None of us has to explain a damn thing!

“None of us has to explain a damn thing. In ANY case, all we have to say is, “You got a claim? Alright, prove it.” Their questions are ludicrous and a waste of our time. “Where were you on the night of the murder? Did you receive money? Were you driving 120 in a 90 zone? Did you use that credit card to obtain goods? Were you wearing your seat belt? Did the house get paid for you? Did you stop for that red light? Did you use the bank loan for your schooling?” IMMATERIAL! IRRELEVANT! The ONLY thing we have to ask is, “You say I owe you? Prove it. You claim I didn’t have on a seatbelt? Prove it. You claim that the bank paid for my house? Prove it. You claim I murdered someone? Prove it.”


I always imagined being stopped by a cop who might say, “Do you know why I stopped you?” “Are you asking me if I can read your mind?” “I clocked you at 120 in a 90 zone.” “How are you going to prove that?” “I got you on radar.” “How are you going to prove, three weeks from now, that the detector even works, never mind that you didn’t fabricate that?” Or, how about those camera trucks. How can they prove that it wasn’t photo-shopped? The burden of proof is always on the accuser. Answering questions only fuels them. If they think we violated a statute –not that any of them apply to us, anyway– it is their job, and I do mean their job, to PROVE IT.” – Mary Croft

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