The Ghost Writer wrote 9th June

The Ghost Writer wrote

So all of you folks keeping yourselves free from the clutching grasping hands of drowning scam artists working so hard to fill their quotas of fools ripe for the picking.

Notice how they have cast their nets far and wide in various disguises looking for fools who wish to be parted from their blessing for a paltry sum. You all are getting very much wiser as you see those once ardent supporters of the scammers, having changes of heart and jumping ship, – just remember you don’t want to be one of the last left ghostwriterstanding and remaining in that game – you might loose more than your shirt!

So whats happening in Dinarland, well there have been some major meetings, and for once its turned out good for us Dinarians as 197 plus the 6 satellite countries turned around to the USA and said that this is it, the end of the nonsense, this far and no further. Get on-board or get off the pot. No more stopping of this blessing it is time to let it go.

Us Dinarians have been living through its here and done and any second now for ages now. There has been continual stoppages of our blessing – 45 times now in the last month. This last time, it was stopped within the last final 5 minutes.- 2 and ½ mins to be exact. Now the world has turned in unison, turned against the few who would interfere once again in the GCR. Turned against the shenanigans of the USA

All the countries were on board and united and there was no way forward for the USA but to comply, – the order to proceed has been given. We should shortly be receiving.

We are going to be seeing massive movement within the next 5 – 7 days in no uncertain terms we will be seeing either overt prominent moves telegraphing the RV or their will be massive moves to remove any resistance that materializes. The bottom line is China is pushing to get this GCR done on all fronts. Any in the USA resisting, will find that China is ensuring with all their resources and influence that any hiccups are removed and placed in such positions that they may no longer influence matters.

You should be watching media announcements, for a stealthy and smooth release of the new Dong rate, it will slide into place without fanfare and appear with ease.

The UST has been told to let it go. The banks have moved to high alert as the money has flowed and become readily available. Yes the money is in the banks ready to be paid out.

Rates are high at the clearance bank so you would be wise to get that original plan out and review it.

The PP packages have arrived in their countries of destination and are being distributed, whilst the other freedom packages are poised along with the St. Germain trust ready for final delivery, if in fact some haven’t begun already.

You would be wise to know that there is loads of disinformation out there to keep the wolves away – there is a wish that the dinar sites will close down and there is a push to get donations to tide them through the wait, as they hedge their bets and feather their nests.

Be wise now you are at the end.

Be prepared and most of all be ready.

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By The Ghost Writer

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