government? Of course what does a “fully formed” government mean? I tried to tell you in this news letter today. Does it all make sense to you now?

There is always so much information I would like to tell everyone in my news letters that simply is not being told by anyone.

As some have told me my news letters are too long already …lol….So my strategy to you has been to break it out and give you the pieces you need to know for now and when you need it. As I keep telling everyone there is a plan for rollout of the RV. The implementation may have changed somewhat but the requirements of the plan have not changed. Once I thought they might have but I can see now they are sticking strictly to the plan. I have confirmed this too with my contacts in Iraq, USA and the UN. Iraq of course does not like it since they would rather have had their RV back in 2012.

Now this has been added to the list of the demands. The RV will not occur until all these demands are met. These demands are not new to the plan as most are basically the exact same as the Erbil agreement, just stalled from 2010 under the Maliki government. Now with this 2014 election process underway the people have some leverage and they are exerting this leverage on the National Alliance and the leaders in forming this new government.

Then when can we expect the RV?

All I will say is what I have been saying all along we wait for a formal (global) announcement to the public that the Iraq government is now fully formed and seated. Many of you asked me if a formal, public announcement is necessary and the answer is a big fat YES.

I want to emphasize once again this final announcement of the IQD going international will not happen until the USA feels the Iraq government is stable, non-sectarian and is a functional government. This is has been the plan all along. They may have wavered a bit on how the plan was implemented but the overall plan guidelines have not changed.

Peace and Luv To Ya All,

Mnt Goat

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