The Ghost Writer Wrote: The pantomime of Iraq

The pantomime of Iraq is just that – a play and the players on the stage are constructing a plausible reality to present to the world of common opinion and the commentators of structured belief – mom and pop down on the farm have to nod in studied agreement. It has to fit into the bounds of believability or the fabric of reality might crumble and reveal the puppet masters, naked in all their glory, emperors in the finest of threads – you’ve read the story.

Everything working to a plan and the minions scramble to move the pieces on the chess board of the arena of play into place. The oversight of this plan has been long term, so long in fact that you could say it was a historical repeat but not of a history you have ever read or can conceive without stepping outside your limited beliefs of conformity.


Iraq is just a small focus of a rapidly approaching final piece in the world jigsaw puzzle soon to be the foundation of another greater plan – a piece in a bigger jigsaw puzzle and the stakes are always high, greater than you can imagine – but that is still another chapter to open at a later stage, in a book already written.


The pieces of this game must move to their designated and arranged placement or they must be replaced. Libya, Syria, Egypt, Venezuela, Russia, Iran, Iraq and Israel, all designated for change as the prophets spoke of in times long past, even in the last couple of years some of your favorite gurus have clued you in, did you listen, did you really understand when they told you of the double dealings of men of influence and power, deeply lining their pockets on the misery of the innocents.


Collateral damage! As the plan marches relentlessly onwards. But whose plan is it?


Only a few have glimpsed the plan at play as it moves to this moment of completion. What you don’t see is the players who think they are working on their agenda, making untold riches on the suffering of many, but they serve to move the goal closer and though they try to grip with dead mans hands they have become expendable to the plan and have to go.

So whilst you see the struggle of entrenched families and allegiances with roots so far back time that even their beginning was an ending of another twilight lit remembrance, you are seeing a monumental shift, it is one of consciousness, for although they hold illusionary power and riches beyond imagination, the spotlight of awareness has been focused upon them, these illusion rulers, and they find themselves standing alone, the few amongst the many. They are afraid!


As they cast around looking for their lackeys they are finding that, no one is willing, no one is receptive, no one is psychopathic enough, to share in their destruction and be pulled down with the undertow of sinking vessels of inflated self opinions of media manufactured grandiosity. All they can see is their future of replacement and humbled redemption in jail cell block after public ridicule and damnation. It is better to chose your bedfellow well! or be tarred in common association.


It is quite a earth shattering experience to find you were not the alpha and that your light has dimmed, soon to be extinguished in the relentless stipulations of the plan.


All you see around the world is the frustration and the humiliation of those who pronounced you vassals as their influence unwinds into oblivion and new players take the stage.


So while the world media bids you look at what we push into empty minds fastened to the tube of regurgitating opinion, great change is afoot elsewhere.


In the little drama of our participation, many are experiencing a new found abundance albeit at a diminished return, it is the price you pay to be first through the turnstile this rotation.


And then there are others who grin from ear to ear like the proverbial Cheshire cat, till nothing but their grin remains … real sparkle like!


Those still hooked into the groups of ludicrous extortion are still waiting, belly up to be scratched, which wont be before any other. You cannot help those who wish to have company in their misery, just be grateful you’ll never have to hear them whine for their NDA prohibits it! A great mercy as generally they are of sniveling tendency and you’re better off without having to listen or be asked to bail their stupidity.


There is much disbursement of funds at present, many t’s have been crossed, as i’s have been dotted, as obligations are fulfilled, enabling a closer step, to almost upon the stage. Still the announcements must be made as catchup in another arena is played.


Still we hear from the clearance bank that all is well with high rates and easy passage the wise know this well and are prepared. Know your plan, be ready.


The pressure is relentless to complete this before the end of month, so no matter the act you are watching at any given time, know the conclusion.


Its approaching fast, at light speed.


You many repost if you wish to.


By the Ghost Writer





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