TNT Call notes 2-September-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, September 2, 2015.  We are back here again, which we expected because it should happen sometime this week. It could be today, tomorrow, Friday…

I want to start with something else.  People have sent donations.  I cannot take checks with TNT on them.  There is no company, business or bank account with that name, so I end up shredding those. I did think of something, though:

9580 Oak Avenue Parkway #7269, Folsom CA 95630

A lot of people send me letters now, or may send me letter afterwards, and this is what I would like you to do:  send me a letter, note, picture, something of the celebration you have once this is over.  I would like to see that – what this whole process has meant to you, after it happens, and what your plan is now that you know this is real.  Also, I would love to know how you  have immediately paid it forward, hopefully within the first week that this happens. I want that to be part of the history.  We have already put together books of the letters you sent to the Powers That Be, and the letters they sent back.  We want to present those to those in power, to see this process from our perspective.  We also want to pass this down to future generations so that people can see what occurred.  But it won’t be complete without this final piece.  That’s what I was thinking:  send me that so we can complete the picture and what it meant to society.

We are in pretty much the same place as Monday. They had meetings yesterday.  The only new things I’m hearing is that the tax situation may be decided by the end of the year.  It’s better to be safe than sorry, to set aside the maximum you might have to pay  in taxes and use the rest.  There may not be taxes in the end, but I suspect there will be. Everyone is ready to go at any time. The banks are on alert again, and the groups are on alert as well.  This could happen at any moment, any day this week.

People in Iraq we have talked to who are involved in their business world with knowledge of the Iraqi administration, they are saying everything could be done this week.  They are looking for it all to be done by the 15th or the next day everyone gets paid.  If that doesn’t happen, it should definitely be done by the 30th of September.  There are three days, then:  this week, the 15th, the 30th.  They are trying to get everything done as quickly and clearly as they can so that they can get on with this.  They know there are people fighting this, who are gaining power, and they are trying to get it done before that happens.  There are people actually fighting this being done, and others fighting corruption in the government of Iraq.  They know this will change everything and they want to get this done before worse happens.  IN this country, they are ready and waiting for the Go signal. They had meetings Sunday and last night, and everyone is saying, “Do it!”  They have picked a day and time, and they hope it will go then.  We will have to wait and see if that happens.  That date/time is still in the frame, and it’s not next year.  Everyone is pushing, ready to go.  IT’s very sweet and simple.

404 caller:  I understand the China markets are closed today and tomorrow. What effect does that have, if any, on the GCR and RV?

Tony:  I don’t know what effect it will have.  Certain people in certain banks are now learning that China owns a huge position in those banks, and they are now being notified that this or that is happening.  We know their goal is to get down 12%, and they have done that.  Some are saying China is having a sudden two-day holiday.  We are jumping on every little thing as being part of the RV, and I don’t know that everything goes into that.  Maybe it is, but everything is not about initiating the RV.  I can tell you that the plan is NOT for this to happen today.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

402 caller:  Sure, you can teach a man to fish, but what if they don’t hold the fishing pole?  I have relatives I want to help out, by paying off their mortgage or car.  These people are always in debt, and I fear that without their existing debt, they will just go out and buy another car or house.

Tony:  Nobody is going to walk around debt-free.  All you can say is, “Here is your chance to start over, and I hope you’ve learned something”.  if not, you did what you could.  I have a nephew who is like that, and instead of giving him 100K, I will give him 14K per year.  As he gets older and learns how to deal with that, at least he has a backup.  My other two  nephews who are into this, I can give them more as a lump.

512 caller:  With the zim, are they still taking off six zeros and then times the exchange rate of three cents?

Tony:  That is my understanding, but at a higher rate than three cents.

Caller:  Thanks – that is good news.  I took your advice and went to Plan B, and bought more zim.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I was sitting outside smoking a cigar last night, and a guy came in;  he said, “Tony, how do I get into OpenMike – nobody can tell me!”  I think OM is kind of like ‘the cabal’ – you have to know somebody or be born into OpenMike or something.

574 caller:  There is a really good book I found online called The Richest Man in Babylon.  I was looking for something to help teach these principles to others in an interesting way because many people find money so boring.  I wanted something simpler for kids as well, and I think this book is the best thing since sliced bread.  It’s written in little stories and parables, teaching the principles in a new way that I can use for my mini-classes.

Tony:  I read that book 25 years ago;  it’s a great book.

Caller:  I wanted to tell people about that, and … Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

252 caller:  I was looking at what’s going on today, and we are approaching a three-day weekend!  I was thinking this is a nice time to go to the bank, especially as Obama has enough votes to avoid a veto on the Iran deal.

Tony:  You’re wondering if this is the perfect storm, and I can see that.  It is a holiday weekend, and that’s good.  It would be great for the Iran deal to be approved before this.  He has enough votes in the Senate, although Iran doesn’t have enough votes yet.  There is a power struggle going on in Iraq.  They are supporting Abadi in public, but in the back rooms, people are saying, Yeah, but not my position/house/privileges.  Abadi is saying “They will not stop this reform, even if it costs my life.”  Because he is being so public and transparent about it, Abadi is making enemies that he may not be able to overcome.  Because the people in the street want this, Abadi is supporting it at his own peril.  Even though everyone is saying they support him, that is not the case in the back room. At what point does he have enough leverage from those around him, enough support from the surrounding countries that he cannot be moved out by another dictator?  Iran still has a lot of influence through the back door and on the streets, and that’s why it’s very significant what Iran decides to do in Iraq.  WE have contacts in the military who patrol the streets every night;  that is still an issue, and until people feel safe and secure, then it’s hard to push this forward.  They want to give the money to the people so they can have a great life and buy houses and cars, but at the same time, they don’t want the money to end up with the gangs and the mafia.  How do they work it out so that the bad guys don’t end up with even more money?  There are individuals with power who are flip-flopping (for and against Abadi and his reforms) because they suddenly realize that the reforms would apply to THEM – that they might have to give up one of their seven houses or whatever.  It was supposed to happen last night, but someone objected because it would affect them, and they had to have another meeting.  I wish they would just implement it an hour after the decision, and stop giving the other side time to find another issue, yet again.  That drives me crazy.  Let’s see what happens.  I know it is there.  The tax plan is there, with a slow rollout here and in Iraq. We are not NOT going, we just are waiting to find out when we go.  We have our own issues here in this country, so how can we expect their country to be perfect?  When will it be perfect enough to go ahead and we’ll deal with the problems afterwards?

This holiday weekend could well be the time.  That’s the first thing Pam said to me this morning, and I get that… but how many holiday weekends have we blown through?  It is very possibly THE weekend, and it is a great time to do it.

Caller: And it’s my anniversary!  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

559 caller:  I’m on top and can’t be stopped;  I’m blessed coming in and going out.  I know 410 asked one of my questions about this holiday weekend.  We are praying for the Iraqi people, that they get what they need and deserve.  Have you heard anything about the tax situation?  And if not this week, you’re thinking next payday?

Tony:  I was looking for their last payday, and when that didn’t happen, they are thinking to get this done during this pay cycle.  It’s looking good to me because the projected date now is before the 15th.  That is the scheduled time at the moment, so we’ll see.

Caller: That’s wonderful – that gives us something to shoot for.  We have been in this going on eleven years – issues hit us, sickness, lost our house – but we always kept our currency.  So everyone out there:  hang on, keep your money, don’t give it away!  God blessed us with another house, but we have friends and churches who need help, we want to help the veterans, and there are many  people and groups who we all can help.  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  What is that secret society they have on the back of the dollar bill with the pyramid and the eye?  Pam?

702 caller:  [Appreciation]  There was an article posted today saying that Iraq has decided to postpone the deletion of the zeroes.  I know how that affects Iraq;  how does it affect the RV?

Tony:  There is an active part of the information campaign that is geared to put out misleading information – articles, rumors, innuendoes, and blatant lies.  You cannot listen to everything that comes out.  They don’t want people to know the exact timing because so many things can be manipulated if they know the exact timing – the markets, etc.  They want it to be confusing and intimidating;  otherwise, if they know it’s a sure thing, everyone will rush out and buy more currency.

Caller:  If October 1st comes round and our government takes a hiatus, does that affect it?

Tony:  I don’t think that will affect it.  I think we’ll be fine.  I agree, I can’t believe we are in September, and it might stretch out to the end of the month.  But all the laws have been voted on and everyone has agreed to them.  What they are arguing about now is the terminology and implementation of those laws.  They don’t want this line or that line.  The people in the street are saying “you said you would do this or that, but not one person has been arrested, lost their job or whatever.”  They are arguing about HOW to implement the reforms, and they cannot do that overnight.

Caller:  Where is the point of implosion with this?

Tony:  They want it to go right now, but they are not going to create all this wealth to see it go in six months.  It’s been 200 years in the making and it might take 200 years to redo it.  If we see an Arab Spring in Iraq, like Da’ash in Iran, then it’s not going to happen. That’s why we are in a critical point right now.  When people are in the streets demanding, nobody wants to see that happen, and I think they are trying to head that off.

Caller:  [Conspiracy stuff]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I got all these texts saying Pam should turn over the dollar bill – the secret society  is the Illuminati.  I think OpenMike is like that – if you don’t know the right code or you don’t know someone, you can’t get in there.

770 caller: What is the incentive for them to move this thing forward?

Tony:  Iraq’s incentive is to secure their country, get their economy back and for their citizens to live like human beings as the richest country in the region. They want to stop the war, and for their people to walk down the streets without fear of being blown up.  In some ways, life was better for the people under Saddam than in the chaos of the  last 12 years.  The rest of the world has a powerful incentive in the GCR which is designed to create a more even playing field. The US has a great opportunity to do this right now, and a lot of people will tell you it has been dragged out until now so that the last quarter’s numbers are the best before the election year.  People can go out and spend money on cars and houses and do some good in the economy.

Caller:  If Abadi has the power to do this, how can he sit back and watch his people suffer?  If the US has that power to put Saddam in and take him out, and enough power to trigger a global reset, with a better life for everyone, and still allow these others to put them in check?  That doesn’t make sense to me.

Tony:  Do you really want to go down this road?  The US went over there and took out Saddam, and everyone celebrated.  If you take out another country’s leader, and ¾ of the public like that person, what do you think happens? We are not going to let someone from another country come here and take out a senator or President without retaliation.  So we cannot do that in Iraq.  The people of Iraq have to say themselves that ‘enough is enough’.  We cannot do that for them, not if it’s an internal conflict.  I’m not going to take out my neighbors just because they are Republicans.  They have the right to be that, if they choose.  Iraq has its own government, and they have the right to fight it out amongst themselves, now that they have a democracy with banking rules. We insisted that they have banking laws and anti-corruption rules so that investors can be safe, and a national guard so that the oil wells are secure.  That is what the US insisted on before with-drawing. They are learning how to do all that – it wasn’t their idea!  And now they are having growing pains, in a very condensed time frame.  We want Abadi to ‘just do it’, but we are sitting in the US, and he is over there, having to deal with people, their cousins and political allies. The people in the streets are saying “let’s wipe out the government and Parliament”, but if they do that, how long will it take for people to have confidence in that new government?  Abadi has proposed the reforms, but saying it on Monday doesn’t mean that it is functioning on Friday.  The new people coming in – will they play by the new rules, or will they be influenced by their brothers and cousins in turn?  Even though we say Abadi can make that decision, it’s much bigger than Iraq, and it’s a collective decision.  That’s why there were three meetings in the last week, and they give the green light;  if it is smooth, then it will go, but if there is a problem, they stop and look again. It’s a process, and it changes after every meeting.  That is the reality.  They want to get it done, and they are saying ‘this week’, and if not this week, by the 15th, and if not by then, by the end of this month.  Those are the dates as I understand them.

616 caller:  I’ve been listening to you have a long time.  I worked for the airline that flew in the new currency to Iraq and Bahrain over ten years ago.  Such a smell!  They flew in three planeloads of the lower denominations three months ago, with 340,000lb of each one. The security was unbelievable for what we thought was just wallpaper.  So I kept buying dinar.  Now I’m worried about the zim.  If they keep dragging this out, will Zimbabwe put up with that?

Tony: They will do what every other country does – they’ll extend their dates and then get drunk with the rest of us.  Pam?

Pam:  I like that guy – I love the detail, that they flew in the money and what it looked and smelled like. That’s awesome. There is someone I love from Texas who has been in this for eleven years, and they are here until the end because this is worth waiting for.  So hang in there, guys!

RayRen:  Let’s see what happens.  It will be here when it’s here.

Tony: Ray, nothing about the secret society?  This week friends have called me, even this morning, saying they really need to sell this dinar, and do I know anyone who wants to buy it?  I tell them not to sell it:  nobody will pay what you bought it for, and if you sell it for a loss, you’re going to be upset when this goes in two days or two weeks.  You’ve already spent the money, so put away the currency.  This is the greatest opportunity of your lifetime and you’re going to give it away because it didn’t happen the day you wanted it to, and now you are willing to give away your family’s future?!  If you spent the money on a car, dinner, Vegas, the money is already gone.  This is your future, I promise you that, so stay with it.  Do whatever else you need to do, but don’t get rid of your entire future for $500.  Everyone is ready and excited, it could happen any minute – although it’s not today.  But it is scheduled and we have to see what happens.  We know what everyone is going through, because we go through it every day.  We get information from all over the place, and sometimes it’s just ridiculous.  People give us misinformation for two reasons:  because they are spreading BS or because they want you to be more confused and/or discouraged.  There is a misinformation campaign going on, and there are reasons for it.  Just don’t believe everything you hear.  They control the news!  The people in the streets find their truth in the mosques.  Pam says that sometimes they give us bad information just to make us look bad.  We’re not going to do that.  We may look stupid sometimes because things have changed, but we will not deliberately give out bad information. This is a living, breathing animal that changes hourly and daily.  At 10am this happened, and then at 3pm this other thing changed.  The bank memo went out at 8.30, and we might all day until we get it.  We put the piece together as best we can.  Those who get confused because they listen to things that clearly don’t make sense, well, I guess they deserve to be confused.

It’s a great day, with positive information.  Another time and day has been determined and we will not put it out.  Life is good!  I hope this is the last call;  that is why I gave you the address again, so that you can send letters and pictures about how this has affected you and how you are paying it forward. That’s what I’d like to hear about.  Thanks, and enjoy your day!


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