The ghostwriter wrote:

As we get to the end, you would be well advised to be careful of all the sharks circling around feeding on the unwary and the plain stupid.

Unfortunately there are many people who are going to succumb to the silver tongue devils glibly weaving their sticky webs, be very careful on what you sign, those who entrap you will excise their pound of flesh no matter the cost to you.ghost_writer_quill_ink

Then there are the other scammers getting people to give up their Dinar and sign NDAs and contracts agreeing to pay them around $6 – $8 when they know they will exchange and make around $17. These people and others are under investigation, some have been arrested, many are very careful and tiptoe around the law with the dexterity of a good con artist.

So many on that dubious ride are trying desperately to get off, they find it isn’t easy, and they don’t make it pleasant, so if you’re still on board or about to sign, be ready to be taken for a ride and it will be of your own making. You will find no one is going to be able to rescue you when it all goes pear shape.

Hopefully those who have been on this little jaunt for a while have got their ducks in a row and know where to go.

It isn’t rocket science to work out that the best plan is the original plan with the designated UST elected clearance bank.

The plan hasn’t wavered or changed no matter how many red herrings are used to bait the hooks of scammers, fishing for your wealth. Be prepared and unwavering in your resolve to get your due, kick the scammers to the sideline and take ownership of your future.

Do it and keep it forever more.

So where are we today, besides being one day closer to the end, there are still those in power who wish to keep from us, what is with all certainty going to happen.

So what is really going on, time for the real skinny on the facts floating around and creasing the brows of Dinarland.

Spain as well as other countries have steadily been on the game whittling away at their tiers. They have already put two to bed and are now waiting on the two partners the US and the UK to give the go ahead that things might begin to progress in the Eastern quadrant. They have been dragging their heels since last Tuesday so we are more than expectant when we say we are at an Any Second Now status.

There is nothing and no one holding this up any more. There is no cabal conspiracy, no three letter agency, no ex president and no hard headed greedy rich 1% bozo delaying this. For the sake of clarity nothing and no one is delaying this event.

The horse is out of the stall and bolting for the finish line, and of course Dinar lands favourite metaphor of, this train has left the station and there is no way of stopping it.

Lets be prepared and ready.

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by the Ghost writer

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