The Ghost Writer wrote 8th July

The Ghost Writer wrote

So many of you were glad to escape from the scam artists, see they fade away but for lone small voices crying out for money … they too feel the flush of the toilet as they go down into the sewer.ghostwriter

Those still visible will soon have their fingernail cling stomped on. If not before most certainly after exchange as they spend their lives bearing their soul to government proctologists.

You have been warned so I hope you too don’t feel invaded and abused annually if you make the wrong choice and share their fate.

Yesterday we were all on track for an 8:30 release when someone threw their toys out of the cot by letting the cat out of the bag. The exchanges came to a screeching stop as banking executives red flagged and consulted lawyers.

It was grossly irresponsible to capsize everyone especially you and I, the little investor. All know its a tiered event but to blatantly announce what was rumor of excited and whispered encouragement was malicious in its intent.

It really isn’t good to unsettle the top executive of the clearance bank, you can almost bet on retribution at some stage. I imagine that Chase and JP will throw their offenders under the proverbial bus as collateral damage to appease certain influencers’ out for satisfaction.

You have really heard nothing from the clearance bank, however don’t be fooled into poking a giant with a stick, you might hit a nerve and then you will have a lifetime of preoccupation.

Easy to forget that the US and the minions of jackboot oppression are not in control anymore and all responsibility lies with the Chinese Elders.

Be still and let the wise sculpt this materialization, not for naught have all been asked to hold their council in the final breaths.

Be prepared and most of all be ready.

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By The Ghost Writer

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