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TONY – Good afternoon, TNT. It’s Wednesday, February 4, 2015 and today is going to be okay. I’m going to start this call a little different. There are some tragic things going on in the world. In Taiwan, a  airplane crash was caught on video. Our condolences to them. We want to tell the people of Japan and Jordan that we are absolutely horrified with what has happened. What happened yesterday is probably the worst thing we could ever see in our lfe (someone caged and set afire live). I can’t imagine what his parents are going thru. We are with Jordan, beside them, and fully understand any reaction they have.

DC – I would like to continue those condolences to Japan and Jordan as well. It tells you how horrific ISIS is and there is no retreat from those things the only thing is to get rid of those guys.

T – We’re going to go thru this and you have to trust us right now that some things are being done in your favor that you will soon see. That light at the end of the tunnel – I can almost touch it, not just see it. Like a light bulb I can almost feel the heat from it.

DC – East to west: bottom line is that everything is looking better than it did on Monday and is lined up. In terms of details, in Iraq there were quite a few meetings between Abadi’s office and the Ministry of FInance, with smaller banks, etc. to make sure they’re geared up and running some last-minute game checks. There’s still some minor cleanup that needs to be done they were working on this morning. Demands from Parliament is getting pretty high, as well as demands to get it done. They want to make sure this is done perfectly well. They have times they have put out and we talked about those times: Tuesday sometime, this weekend sometime, or early next week by Monday.

T – Last week they restricted them from taking more than 10K dinar from Iraq. Today they cannot take ANY dinar out of country.

DC – Imagine how hard that makes travel.

DC – We just started noticing on Monday there are some communications blackouts. Between all of us there are 9-10 different people calling Iraq on a consistent basis and others who call every 2-3 days to the embassy there, etc. There have been backouts with people not being able to make cell calls into the country that is becoming more consistent. It’s not nationwide, but they’re trying to limit the info flow.

T – To summarize, no currency flow out of the country, more communications block yesterday, and something happening with their markets they don’t want anyone to know about.

DC – In banking, USA banks are ready and on standby. The assumption is this will be done at night so they’ve been give more leeway to get folks in. The UST and Fed is on call. Congressional Repubs and Demss are singing “Kumbayah” so they’re still working together to get this done.

DC – I really hope historians and politicians get this right (after the fact) by those who have volunteered to get this done right, CBIs, IMF, big banks, Fed, Admin, Senate, House, etc. feeding us and everybody else info. It has absolutely been amazing to have been a part of this to help mankind.

T – Hopefully, if our gov’t puts this in our archive, it’d be nice to have some of the other gurus included as well. We gave a packet of info to our gov’t for the archives.


C – I am new and want the best advice you can give me short-term. DC – We are not financial advisors. There are a lot of good books you can read to prepare yourself. Go as slow as possible. Read up on what happens when you have a windfall. Pay your taxes. Have a conservative portion of your funds make money for you.

C – Can you clarify the dong rate? You said it would be at least .47 now I’m hearing .07-.09?

T – We don’t really know. We heard the rate changed, starting on Friday, and changed again yesterday. Is there an explanation for it? Yes. Because too many of you have it. Some things have changed. The dinar was/is the foundation for the GCR. But the dong is different and is changing almost hourly. You still have options because you’ve heard the rates in the past, so you know what the ceiling is. Five years ago we thought it was coming out at .05 and we thought that was great. I’m not locking into any rate.

C – Is 3.58 for the dinar still a good rate? T – Yes, but we’re hearing it’s actually a little higher.

C – Will there be an 800# release? If we’re part of TNT will we be privy to advance notice? T – Let me say this clearly: WE’RE NOT GETTING ANY PRIVILEGES OR INFO FOR BEING PART OF TNT. They have picked 5 “gurus” or sites that they want to give a number to to get out to the people. I’m one, DC is one, which means 3 others will get it as well, all at the same time. We have a larger group so they’re using us to be a voice. At one point it was one 800# for ALL the banks. That changed. Now it’s one 800# for the main bank and the other banks will have their own numbers. It changes weekly, tho.

C – So there MAY be a contract rate for the dinar and dong? T – Correct.

C – So at the initial exchange we will be dealing with an individual who will not be in the position to negotiate that rate? T – My understanding is that they’ll give you a rate and a fee and you accept it or not. Nothing beats a failure but a try and a closed mouth doesn’t get fed. Afterwards you’ll see a wealth manager at another appointment. From what we heard from others who’ve already exchanged, the WM offered them a different rate if they accepted certain criteria, i.e., leaving your money there for a period of time.

C – They got my dinar. Why wouldn’t they leave me at 3.58? T – The UST gets the benefit of the higher rate, not the bank. If they can convince you to take the higher rate, more money is left in the bank. Say you have $1M and you get 3.58. You can take it out tomorrow and the bank makes no money. You go to your WM and he offers you a higher rate, say $10, if you leave $6M in the bank for 2-3 years, for example. They’re making money. You’re making money. It’s a great win-win for everybody.

C- Will all the WMs have that info about the contract rates? T – I don’t know what packages they’ll be sending to the WMs. The ones we talked to did have that info.

C – So I could end up with a WM who isn’t privy to the contract rate info. It’ll be the luck of the draw and have no choice in it. That’s 100% of my concern.

DC – To those who’ve worked on a ranch, before most cattle through there’s always one who tries to go thru sideways. It’s my intention to try and mess up the chute. You have to ask. I would ask for the contract rate up front first. Ask questions!

T – If we get the package and we know what to ask, we will tell you. Right now if you don’t know ask. Be respectful.

C – Are you hearing or feeling a backwall right now? T – I can tell you we feel better about it right now than we did on Monday. Some additional info has come out about some actions that have occured. I think we’ll have a call on Monday, but not this type of call.

C – I’m wanting to double-check on the timeline: 15 days max for it to appear in the Gazette. T – The budget has already been signed and the process is complete. Everybody knows that.

C – Do you know if the banks will have extended hours? DC – Some of the banks will. It’s bank-specific. Some will work 7am-11pm. It’s branch by branch.

C – You mentioned the books you’re giving to the gov’t about this venture. If you use people’s names won’t they be subject to financial predators? T – I told people up front what I would use the responses for. Plus, it’ll be at least 15 years from now and many will be dead – LOL.

DC – Realistically, phone  numbers and emails will be changed and if you’re that vulnerable you’re going to be taken advantage of anyway.


C – Iraq goes to Davos and announces to the world they are ready and open for business. How can they do that if they’re not international yet? DC – That’s part of their job – they’re cheerleaders for the country. The news doesn’t sell Iraq worth a darn. Thousands of schools have been built and roads repaired. They know Iraq is producing 4M barrels of oil per day and it could increase to 8. A lot of insiders know that Iraq is going to put insane amounts of money into infrastructure construction over the next decade. Iraqi politicians are doing marketing.

T – They are international, in that everybody has already signed off on the agreement. All these countries know the rates and GCR date, etc. but we do not. We’re just waiting for the announcement. Mnt Goat put out a date of 2/12 for documents that need to be signed, etc. We are going to see all of this after the RV and they will all be back-dated to the date signed. A lot of people are frustrated about nothing, i.e., 12 days, 30 days, etc. and we know he took less than ONE day to sign it.

C – If we have 3 or 4 different currencies, how does the IRS figure taxes? DC – There will be short and long term cap gains (more than 1 year, or less than a year). For example, I have some I purchased in the last 8 months, so that’ll fall in the short-term cap gains tax bracket (44%) versus long-term cap gains (23.8%). I you can’t prove it’s more than a year old it’ll be short-term by default.

DC – You will have to pay tax on each one, regardless. It’ll be whatever  your gross is times the tax rate. It will be a taxable situation.

C – What’s different today than last week? T – I answered that already. Some things have been done and we have verified those things that have occured, tho they have not been made public.

C – Does anybody offer a MCA in the USA so you can keep the currency in its original form while we ride the wave? DC – They do offer MCAs to UC citizens. The dinar will be a massive player and will be paired with everybody. To get an MCA on some weird stuff you should go to a bank that deals with that currency.

C – What’s the dong at today? T – We already talked about this earlier in the call. We got notification it changed to .08. They could just be doing that so you won’t buy anymore. I haven’t seen it on the screens but we’ve been told it’s on the screens at .08.

C – Are we still expecting this between 4AM and 6AM? And do I need to sleep with my phone? DC – Yes, during non-business hours in the USA. It may 3-4 hours to put the call out. It could happen at 4AM, we get the package, then we do a call in the morning. You can’t go to the banks until it opens regardless of when we get the info. We just don’t know. Originally we weren’t supposed to be involved. Now we have to get the info before we do our call. Or, I let you know when it happens and we can do a call later.

C – We have made connections with presidents of regional banks, some of whom knew about the dinar and others who didn’t. But we also have accounts set up at Chase and WF. Should we go to the exchange location or just go to WF? DC – If you have a real, personal connection I’d go with the banks with whom you’ve established relationships because they may get you a better rate and they get paid in commissions.

T – I just heard about a guy who would get you a deal if you sent him all your dinar. If this group is 90K strong like they claim to be and it’s all going to one paymaster, how long do you think it’s going to take for him to do the payout and you get paid?

T – I just heard about a guy who would get you a deal if you sent him all your dinar. If this group is 90K strong like they claim to be and it’s all going to one paymaster, how long do you think it’s going to take for him to do the payout and you get paid?

T – I would never turn my dinar over to anybody unless I’m sitting at the bank.

C – In your HOH do you think it’ll go by Friday? DC – I like the next 5 days a lot. T – What you care about is it’s going. It’s in motion.

C – In your HOH do you think it’ll go by Friday? DC – I like the next 5 days a lot. T – What you care about is it’s going. It’s in motion.

C – You’ve been careful to share disclaimers about you not being attorneys or financial advisors. I’m wondering if the biggest disclaimer should be that at best – at best – you have only 60% of the info out there. Could the things holding this up be in that remaining 40%? T – Because we are down to dates and time, I don’t feel it’s changing that much. I’m more excited today than I’ve ever been. While we don’t know the agreements’ motion, how, when or why, it coming to a completion I feel better than 60%. DC – Why do I say 60%? Because we don’t have the entire picture. There have been hundreds of targeted opportunities to get additional items done. You’re also dealing with multiple cultures, just in Iraq (tribes, Kurds, Sunnis, etc.) Many complexities just on how people talk to each other. It’s complex as hell. Anybody who says they have all the answers are flat-out lying. I don’t think anybody in this process have the whole answer, except maybe 5-6 people who have been involved in it. I’ve heard people in some of the highest levels have different parts of the info. You learn real fast that you don’t know everything.

DC – Remember, we’re getting all of this through leaks. Somedays it just pours out. Other days it’s quiet. A lot of it is to keep everybody humble, don’t shoot the messenger. We just give what we can at the time we get it.

C – What could we be doing to be part of the solution? DC – We did “we the people” and that was really important. This is just my personal opinion, but by giving this info out it helps to clear the air and keep some things honest. It stops some of the mischief just by being aware. You can prepare by being prepared for the exchange.

T – It’s not our job to force our gov’t or the GOI to do anything. It’s not my job to get into US policy. It WAS our job to get upset when they were trying to cut us out. If it becomes about us being kept in the process, then I’m all for doing what we need to do. I can’t openly threaten people just because I didn’t get paid on Monday like I was supposed to.

RECAP: DC – Everybody is beautifully lined up. Timelines are typically at night during the next 5-6 days. All laws are passed and it’s Iraq’s call as to when they do it. Their intent is to get this done very, very quickly.

PAM – Be kind to the other gurus out there because we’re all headed in the same direction. We’re all in the same boat.

RAY – It’s “Where Is It Wednesday?” T – It’s all good info. There is something occuring, even if it’s in the background. Iraq has the option to do it when they want. They have set dates, and it’s not March, April, etc. Things are occuring as we speak to move this along. I’m highly encouraged and   because it’s something we were told to watch for and now it’s happening. Every briefing was done this morning. Communication blackout yesterday and hard to get communications today. We’re in another window for the next 5-6 days. Go about your business during the day because you won’t see it until between 2AM-6AM. END OF CALL.

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