TNT Call notes 22-Apr-2015

Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Wednesday, April 22, 2015.  We’re here, feeling good about ourselves, and I’ll see what I can squeeze out of DC today.  I did give him a little warning to mind his Ps and Qs.  Meanwhile, we appreciate everyone here, members and nonmembers.  Pam was reading off all these stats to me this morning.  We have had 381K people visit the front page, and we average that many per month to that front page – not including all those on the forum or listening to the recordings afterwards.  I’ve never looked at the number before.  That puts us over one to two million per month who pick up our information.  We know we are doing the right thing, the right way, for the majority of the people.  This morning I told Pam and DC that I would go look at the questions today, and Pam said “Don’t do it!” because it was a bunch of people complaining that we are not protesting or whatever.  I’ve been giving out this information for five years;  we have had mods and resources come and go, and they keep coming because they see we are doing things the right way.  I think I know what I’m doing, keeping us involved and keeping you informed with the correct information.  That changes every day, but the pieces and the education are still coming to you as we get them.  We are in a good position;  I will let DC explain it.  Remember “the boy who cried wolf”… DC?  The reason we are having this call today is because the people didn’t believe the boy who cried wolf.
DC:  Hope you’re doing well today.  My voice is still a little crackly, so bear with us.  For the new folks, welcome back again – we understand there are a few special people.  Starting in Iraq, because it’s their country… Parliament has been passing more laws; t hey are not necessary but nice to have.  We understand all actions needed have been taken, even the adjustments in the last couple of weeks. Dr. Abadi continues to get people ready for what is going on.  There is an article saying he is taking a more aggressive stance about electricity and the monetary reforms, so that is a wonderful thing for Iraq.  Dr. Shabibi and Dr. Abadi have been in constant communication about the RI/RV, trying to get everyone up to a place where they can handle this. They started 36 hours ago and the rest of the world said, “Yeah, sure” with eyes rolling.  So they have been spending time on international phone calls getting everyone ramped up.
Everyone in Iraq ran through procedures again concerning lower currencies, and such.  Those have gone out.  In the newspapers and on television, there is more of the same:  monetary reform will be done in the next few days, quoting CBI, Finance Ministry, etc., and saying that it will be completed in the next week.  With respect to ISIL, there is more softening of the battlefrield around Mosul, and that is somewhat important for the RV, but there are sensitive points so we will stay away from that.  The important thing is that Abadi and Shabibi are getting the world ready for the RV, with Parliament completing a few items somewhat related but not essential, while ISIL continues to be a bad place to be.
Tony:  All laws pending are being passed today, both the necessary and unnecessary laws.  Abadi ahs been on television with statements running and also in print that he has taken over the economic reform (and electricity).  He is assuming responsibility for everything in the public eye. The announcements have been made, “this time we’re not joking”, and so on. The boy who cried wolf did it so many times nobody believed him, and now the wolf is here. The banks sent their people home on Saturday and didn’t bring them back yesterday because they didn’t believe the announcement.  One bank is bringing their people in at 5am every morning… that’s a factor we are still here today.
DC:  In the USA, a lot of the banks are frustrated, eyes rolling and all the rest.  In order to be prepared, it’s important to have banks and security in place, so when people call and say “let’s do this”, they rolled their eyes and said no.  So Abadi and Shabibi have been calling people personally to get them ramped up, and a lot are playing catch-up right now in the US and in other countries.  Why is that important?  We’ve been ready so many times, and then it’s been cancelled at the last minute that they didn’t really believe it is actually happening this time. So they have to get everyone back on board, convincing everyone that this is legitimate, everything has been passed, and everyone agreed to it including the IMF and BIS.  That’s gone out through the entire world.  Some banks are bringing people in early, some have them on 15 minute call, some are keeping them in 24 hours, and some are resigned to missing the first day.  Bank security, law enforcement and intelligence guys are ramping up as we speak, like the banks.  The US and the rest of the world banks are being prepped now.
Tony:  We know people have been paid this week. We’ve gotten more explanations on the payouts and they are totally different, with differing rates and terms.  Nothing is set in stone.  Contracts are being paid at a lower rate but they are being paid. Some people have been contracted by banks and scheduled for exchanges this week.  We have some being told they can come in for an early exchange, and others are told they will have the full exchange at this time.  People did get the bond money and had access to it yesterday;  they are buying planes, cars and houses!  We even had a few people say ‘goodbye’ in chat because they did their exchange or expect to this week. The more we see of that, the closer it comes to our exchanges as well. The more public, the better it is for us.
DC:  Everything is good; w e are just waiting and hoping to help the process along.
Tony:  In Dinarland, someone is saying this will never happen until all the laws are passed.  Also, some think HCL is still not done…
DC:  They have been passed a long time ago. They can continue to add laws, but this si also deliberation misinformation to keep speculators from going crazy.  The HydroCarbon Law (HCL) is about how the oil income gets divvied up, who gets what, production levels, etc.  That’s also where the loyalty checks for the citizens come from.  They have been working on that for at least five years.  They have passed many iterations, and it’s always going to be tweaked as a living, breathing document.  In the US, laws are always being changed;  yes, you may have a law that says the speed limit is 50mph, but they can change that any day.  HCL is no different. The major framework is unlikely to change, but they will constantly adjust that with the fluctuating oil prices, tribal areas, and so on.  Also, there are new fields coming online, now that there is more exploration for the first time in a while.  That changes which areas are getting what.  Right now, Kurdistan is getting 17%;  if new fields come online, they will adjust the overall percentage if Kurdistan gets more from the Basra fields.  In 20 years, it will all look different.
Tony:  You ready for some live callers? 
860 caller:  Wow, first time caller!  Are there exchange sites in CT?  What about the availability of the contract rate… will that be available to early exchangers?
DC:  We understand it will be available to early exchanges, but different banks have different estimates about how long it will be available – two to seven days, mostly with tier 1 banks.  CT will have access through the Big Four banks, and we’ve talked about different strategies for those contract rates.
Tony:  If you get a contract rate, you will get an NDA and you shouldn’t tell anyone. But if the international rate is $4.00, then a contract rate could be anywhere from $4.80 to $20 so that they can spread those contract rates around.
Caller:  I don’t have existing contacts in banks… will the early exchangers take up all the contract rates?  Or what?
DC:  Different banks will handle the contract rates in different ways.  Some will throw anyone into contracts;  others will be more selective.  If you are paying attention to the calls and tweets, we believe most will have some chance of the contract rate.  If you are not paying attention, there will be no chance.  I understand that the people listening right now have stopped a lot of that so that the general public has a fighting chance.
Caller:  I originally bought currency from a tier 1 bank, and they limited what I could buy, so I asked my family and friends to buy me some when they were coming from the Middle East.  They got this from a dealer, and there are no receipts for those.  Is that a problem?
DC:  They will run it through the counterfeit machines to make sure the currency has all the right security measures, and you should be alright. For tax purposes, you should to talk to a tax attorney about how you prove that to the IRS for long-term and short-term capital gains.  Where are you from in the Middle East?
Caller:  I’m Lebanese;  my sister lives in Kuwait and didn’t understand why I wanted it but brought it over all the same.  I will split it with her.
808 caller:  [Appreciation]  We don’t have tier 1 banks in Hawaii;  will we have to go to the mainland to do exchanges?  We are in Honolulu.
DC:  Honolulu has quite a few exchange locations because of military/government facilities.  I understand the contract rate will be available as well.  I don’t know how it will be handled, but I’m assured locals can be exchanged… or fly to CA for contract rates.
Caller:  Tony, I sent in a very pitiful donation by check, and didn’t fill in who should cash it.  I will send in more when I can… and Macadamia nuts as well.
Tony: Was it in purple writing?  I did get it, thank you.  I remember it because I only got ten checks, and we appreciate every bit! 
DC:  He’s not passing them along, by the way! 
Tony:  I do tell them what’s in every box I get, just so they know!  Nuts, cookies, rum… Because she said what she just said, and because some people are listening on the call, I want you to know that one of our guys was complaining on yesterday’s intel call because he keeps having to explain what’s going on and all the rest.  I said, “Do you  know how many emails and calls I get on this?”  I cannot complain because I know what Abadi and President Obama is going through every day this doesn’t happen, and what President Bush went through setting this up. Their families go through this every day. Even though I want to complain, I don’t know who to complain to!   Not to them, that’s for sure.  It has taken a toll on me, Ray, Pam, DC and the rest of the team. We appreciate all the help and support from those who make it easier, and I just want to say thank you.  On every level, there is pressure.  I get 100 x what the listeners have, and you guys get 1000 x that same pressure.  But there IS a reward at the end of it all…
Skype caller:  Three yes/no question… I bank with Wells Fargo;  does my branch have to be one of the active exchange centers to exchange people early?
DC:  No. Different banks have different requirements.
Caller:  Do you know anyone who has exchanged in Richmond VA?  I can’t get any information here…
DC: Yes, I do know some, and the banks… that is because they don’t know.  Getting through the early exchange process should be possible there because quite a few banks are prepared in the Richmond area for early exchange and contract exchanges.
Caller: Do you know if Capital One might be among them?
DC:  I do believe so, that some of them have been trained in the Bank of Ireland system.
Caller: What can I do to get on a list to get exchanged earlier?
DC:  We have some information from bankers about how they are choosing, but it is specific to the bank. They have a list and they are ready, but haven’t done anything yet.
Tony:  Right now I’m going to make a shameless plea.  If you knew the number of people that we know who have already exchanged, and who have violated their NDAs to tell us what they exchanged for, the amounts and rates;  to know people who have already exchanged and NOT be able to exchange ourselves, that is so frustrating. So we know.  We have done our good deeds, so when does the punishment end??  I am ready!
404 caller:  I’m frustrated as well.  My question is about the reports floating around that there are to be demonstrations in Iraq tomorrow.  Why doesn’t the government appear to be doing anything about this?  Of course, we hope they will announce the RI/RV, which would make it into a celebration rather than demonstrations.
DC: That is why Abadi is taking control much more openly, because they are thinking the same way. We don’t know if that will satisfy folks, but it is adding to the pressure to get this done before those demonstrations start.
Tony: We said on Monday’s call that we heard there would be something at the end of the week.
DC:  We understand different areas have different plans, depending on various mosques and such, and the government is trying to keep them calmed down.  I believe there are some plans out there but they are so fluid, it just depends on conversations tonight.
Caller:  I have signed up for Adabi’s tweets, and in the last hour he tweeted he is meeting with telecommunications people, and I hope he is instructing them to release information.
DC: Everyone in this has to be an optimist. The communications have been planned for years, and they are quite ready to spread the word.
Caller: You said something about contract rates at earlier exchanges…?
Tony:  If you heard that, you should have heard DC cut me off!
DC:  Some are high, some are average, some are just the international rate.
Tony:  The majority of the groups we know have been below the international rate, because that was their deal to go first;  also some are personal contracts, so they are not using up the contract rates.  Some were above the international rate. 
Caller:  [Appreciation]
636 caller:  This is the first time I’ve been on.  DC, my wife and I know your uncle from your home town, Fort Stockton in West Texas.  [chitchat]   If we put a percentage into our private family foundation, and then calculate the 50% to transfer to the tax escrow account, does that make sense?
DC:  If you still control that foundation, you need to consult a tax and foundation attorney because there will be complications about what you can take out and when,
Caller:  I have them lined up and have set up the foundation with an EIN;  I don’t have the 501c3 approval yet, so can I still put some of the funding into the foundation’s account?
DC:  My understanding is that you can fund that account now as going to a charity, because that exists in the state of Texas and the eyes of the IRS.  You may need an attorney to let you know what you can do with the charitable foundation afterwards.
Caller:  Is there any reason I cannot have the dealer exchange for me and wire it to my bank account? Any new information on taxes and caps?  How quickly do we need to exchange the zim?
DC:  Yes, you can have the dealer do that.  No new information taxes.  The caps are just what we said in the last call:  20 million each dinar and dong, 500 million dollars’ worth on zim, could go up to one billion dollars.  They want you to exchange zim within 90 days.
Caller:  Dollars:  what kind of hedge instruments should we ask our WM to look into?
DC:  The US is like a super-tanker, and this will not affect us that much.  However, you can look at commodities, gold, palladium, or other hard assets that hedge against inflation.  There are also hedge funds that are designed to protect against inflation.
601 caller:  [chitchat about quail hunting]  When we bought dinar, I was married and we split it up between us. The receipt has her name and my name on it, and we each have a copy. Do we need to do something else, or will that be good enough?
DC: I did the same thing with a friend, and I was told that was good enough.
Tony:  I’ve been married for 33 years, and don’t know about being divorced.  I’ve been told there is nothing worse than a woman scorned.  I would get it in writing that you agreed to split your currency, just so it’s super-clear.  You can do it yourself or have an attorney write it up, but definitely have it notarized.  Better safe than sorry!  Ladies, don’t get mad — guys or gals, it goes both ways…
662 caller:  How long before the 50 dinar are no good? I’m in Greenwood MS.
DC:  In Iraq, on the 30th of April;  in the US, they have to already be exchanged.  The closest exchange will probably be in Jackson.  All of the Big Four have branches in MS, and there are several tier 2 banks as well with exchange locations.  Look at their websites and find out if it has foreign currency departments;  if so, they will probably exchange dinar.
Caller:  What makes an exchange long-term or short-term?
DC:  If you have owned the currency more than a year, it’s long-term capital gains;  if you’ve had it less than a year, it’s short-term, and that is taxed as earned income.
410 caller:  Hopefully we will have a happy weekend!  I understand why Abadi is talking directly to his people and to the banks around the world.  All these things will take time for people to get ramped back up — how long, do you think?
DC:  It could take as little as a day or as long as 2-3 days.  If there is no mess-up, it should be this weekend.  Everything looks really, really good. 
Caller:  I was glad you said the contract rates would be less because that means it will be shared amongst more people  [Appreciation]  Can’t wait to meet and party with you!
559 caller:  I agree with you 100%, Tony – I’ve been in this close to 11 years, and I can’t believe when they say they’ve only been in for a few months…  [Appreciation + laughter]  I take shorthand and dictation if Pam needs another transcriber;  I’d love to help, because I do know how hard it is.  You said that 14,000 per day might be going through as early exchanges;  if they only allow that many through per day, how long will it take for the contract rates to be used up?  I have been in contact with a WM, and he’s been calling me to set up an appointment – should I set that up and see what he’s got to say?
Tony:  I would.  Someone called one of our people this morning and said that he should come back to that state TODAY so that the WM can help the client out.  By all means, find out what that wealth manager can do for you.  You don’t have to do anything at that appointment, but you cannot do anything if you don’t go.  The early exchanges are only supposed to happened if the RV doesn’t happen first. They could have done it three days ago, but the confidence wasn’t there.  One bank sent their people home on Saturday, while another one their people on call, and another said they are setting appointments up for Thursday and Friday.  Nobody really knows what to do;  nothing is set in stone. As DC said, they were told to go, but nobody believed them so they didn’t take action.
Caller:  Close enough for government work, eh?  [Appreciation]  Looking forward to Vegas.
Tony:  Lots of people are saying that – this must have already been approved and I just haven’t heard yet.  [chitchat]  We try to be on time because people schedule their lives around these calls, and they get annoyed when the calls change.  We have actually got calls from people at a funeral with our call on their Bluetooth!
713 caller:  I love the enthusiasm!  At this moment, they say they are doing to protest tomorrow – is that still on the agenda?  And do you truly feel this is the end? [more of same]
DC:  Yes.  Nobody knows who will protest tomorrow or Friday;  normally it’s after the mosque.  Almost all the US fight has gone away and acquiesce that this is going down. In my heart of hearts? You cannot get super-high or super-low in this process;  they can pause it, like they did 36 hours ago, turn it back on again, etc.,  I wouldn’t be surprised to get a call in the next two hours saying GO, this is done.  I cannot think of any issue that has not been dealt with already.  There is nothing left to do.
Caller: Before when you said you thought it would go on a Friday, did you get packages prior to that?  We all want to help the planet, so I hope this does go through.
DC:  No.  We will not get the package until this goes.
503 caller:  [Appreciation]  I am hanging on by the last tooth, so to speak.  From what you are saying, ti sounds like some of the banks have decided to make early exchanges?
DC:  Some banks have done a few exchanges, but most have not. A lot have prepared to or would like to, but will not until their liability is totally covered.  It’s not that they think it won’t happen, it’s more that it’s close enough that they don’t want to take a lot of risk just to bring in a few thousand more clients. There are some mechanisms between IMF, BIS and banks that are only allowed at certain times, and those have not been turned out fully, so they have not turned this on completely either.  The UN?  Everyone is applying pressure from every generation, including us.
Caller: What are the chances of our getting the green light by Friday and in the banks by Monday?
DC:  I’d say 75% chance by Saturday midday, 85% by Monday.  I cannot think of a reason why we wouldn’t be there by Monday. 
Tony:  My thoughts are that, by answering this question, we are pumping you up for the weekend again, and we aren’t.  We do this call three times per week, and every day we get an update on the schedule or window, or what happened (or not).  Based on what we heard took place yesterday and what we hear is going on today, I’ll go with DC’s numbers;  I feel good about this going this weekend or before this weekend.  Three or four banks have info going out today, tomorrow, Friday, such as memos and actions.  In order for that to be mentioned, that notification was the real, live thing, but nobody paid attention to it.  So send it out again today! Anything can happen, because I’ve been through it 100 times, and five times yesterday alone.  The calls we got yesterday, with them telling us to get ready for this and that, and here we are again on this regular call today.  How much more punishment do we need to have, when we know that some people have already exchanged.  We have gone through so much, and they get to spend money?!  There is a lot of stuff going on, and some people saying it’s not happening — that is why we mentioned that the laws and HCL have been passed, and the budget as well.  They didn’t plan on Da’ash and all the military spending, and Iraq asked for help and received it, so that is now there.  They are running out of excuses here.  There are people who are being paid 5,000 dinar, and you know that has to be at the new rate.
Caller:  I was able to get extensions last week, but I really need this to go, just like everyone else.  I may have to exchange rupiah, and that will flag the bank that I have currency and maybe get me on a list.  If I exchange now and it changes in a day or so, I would hope the bank would be decent enough to give me the higher rate…
Tony:  That’s not going to happen.  Business is business.  If you can raise money some other way, you really should hang onto your currency if at all possible.  I’m sorry you are in that situation.  Have a plan for you money to make money if you  have to use some of it.  Don’t do something you’ll regret afterwards.
610 caller:  [Appreciation]  I know the conference line bill is due.  To all the listeners out there, you’ve been on this call, sometimes for years, and Tony continues to pay for these calls out of his pocket.  Be responsible:  got to, click on the donate button, and make the most generous donation you can to pay for these calls.  We the people need to pay the bill rather than Tony.  The whole team including transcribers are all here for us and they don’t get paid.
The only question I have is with regard to setting up a bank account.  On Friday and Monday you said that banks are looking for accounts to be already opened…
Tony:  I said that I wouldn’t tell you which banks – just go wherever you want.  As they choose their clients, banks are looking for current clients for 24-48 hours.  One banker told me they would critiqued on who they exchange.  If they weren’t already clients with 1-2,000 in that account, that bank doesn’t want them.  There is only bank that has to take everyone, and they only have to take you for 30-60 days if they are spending their money every day.  Go in with a plan, willing to be part of a team, and using your money for investments with that bank, so you fit the criteria they are looking for.
707 caller:  I got on the call late because I was setting up trusts with my attorney. I got the impression there may be early exchanges with those of us on these calls.
DC: We don’t know. They called and told the banks to be ready;  the banks didn’t believe them, and they just ramping up now. 
Caller:  DinarRecaps seems to be concerned about security re:  ISIL and Da’ash.
DC:  I don’t know what they are referring to.  I don’t think that causes a concern now.  Everything looks very, very good.
Caller:  I couldn’t get my PayPal to work, so I sent a donation by money order.
Tony:  We are done for the day! 
DC:  Hope everyone learned something. Iraq is prepared and getting everyone ready for the RV.  We expect to see this in the next few days.  We hope this is the final deal. Everything looks really, really good, and we hope everyone is paying attention.
Pam:  Thanks for listening.  Transcripts will be up as soon as ZebraGirl types them up.  That a huge reason we have so many people checking the TNT site.  Go to and check out the verbatim transcripts… and donate, too!
Ray:  Thanks for the acknowledgements and for hanging out with us.
Tony:  I like the numbers Pam gave us this morning. It’s our goal to inform as many  people as we can – the process, how to exchange, and how to make this a lasting endeavor for the rest of your life, not just a year or two.  If TNT can leave any legacy, it’s not that we are the first to call the RV;  our goal/legacy is helping you understand government, world politics, how the banks work, and how to plan for future generations. That is what I hope we have achieved;  if we did that, we have done our job.
We assumed this responsibility, voluntarily, because we were aware that some things were being done wrong, with people being taken advantage of because others were eager to get hold of their money.   We couldn’t let that pass, and our purpose evolved to helping many more participate in this process.  Some great people and groups came to our aid. We could have raised hell and caused a public mess, but people came to our aid. These calls have put targets on the backs of the TNT team and our families.  We went through that for the greater good.  I’m not saying goodbye;  we tried that three times and it didn’t work!  I’m saying that if our sacrifices and what we went through to get you here inspire YOU to make a difference to others, then that will be a big part of our legacy, too.  I hope I don’t have to do a call Friday.  We are still at the 15-minute (goodbye) call.  I do think we are close.  Every agency and sources in different countries are telling us that we are super-close. 
Enjoy the rest of your day!  I’m happy to do a tweet or call as soon as they let us.  Otherwise, we’ll talk on Friday.

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