TNT Conference Call 6 Nov 2015 Verbatim by Zebragirl

T:  Okay.  Goooooood morning, TNT!  Here we go again and again and again and again.  But we are here, that’s the good thing.  We know it cannot last forever, that’s the great thing, so, and we hope that it’s over with.  So, I gotta do a couple things before we get started.  One is there is a celebrity, is what they tell me, in our chat room who may be messin’ up our call right now, so if that’s the case, tell her she gotta go ‘cause we got more important things to do.  All right.  Love her to death….

Pam:  And you better explain that!

T:  Nope.  I love her to death, but it’s okay.  Well, everybody in the chat room knows who I’m talkin’ about, so anyway.

Pam:  And nobody else does, but it’s a good thing.

T:  Yep.  It’s, it’s all right.  Okay, guys, I, I got good info to tell you guys, but I gotta start it off with this.  We’ve been puttin’ off payin’ for this thing, and I’ve been tellin’ you guys, and I’ve put it off ‘til today, and unfortunately it’s not here.  I was hopin’ every day it was over.  Every day Pam tells me, “You gotta pay the bill, gotta pay the bill.”  I’d be like, “Nope, tomorrow’s it, tomorrow’s it, tomorrow’s it!”  And we’re at tomorrow, so I’m gonna let it go until whatever happens happens, but if we’re not here Monday then you guys know why.  If we’re here on Tuesday, then you guys know why, and that’s all I need to say about it, I think, ‘cause we’re gonna go from there.  But if we’re not for any reason–and that would just be a reason–you guys know what we’ve told you, explained to you, and hopefully you have a plan you can work with.  If we are, we’ll definitely pass on the latest greatest and whatever it is they want us to pass on to you.  And I’m gonna go into that today just in case.  All right, so I wanted to get that out the way.

Now, everything is still good.  Everybody is still on go.  Everybody was on go yesterday, last night, and confused this morning, and I’m just telling you that.  It’s nobody’s…fault.  And I don’t even know how I said that with a straight face, but anyway, it is, I mean it’s really not.  I mean, it’s somebody’s, but understand nobody’s doing anything intentionally.  I guess that’s how I should’ve said it.  I’ll tell you, the latest thing that I got was there is a, well, kinda sounds like Wednesday, tell you the truth, but I’m gonna read it to you guys just so you know.  It says, I don’t even know if I read it to Pam…let’s see.  “There’s a meeting underway, should be short.  Apparently the blocked pipe has been discovered.  Will let you know when I know more.”  Which is pretty good, it’s a pretty good source, gives out good information.  Been right about quite a few things lately.  There, the meetings that we were on the call Wednesday at the conclusion of the meetings, everybody was happy, excited.  There was a, a go time, and I’ll tell you guys it, it was from the meeting was up until eight o’clock Eastern this morning.  I don’t know if I should’ve said that or not.  I mean it really doesn’t matter, it’s past eight o’clock, so nobody shouldn’t be mad.  It, it just didn’t happen at eight o’clock this morning or the time frame for this morning.  Doesn’t mean it can’t.  Doesn’t mean they didn’t immediately say, “Okay, we didn’t make that, but let’s do this and this,” because my understanding is they did, so.  We’ll just have to wait and see, but, and we’ve gotten it from every country, and this is what I usually do now.  I get things from four different countries–excuse me–all saying either what their local banks have said or what their government has said, ‘cause we’re gettin’ it from both governments and banks, and that this is the latest plan that they have been made aware of.  So I’m not gonna hype you up for the weekend, goin’ into this or that.  I’m gonna tell you that the windows I was given before, they’re sayin’, “Hey, man, don’t worry about that.  Day or night, don’t worry about that, they’re, they’re tryin’ to get this thing done.”  So they do have times that they do like to do it on Friday, and they do have times they like to do it on Saturday and Sunday, but I’m told don’t worry about the times, it’s all tryin’ to be done.  Done, done, done.

The rates are still at the bank.  They’re unchanged.  They still say “pending.”  I know some bank people have actually tried to do transactions; it wouldn’t let ‘em do it.  I know wealth managers called some people into their office yesterday thinking they were going to be able to exchange them.  Told them to bring in all their currencies, set up their appointments, and that’s in three different states.  Nobody got their transactions through.  But for some reason, or they were doing that for a reason is what I should say.  And they’re definitely doin’ that for a reason because everything was pointin’ to this being done yesterday or no later than eight o’clock this morning.  I will tell you that the bank memo…that I was made aware of said, told them to be ready to exchange the public on Thursday at eight o’clock in the morning.  Yesterday morning at eight o’clock, that’s what the memo told them.  Again, we know it didn’t happen, but it’s okay!  It lets us know they are trying.  They are trying, they are planning on it, and they are exposing it to their people every time they do something like this, and they seem to think this is the time, and it, it’s actually gonna go!  So all that is good news to me.  I don’t know about you guys.  The bad news is it hasn’t happened yet.  The great news and superfantastic news is they are definitely trying to get it to happen right now.  They are definitely being told it’s about to happen right now.  They are definitely wanting it to happen, just like we are, right now.  So that’s the positive that, that I take from it.

It is at the highest of levels.  It’s not any low-level thing being done, and it is people trying to be, my understanding anyway…over, well, let me see, let me say this the right way.  They are concerned with, with making a mistake by doing it at the wrong time, so they are…I want to say kind of skittish, you know?  “I know it looks right, it might not be right, but if it’s wrong, man do we got a mess on our hands.”  Or, “If it’s wrong, who’s gonna take the blame?  If it doesn’t come out like, exactly like we said it does, who are they gonna point at?”  And I understand that!  ‘Cause this is a life-changing, globe-changing financial event that will change people’s lives forever, some for the good and some possibly for the bad.  So I’m not mad at them not wantin’ to be a hundred percent sure, because they want to be a thousand percent sure before they do this, and I understand it!  It’s something that, actually if you guys knew the entire history of it, it’s not eleven years in the making but is absolutely almost fifty-four years in the making, and nobody wants to be the one to accept the blame for messing that up, and I understand it.  And that is really the big problem at the moment, I think.  My understanding, anyway, but I could be totally wrong.  Or I could be totally, totally, absolutely right.

So with that, not much else has changed.  The procedures are still there.  Everybody’s still ready.  The rates are still the same.  There’s still people gettin’ mad at me for telling you guys the rates, which I really don’t understand that part.  If that’s the rate, it’s gonna be the rate!  So, I mean what’s the issue with that?  And we haven’t gotten any updated procedures yet, so there we are.  All right, you guys ready?  Did I forget anything?  Ray?  Pam?

Ray:  Sounds good to me!

T:  All right.  615?

C:  Mr. Tony and Team, I want to thank you, since this may be the last chance to thank you for just the excellent, what you’ve been doing to help hold us in the game here.  And just wanted to share with you, I like you am desperately trying to get people to think past when am I gonna get my money and how much am I gonna get.  And I know, you know, you’ve talked about the, have your ten things ready.  My personal burden has been trying to get people to think about how they’re going to give, because there are ways to give without burdening people.  And I wanted to give a, just a quick example, sixty-second example of what I’m gonna do, for instance.  I’m married and I have a daughter who’s married to a serviceman in the Air Force.  We just had our first grandbaby and I wanted to give them as much as I can without hurting them.  And we’ve all talked about the $14,000 exemption that any, any one person can give someone $14,000 in a year and there’s no taxes, no tax burden, and no paperwork that has to be filled out.  What people don’t think about is I can give my daughter $14,000, my wife can give my daughter $14,000.  I can give my son-in-law $14,000, my wife can do the same thing, and the same thing for my grandbaby, and so you’d give a total of $86,000 to my family tax free, no paperwork, and no tax burden on them.  So I wanted to share that so people think about that.  And like Pam said, you can go to Dr. Google and type in “what’s new estate and gift tax” and you can find all the stuff on, you know, the IRS actually does a good job of telling you what to give.

The only other thing I wanted to add in there, too, is what people may not realize is that medical expenses and college tuition is 100% tax free.  You can go give, pay a million dollars on somebody’s medical expenses and there’s no tax burden at all.  The only catch is you have to pay it directly to the hospital.  You can’t give the person the money to go pay their tuition or medical expenses.  You have to write the check directly to the, the place of, and, so anyway, I just wanted to get people to really think about their giving campaign, because that’s to me what most of this is all about, how we’re going to help our fellow humans.

T:  Okay.  Well, I want to thank you for that, and I want people to know everybody should, in fact, look into that themselves so it satisfies them.  And the other thing you have to be concerned with when giving people money is how does this affect their financial situation if they are receiving government assistance or they’re on some special program or if they’re in a retirement community or house ‘cause sometimes that amount in their bank account can knock them out of that opportunity, can move them further down the line, or if they’re in a, a home, can be taken out of their bank account and given directly to that home for supporting them.  So there’s a lot of things to look into…

C:  Right.

T:  …when you’re giving out that money to make sure it doesn’t hurt them more than it helps them.  But…

C:  Yeah, I….

T:  …another way to do it and again look at is what you said is pay their light bill, pay this bill, I mean, just pay something that they owe, anything that’ll lighten that burden for ‘em, I’m sure they would be thankful for, okay?

C:  Yeah.  Just want people to think about, exactly, the things like you mentioned, too.  Start planning now and, because of, I guess the reason to really start planning now is we’re gonna have to pay, and if we exchange in the next week or two or this weekend or today or whatever, we will have to pay a quarterly estimated taxes on January 15th.  Oh, and that’s another thing.  Like colleges and religious institutions that are 501(c)(3)s, you could automatically start planning to give to those now so on January 15th you don’t, you can take that into account for the amount of taxes you owe.  But I just, I’m not sure people are really thinking about, I know they want to help people, but I don’t think they really thought about how they can help people, and they ought to be doing that instead of focusing on when am I gonna get it and how much.

T:  Right.  So, it’s (inaudible)….

C:  Thank you again.  And Vegas….

T:  All right, thank you, sir.

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

T:  All right, thank you.  All right.  Okay, 707, good morning.

C:  Good morning, Tony.

T:  Hey.

C:  Appreciate you being here, and I’m, I’m sending you a donation today.  I hope it’ll help.

T:  All right, thank you, sir!

C:  My question to you is regarding a situation I’m in.  It’s not real serious, but if you were me, what would you do?  I have a friend who is out of state, she’s in a state where there are no Wells Fargos, and she has an account there at Wells Fargo, so she has given me Power of Attorney to go and do her exchange, and I’m satisfied with that.  What would you do in calling the 800 number or whatever to get the appointment, get, get my appointment and her appointment as close together as possible?  Because it looks like I’m gonna have to drive a ways to get to the appointment, so I want to get ‘em either together or close together so that I can kill two birds with one stone.

T:  Okay.

C:  What would you do?

T:  My understanding before, when we were gonna do the 800 numbers and it was just gonna be one system, which I’m not sure it is anymore, but you needed to call back for each individual appointment is what they were trying to set up.  So based on that individual, based on how much they had, based on their Zip Code.  So I’m gonna tell you, I think that is the way they would prefer to do it, and they have people calling.  But I’m also gonna tell you nothin’ beats a failure but a try, okay?  And I’m on the phone, I’m explaining it to that person and saying, “I need to get both of these now, and this is the situation.”  So that’s what I would do.  And if he said, “Sir, I’m sorry, you have to call back,” then I’d hang up the phone and call back!  Nothin’ I could do!

C:  Well, that’s what I’m planning on.  Thank you for the confirmation.  That’s, that’s exactly what I’m figuring on doing.  And I love the, the mantra that nothing beats a failure like a try.

T:  That’s right!

C:  I’m made that a part of my life!

T:  Okay.  Thank you, sir!

C:  Thanks a million, Tony.

T:  All right.  Vegas?

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas, yes.

T:  Yeah, I, I’m still wantin’ to go to Vegas.  I don’t know about you guys, but we gotta keep sayin’ it so they can get it in their mind, “All right, let ‘em go to Vegas.”  So, all right, thanks!  All right.  Okay.  All right, 615.  Good morning.

C:  Tony?

T:  Yes, ma’am!

C:  Hi!  I, I have one simple question I wanted to ask you.

T:  Okay.

C:  Some of us don’t live near a, a bank, one of the big banks, one of the four big ones, and so I’m wondering, will there be a way for us to find out where the exchange centers are in this area or even one exchange center?

T:  Well, I’m pretty sure once the numbers are out and you call the numbers, you give ‘em your Zip Code, they’re gonna give you the closest location you can go to from there.

C:  For an exchange center.  Great.

T:  Yeah.

C:  That’s wonderful.  Okay, great.  Thank you so much.

T:  All right, thank you!  Vegas?

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T:  All right, thank you.  All right.  That’s our thing, Vegas.  Let’s go to Vegas.  813, good morning.

C:  Good morning, Tony.  Thanks for taking my call.  There’s been some mention of exchange locations.  For example, in San Diego I’ve heard that someone was told there would only be (unintelligible), and there was some other mention of locations in Tennessee and Kentucky, and I was just wondering if you knew of any locations that were in central Florida or specifically in Tampa?

T:  I don’t have all the locations down.  I’m sure there’s plenty of locations in Florida.  I knew about exchanges taking place in Florida two years ago, so I, I know there’s plenty of ‘em there.  So as a matter of fact, there was probably Texas, California, New Jersey, Florida, ‘cause of all the military bases, Atlanta, were the biggest regions with exchanges.  So I don’t think you’ll have a worry.

C:  Okay.  ‘Cause I did hear about one in Miami, but that’s kind of far from Tampa, so I was just wondering.  Okay, great.

T:  Okay, do I go to 404 from here?

C:  Sorry?

T:  Do I go to 404 from here?

C:  It’s about, it’s about a four-hour drive I think.

T:  Oh, no, I meant the phone number, 404, ‘cause you sound like 404.

C:  Oh, no, no.

T:  Oh.  Okay.  All right, Vegas?

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

T:  Thank you.  All right.  She did sound like her to me, but.  All right, 410, good morning.

C:  Hello!

T:  Hi!

C:  This is very good, and I really, really appreciated that first person talking, again, to people about let’s get, give forward.  ‘Cause I, this morning I was in, listening to the radio, and there was a woman who had set up a foundation because she heard about these kids that were going to school.  They had, their families were not really families that were making much money or they’re living with grandmas and they’re struggling just on their pensions to feed the, these young kids, and talking about kids that they’re preschool and early school.  And they, at school, will give them a breakfast and a lunch and an apple or something in the afternoon but, and on the weekends, and especially three-day weekends, they leave that place not knowing if they’re gonna have any food.  And this woman started a nonprofit, and she has been able to help those kids get meals, and she makes them into backpacks.  And she got the donations of the backpacks and she got the donations from the food suppliers, and man, this is something that, like you say, go out and do things that will support something like that you can see in your own community.  And it just….

T:  Absolutely.

C:  And that’s the thing.  And I’m so glad he reminded everybody of that because we do start to think of ourselves after a time because we’re like, oh really, again?!  And, and then we really have to rethink.  They have to face those things every day, those kids.  And, and we can do things like that.  And there’s other people that deserve that, and a kid always deserves something.  They didn’t put themselves in that position.  They are just there in that position.  So, any case, there’s, I’m sure there’s more things like that everybody can get involved with and, but I do want to emphasize how everybody on this call must feel, like this is just about done and that we have appreciated every piece of information you’ve ever given us for helping us stay with it and helping us think about those things and making this really impactful.  My only question, really, is are we gonna still be counting ten days out and then we do this, our, our TNT project.

T:  Day of giving?  Yes.  I like that.

C:  Okay.  There was a day of giving.  Cool, okay.

T:  Day of giving.  Yep.  Ten days from the RV date, let’s see it everywhere.  It’s gonna be our day of giving, TNT Superfantastic.  People should get tips out of this world, I mean they deserve it.  People should get help, assistance.  It should be a day that we all know, even if the world doesn’t recognize it, we all know.

C:  Oh, we’ll feel it.

T:  If we will have a site to communicate, yeah, that, that we’ve done one little small thing to make a change in, in our country or the world during that day, and we did it together, just like we went through this together, I think would be a great thing.  Now, I, you guys know I have a passion for kids, and not just ‘cause of my own, but I even had that before I had kids because they’re just so innocent and loving and giving.  But to help a child, even what she’s talkin’ about, that, that breakfast, lunch that, on those off days, that backpack, those are memories that children will have forever, ‘cause they’re small and they’re innocent and there’s good things.  But it also gives them the direction for their live, gives them something early enough in life to realize, “I want to be like that guy, I want to be like that woman, I want to be able to do this for people when I grow up,” just by following your example.  And that will just happen!  I’m just telling you, I, I’ve seen it over and over again.  I know from my own daughter’s wishes and plans that she had, and I will tell you guys this just because you brought it up, again, but.  All this Kiesha’s Kids and everything else, a parent, after my daughter passed away, came and told me and my wife about a time when my daughter was ridin’ in their car and they were goin’ to play and one of her dreams was to build a house for kids to come to.  She had never told me, never told my wife, never even discussed it with us, but she had shared that dream with them that that’s what she was gonna do when she grew up.  Now, a lot of this came from that, and Kiesha’s Kids came from that, but it was because of the things she saw as a kid that, that put that in her mind already.  So you feedin’ those kids breakfast, handin’ them those backpacks, doin’ the things that we do for kids and, you know, at Christmastime and beyond, those things resonate with them for a long, long time, okay, and those are good things.  But thank you, I appreciate it.

C:  Thank you.

T:  All right, Vegas?

C:  Oh, and Vegas!  Yay!

T:  There we go.  All right!  Thank you!  Okay.  All right, so will the real 404 please stand up.  This you?

C:  The real 404 is actually sitting down, and I would like to remain sitting down if I may.  But if you want me to stand up, I can do so.

T:  Okay, wait.  No, but can I go and drop your husband, ‘cause I saw him down here somewhere.

C:  Yes, you may.

T:  Okay.  All right.  Let’s go.  I’ll find, I’ll….

C:  And I’ll fix him dinner as a result.

T:  Okay.  All right, what’s goin’ on?

C:  Couple of questions for you.  And thank you for, for taking my call.  The, the, on Wednesday you had alerted us that the process was getting underway at 12:20 a.m., and based on your comments today, is it safe to say that that’s the same process that concluded at 8 a.m. when it, they were thinking that it was going to RV but didn’t?  Is that one in the same, that it was over a two-day process?

T:  Okay.  So…yeah, it, the thing started at 12:20, the meeting went through, everybody was happy again.  They had a, a window of time they were supposed to complete it, and yes that window was over at 8 a.m. this morning.  It did not happen.

C:  All right.

T:  So, does the process continue?  Yes.  Have they already designated a, a new time since they didn’t meet that?  Yes.

C:  Okay.  And it’s a process that, is it a safe presumption that it did not go back to the beginning.  It’s fine, we are all here…

T:  Yeah.

C:  …and we’re in a holding pattern treading water until things materialize?

T:  Yep.  Did not have to start all over.

C:  Okay.  Okay.  And based on the information that, that you have shared and perhaps information that you can’t share because of it’s sensitivity, nonetheless, how likely do you think it will be that we will actually be on a call like this on Monday?

T:  I, I don’t think it, it is, I mean based on what I know.  That’s not the plan.  Things, early next week, we could or couldn’t be talking but I, I just want to tell you guys this, all right?  So, without being, and it’s not harsh at all, so I don’t need to even worry about that.  Several times in the last two weeks, three weeks, they have absolutely planned for this to go, several times.  Got people geared up, sent memos out, said, “This is the time, this is the next window.”  I don’t know why the windows are there, I really don’t, if we gotta have another meeting to talk about it, ‘cause that just means that window doesn’t mean anything ‘cause somethin’ always comes up in the meeting.  You guys are in business, go to meetings.  Something new always comes up.  “Okay, well we’ll wait.  Wait.”  I know you gotta have somethin’ on there.  So while I’m looking at this and sayin’ it’s great, based on all the information that we’re receiving, based on, you know, where we’re at as far as training, banks, gettin’ people geared up, and the only problem is every time it doesn’t happen, nobody knows why it didn’t happen.  I prefer to have a reason, myself.  Long as there’s a reason, okay, we can deal with that.  Then let’s get this fixed, let’s get that, something, but when you get so many people saying, “I don’t know.  I don’t know!  I mean, they brought us all in here, so we’re here!  They put us all on alert!  I mean, they, they told us don’t go on vacation, don’t leave further than, you know, a hour from your house or thirty minutes from your house or make sure somebody knows where you’re at, and we don’t know why we didn’t do anything?”  And that’s just kind of realistic, and, and we go through that all the time, more so in the last two weeks than ever.  More so, you know, I got people talkin’ to me after the call sayin’, “Man, you were really excited today!  You’re,” like, because what I was told was really exciting today, you know?  ‘Cause I know at the level of people, they’re sayin’, “Oh no, man, this time, I mean we’ve got to go!”  And we’re still sittin’ here.  So I don’t even want to give you guys an illusion.

Everybody’s really super, super happy.  And I’m telling you I’ve been, like I said, putting off paying for the call.  They called me and I’m sayin’, “Hey, just give us ‘til this or give us ‘til that, so don’t worry about it ‘cause you know, we’re gonna be done,” because that’s what I believe!  I can tell you that this thing could go in the next…four or five hours…three hours, two hours, or the next two or three days.  I can tell you that there are honest-to-good people who believe that this isn’t gonna happen until next Tuesday, Monday or Tuesday because that’s what they were told.  And there are other people who have said, “Man, I just walked out the room, and this is the plan,” you know?  So, and I can go with both of ‘em!  And I say, “You know what?  Okay, I can live ‘til Tuesday if I have to.”  I prefer to be done today like everybody else, but if I have to, if that’s the window that I have to look at.  But I know none of them are making it up, and I have to go out there and figure it when I’m gettin’ it from this country, that country, and that country.  I know all of them, like I always say, has a thread of truth in it or, or a piece of the puzzle, and I just have to see where it actually fits in and which one makes the most, most sense!  ‘Cause there’s still people right now today who are trying to give us erroneous information.  I know that.  I know sometimes they call me and say, “Well, this agency wanted me to tell you this,” or “this guy said this or that.”  And I said, you know, and we’ve known for a long time.  This is probably not, I mean this isn’t being too, but that’s their job.  Okay, I’m gonna say that, I’m gonna put it that way.  That’s what their job, that’s what they’ve been asked to do, and sometimes they believe it, sometimes they don’t.  But that’s what we have to go through.  Right now today I’m feeling superfantastic, I’m feeling this thing could be at any moment, and that’s what I’m goin’ with.  It could be at any moment.  It could take ‘til Tuesday but, the guys who got that, and they were banking people, so I’m gonna say if they’re right, okay, I can live ‘til Tuesday.  But if happens any moment before then?  I’m happy.  And the other people are telling me, “I bet it never makes it ‘til Tuesday.”  They said that it won’t even make it ‘til Monday, but we’ll see!  Okay?

C:  And do we, do we know what was said in the….

T:  Now you got all (inaudible).

C:  Do we know what was said in the mosque this morning at all?  Have you gotten that information?

T:  I have not…

C:  Yet.

T:  …gotten that information yet.  And usually, guys, Friday morning is hard because it is Friday over there, and we don’t get stuff direct from them until like three in the afternoon Eastern, just so you know.  That’s usually when we start gettin’ what happened.  Unless I get it, you know, first thing in the morning, which lately we haven’t been gettin’ it, we’ve been gettin’ it in the afternoon.  Okay?

C:  Okay.  Okay.  Well, I appreciate all of the added information here, and with that I’ll close out with Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so Tony can go and the rest of the team, and we can go for a major celebration.  And again, thank you ever so much.  Appreciate it so much.

T:  Thank you!

C:  May today be the day.  Thanks.

T:  Okay.  Yes, may today be the day!  559, good morning.

C:  Good morning, Tony!

T:  Hey.  I want you to know somethin’ before we get started.  And that is Pam has not sent me one text message yet, so I must be doin’ okay.  All right, go ahead.

C:  Well, you’re doing great, and Pam is right on cue, so she’s doing wonderful, too.  So, wanted to say hi to Ray and the mods, too.  I appreciate it and thank you all, and we’re just super, superfantastic here.  You know, we’re on top and can’t be stopped, and that’s what we’re waitin’ for.  So…

T:  Yep.

C:  …and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’ll say that up front, too.  And by the way, my husband and I will be sending you something as well.  So we want to help you to help everybody else keep this thing goin’.  Though, if you’d hurry up, Tony!

T:  All right!

C:  I’ve chewed my fingernails down to my knuckles now!

T:  Woooo!

C:  Waitin’ for, waitin’ for that tweet here.  Every time the phone makes some noise, we jump!  Anyway…

T:  Okay!

C:  …I just wanted to let you know.  But I, you pretty much answered all my questions just now with 404 and the fact that people have been hinting or alluding to the fact that we have to start all over again if things don’t happen soon.  So I appreciate you saying we’re still waiting and we don’t have to start from scratch again, so I wanted to thank you for that.  But I will say that, just to thank everybody, and one other thing.  With helping people on our ten days?  I’m also going to get those little money cards for grocery shopping and for places like Walmart, Target and wherever, Kohls, wherever they want, to give people, put ‘em in a little envelope from TNT and Superfantastic.  And if I see people on the streets or ladies with their children especially, this time of year their money, even being on food stamps or fixed incomes, whatever, they need that little extra for their little food products and stuff this time of year and also to help them with their children, with their extra clothing, or possibly their little Christmas gifts.  And just to have that extra in their stockings this year would be a way to do it.  And I just wanted to pass that along because, again, they don’t have to show that money at all.  It’s on a card, they can use it up, and have that extra.  So however much they want to put on it, like that gentleman said, the $14,000.  I know that giving to specific people, like you said, in nursing homes or on their fixed incomes or their Sections 8’s, if they get extra money that could get them in trouble.  But if you put it on a card where they can spend it and not show it, that’s a way to do it, too.  So I just wanted to pass that along, ‘cause not everybody can get to the restaurants just to give to a specific person, but they can give more by spreading it out as well.  So I just wanted to pass that along, too, and say thank you, thank you, thank you, and we’re waitin’ on Vegas, and, and Ray for St. Thomas, so.

T:  Okay.

C:  And I promise I won’t wear a bikini!

T:  Okay!  Well, I want to tell you something that…I absolutely, absolutely love your idea about the cards.  I think it’s the greatest thing, especially in low-income areas or, you know, so, or people don’t have to walk around with cash in their pockets and worrying about somebody really taking it from ‘em.  And if you take a card and you get those little card envelopes and you put, you know, “TNT Superfantastic” or whatever you want to put on ‘em as, as you give ‘em out, your, your own little message, I, I just think that’s great.  And I think it’s great instead of giving somebody a, a hundred dollars to go buy Christmas toys, you give ‘em a, a Walmart card or a Toys ‘R Us card or a credit card where you’ve already spent the money and they can go in there and do that for they, those kids.  Or, I mean they have different meal cards, you know, go to restaurants and eat and, “Here, take your family out to dinner on me.”  ‘Cause a lot of kids have never been out to dinner.  They never been a restaurant, anything, ‘cause mommy don’t have that kinda money, daddy don’t have that kinda money, we eat what we eat.  But that’s a treat, that’s a life experience for them, and you can do that on a card.  So I, I love your idea, absolutely love it, thank you for sharing it with us.  Somebody just texted me, so don’t a thousand people text me, but somebody just texted me, had a great idea.  You can stand down at the unemployment and hand out cards like that to people who you know need ‘em ‘cause that’s why they’re there.  It’s a great place if you just want to go help a few people or you want to keep it goin’.  I live in Sacramento, and we used to have a guy every year at Christmas–I don’t know if he still does or not ‘cause everybody was tryin’ to figure out who he was–but he used to go down to the homeless shelters and just hand out hundred dollars, hundred dollars to people, and, you know, and they got, they’re waitin’ for that every year, and everybody tryin’ to figure out who he was.  But they complained about that was puttin’ him in a dangerous situation ‘cause he was handing out cash, and now a bunch of homeless people knew that some homeless people were walking around with hundred dollars in their pockets, so I could understand that.  But doing this type of thing, going to those places and handing out cards, is probably safer for them and you get the same result, and you don’t have to worry about the money being used to buy alcohol, drugs, or anything else ‘cause they’re gonna have to go to that store to use that card or something else, where at least you’ve gone at least one step further.  So I think that’s a great idea, okay?  Thank you!

C:  Thank you, Tony.  And Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T:  Vegas.  Okay!  All right, here we go with 313, good morning!

C:  Hi, Tony!

T:  Hi, how are you?

C:  I’m, I’m well!  How are you?

T:  I’m superfantastic.

C:  I don’t have any questions.  I just want to say that everybody is still saying that there are laws that need to be passed before the RV can happen, and they’re saying that the Amnesty Law hasn’t passed.  And, what do you think about that?

T:  Well, I think the Amnesty Law has been passed.  I think the Guard Law has, the National Guard Law has been passed.  Amnesty, Amnesty maybe not, I’ll check on that, but I thought it did.  I think all the banking laws have been passed that need to be done.  I think Iraq has done everything they needed to do, and they have been very transparent about it.  They’ve been praised about it, and I think they’re ready to go!  So I, I think they’ve publicly announced to their people real easy that they’re about to see these changes any day, about the value is about to change, and I don’t think they can just keep saying that over and over and over again publicly and not make it happen or not expect something else to happen when it doesn’t!  Okay?

C:  So you’re not sure about amnesty?

T:  I’m not sure about amnesty law because I know for a fact they were arresting a whole lot of people yesterday.  We got that, they arrested some Ministers, some other people that were under Iraq’s parliament, so…I’m, I’m not sure.  I know there were some people on the list, and my guy over there said, oh he said they were running like rats in the dark, I think was, is the way he put it, somethin’ like that, because they were arresting so many of ‘em yesterday.  But I don’t think that’s stoppin’ it, I, I don’t.  I think the, the banks laws, the government and everything else, what needed to be done was done, and I think people are just concerned, and they’re really concerned about once they release this money, do they still have the same authority or power that they do right at the moment.  That, that’s their greatest concern.  Will they lose their influence over the situation, and have they done enough or assured that the right people there are, are enough so it doesn’t matter.  That’s what I think the biggest concern is.

C:  Okay!

T:  Okay?

C:  Thanks very much, Tony!

T:  All right.  Vegas?

C:  And, if we’re still here on Monday, can you let us know if amnesty was passed?

T:  Oh, yeah, I’ll ask him today, over the weekend, just to see exactly where it is.  But every other law, I’m pretty, I know National Guard passed.  I know all the banking laws already passed.  We already got all that information.  I was thinking amnesty did, but that’s the only one I have to check on, okay?

C:  Okay.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T:  Thank you!  Have a great weekend!

C:  You, too.

T:  Okay.  702, good morning.

C:  Good morning, Tony.

T:  Good morning, how are you?

C:  Good.  Tony, do you know the rate on the dong?  Is it over a dollar?

T:  It’s…it is on the screens right now, yes, it’s over a dollar.

C:  It’s over a dollar?  Okay.  And Tony, some of the questions that you ask, or you, you say that you want to tell us but you can’t, do you think if you really did tell us that that would really stop the RV?

T:  Well, what questions are you talking about?

C:  Just some of ‘em.  You’ll, you’ll say like, “Well, no I better not go there ‘cause, you know, they probably won’t like it.”

T:  Okay.

C:  You know, you say some (inaudible)….

T:  That has nothin’ to do with the question.  I, I’ll tell you guys this, and, and I don’t mind sayin’ it and everybody.  You know, people call me and they say, “Look, you know, we’re at a certain position in this thing, and you need to be sensitive to certain issues.”  And I say okay, I can do that!  And I can do that, and that, that’s for us.  I’m not doin’ it for me.  Guys, I’m not doin’ any of this for me, believe me, ‘cause I’m gonna get paid regardless, and I’ve known that for years.  I’ve bought currency like everybody else, so all the rest of this is…well, let me tell you, ‘cause I’m gonna tell you.  Man, Pam will have a, Pam, I’m gonna tell this conversation real quick.  Sorry.  She might say, “Tony, you wasn’t supposed to say that, ‘cause he gonna know who he is.”  But anyway.  He, well let me think.  I shouldn’t have said that part.  See, those are the kind of things I know you’re talkin’ about, but there are other people who are sensitive to some of the things that we say, and I understand it, and it doesn’t necessarily affect me.  You know, I was blamed three, four years ago, three, four months ago.  Every time it didn’t happen it’s because something Tony said on the call.  They stopped it ‘cause Tony said this or Tony said that, which, you know, I always used to say, “Now who does that make sense to?”  They’re gonna stop a whole global event because somethin’ Tony said.

C:  Right.

T:  Now, okay.  Well, I will tell you there are some very important people who got very upset ‘bout some things Tony said!  And I understand that, but did it really stop the RV?  And that’s your question.  And even right now we’re at a sensitive point.  But my, my thing was this.  Everything we try to do here, so everybody understands it, is to try to help you guys get the most you can get out of this.  ‘Cause we’re all gonna get something, but we try to help you get the most.  We try to help you understand the process that it’s going through.  We try and under, help you understand what’s on the table for you and why it’s there for you, and then we try to help you understand after all this is over, the calls are stopped, the, you’re not dialing in and you’re not on the internet anymore, what you should be doin’ with your future.  That’s our purpose in being here and trying to help as much as we can.  I can’t control our government, our banking system, international agencies, and they’re all listening.  Now, the issue is sometimes when I do, they, well, they feel that I can cause you to get very emotional, which is true, and we all know that, they feel, so we don’t need to do that at this time, ‘cause then that’s just another fire somebody gotta put out, another complaint.  And I’m just bein’ straight up with you guys so you understand what, where we’re at.  I can say something sometimes that may affect a decision being made in another country ‘cause they didn’t know this or didn’t know that, and we know that has gone on and that’s part of the negotiation, and that’s why other countries give me other information, that’s why I get information from here.  Sometimes the purpose is to do that, and that’s their business!  But I know they’re givin’ each other things they want to be said or, or not be said, and we have to understand that.  We’re just a byproduct.  So when they say, “Can you do this and do that,” I gotta think about does that help you?  Does that help the people that I’m here for?  And if it helps us get to the end faster, I’m glad to do it.  If it helps you understand more, then I’m glad to do it.  If it helps us insure that we’re gonna be treated fairly like was agreed, then I’m glad to do it!  But I still have to be sensitive about what I say and do, and today is one of those days.  Okay?

C:  Cool.  All right, one more quick thing, Tony, I appreciate that, Tony.  One more quick thing.  My, my name’s Dominic, I live in Vegas, and we, we all definitely want to meet you, and we always say Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so that, you know, we could all meet.  I got a question for you, Tony.  If, I don’t know why you couldn’t meet us anyway because if you had a big birthday and you would’ve invited two thousand friends, the NDA can’t stop you from doin’ that.

T:  Well, I agree with you!  Now, I still gotta read it and see what it says, but I agree they, they can’t shut me off from talkin’ to the world.  I mean, they can say, “Don’t talk about this subject,” and I can agree.  But to say, “Hey, you can’t ever talk to a group of a hundred or, or forty thousand people,” I, I don’t see that myself, and I don’t think that’s what it’s gonna be about.  It’s gonna be about the subject matter and really explaining how this process really happened, certain things that happened during the process that I’m aware of, and, and certain people.  I think that’s gonna be the real restriction.  And besides that, and I’ve told you guys before, I fully understand their concern with how I could influence you guys, especially after this is over with.  How, you know, I’m not even goin’ through it ‘cause I don’t want them to be concerned.  I’m just gonna say influence you guys, so I understand that part.  All right?

C:  Okay.  Thanks a lot, Tony.  And Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T:  All right, thanks.

C:  All right, man.

T:  All right, thanks.  I didn’t want to get in too in depth right there, so.  Anyway, 406, good morning.

C:  Hello, Tony.

T:  Hey, how are you?

C:  Oh, I’m about as good as I can be.  I first off wanted to thank Pam for playing the Texas song.  But maybe she could play it at the beginning and at the end so that we’d get a double dose of it.

T:  So misery loves company, huh?  That’s what they say.  Misery loves company.  Okay.

C:  I wanted to tell you a quick story.  Years ago when I was not financially well off–I’m still not, but I wasn’t, I was a lot less then–the Catholic Charities gave me a $500 card, Master type card prepaid, and that helped me make it through a two-month period until I found another job.  You know I’ll be giving them a bunch of cards to give out when this happens.

T:  Great idea.  I mean, great idea.

C:  And the only other question I have is…(unintelligible) get this done, how soon do you think we can get this done?

T:  I mean, it could happen soon as I hang up the phone if they wanted it to.  I mean, because everybody’s in the position to do it, so.  That’s how soon it could happen.  Now, when it will happen, I don’t know!

C:  Well, let’s just hope for the best.  I also wanted to say one other thing.  That Catholic Charities I was talking about was in Las Vegas, and I lived like thirty years in Las Vegas, and I know it’s a great city.  And those people that knock it haven’t seen the other side of it.  All they’ve ever seen is the gambling on the strip.

T:  You know, I was gettin’ ready to say they actually have Catholics in Las Vegas?  I mean they live there?  Okay!  Okay.

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T:  All right, thank you, sir.  All right.  All right, 352, good morning.

C:  Good morning, Tony.  Hey….

T:  Hey, how are you?

C:  You know, we keep hearing about how happy everybody is that this thing’s gonna go through, gonna go through, but you know darn well there’s somebody out there that is, doesn’t want this to go through and will fight to the end.  And I just wondered, did you ever give any consideration to the fact that it could be the, the Illuminati or the cabals that are holdin’ this thing up?  ‘Cause they’re more powerful, sinister, dangerous, and manipulative than the IMF or the Treasury or the, the CBI is ever gonna be.

T:  Well, let me tell you what I gave some thought to.  I gave some thought to gettin’ on the call with 30,000 people that reaches 300,000 people in 24 hours, that reaches over 3,000,000 people in 72 hours, and talking about the Illuminati and the cabal in a negative light.  I gave that some thought.

C:  So you give, you do give it a consideration that it could exist.

T:  I gave it some consideration that I got more sense than to get on this call and talk about it.  How ‘bout that?  So!  With that, you got another question?

C:  No, I don’t have a question, I just have a thought about the first guy that made comments that we oughta give.  And I thought the first person we oughta give to is you, because every, every time you mention that you need money, it seemingly indicates that we didn’t give you much in the last time you asked for it.  So I just thought….

T:  Well you know what?  Let, let me explain that, ‘cause I, I’m glad you brought it up, ‘cause I, I was tellin’ Pam that this morning, “Hey, if it don’t happen it don’t happen,” ‘cause everybody got (inaudible), that we think this is over with every call.  And she said, “Well, Tony, it’s because you keep sayin’ you think it’s over with at every call, because you don’t want to ask for it because you think it’s over!”  So I’d be like, “Oh, that’s all right.  It’ll be done, it’ll be done.”  So it didn’t happen, and that is how I felt, or I wouldn’t, I was like, “I don’t even care, I mean, it’s gonna be open,” and I said that.  “I’ll just pay it and pay whatever else is owed on it.”  But, and I still feel like this could be over any minute, so I don’t want you guys to think I don’t.  It’s just it’s been so close and timing, and I told you guys before we’ve been up to ten minutes of this thing happening and it didn’t.  I just drug it out as far as I can drag it out, that’s all!  So, I mean, that’s the only reason, and I wanted it to be over!  I didn’t want anybody to send me nothin’ else!  Let’s just be done and go on with life.  So I understand why even when we said it the last couple times we didn’t get enough ‘cause enough people felt the same way.  So I’m not mad about it, it just is what it is!

C:  Well I hope we can, I hope we give you our consideration and send you some money this time.

T:  All right, we’ll see what happens.

C:  But thanks again, Tony.  Okay, bye.

T:  All right, thank you, sir.  Vegas?  No Vegas?

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas.

T:  All right, there we go.  All right, 770, good morning.

C:  Hey, Tony.

T:  770?  Hey, how are you?

C:  Fair to middlin’, I guess.

T:  Fair to middlin’.  Man, I haven’t heard that in a long time!

C:  Here’s a quick question.

T:  Okay.

C:  It was supposed to go, it was sometime this morning, you said like eight o’clock.

T:  Well, not right at eight o’clock, but eight o’clock was like the cutoff if it didn’t go, it, it wasn’t gonna go this morning, so.

C:  Uh-huh.  So they always, they always have a, another time after that?

T:  They always have a time.  I don’t always give you guys a time, I don’t give you guys the hour because if I gave you what I got and it didn’t happen they’ll say, “That’s ‘cause Tony put it out.”  And I’ve gone through that God knows how many times already.  When we used to say be ready for this, be ready after this hour, and, “Well, we were gonna do it but he put it on a call.”  Somebody will call somebody and call me and it’s all Tony’s fault.  So okay, so I don’t do that.  They call and say, you know, “Why is he givin’ out the rates on the call, and they don’t need to know the rates.”  I’m like, well, why are, okay, anyway, I was gonna say somethin’ else.  Anyway, I mean, far as giving you…

C:  Yeah, I heard that.

T:  …the rates, it doesn’t make any difference.  No, I was gonna say somethin’ totally different, but anyway.  So I’m sayin’, well, here’s my thing, and I’m sayin’ this for everybody ‘cause everybody knows, and, and this isn’t being insensitive, it’s the honest-to-God truth.  So when they tell me, “Hey, man, you got eleven, you know, federal agencies listening to your call,” I’m sayin’ okay, I know, ‘cause they call me, okay?  “You got 44 countries listening to your call.”  I know, because they call me, they send me email, they send me all that, but everybody else knows that too!  I mean, everybody knows that!  So, what, whatever we’re doin’ is, is very public, very aware, and they gotta know all the information that Iraq is puttin’ out to their people, we’re getting it, we’re puttin’ it out to you, same thing.  Everything that the banks has given me, everything that governments are giving me from the different countries and the banks from different countries, so this is the one spot right here where everything comes out at.  So there, there’s nothing really hidden unless they say–and I’m tellin’ you guys, honestly, too–‘cause when they say, “Hey, you cannot say this on the call, but I’m tellin’ you just so you understand.”  Which I need to understand some things or I don’t believe them.  And I can’t say that on a call!  I mean, I just can’t say it!  But I can still convey to you the best I can how I feel about this, and everybody has to know it.  And they all know I’m gettin’ this information from somewhere, I’m not dreaming it up.  It’s on the boards, it’s in the meeting rooms, the memos have been, come out, it all can be verified, so….

C:  Well, I mean it can’t, nobody can, can hold, you know, Tony accountable for it not going, I mean, you know, that’s crazy.  But, you know, my, my question….

T:  Oh, believe me, there’s plenty of people that do!  But go ahead.

C:  Well, I mean, those are fidiots.

T:  Yeah.  But go ahead.

C:  But my, my question, and it always, poundin’ me from one week to the next, is there’s always a reason, you know, ten minutes before it was supposed to go, and then they put it off for several more days.  And then they have to have another meeting about that.  And, you know, my question is how many meetings can you possibly have over, you know, an eight-month period?

T:  Okay.  Here’s the thing, guys, and I understand that.  For the whole time we’ve been here, there’s been a time to go, a time to go do the exchange, it’s gettin’ ready to happen, and I mean in the first couple years we knew that, and for you guys who haven’t been here, I got the phone calls.  People explained to me, “Hey, we said that ‘cause we were tryin’ to catch some bad guys comin’ across the border, we were tryin’ to do this, we were doin’ that, and we know they listen to you.  We were tryin’ to catch some people doin’ something in the electronic system, and that’s why we gave out that time and, and we caught ‘em.”  I mean, I got those phone calls, and I’m like okay, but let’s just do what we doin’!  Okay.  So then we go and they get ready to go and they stop it and it’s, you know, within a day, within two days.  But we used to get reasons.  “Well, ‘cause now they need this done, now they need that done.  Now, you know, Iraq is arguing about this, and it was supposed to be done by this time.  They didn’t get it done, so now we have to move it, now somethin’ else.”  We’re not getting that.  We’re not getting that in the last two weeks.  We’re getting, “Everything is done, laws are done, banking system is done, cards are issued, amounts have been loaded on cards.”  Everything we get is another step towards finalization until we’re just ready to go.  And now the latest reason of why it didn’t happen is because it’s…paralysis by analysis.  And, and that’s just it!  It’s just analyze, analyze, analyze, and nobody wants to be the one to, to, to move and take all the blame if it’s wrong!  And something has to happen in there to get that final piece where somebody says, “All right, guys, let’s just go, and if anything else comes up, we’ll just fix it along the way, or we’ll just have to go make a correction, or we’ll just have to, you know, do what we have to do after that point.”  And nobody has made that decision yet.  It’s just, “Is there anything else can we do to make sure that we’re one hundred or one thousand or one thousand percent right here?”

C:  But this has….

T:  So it has come a long, long way, and could that go on forever?  Yeah.  I don’t know where it’s gonna end.  I don’t know when somebody’s gonna say, “All right, enough is enough and, and you know, I’ll take the blame.  Let’s just go.  Let’s just get this over with.”  Or, “I won’t take the blame where there’s no blame to be taken, let’s just get it done!”  I can’t tell you when that’s gonna happen.  All I can tell you is everybody’s geared up to give it another shot and when it gets there if everybody’s still good, then it’s goin’!  ‘Cause there’s nothin’ else to do!  ‘Kay?

C:  Well, yeah well, my, my only thing, Tony, was this.  You know, for as many times, as many people they, that have already gone, you know the system works, you know that the process works, there’s no such thing as perfection because it’s all driven by man, and man’s not perfect.  So to say that, you know, well nobody wants to be accountable if you’re goin’ wrong, but then that means anything you’ve done already is probably wrong.

T:  Okay!  But it’s not about the system.  You’re right.  The system works!  They’ve done it over and over and over again.  They paid out people last Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  They didn’t pay anybody yesterday, we know that, or the day before.  It’s not a system issue.  It’s a after-I-transfer-this-power issue.  Do I believe in them a thousand percent that they’re gonna do what’s right?  Do I have all of the capabilities afterwards to change things should I need to, to protect that should I need to, or to take back control should I need to, if I don’t have a thousand percent confidence that once they get this they’re not gonna turn left instead of right.  You understand?

C:  Yeah!  Yeah!  But my question is…

T:  Okay.

C:  …if, if, if you’re, if you’re doing wrong, how can you ask someone else not to do wrong if you don’t even know what’s going to happen ‘til you do it!  You’ll never know until you get it done.

T:  Well…

C:  Then you’ll know what you’ll have to do.

T:  …I agree, but….That, that’s what we’re waitin’ on, so.  They gotta have the confidence to do that and say, “I can handle it before and I can handle it after.  I’ve done all I need to do to make sure.  If there’s something else afterwards, we’re still in a position to do it.”  And I think as soon as they feel that comfortable, we’re gonna see an RV.  All right?

C:  All righty!

T:  Vegas?  Vegas, Vegas?

C:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas so Tony and everybody can go.

T:  All right, thank you, sir.  Okay, Pam, you wanted to say somethin’?

Pam:  I do!  I do, thank you.  I know that we can, we can beat this horse all day long about why it hasn’t happened, when it’s going to happen.  The truth is, we don’t know.  But what we can focus on is what we need to do.  Moving forward, what do we need to do?  What can we do?  Because we can’t do anything about that.  One of the things we can do is remember that you guys got into this because somebody out of the blue said, “Spend a hundred bucks, spend fifty dollars, spend a thousand dollars, whatever, this is gonna be awesome  Trust me, trust me, trust me,” and you did!  But if you do that again when you’re a gazillionaire and some wealth manager says, “This high-risk investment is going to be awesome, trust me, you’ve gotta throw some money there,” that’s where you guys need to start thinking, and that’s one of the things that we’re most concerned about is that there are a lot of people out there–we call ‘em charm, charming scoundrels or scallawags–that’ll take advantage of you.  Wealth managers make money for somebody else, so be careful who’s actually working for you and thinking about you and taking care of you, because it’s usually just you.  That’s it.  Ray?

T:  Ray had to leave, but you obviously did not hear this morning where the part was to be sensitive!  So you obviously did not hear that part!

Pam:  They didn’t say anything about pickin’ on wealth managers!

T:  Oh, my God!  Okay.  All right!  Okay, guys!  Everything Pam said.  The, the real thing is this is here.  It is here, it’s gonna happen.  We’re still part of the greatest opportunity in the history of the financial world, I guarantee you that, and sooner or later it absolutely has to end.  There’s been too many people already paid, too many people been promised, too many people–and I mean governments around the world, banking systems around the world–who are waiting for this, eager for this to happen, for it to be dragged on and on and on.  There are people publicly, and publicly I mean amongst themselves and on these meetings, all saying, “Go, go, go!  Yeah, we’re ready, let’s do this,” that are making themselves look bad every time this doesn’t happen, for their own reasons, or whatever they are.  So I, I’m still positive about it.  I’m still positive about the process.  I’m still happy that we’re here, we’re gettin’ the information.  Like the guy used to say, don’t listen to what they say, watch what they do.  And that’s what we’ve been doing.  We’ve been hearing ‘em, but we’ve been watching ‘em a lot harder and seein’ where we’re really at, what’s really going on, how close are they really to doing this, and that’s what I think you guys gotta do.  Know that every time we go through this, and again, there’s nothing in Iraq, no news articles coming out where their government is fighting each other, fighting for laws, where Parliament is fighting, anything they gotta change.  Everything really coming out of there is positive!  They’re leading.  The only negative part is the people are upset that it hasn’t happened yet.  That’s a good thing!  ‘Cause for the last four or five years it’s been the government fighting each other and changing and unwilling to do all the things they have done this year.  All done!  That’s a good thing.  Their people are ready, they are ready.  There’s some other people who are having some issues, and once those are…satisfactory in their mind, we’re gonna see this.  And I think it’s a lot closer than further, it’s ever been.  I like the time frame.  I would’ve loved by eight o’clock this morning, believe me.  I’m still okay with the next window ‘cause it’s not a month off, it’s not a year off, it’s not even weeks off.  It’s here, and we’re just waitin’ to see it happen.  All right?  I’m havin’ a superfantastic day.  I hope you guys do, too.  If anything absolutely outrageous happens or superfantastic happens over the weekend, you’ll get a tweet and if the radio’s still here, we’ll be here.  All right?  All right, guys.  Enjoy the rest of your day and your weekend.  Goodbye.

Pam:  Thanks everybody.


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