The good news is that nothing has changed

Bluwolf: To all who read this, today the insurgency took over a city in Iraq, today was the official launching of the new PM, today all was to go international…Ok, that was the bad news.bluwolf

The good news is that nothing has changed, that we are set to go asn, that the negative in Iraq today doesn’t change that they have a new PM, that they are democratically sovereign and by this fact they must now reach out to the world as being internationally sovereign as well and for that they must launch their currency internationally.

The WTO awaits them, the GCC awaits them, and the entire world awaits them.
Even though I smell a stinker coming out of the greedy in our government pertaining to a certain law that will be imposed by July 1 and all this mess can be an imposed delay in order to comply with these gentlemen with a I (tumbleweed) who think we are so ignorant,

I honestly do not think that this time around they cannot stop this international release from its June happening.

Words to Pennsylvania Avenue we now know how you tic so please do right by all who await this blessing,

We surely need it,

The Iraqi people need it

And the whole world is expecting it in God’s Jehová name.

So let’s do right by all and liberate this RV from your political agendas. Bluwolf

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