TNT Call notes 2-October-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, October 2, 2015.  Yes, we are still here, where none of us thought we would be – I really didn’t!  All month, everybody we talked to said it would be done on or before the 1st of October – we will be done, and they did preparations to do just that, training people, doing exchanges.  Here we are still, on the 2nd.  Things can still go at any moment, and people are still saying that everything is good, but we are still sitting here. There is a high probability it could go over the weekend.  I don’t have a new date, because everyone said it would be done by today.  I have no bad information.

Today a million people are in the square in Iraq, really pissed off because they didn’t get their money, and they want change.  One of our contractors over there informed us that his rate had changed.  His American people are walking off the job and going home, saying they are done.  People are on airplanes going home;  people got their rate.  That was on Monday evening, after our call. During our last call, I got the text from another Iraqi citizen who owns a business over and over here, with an international card – and his card showed the new rate. That was during the call.

There are two ends of Iraq – one in Baghdad and one in Kurdistan.  Before, when the rate was changed and loaded on cards, they were still some of the first to get it then. We thought everyone was going to get the new rate today, but they haven’t yet.  Our contacts are getting the international rates on their cards, but everyone in the country is not. They have changed the prices in the market, but not to the international rate.  If they had, the people would not be protesting in the streets about the corruption and lack of money. I don’t think Syria matters, but they have to do this before Iraq erupts.

Pam texted me some questions to start with:

Q:  Tony, in light of the text on Wednesday’s call, has the rate been changed on the Iraqi payroll as Abadi committed to?

Tony:  They got paid on the 23rd, and if the rate changed, they would have been celebrating.  I will check on that.

Q:  You said this last week was one of our biggest windows, with everyone in NYC at the same time.  Now what?  I understand that Iraqis have the international rate on their cards, but when can we ALL go to the bank, not just a few?

Q:  When the Iraqi citizens get paid, we will be able to go to the bank – when is that?

Q:  You shared an investment experience when you lost 85,000 in 15 minutes;   can you give us details?  How can we find a trustworthy wealth manager?

I think I already explained that the common people in Iraq have not been paid.  They were informed on television and in the mosque that the cards had gone international, and they could withdraw money at ATMs around the world – how can you do that if there is not an international rate.  All the agreements have been done, so what is going on?  They put them in place so that there are guidelines and hopefully get accomplished.  If they don’t make it, then they change things. There are penalties and consequences, but apparently not enough to hurt them.  We do know that there has to be an revaluation, because Iraq needs it for commerce, and because they have promised their people they will be the richest in the region.

Everyone was at the UN to negotiate and finalize global trade deals.  I can’t say they are waiting for that.  The old dollars, new dollars, the influx of dollars will affect this;  everyone is fighting for their share of the pie right now.  The RV has already been done, I think, and these are just the last little things that need to be done.  I haven’t heard that that’s a requirement, just looking at all the pieces of the puzzle.

I had a bad investment experience with a well-known national company. I started with IPOs, doing my very own research and trades.  I had my own contacts in Washington and a guy on the floor putting in trades for me.  I had to read, study, get up at 2am to do watch movements, etc.  This guy from this large company showed me all the plaques on his wall, told me about all the celebrities he’s worked for, and he told he had never lost a dime.  ValueJet was coming back, and we all know what happened to that.  I should have stuck to what I know, and done it myself.  I called him, told him to sell X, and he was distracted by someone in the office.  Then he didn’t follow up because he hoped that it would come back and he could cover his mistake. The company did send me letters, asking if I wanted to have it investigated, but I just went back to doing it my own way.

As for the wealth managers saying that this will never happen – then he doesn’t know people are being trained, and that individual people are being exchanged.  Just because he is a wealth manager doesn’t mean he knows everything;  he will probably be a shocked as everyone else when this happens.  You need to read the articles, listen to the internet, put together the pieces and see what’s going on.  People have exchanged rupiah these last couple of weeks, walking out of the bank with $13,000 per million.  So there it is!  Hope I answered those questions well enough…

707 caller:  Is Zim still in the basket?  If someone orders Zim this morning from a dealer, and it’s on the receipt, but he gets the currency in the mail, then will it be okay?  This is a reputable dealer;  I’ve dealt with them several times, and they even include a bonus dong note in the packet.

Tony:  Yes, it’s still in the basket, and yes, once you have the currency it will be okay once it is exchangeable.  So long as the dealer sends it to him and he gets it, it’ll be fine.  The banks don’t care when you bought it.

903 caller:  I have a sister who gave some Zim to her kids – 50 trillion notes.  Does she need to double that for them to be able to exchange?

Tony:   I don’t know.  At one point we heard they are only exchanging at 100 trillion or more.  I would hold onto those notes, and if the exchange person says they need 100 trillion or more, she can give them another one!

352 caller:  Dave Schmidt is saying that if people don’t go to his seminar, they will not exchange.  Have you heard any kind of crap like that??

Tony:  Who does that make sense to?  Did every bank appoint him;   did the UST and the Federal Reserve say they have to go through him to exchange?  Come on!

Caller:  One friend talked to the bank manager who said that the dong rate was $1.05.  The manager said he needed the person’s driver’s license and Social Security card – just for the dong.  Why?

Tony:  They will need your information to set up an account.  If the manager said $1.05 and then it went down to three cents?  Five million people would have exchanged for three cents yesterday!  If you have a million dong, that $30,000, and I would exchange and go buy some more!  That doesn’t make sense to me.

Caller:  I read it on Recaps, so I don’t know if that’s true or not.

Tony:  Every bank you go to wants to know who is getting this money;  that’s part of the process.  Don’t get mad at the process;  get mad because he didn’t exchange!

Caller:  I was just at several banks, and their rates were still very low – about $40 per million dong or $60 per million for the rupiah.  He couldn’t even look up those rates, he had to call his foreign exchange department.  He was just a regular banker, not a wealth manager or foreign exchange expert.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Or Orlando!

512 caller:  I have two quick questions.  You’ve already answered about the Zim that it’s still in the basket.  Are we still looking for an 800 number at the bank?  We are still having issues about wealth managers denying this is happening, so making appointments with them is kind of pointless…

Tony: They are still waiting to be told that they are making exchanging, and they won’t get that until the moment this happens. There are a couple of different ways they might do this, but each one does involve your calling 800 numbers to set up your appointment and get the rates.  We’ll see what happens when it pops.

Caller: We set up accounts at Chase and Wells Fargo… we won’t go to the banks for this?

Tony: Some will be at bank branches, but most will be at places they have set up – other spaces leased out for offices or private banking offices.

By the way, people call me and want me to call them back, but I simply don’t have the time to get back to everyone.  I don’t want you to feel like I don’t care or disrespected.  Some I do call, when I can.  Also, I do appreciate the calls, messages and gifts.  But there are 30,000 of you and one of me.  There are 500 waiting to ask questions, and one of me.  A veteran called me yesterday and said, “I just want to know who you are – if you are real or not – and if you are making this up.  I just want to know!”  I don’t know how long he has been on the calls.  When we first started this, enthusiasm was through the roof, then as we went through it, we found not everyone does what they say they will do, and other hide everything they are doing, for one reason or another.  We just don’t know – with the banks, the countries, the politicians and negotiations.  We are on the bottom of the totem pole and we don’t control any of this. All I can do is pass on information and pieces of the puzzle, of the process, how you should act and dress, how to make this as smooth as possible.  It’s not up to me or it would have gone a long time ago.  If I were not real and doing this, I would have already exchanged.  Because I am doing this, I won’t get paid until everyone else gets paid.

601 caller:  Dinar, dong, Zim and rupiah… when you go in to exchange, are they still asking for the codes or abbreviations.

Tony:  A long time ago, they telling us to ask for the correct term.  Within the last week, they are now being trained to “give you what you ask for”, to not offer anything unless people ask for it.  I’m not mad at them for that – banks are there to make money.  If you don’t know to ask for higher rates, etc., they will not offer them. It’s your responsibility, your account, and you have to know what you are doing with your money.  That’s how I lost 85K.  The guy doing the trades got paid either way.  Share your comments and suggestions with each now;  when you go in there, be calm and collected, and ask for what you want.  If you are not signing the NDA, you will get the public international rates.  If you are signing the NDA, you can at least try for the contract rates.

Caller:  Can you give us the codes now?

Tony:  I would be more concerned to say “This is my currency;  this the rates I’m looking for.  Do you have contract or special rates available?  What is the highest rate you can give me?  Let’s discuss those.”

Caller:  What hotel will you be in at Vegas?

Tony:  Right, 20,000 people asking where is Tony’s room!  Possibly the Venetian, I’m not sure. When we got there, I will tell you what hotel so we can all party there – I’ll get a room just for that!’

636 caller:  Can you give us any update on the process, taxes or rates?

Tony: When I give you the rates, Pam always gets calls afterwards.  The dinar is over $3, the dong is over 40 cents, the Zim is over double digits (in cents), the rupiah is over $1, and the Afghani is over $2.  I have no confirmation on taxes, although they are working something out, I believe.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  And a new pair of ropers for Tony!

703 caller:  Good morning, Tony!  I’m trying to understand how the GCR came about and how Iraq is going to repay the US for the cost of the war… and then President Obama decided to turn it into a program to help the poor countries of the world?

Tony: We went to war in 1993, when the older Bush was President.  Obama became President in 2008.  The initial plan was for the US and Great Britain to have the lion’s share in compensation for the cost of the war.  Then those in the know noticed that they did the same thing with Kuwait, and they expected to do it quickly.  Because it was taking so long, other countries noticed and saw the opportunity to do it in other countries and stop a spiraling global economy.  They decided to reset all the economies in the world.  In order to do that, and be fair about it, they had to redo the way the valued money, moving away from fiat money and back onto asset-backed standards.  They are still negotiating those new global standards.  My understanding is that they are very close and hope to have it finished by tomorrow.  President Obama didn’t start this process, although he did change some of the things they were going to do, and also dragged it out even further because he had different priorities and views on how to change/fix Iraq.  This could have been done a long time ago if it was just about the currency.  It’s also about the birth of a new country and how would be the parent, and who would give the value of new country.  Everyone wanted to be in charge, and have their say.  Then we had to put the right person in the right place at the right time.  We supported the wrong man at first, with a long leash, and then ooops!  I do that with my kids who are in their 20s, and they mess up, come back and we talk about it.  They did that with Iraq.  Now we have someone there who can see the last 200 years, the last eight years, and in the last 8-9 months has done more than in the previous five months.  Now it’s going in the right direction…

Caller:  Did the US put up the dinar in the revaluation of the Zim, the dong, etc?

Tony:  Iraq owes a lot of people money;  their debts are being forgiven and in exchange the other countries are being given dinar as  part of their foreign currency reserves.  The new currency will be based on the actual value of resources in Iraq.  The US didn’t hand out dinar as such, but there was an agreement in place for each country based on what they did in the war.

Caller:  Will the dinar be live in the UK before it’s live in the US?

Tony:  Two minutes after they do this, it will be live around the world.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  For everyone’s benefit of your experience…

770 caller:  We were talking about how this can has been kicked down the road a few thousand times. Obviously you have nothing to do with when they pull the trigger.  However, I was a combat vet in Vietnam, a sergeant, and I was responsible for the lives of those men.  Taking that on meant a lot, so when I look at what you do, month after month, I wonder how I would deal with that.  At what point do “we are the people” become the group to say that we will not be abused or taken advantage of any longer.  [more]

You say people have exchanged, but you don’t know who or how.  You’ve talked about the elite going first, and I get that.  But at some point we have to draw a line in the sand.

Tony:  I hear you.  The reality is that every day I get mail – letters, emails, etc. – and people say “thank you for doing this or I wouldn’t still be here.”  I got 130 letters just yesterday, people telling me their stories, how these five years have affected their lives and their loved ones, and how grateful they are to hear ‘Good morning, TNT!’  Right now there is more hope that when we do have this thing, it will affect their lives in such a way that it’s worth the wait. That’s my purpose in staying here, making sure people this is worth hanging on for, understanding the process, educating people about this opportunity, process, government, and all the rest.

Once, when we were told we would be removed from the process, that was a different story.  I had several opportunities to exchange myself, but now I’m too high profile.  Along the way, there was information that we couldn’t tell you – there was a push to collapse the US economy and the dollar.  There were reasons that were nothing to do with us!  There are a few people in our government who don’t want us to have this kind of money, but the decision has already been made to let us have this money and see what we do it with it.  They haven’t given Iraqi citizens their money yet;  our soldiers in Iraq have not been given their money either.  What gives us the right to raise hell when they haven’t got it in Iraq yet?  Someone has to go first, and many only exchanged because they thought we were right behind us.  When this happens WE are the ones who will go to the front of the line, going first class, and someone will be highly pissed off at YOU.  I have to have a reason to fight, and the only reason is if we are not part of this process.  The US government is protecting the rest of the US citizens, and we have no right to dictate how they do that or insist that we exchange now in a way that blocks that.  It’s legal for everyone to take an SKR, but the money hasn’t happened yet, so the it’s not available for all.  It’s not there for Iraq yet, so we cannot demand it here.  Yes, there are those in Iraq who have got the $3.91 rate in Iraq, because of who they are.  We are the masses here, and we are not going to get it until the masses in Iraq get it there. Unless they try to cut us out, we are just going to have to wait until it happens there.  Pam, I’m just going to take one more so that my rant is not the last thing on this call.

599 caller:  Thanks, Tony.  I did talk to a wealth manager locally who belongs to one of those banks you mentioned last week.  He had no clue what I’m talking about, so I was rather amused by it.  I asked him about the rates, and he was shocked.  He had to go to another teller to look up the rates.  I explained that I hoped he could work with me, and he said he would do whatever he can.  I thought “I should be getting the commission here!”

Tony:  Yeah, he should owe YOU money!

Caller:  My concern is that he doesn’t know what the heck I’m talking about, so how can I ask him what a contract rate is??

Tony:  Remember, not every branch will be an exchange center.  Not every teller or employee will be told every after the fact.  They may hear about it by trickle-down.  However, people involved in the exchange will find out, especially wealth managers, but tellers may never find out because there will be issues.

Caller: It sounds like rates and taxes are status quo.  One teller I talked to has a little bit to put her granddaughter through college;  she has a friend in another bank who keeps her informed, and she will probably have to go there to exchange.

Tony:  I know many bank people like that, who wouldn’t think of exchanging at their own bank!

Caller:  My sister works in the military, and she told me ten years ago.  It was supposed to be a two-year deal, and it keeps getting pushed outward.  My mother passed away, and we ended up being homeless, but we always kept our currency!

Tony: When the person got me involved, he said it would be a week – and that was five years ago!  I’m sorry you went through that, but it will be worth it.

Caller:  We have a lot more on our list who we will help!  We’re ready and have it planned out as to who gets what and where.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Pam:  Good job on the questions today, Tony!  There is a lot going on globally and in Iraq as they build their country.  It’s exciting to see their progress, and we have to wait until the world decides it’s time to make that change. Fingers crossed — go out and play!

Tony: Ray’s not here.  There is no bad news apart from a million Iraqis out in the street.  Everything is the same, rates are the same, people are on standby.  We are still being told from both sides that this can happen any minute.  It’s been fully tested earlier this week.  We are that close and that sure, and this weekend is a great time to go.  Try to enjoy the rest of your day.  It IS going to happen and it IS the greatest opportunity of our lifetime. Be ready so you don’t have to get ready… and enjoy your weekend.


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