The Matrix of control

A template creating polarization and other, no matter the dressing we cover it with is supporting the matrix. Escape the matrix of control! Control so insidious that to partake is to perpetuate! When in the now all that is, just is, all those so called relationship problems, the division, the other, disappear, they all are gone! We need to boldly stand outside the matrix by releasing that which binds us – beliefs one and all, they bind us, we need to be feather light with our beliefs, how many or what do we really need, to be? Here, now, I AM, all the rest are weeds in the spiritual garden, good to hang your coat on, to frolic in the splendour of your creation, but any belief, at the end of the day is removal from self, removal from and abstraction of the I AM, the Absolute, the real you, so it is in some sense a trap. What we need to do is to let go and be transformed, to be in the world but not of it, to be, just to be and in that moment, the only moment, we are transcendent, transformed and everything around us is transformed to the reflection of our grandeur. So in every moment be grateful. Be grateful for what is before you, for you have brought it to you, now let go! Let go of your beliefs about what is before you, Let go about all your preconceptions, your strong held hold of reality. Let go, for in that moment, its there, always there, eternal never-ending Freedom. Freedom in the eternal peace of who you are. I AM. Namaste May all beings be blessed

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