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TNT Call notes 2-Jan-2015
Tony: Good morning, TNT! Today is Friday, January 2, 2015. Pam told me NOT to look at the forum before the call, then she said maybe I should look at the forum before the call! Which one is it?!
Ray: A member from Texas texted me just now to say his bus is all ready!
Tony: Today’s call will be a little bit different, with more explanation of where we are and the process. We have some newer people who haven’t been here longer than 6-12 months and I want to explain the process to them. Also, we seem to have some idiots who don’t understand that the world doesn’t revolve around what they want. Also, we have some great questions posted ending with ‘who does this make sense to?” So we will bring you some information about how we are here now, and how our information is different from those on other sites, including why people do their calls after ours. We have the latest information, and people come out with the same information later during the day. Maybe they went to verify what we said first, but it’s basically the same information – or to be critical of our information because they don’t have any of their own. We have noticed they are critical of what we say, because they didn’t understand what we just said. They are criticizing but not helping you understand the pay structure, how to use the money and so on. All they do is give you a bad day!
DC will talk about the latest news, and we will answer your questions directly. For the intelligent people, you will like this because we will answer to some depth.
DC: I’d like to address something that is clearly not being heard: Tony, myself, Pam, and others, and the other gurus, we are all volunteers. We are in a position to have some insight into what’s going on; we have developed intelligence assets that have helped us. They are also volunteering their time to help educate everyone on this. It’s gotten into a bizarrely competitive thing where everyone’s ripping on everyone else. I’m a volunteer, in here for free. All I’ve received is some compliments and some nasty-grams. We don’t’ have to do this! If you don’t click with what we say, that’ okay. Don’t shoot the messenger; we don’t control the information, we just bring it forward. We aren’t paid, we are just trying to help everyone else. So are other gurus, and we appreciate that. I like seeing other perspectives on what’s going on. Everyone should form their own opinion! I strongly encourage everyone to do that while ignoring the inevitable jerks out there. We are all trying to figure this out.
Tony: To clear up another issue, what is your name going to be this year?
DC: Winston or DC guy, doesn’t matter to me!
Tony: We are not in competition with anyone, because we don’t care. They do their calls and diss Tony and DC, and that’s the difference between us. When we get calls and/or information, when we hear the latest intel, we go out to verify it. Someone may have some information we didn’t get, see where it fits in with ours. If there is a ruckus, we’ll post in the chat room or do a tweet, if it’s connected with our information. I don’t care who announces the RV, who is right or wrong – I just want it to happen. When it does, I’ll be in line to go the bank like anyone else. We ride a bigger roller coaster than you do, and we try not to take you with us emotionally. That’s why we discuss it and bring the best information we have. We don’t bring you all the details, because they change every day AND I don’t want to believe some details myself. I’m not in the boardroom; we are bringing you the best information we can.
DC: Someone said to me over this holiday weekend “Do you ever get frustrated?” Sure, every day. Everyone in this process is pissed and aggravated, so it’s perfectly normal to get angry about the situation. However, it’s not okay to take it out on other people or have a tantrum about it. Some of us have been in worse situations than this, and our group is getting frustrated as hell with this situation. Okay, on to the news.
Bottom line is that the nitpicking is still going on, and now the earliest we are looking for this is Sunday afternoon, realistically on Tuesday onwards for 6-7 days.
Tony: I want to read this first: “How can everything have been DONE before Christmas and people exchanging, and then Lucy moved the ball again. We have been in the same 24 hour mode for a year now. Whoever gets mad, nothing seems to get done about it. Cooler heads prevail, but still no RV. Who does this make sense to?”
DC: Middle to late December, the BIS, etc., sent a group to Iraq, and told them all to stop playing games, and everyone should meet to sort this out in one room. The US held it up, and also Iraq took some steps backward with Maliki, etc. Each side kept saying “we need one more thing”. Some of that was for political stability in Iraq, or personal gain in the US, or either side just being jerks bickering back and forth. In mid-December, everyone said ENOUGH! So everyone came to Iraq and put everyone on the table. The US wanted a lot more than everyone else did, and got pretty much what they wanted. The key aspects were budgetary items like revenue-sharing with the Kurds and some tweaks on that, etc. There were a lot of details that were good enough but the US kept using that as a way to delay it. They had amnesty, anti-corruption and ISIL issues, plus political unification. They finally worked out a list, and they handed that list to an independent party so that people would not longer think the US was moving the goal posts.
They ploughed through the list, the major points within 3-4 days, and kept going back to the BIS, it seemed good enough, everyone would ramp up and then the BIS decided it still wasn’t good enough. The US says “you haven’t finished the list” and Iraq now feels that the US can’t fulfill that list, so why should they?? The revenue-sharing with the Kurds was the most serious issue, because of back history and territorial issues with Kurdistan.
A lot of the budgetary stuff was passed and we got to Christmas, or the 21st. Iraq said to the US that they were ready. The US said “fine” and the Iraq ramped up again. The BIS was holding the official list, and they came back and said A, B and C are good but not great, and Iraq said, “You said it was good enough!” They came back and said it would happen on the 24th at night, having cleaned up more issues.
Tony: Four years ago, Maliki was given a list of things that needed to be accomplished, pretty close to Abadi’s list. They are doing what they feel they can accomplish. The US didn’t give them a full list because Iraq would never agree to that whole list. Each time they gave them a part of the list, Iraq was able to get those things done. At the same time, they were growing a country and an economy. Things were getting accomplished, but every time they got to the end of the list, ten minutes before releasing the RV, there would be one more thing, or two more things. That’s Negotiation 101. They go through that all the way until they got to the elections to get Maliki out of the way and they can get their top ten priorities accomplished. I’m not defending the US, just telling you how and why this happened, for the great good of the country.
So now we’re at the place where Maliki is out. He was seriously corrupt, and the US knew it. We couldn’t take out another leader – the people had to do that. Maliki had to leave by their choice, so then they had to clean up all the crooked things he did. They (the US) put it out a little bit at a time, and Abadi was doing all that so fast! He created inclusive government, set the rate, did the deal with Kuwait – he accomplished that in week sand months instead of years. He did it! But if he’s that good, let’s give Abadi a few more things to get done… and that’s what is going on now. And now we’re down to the critical point. This is so extreme and DC will explain that.
DC: Over a hundred times last year, this was ready to go. They dangled the carrot in front of Iraq so many times, with intel looking for bad guys, bankers bringing in staff, the CBI locked down… sometimes within three minutes it was stopped. They would get so close and then they would move the goal posts. It would get so close every time. So let’s get at what is being looked at harshly right now…
Three major items didn’t get solved the week before Christmas
1. Which oil fields in Kurdistan will feed the pipelines and proven, productive credits they get – this is about billions of dollars, plus who owns what.
2. Amnesty laws were not done correctly, and this affects thousands of Sunnis wrongly put in jail by Iraq and US forces. The innocent were released and there are reparations for those tortured by the Maliki forces. There is also a lot of letting go more prisoners before Christmas, people who were in the wrong place at the wrong time, or hot-headed or whatever.
3. Some Sunni leaders wanted certain areas or regions to be restored. The majority of that got done.
Tony: Right now NCL and the budget have both been done. The Amnesty Law has nothing to do with the RV, but it’s on the list. The US is saying they want on the amnesty law, and Iraq responded with releasing people who were prosecuted unfairly. However…
DC: Specifics on the revenue-sharing, and the budget, they made changes, and they got ready to release the RV last Saturday. Someone went through the list again and said “Wait a minute, you still haven’t finished this, that and the other”. They did those things and got ready for Sunday night. The nitpickers said, there were still budgetary issues and the amnesty issues. On Monday they demanded more on amnesty and one last thing for the budget. Iraq finished that up on Tuesday: the PM and finance ministry and CBI wrapped all that up on Tuesday, ready to go, thinking they had solved the amnesty issues. Because of the holiday, they didn’t let their staff know the amnesty list had not been completed. So on Wednesday, they said that the amnesty issues had not been solved, although everyone was ramped up ready for this to happen on the 1st. The financial issues are all solved, but the amnesty issues were not solved because they didn’t’ let them know until the last minute.
The amnesty issues are what to do with Maliki and his senior advisors, who definitely ran torture camps with a lot of corruption. Iraq wants to divide this into two categories. The first is those who did minor stuff or who were in the wrong place but stopped – good guys in a bad situation. Some are still in power, and another group is religions leaders and it’s always tough to go after them. The second problem is that Iraq wants to do this themselves, not with The Hague, because these people still have friends in Iraq.
We hear that they have a plan now, and Iraq says that it will be solved by Sunday, while my State Department friends say that Tuesday will be the earliest. A large part of what instigated this is the amnesty law.
Tony: So Iraq got the list and said they would get it done by Christmas. Iraq jumps on the list and said they would get it done by a certain date. That’s why they keep announcing it, because they have got everything done and it will all work out. So they came up to, set Christmas Day, and then they started arguing about amnesty. One side is saying “No, you cannot arrest Maliki because he is VP, or his best buddies”. Someone will have to fall on their sword to make the US and everyone else happy. Who do they give up so that Iraq can do this themselves… the new government that the US helped them create. So the discussion is about who will punish them and how much BEFORE the RV because afterwards Iraq can do anything they want. We got it from Iraq this morning that parliament is shouting that they need to see the revaluation TODAY. They are not holding it back, but the US is saying Iraq is holding it up because Iraq is not ‘fully committed’ to righting the wrongs and seeing the bad guys punished. Iraq is saying they will get this done by Sunday, and the US is saying that it might get done by the next week.
DC: They have the framework agreed to everywhere else. This is a super-contentious issue, but the US has to agree to what level person gets thrown to the wolves, while these other guys will get slapped on the wrist and withdrawn from public life. Iraq thought that they had this done last Monday, and that’s why we are all frustrated.
Tony: It’s not just creating a punishment from the past, but setting an example for the future. They have to set an example before releasing all this money, like the fake people in the army, etc. There have to be laws in place before the release.
DC: It’s laughable on one level, because the US doesn’t live up to what they demand of Iraq! Inside the US, there is a mindset that says we are going to hold them to every damn detail, while everyone else is saying that we have pushed them as hard as we can. After a while, someone who is pushed too hard say “Bugger you, we have an agreement for an RI, and we are going ahead without you.” The second group thinks the first group are just being jerks. The supportive people think Iraq has done well and accomplished a lot. They are a sovereign country, and they can go around us. The US can play hard ball and cause confidence issues with Iraq and their currency, but we will lose if we play it that way. PM Abadi and the Parliament say they have to publish this in the Gazette right now, and the US delegation is trying to smooth them down.
I think this should have been done a long time ago, and we are back to pushing Iraq too hard. Tony and I want this done months ago.
Tony: They say they are trying to instill confidence in Iraq, but they are eroding that confidence when they announce economic reforms, and then the people hear that the US is delaying this again. The whole way of doing this is for Iraq to WANT the US to be part of this, but we are demonstrating that instead of trusting Iraq to make these decisions, the US is in fact forcing all these details down Iraq’s throat. It has nothing to do with the RV itself, except that the US won’t let them release it until these points are settled about how to punish the corrupt politicians and make sure that doesn’t happen again.
Pam sent over some questions from the forum:
Q: We’ve heard for awhile the US wants public exchanges to start in January; why is January the preferred time?
DC: Some folks wanted that because it wouldn’t’ interfere with the US elections. Also, the banks asked for this to be spaced out as much as possible, without the year-end issues. Also some folks at State just guessed this is how long it would take to sort out some of these issues. Meanwhile they put this list together. Abadi knocked out that list by the end of September! A large part of these delays came about because 2-3 people in a meetings said it would take to January to get this done, so they just kept adding crap to do that – when this guy just pulled it out of his backside! So by nitpicking this to death, that is how they brought it to this date.
Tony: Even back in July, they said it wouldn’t happen until January, because someone said it in a meeting and the new Senate would come in in January. In October-November 2013, they started exchanging the VIPS, hoping that the general public would get paid by April, and they could vote out Maliki. So they paid out 85,000 last November, anticipating that every time they gave Abadi the list, he would get it done, and we (the internet group) could also exchange and then the general public would exchange in January.
DC: I agree, but also it was the international guys (BIS+CBI+IMF) said that if we keep exchanging US folks, that would lock them into getting this done. Otherwise, they would get stuck in a ‘what if’, and the US public would not accept having 85,000 paid out. That would prove that this was really happening. They thought they would get a few big guys paid out in the first 2-3 days from 31st October, but now that they started paying out people at such a rate, that binds everyone to the process. And it did! Then some of the older statesmen said, “Okay, you’re pregnant, so you’ve got to get everyone else done.” That got everyone to the list that they created in mid-December, and to the point of no return where we HAVE to get paid, we just don’t know when. That is the silver lining – it gets everyone locked into getting this done.
Tony: So we are done apart from ‘what are you going to do with your top ten villains’.
DC: I agree. Everyone is surprised that we are still being held up. Everyone thought we were done on Tuesday night, on the financial side. Then the US is forcing them to make a decision right now, before they will allow the release. They cannot make a full decision right now because that is so important. But they can throw some guys to the wolves. They have already arrested M’s son, taken his plane and palace, but the US wants his head on the chopping block.
Q: Based on what you just said, there could be no end to the delays. The PTB have no credibility left. The RV will happen when it happens. Do you agree?
DC: I get that question. There is so much frustration, and the details they are riding so hard… that I find difficult to understand.
Tony: Iraq is putting on the pressure right now. They have gone through Christmas and the New Year, they are losing credibility, and they need to get this one and get the government moving, and they need to pay their own bills. Where is the breaking point?
Q: Anything more available on taxes?
DC: I talked to some more chiefs this morning, and they told me they believe it will be handled as capital gains, normal tax codes stuff. If you’ve had the currency less than one year it will be handled as normal income, and over one year, it’s long-term capital gains.
Q: Do you know anything about the Canadians?
DC: It will be handled by individual banks in the foreign currency department.
Q: Since we are now into a new tax year, we have more options and more time to plan. Will we have the same tax situation as those who exchanged in 2013 and 2014?
Tony: We don’t know. Some of them did get 100% of their money in the last three months. There is no tax law so far for 2014.
There is no centralized 800 number. You will have to contact each bank. It will not go on Forex for 15-30 days, and then it will shoot up. So the question becomes: “Do I go in and out and quickly as possible? Or should I wait and see what happens with the banks and the Forex? Or I can exchange some at the international rate, cash out my reserves and wait for the Forex rates… or I can buy some more currencies and wait for them to revalue… lots of fun decisions to make. Most people won’t understand what I just said. There are some risky options, but if you paid attention over the last four years know that you can make a lot more money than the international rates.
DC: I am going to take the money on offer now and run. I may take a few risks with one part of my portfolio. Most of my money will go into conservative investments, a small par I will use to buy things, and a bit will go to the riskier options.
Q: How and who can make this happen?
Tony; The rate change itself is written into the budget, and will be activated with that.
DC: Many politicos wanted it in the holiday timeline from Thanksgiving, so it would look to the rest of the world like tit was just a lot of holiday spending.
Tony: It would have given the economy a boost, and the banks AND the politicos AND Iraq wanted that as well. They said for a long time that this would happen in the third quarter. There are just a few controlling people who are disappointing the world. Every industry, the politicians, financiers, bankers, evern down to the tellers are all hearing it. Iraq is riding the same roller-coaster. It’s not just make-believe. Look at all the other countries who are going through the same thing, and the banks that are bringing their people in and sending them home again. This affects the entire world!
Q: Now the administration is holding this up for the entire world because of the amnesty law. Why didn’t they get this agreement before they started? It feels like a delaying tactic by the administration; why doesn’t Iraq bypass that and announce this RV?
DC: It’s been well documented that the SoCo agreement was agreed six years ago, but the Bush administration didn’t’ want to sign in. This administration was being pushed by Maliki to the point where we wouldn’t agree. THIS amnesty law has to do with Iraqi politicians only, not the US solidiers.
DC: The second issue is a good point. All the senior guys inside Iraq have a lot of sway and they are closely watched by the State Dept and intel guys. It’s getting on a teetering part where the US has less leverage. Why is Iraq being pushed so hard? It’s like battered wife syndrome – the US keeps beating them down and they keep coming back for more. The US dollar is central to the world economy, and if the US says that Iraq doesn’t deserves such a high value, people will not have confidence in Iraq. Take the ruble, which has declined by 50%. This is because oil prices have tanked, Putin is not well-regarded, Putin is restricting outflow, and the Russian economy is so low that there is a crisis of confidence in Russia. Iraq cannot afford to have the US say they cannot roll I tout because the US doesn’t have confidence in the dinar.
Tony: The whole world knows that this is the foundation for the GCR; they know the US role in this. The whole world know that we are counting on Iraq’s oil and dinar. They know that the US has recreated the Iraqi economy and government and leadership. The factors for confidence are all there, through the changes that have already occurred. AT this point, it’s more “I don’t’ them to get away with that”. It’s not about protecting their future or our future; it’s about making sure they are punished. There is no benefit to them or to us, apart from getting the villains out of the game. Iraq is willing to let that go in order to get this RV out, and deal with the bad guys later, instead of possibly breaking up their first inclusive government.
DC: There are certain points at which even our friends, mainly the G8, come back and say “We believe in Iraq”, and that will make the US look like real jerks for pushing this hard. Some people in the US think that we can force the issue, but if we lose the UK, we are screwed. Iraq is one of the biggest up and coming countries in the world, and we are screwing that up? Bad idea.
Q: How long after the RI will the RV happen, with $6-7 rate. How confident are you about this? I heard this ten years ago. Will this rate come about because the dollar reduces in value? Where can we park our money if that happens?
DC: My confidence is absolute, it’s just when. The dollar might drop 3% at the absolute max. In terms of the dinar going $7 against the US dollar, it depends on many factors such as whether the GCC goes that high. Shabibi can do that through non-political means. I would not bet against Shabibi or his team. They have already negotiated the RV, and that could pop up at a higher rate once the politics are done. The changes are slim; it’s more likely they do the RI first (which they can do any time) and then RV.
Tony: So the dinar could go up because the dollar sinks, because Forex buys so much, or some other factor.
DC: People ask why this will go significantly higher, and it’s because that’s what Kuwait did.
Tony: Also, all those who were told it was a scam will buy – the hedge funds and other financial groups. They won’t want it to drop down too far because they are investing in it. That’s why you can make a lot of money because it’s a game, and that is why the last 3-4 years have been about educating you for those risks and rewards.
Q: Since you are here to keep the masses quiet, explain why those who have exchanged already are not paying taxe, and also about the contract rates.
Tony: I don’t work for anyone, or to keep the masses quiet. I didn’t design this, nor do I make any money on this like some sites. That was not our purpose. I was asked to do these calls, and DC was told to do them. We don’t work for either side, and if we did, I would think we’d have more information on how this works! We are just trying to do the right thing, educate people, and reap our own rewards at the end.
DC: Those who have taken the contract rates ahead of time, some have tax agreements agree ahead of time, some tax is paid to the US, some to other countries, and some contracts are tax-free. My understanding is that many are paying taxes just as we will. Do you really think that we could be this direct if we were working for someone? No employer would even let us get on the phone six hours per week, not to mention the dozens of hours of intel gathering and coordination. I wouldn’t let any of my people do this – it takes self-employed people to do this, because we wouldn’t have the latitude otherwise to say what we say.
Tony: On the last call, one of Iraqi sources of great information said that he wants to be on the final call. That would be great, because he has a lot of information and has been at every meeting. WE have another guy in Kurdistan, and it would be unbelievable if we could get him on the phone!
951 caller: Happy New Year! [Appreciation] We know that the amnesty law is the issue at hand right now. Once that is resolved, what do you think is the probability that some other issue will come up?
DC: I have been looking into as best I can, and I can’t think of anything else. It’s not public to most people. I guess someone in his den might have something they can throw like shit into a party, but… I’m frustrated like everyone else.
Tony: At the level and the people they are attacking this thing, at the very last moment… the other stuff wouldn’t’ have been accomplished if they had brought it up six months ago. But NOW, with all the announcements about it being done before the first, I really cannot get this going on much longer. I think they expected Iraq to just cave in when this one came up out of left field.
DC: A lot of people were astonished that this amnesty things was brought up or taken seriously at this point.
Caller: This came out of left field, so it makes you wonder what else is in reserve.
Tony: This is basic negotiating to bring this up when Iraq is all ready to go, all euphoric, and then we say “Okay, if you sign this last thing, you can do it!” So at some point, when is enough truly enough? Iraq says this will be ready by Sunday, while the US says it will be Tuesday or next Friday.
Caller: So if the process lasts 6-7 days, when does that start?
DC: I think that it starts on Tuesday. I asked some of the US people a realistic time, and they say that Tuesday is the earliest realistic time.
Caller: I came into this only three months ago, and I went all in, so I have a lot of currency. As of 31. October, it’s been ramping up with little things to delay it. It don’t put a lot of weight on any other guru; Mtn Goat says that the national reconciliation forum starts on 10. January and the ISX opens again on 11. January…
DC: The National Reconciliation group met last week and resolved various issues last week and last Sunday. I think we are done with that. The ISX does re-open on the 11th, but that is not a forcing function. It’s an indicator, possibly. I would guess that Mtn Goat probably agrees that they would like to have it by then.
Tony: This was supposed to happen, but they were trying to hold it off Forex or ISX, so the 11th would have been a great day for this. They could still change it on Forex or ISX on the 11th, if they keep that… but we know they change dates all the time.
Mtn Goat used to be on our site all the time; we know the sources are good. We don’t necessarily get it at the same time. They can say some things that we have been asked not to say. WE have to go and verify that information, and then we can tell you what is coming out. We might get information ourselves. This is not a competition. We just do our call, and if information comes back to us, that also makes sense. A lot of people have good information, and some are just idiots.
Caller: That is why I don’t put weight on any information unless I hear it from you, Pam, etc. I’m 32, I just voted for the first time, and I appreciate all the information that teaches me about the US, finances, and the world.
Tony: We are not the Bible; we don’t’ know every detail, we are giving you the best we have, based on what we hear.
786 caller: A few calls ago, I heard DC say that 185,000 or more have exchanged in the US in 2013-14. If so, this has to be the biggest, tightest information since the Manhattan Project.
DC: Are you kidding? It’s leaking like a sieve, and that’s how we get out information. Not all have been paid in cash. How have they kept it secret? By telling people that they will give them millions of dollars, and if they don’t keep their mouths shut, they will take away the money and wreck their lives. Let’s say you only tell one person, but that person happens to know DC, who notices that the person suddenly has a horse farm in Virginia, with Arabian horses and a Bentley that their known income will not support. Others have only part of their funds available, and they take that risk.
Tony: We know because of the people who are involve din the process, who know we are helping good people understand the process and we still don’t have the package. Bankers are telling us the process because they have already processed people. Nobody is going on 60 Minutes or writing a book, though.
DC: There are many in the press who know about this, but they have been allowed to exchange themselves, and the others the intel people have clamped down on. Eventually this will all get told, so I pray we will have a research center to show all sides of this, even those that call us morons.
Caller: I have contacts up to VP of banks, and they haven’t seen this. I think that the government could delay this who knows how long… [Same question, I have to go!]

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