Secret Messages sent over Time and Space

What if you wanted to send a message across time and space far into the future? How would you send it? What if one was already sent to us from a far distant world? Could it be possible that the answer to all of these questions is all around us and also within us? Perhaps we just need a microscope to find it!

If you wanted to communicate across the universe how would you do it?  How would you leave your mark on existence?

plaque saganWould you launch a satellite encoded with an audio, video or visual message for intelligent life to decode?  How long would it take for your message to arrive?

What about radio waves?  Would you send a transmission in the hopes that an intelligent life form would had the right type of receiver for the frequency you have sent out?

Terence McKenna once stated that “To search expectantly for a radio signal from an extraterrestrial source is probably as culture bound a presumption as to search the galaxy for a good Italian restaurant”

What if there were another way?  Would if it had already previously been done?

Back in 1979 a journal under Carl Sagan published an article  about the possibility that intelligent life had left its signature in the DNA strand of a virus found in intestinal bacteria.  The Search for Extraterrestrial intelligent life turned its focus to biology at that time.  In the journal the article was titled “Is bacteriophage X174 DNA a message from an extraterrestrial intelligence?” and was written by Japanese biochemists Hiromitsu Yokoo and Tairo Oshima.

The article was very revolutionary for its time so Carl Sagan had scientist and now Astrobiologist David Grinspoon double check the work in the article to make sure it made scientific sense.  Grinspoon said in his book Lonely Planets: The Natural Philosophy of Alien Life;

A little background will help here… Prime numbers are those that cannot be made by multiplying together any other whole numbers: 1, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13 and on up, as high as you want to go. No known formula on natural process generates them. If you see primes, you know that mind is not far behind.

A widely accepted idea for interstellar message construction is to send digital pulses that repeat with a number that is the product of two primesmultiplied together. This would suggest that a two-dimensional picture is being sent. For example, if you received a message that was repeating a sequence of 143 pulses, you, or your machine, would say, “Oh, 143 is 11 times 13, and these are both prime numbers. Let’s make an 11-by-13 array and see if there’s a picture encoded here.” This technique – using primes to create easily decoded 2-D images – is a pillar of SETI theory.

DNA-SequencingNow back to the message in that virus, bacteriophage ?X174. It’s the first organism for which the entire genome was decoded. A remarkable feature discovered was the presence of “overlapping genes”.

These are sequences of nucleotides that can be read in two different frames, to encode for two completely different proteins. In other words, the DNA sequence CAATGGAACAACTCA, can be read as the three-letter “words” CAA TGG AAC AAC TCA, and this will instruct a cell to start building a protein by putting together the five amino acids specified by these triplets. However, starting at a different letter, the same sequence can also be read as ATG GAA CAA CTC, and so on, which will build a completely different protein.

It ais as if you could write an English sentence criticizing a bickering couple, “CAN YOU TWO NAG”, that also contains a message about the ninth inning of a baseball game, “ANY OUT WON”, except that to make proteins you would have to continue in this overlapping mode for hundreds of words, with both sentences making complete sense.

But wait, there’s more. This organism (?X174) contained not one, but three pairs of these overlapping genes. And, if you count the number of letters in these overlapping sequences, you find that they are 121, 91, and 533. Each of these is the product of two prime numbers (11×11, 7×13, and 13×41). How weird is that? Here was the widely accepted signature of an intelligent message, turning up in the strangest of places.”


What Grinspoon tried to do was to decode the message as a 2D message.  The results of which doesn’t make much sense.  See the image to the left to see more details about the message.

What is the potential of sending messages into space through microorganisms?  Is it possible that we could send messages across vast time and space and speak to future generations?  Could there be vast amounts of information in all the life around us that we just have not discovered yet?

There is a theory called Directed Panspermia which talks about the idea that microbial life could be sent to a lifeless planet in order to begin and spread life across the galaxy.

You may have seen this concept shown in various ways such as in the movie Prometheus where an advanced alien race comes to earth and introduced the basis of life from which all species evolve.


Other theories include meteors that carried microorganisms to earth and once they arrived began to evolve.  The microorganisms would need to be extremophiles to survive the cold and zero-oxygen conditions of space.

If this were the case it is also probable that multiple origins of life could be traced from the earth being hit by meteors carried from different ends of the galaxy or beyond.

One example is theorized by philosopher Terence McKenna where he speaks about the uniqueness of psilocybin mushrooms.


Scientists are already trying to code DNA of plants with messages.  For example Joe Davis plans to encode the information from wikipedia into the DNA of an apple.



What secrets lie within us?  What about the plants and animals around us?  Perhaps over the next few years we will discover more than we ever imagined about our origins.

Just maybe we will find that the answers we are looking for are found within and around ourselves physically as well as spiritually.


Thank you for reading!

With love,


Spirit Team

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