TNT Call notes 6-May-2015

Good morning, TNT! Today is Wednesday, May 6, 2015. This call should be super-super-fantastic – the sun is shining and we’ll see what it does. I have NO Public Service Announcements for you today, so we can get right down to it. Those who want to know are about to know – we have no restrictions today. We will let the cat out of the bag.
DC: Iraq continues to march towards the RV – another large segment of the public have exchanged and/or their cards have been activated. Banks have been open extra hours to get everyone on board and ready. They are preparing for the RV. More have exchanged for lower denominations and more have retired. Everything is progressing in a positive way for Irag. They are doing classes on the television, in the mosques and in banks. That’s the main point in Iraq right now.
Tony: Monday we told you that there were lines in the bank, and they were still there at midnight on Sunday night. They have been doing that for the last ten days, long hours at the bank to make sure everyone gets their smart cards, and at a much higher rate than the 1166. They are ecstatic over there with more money than they’ve seen in the last 10-12 years. Even those who had raises of up to $200 or more, once they got their cards they quit their jobs because the cards have more money than their salaries. It’s still not the official RV we’re waiting for, but they are jumping for job. This has stopped the riots, because they have money in hand and they’re spending it. Secondly, it puts pressure on everyone else. They tried to release it again on Sunday and it was stopped. But all this is helping. Yesterday they announced that the banks are now cleared to buy and sell foreign currency and do outside transactions. Do we need to explain that?
DC: Why would they want to exchange foreign currency and do international business? Because they can, and this also means there must be a realistic rate.
That’s Iraq, and it’s pretty straightforward: they are trying to push this through with resistance from the US. Recently the US has decided they are comfortable with where they are and ready to join the team. The US has recently asked for the international deal to be stopped and that was granted. Iraq has had to release this in-country, and my understanding is that the US is finally ready to back off and let this be released. Banks are just waiting for when the US says it’s okay; they are aware of what’s going on in Iraq and everything else is steadily progressing. We’ll have to see if the US really lets it go in the next few days; if not, we will keep pushing. The US can be got around, but it’s painful and we hope nobody has to do that.
Tony read a text saying that internet is down in Iraq so they are not able to listen to this call. DC: I believe it went down on Monday evening and has been down since. It’s darn near impossible to shut off all communication – obviously we are talking to our contacts in Iraq. I don’t know if that was an orchestrated event, could go either way.
Tony: We have a guy thought it was just communications that were down. We know it’s hit or miss, because we are talking to some contacts.
DC: Some of this is because of issues, and it’s partly a precautionary safety thing.
Tony: I think they don’t want all this information to get out at one time.
DC: ON the US side, it seem like we are finally getting on board with releasing this. They have clearly been stopping this in the last couple of days, but now they are telling the banks to ramp up.
Tony: An agreement was made and a whole lot of money moved yesterday. If that agreement holds up, this the week we’ve been waiting for. We cannot give you details of the meeting, but we understand that blessing has been given at the highest level.
Pam went into the forum and asked for ‘intelligent questions only’… what does that say about the rest of our questions?
Q: We’ve heard about first mouse, second mouse with the dinar. Do you think dong will go up in the same way?
DC: If it comes out at the rate we see on the screens — $2.27 – I would take the money and run. My God, that’s amazing. Even 47 cents is incredible.
Q: Is the US Treasury waiting to replenish the gold supply?
DC: Do you mean the gold-supply conspiracy folks or the gold supply folks? No to both. Our reserve balance sheets are already comfortable. Those who are waiting on an asset-backed currency, well, that ‘s not going to happen. And the existing value of the currency is quite high at the moment.
Q: Abadi has asked Iraqi people to be patient until June, so this might take longer than we expect. Parliament is still passing laws and we are waiting on the bonds. Does this mean the RV will be released after that?
DC: The bonds are not really part of the RV, although they do have gold-backed values. There is pressure to release these historical bonds but it doesn’t relate to the RV. People are not translating Abadi’s remarks correctly. He is referring to the royalty checks to get a percentage of the oil revenues, like in Alaska. If oil is doing well, you get more. Iraqi citizens get a percentage of those revenues, and that is what Abadi is referring to – that those checks will be issued in June and July, and citizens will get a certain amount depending on their circumstances. This is NOT about the RV.
Tony: And they will start regularly in July. The next questions are about why this is being held up and by whom, and what gives the assurance this will happen.
DC: There is no assurance, but we are being told that the group that is reluctant is finally willing to let this go, and we’ll just have to see if that continues to be active.
Q: What is going on in Mosul?
DC: They are softening the beaches and also a lot of planning. That’s important, and they need to get people and equipment in place. They are active but not fully engaged. The full information is confidential for security reasons. Mosul is crumbling and we’ll let that go on a longer so that it’s a softer target. The army people would love to see the RV come sooner so that people will switch to construction or other jobs than fighting for ISIL. Most are doing it because that’s the only way they can see themselves and their families. When you’re that poor, you’ll put up with a lot of crap just to eat. There are some religious fanatics, but they will fade away quickly, I think.
Q: Even though ‘we are the people’ and protested that some were being paid, at that time they didn’t know we weren’t getting paid. Now the Iraqi people are being paid, and we are supposed to be next. How come I’m not getting paid?
DC: The larger groups have access, but the entire country doesn’t yet have access to it.
Tony: Now DC is digging a whole. We have 80 or 90% percent lining up, but they need to make a public announcement.
DC: They have to make that announcement with the IMF, etc., and just for ease of logistics they are allowing more of the public to exchange or fill their smart cards. The sheer logistical problem is tremendous, and the outside influence slowing the process makes it even more difficult. They are easing that by getting people switched over. Some contacts say t hat everyone they know is now being switched over. The CBI says it’s being done ‘en masse’, but don’t give us any percentages.
Tony: They could have an instant economic boom in Iraq, but many have never had this kind of money before. Iraq is giving some money to a lot of people so they can get used to using banks, etc. Let me tell you this from experience: you can get tired of spending money. I’d rather you learn that with $100,000 than with millions. That’s what they have been doing in the mosques and banks. When the actually RV happens, they will have people who know how to spend money wisely. The US did the same thing: they let a few people exchange and watched how they react with the money to project how the masses will react. If you are a businessman or running the country, that makes sense, to add in so many people first before the explosion. Although I’m highly frustrated that I was not in the test group, it still makes sense. Also Iraq is using this to apply pressure and move on.
Q: Pleased ask for clarification of what Tony said on Monday about the dinar/dong caps.
DC: There has been a lot of debate, and the conclusion is that over half a billion dollars’ worth of zim, the rest will be paid out over 50 years, as a structured payout.
Q: If so, what happens if the bank goes bankrupt?
Tony: We don’t know, we’re just telling you what they are setting up.
DC: I don’t know either. Those are fairly straightforward questions that have to be answered before we sign any agreements. Otherwise no one will agree to that.
Q: Who is Iraq requesting permission from? The IMF and the US, and now the US seems to be onboard so we’ll see what happens!
352 caller: On Monday you said you couldn’t’ tell us who was blocking this thing, and this morning you said the US has backed off…
Tony: On Monday I was on the phone and I couldn’t’ tell you, but now DC is on the phone and in the first part of the call, he said it was the US. People were on edge on Monday, but today everyone is agreeing to go, and so they don’t care if we say so.
Caller: Tony, there is a lot of talk about the breakdown in the family. We know that you are exceptional in your patience and good humor. What was your mother’s biggest contribution to your being that way?
Tony: She was so accepting of all people. I was very, very fortunate that my parents were never prejudiced, which they clearly had the option to be, coming from North Carolina. They brought us up in middle-class neighborhoods. My father was very impatient, but my mother was very patient and accepting, looking at the other person’s point of view. I always try to see the other’s point of view, and my mother taught me that.
Ray, is Dad listening to this call?
617 caller: I’m a little confused about the bank fee – is that negotiable?
DC: They are trying to say it’s 2% like any other bank fee, but everything is negotiable. A lot of bankers have said that if you try to negotiate, they will put you in the back of the line. If many people are waiting, they would prefer to move on.
Tony: I know some who have negotiated, but you have the money and they want it.
Caller; Should we be negotiating at the first meeting or the second one?
Tony: I would negotiate at every meeting!
Caller: Is it possible this will go today? It would make a great anniversary present – 48 years. [Appreciation]
Tony: Congratulations! I’ve been married for 33 years, and people look at me like I’m doing something strange, being with the same person all that time!
DC: And my grandparents were married for 64 years!
425 caller: You’ve done a great job educating people about the banking system, including its sinister or darker side of what governments can do. After a while, it’s no longer about money but greed, power, and the ability to control the world. I’m sure that’s not limited to the US, either, for example to Leo Wanta. I heard him on a talk show and it revealed a lot that had been done to discredit Wanta. He’s the one who collected the billions belonging to the American people and the major bank that seized it when he tried to give it back. [And so on and so forth – too fast for me to get the details.]
In the past, you’ve said that you’ve been able to document all those who have exchanged. The way scandals are dispelled is by getting involved in more and more of them. My question is this: Do you have enough documentation so that if this thing continues to drag on, they won’t be able to simply say the RV is a scam, and all those who are reported to have exchanged, well, that is really a conspiracy, etc.?
Tony: A couple of calls back, we tried to simply have a good call because everyone was in a touchy mood. You wouldn’t have been able to say all that then. A lot of what you are saying is true, and we’ve been doing this for five years: letting people know how things really work, with who, what and why. Some people just want to get their money, and they don’t want to know what it takes to protect our country, the dollar, or things that have to be done so that you can sleep soundly at night and walk around the streets. Yes, there are corrupt politicians in every country, and a few other corrupt people – and that doesn’t mean we should tar everyone with that brush. Some politicians are greedy for money and power, while others are just trying to protect our way of life. It’s not about 200 years in the future, and they want to protect their legacy. I’ve been asked to expose people, show the documents, and to burn the house down (on both sides). And when you have that kind of information, we know that the opposition then engages in character assassination and other nasty tricks. Some people say “Give me the information and I’ll do it” but you don’t know what you’re talking about because you don’t get pictures of your family, or threats. We have the information and the people, but will they come running to my rescue if there is a problem? No! You don’t want to go down that road; you don’t want to see people following your car or asking about you. I’ve got the information and we could stand in front of Congress, as we have been asked, but the real question is: “Will you be there when this goes down?” Because I know how they work.
Caller: They can assassinate your character so long as they don’t assassinate your body. Those sitting here with the currency are not trying to take over and control the country; most just want to exchange and benefit themselves and others around them.
Tony: If I felt – if we felt – there was any plan to stop us from exchanging, we would do whatever was required. We have already done that, and that has called on a whole new level of pressure.
DC: Most people cannot take that. Do you want to explain to your wife why so many people are listening to your phone calls? This stuff makes really good movies, but often people doing get the rest of the picture, that essentially decent people need to make crappy choices. Do they always do that from the highest of motives? Hell, no. But the difficulty about conspiracy theories is that we are just not good enough to pull off this level of scam. We cannot have this level of people giving us this information and saying they have our back. They can shut us down, and they have tried. If something goes wrong and we have to do another Twitter campaign, the level of people behind us would make your head spin. The system is generally not corrupt, although when there is this much money there will always be some corruption. We have people on both sides of the aisle supporting us. Tony and I could have gone through, but we are a public venue and we stay in place to help all of you. A lot of people get into this conspiracy nonsense, and it’s NOT like television or the movies – sometimes people just screw with you because they can. I’ve been in this for a long time, we know who is in our corner, and even the ones who are stopping the transaction for good reasons are still on our side. Take a step back from the conspiracy sites, and realize that people are dealing with something massive, complicated and unruly, and crappy decisions have to be made. Maliki seemed like a good guy when he became PM, and then turned into another Saddam Hussein. People like to shoot the messenger, but this is so much more complicated than people realize and some crappy decisions have to made to get this done.
Tony: “We are the people”, not the government; we have been told by powerful people that we have earned our place at the table. All the things we fought for – being able to exchange at a decent rate, and access to part of the contract rate – we earned that. If at any point we think that we will not get that, we’ll do what we have to do. There is no reason NOT to do so because we are already exposed. So when you ask those questions, then Yes, we can do that but we have been assured we won’t have to.
Caller: Those who are in the know with currency, there are hardly any who aspire to change the world in this sinister way. They want to effect change in a good way. Politicians don’t have to fear a new class of wealthy people; it will just allow more good things to be done, and dilute the ones doing bad things.
Tony: Old money never fears new money because the new ones don’t know what to do with ti anyone. The next caller is from Texas, which is being taken over by the Army, right? Do you see any parachutes coming out of the sky, do you?
DC: There has been a kerfuffle that the National Guard has been put on military exercises. I have been involved with those exercises, and there is nothing untoward going on but a political stunt. We just walked right into this one.
Tony: It was on CNN yesterday that Texas is prepared for the US takeover, with yellow buses at every border.
Austin caller: I know there has been a lot of discussion about the international rates; are they still available? Do you know the latest rates?
DC: Now, those are great questions from Austin, the heart of Texas. There is a fabulous description of Texas in Burning, a Jack Black movie a few years ago about the seven parts of Texas that nails it. We have been told the contract rates ARE available for the dong and dinar, two to seven days. There have been very few payouts in the last few weeks.
Caller: Another guru says that there might not be a contract rate for the dong now… that person said the contract might be $3. What about dinar?
DC: If it’s at $2.27, which I find breathtaking, then I suspect the contract rate for dong being subsumed into the international rate. As for the dinar, anything over $20 would be almost inconceivable. [Tony: Which means it won’t happen.]
508 caller: [Appreciation for military service] I want to serve in some other significant way – locally, in my community, because that’s what builds and sustains our country. I think you are serving by what you are doing right now.
Tony: Thanks. We talk to a lot of government agencies. We talk on the phone to all our sources, and then talk to government people, and they ask how we get the information before they do! That’s a good intel team.
DC: I call our team “The Wrong Stuff”.
Caller: “We are the people”, and I wonder if other countries know that we are “a government of the people, by the people, for the people”. That means the government is synonymous with the people. What if they substituted ‘the US people’ when the news casters report a story, such as “the US people are spying on US citizens.” [and more]
I’m going to do what I can to pay it forward and do my civic duty. Also, I have a few apps that report on Iraq, and they are all still working without blackouts. Most are in Arabic, which I don’t understand, but I do get the pictures like a computer with a lock and chains.
Tony: Iraq can shut down internet in the country and still have it out of the country. We have one guy who watches Iraqi television here, and when he talks to his father, the television is different. We have sources high in the Iraqi government saying that there are communication issues, so I have to believe him.
Caller: I’ve been in this for just over a year. In the past I’ve always had good jobs as an engineer, a single mom with three kids, and now I’m on food stamps. I owe money to the power company and elsewhere because I have to look after my kids. I intend to pay back every penny. My suggested book title is Unwitting. Whether or not the RV happens, you have done something personally for me. My father and brother are veterans, and they have PTSD so I couldn’t even talk about those countries with them. I have invested my money in those countries and pray that good comes to those countries. I have educated my children about those countries and it’s exciting to see their progress. Recently a woman became the mayor of Baghdad, and they have reserved 20% of Parliamentary seats for women. Embrace that diversity!
I do have a question: DC, you mentioned that military bases will participate in exchanges. I’m a civilian; how do I get on the base to exchange?
DC: There are banks on the base and also in the towns that are close to bases. So you don’t have to go on the base itself, probably. Normally you have to have reasons to be on an international base; just walking on the base won’t cut it.
Tony: I have another suggestion for the book is Blabbermouth.
520 caller: I didn’t think I’d ever be called! This thing has been stopped and started so many times; are you as tired as I am of being told to ride in the back of the bus? People have been paid out since October 2013, and I gather there is nothing we can do about that.
Tony: I’m going to tell you the truth, so pay attention and understand this. We could have an influence on this situation by causing such a ruckus that someone would do something just to shut us down. That is not our place or position; this is a global situation between governments. We know who was paid, where, when and how much. It’s not our position to interfere with what the government is doing that is outside our situation. It’s not about money –they have money. It’s about the future of countries, and negotiating what will happen ten, twenty or fifty years from now. When it was about shutting us out, then we make a fuss and got brought back in. I would love to get the contract rate, but I’m not worried about that because the international rate is so much better than I expected. This is not about us; it’s to ensure that Iraq is protected and safe for the future – so that they won’t have to continue to live as they are, and never go back to living that way again. If you didn’t know about this, you wouldn’t be fretting, you’d be getting on with your life. It’s only because you know about this that you are asking all these questions about who is doing what and why. Sometimes the things we can say on the call and some things we can’t but sometimes the price that will have to be paid is not worth it. They are doing it for a reason and although we might not agree with that reason…
Caller: [Same rant again] You say, “That’s what way it is with privileged people”, but it’s not fair.
Tony: No, it’s not fair, but we have explained how it happened. I also know what they are trying to accomplish. Of course I wish they all paid us at the same time, and that they paid us last week. But they are negotiating past me and you, so that this doesn’t revert back. I’m upset and disappointed not to get paid, but I have a bigger picture. Do I wish I had never started these calls? Yes. I’m not on that early list because I am here, and have a commitment to these calls and educating you. There is nothing I can do about not being paid until it looks like we will never be paid. Then I can do something. I understand you are frustrated, but that is the consequence of giving you too much information and detail in the moment. People want that information, even though they cannot do anything about it. Do you not want me to tell you when it happens?
DC: It has stopped and started 137 times, minimum. We are simply saying ‘this is what’s going on’. Most times we don’t even want to be on this call. If you don’t’ want to know what’s going on, don’t listen. Just got out and live your life.
Tony: I know there are others who feel that way, but this is a big boy’s deal. We just have to go with it. We are still in the game and we’re going to get it; there is nothing we can do about who has already been paid out.
DC: I absolutely understand why everyone is frustrated . There are many times I wake up and my first word is not a good one. We are simply informing people about a situation. You have to be responsible for your own life. Some people become so obsessed with this that they have to step back and realize they cannot take that crap. There are things I cannot take and I’m nearly bullet-proof. We’re giving you live up-to-date information; if you don’t want it, just turn the dang thing off. No one is putting a gun to your head.
No, it’s not fun when people stop and start this, but have some perspective about what’s going on. We have an opportunity that not many people even know about. Even our sources are incredibly frustrated. Guys, get it together and soldier up. If you don’t believe it, get out.
Tony: I know some people are frustrated, but these calls are about more than just dinar: they are about education, how to use your money afterwards, and all the rest. For many of us in this, it means heaven on earth, being able to do what we want. We will be able to help others, but there is a price to pay.
404 caller: May this be the day! For those controlling what happens after the RV… Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! I believe you said Abadi has said that this will go international on Thursday, which is tomorrow?
DC: Yes, that is what he said.
Caller: When is the newly declared holiday – when is that taking place?
Tony: It’s four days next week, Monday through Thursday, something is going on and there should be no movement of vehicles. So It’s probably next week.
Caller: So will the RV have occurred before then? Or is there no correlation?
DC: I believe that there is little to no correlation to the RV.
Caller: Barzani is in the US; is that having any impact on this? He has been actively tweeting today and my blood pressure was going sky-high. Some of the things he has said have been provoking.
DC: No, I don’t think there is any effect. We do follow Barzani and mostly think he is doing a wonderful job. He and his uncle are thoughtful men and play on many levels. Maybe they are playing ‘good cop, bad cop’. Many are pushing to get this through.
Caller: I like your answer that this could possibly happen today!
719 caller: I need an RV to replace my phones! Burning movie was pretty funny. It nails east Texas to a T.
Tony: Are you familiar with caller 404? Do you know her personally? There is a running thing in the chat room saying that you and 404 are sisters.
Caller: I have a sister in area code 719, who sounds like me, and she has called in before. We are all from Austin; I picked up my husband in a bar there, 38 years ago. But I don’t know her. That 404 caller is from Atlanta GA; I know area codes because I call a lot of people, but I don’t know her.
Tony: Would anyone outside Texas be interested in that movie Burning? [chitchat]
Caller: When I worked for the government, I was collecting taxes in Texas and we had a bet going about who could find the first client with teeth AND a back account. Do you think RayRen could schedule some of his seminars at the four meetings? If he can do it, I’d love to see that.
Tony: He was going to do that over the four days, 500 per seminar, and we thought we’d also give the banks the first shot every morning. A guy in Canada talked to the banks and they wanted to do it, but I don’t know where we are at the moment.
Caller: “Cabrelito del Montana”… [Mtn Goat]
Tony: Let me say this first. There are two things I laugh at – after we do our call, then everyone else puts out there calls, puts out postings or newsletters. They all say how crazy we are and how we don’t know anything, and then they repeat what we’ve been saying. They say it’s never going to happen until June, and they say, “they stopped it Friday and Saturday”. I mean, really…!
Caller: Those in that camp say they agree with you, but also some say that there are things that Iraq still has to do like the REAL HCL rather than the fake HCL, and it pisses me off because it leads to confusion. By the way, if you find out it’s not going to happen, it would be better to have a tweet saying that so that we can go relax or whatever.
DC: What happens is that they try it and it stops, but they are trying again in six hours…
Caller: Without you, we’d be up the creek without a paddle because you have the best information. However, then we read somewhere that it’s not going to happen until June or July. We are depending on this so that we can move forward. You said that everyone was there, singing Kumbayah, and then they stopped it. What’s that about?
DC: Sometimes it’s coordinated, sometimes they are still waiting for one more thing and that’s not a consistent thing…
Caller: Mtn Goat is suggesting that the US is still telling Iraq they have to X, Y and Z.
DC: No, because the US says they are good with it. So Iraq says, “We want to do it now” and the US says “We’re good with that”, and then at the last minute, “Oh, but…”
Caller: I get it, they want to keep you on the treadmill. So to my half-sister in Atlanta…
DC: Iraq has made another major step forward. The US has been the reason it has stopped the last few times, but I understand that the US is now ready and willing to have this released. We understand the frustration, but you need to have some perspective. It doesn’t excuse it, but have that larger perspective as this moves forward.
Pam: Wow, what a call. I’m going to just say something very simple: If you’re not thinking about something negative, you will natural go to your positive thoughts. You can only influence how you react to things, so keep it positive.
Ray: Everything has been said. You’ll see this when it shows up!
Tony: We don’t control this. Everything we are hearing, we are anticipating again. Everything is in Go mode. Everything at street level is good; banks have been open up to 17 hours per day, exchanging people. We know people who have had raises, then their cards got activated and that was so good they then went and quit their jobs. Iraq is ready and trying to push it through this week. They announced to their banks yesterday that they can now buy and sell foreign currency and do transactions outside the country. They can only do that if there is an international exchange rate. We haven’t gone yet; we are waiting for that international announcement. There were meetings last night and every bank seems to be good to go. We are just that close to this happen, as we were on Friday and Saturday. They seem to be saying ‘enough is enough’; this is happening, and I am happy. I am looking for it. I am ecstatic waiting for it to come; there is an open window and opportunity Let’s get this done and have a plan or strategy for your life to go forward. If something dramatic happens, I’ll let you know. I hope we will do a call tomorrow. Bye everybody; enjoy your day!

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