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@THE_TNT_TEAM: Sorry for being late. Call STARTS in 15 min. D.C. has some super news that may be fantastic soon #wearethepeople


TONY – Good afternoon, TNT. It’s Friday, August 29, 2014 and you can hear we are in a really, really good mood for a really good reason which we’ll get to. I am live and broadcasting from Pastor Suggs studio WUBN in Wilson, NC. It’s a really, really good day. DC, we’re going to give you a break today and we just want to hear what’s going on in Iraq today.

DC – It’s been a great 24 hours and it just gets better and better. Iraq looks phenomenal and people paying attention online can see that the formal GOI was formally seated yesterday evening and was announced in mosques this morning. There are plans going on throughout the country and everybody is asking now “what about our RV?” There are absolute plans being made right now on all levels – as in right now – for the change in rates.

DC – I’m not telling everybody a specific date and time, but why in God’s name, would you do all this preparation if it’s not going to be very soon?

DC – Notifications have been going out for the past several days and then again after the GOI business to banks, merchants, even down to lower-level merchants. There are trainers at merchants, banks, customs folks, etc. and all are in place. The are preparations going on for celebrations and announcements, i.e., food, events, places, etc. mainly in Baghdad. Police are on higher security notices to be aware that people will be really happy. Parliament is in their place for announcements, speeches have been prepared and technical connections for big announcements are ready.

T – It’s a great day to be a dinarian, is it not?

DC – It is a wonderful day to be a dinarian! We don’t want to do anything that causes someone to react or do something stupid, and it’s highly unlikely it would at this point.

T – We’re just having fun because it’s a fun time where we’re at.

DC – Because ISIL has been in the news, most of the stuff you’re seeing in the US/European news is from Syria. Iraq has been doing a stellar job knocking them back. In the USA, tests have been run and everyone is being confident. In a certain turn of events, everybody is excited and ready for the next stages for us as dinarians. The Admin, Dems and Repubs in the House and Senate are very excited and very prepared today. They are reassuring everybody that they’re prepared and plans are in place.

T – It’s Friday evening and because I’m using somebody else’s studio, this will be a short call. Please only ask short questions!



C – Do we need to be concerned about giving our EIN for trust accounts when we call the 800#, and will all banks have the same contract rates as WF?

DC – On the EIN, they probably won’t ask for that info on the initial call.

T – We do not know about the rates. We expect them to be competitive and each bank updates on their own time-frame. We have not received the package yet.

C – On the Wednesday call, it was suggested that the 800# situation has changed rapidly and we’re not sure if there will even be 800#s? So, where will we find out how to exchange, especially if you have signed an NDA and not available to help us?

T – Here’s what’s supposed to happen: If I get the call we’re shut down, then I can’t tweet or contact you from that point on. If I haven’t signed an NDA then I can do whatever I want to do. We just don’t know which way it will be. My hope and understanding is that they’ll send out 800#s with instructions to keep it from getting chaotic. I just don’t see that happening. If that doesn’t work, we have DC’s phone number and address – LOL!

C – What about you giving out your TNT list?

T – The only way I would do that is to help you folks. The only way I would give my list out is if it would help you, help those who made donations, etc. My whole reason for being here is to help everyone get treated fairly. I know how to capitalize regardless of the rates, so I’m trying to protect TNT members. Even if we don’t do the 7-14 days, I feel responsible for people to help them as much as I can.

C – So, if we don’t get 800#s, then there are no exchange centers, and we won’t know where to go to exchange. Then we won’t know what rates are available. When we do walk in can we ask to see the screens?

T – You’re asking me to comment and give you direction about a scenario that probably won’t happen. I just don’t see them creating more chaos.

DC – The reason we got in is to help. We were worried about you being cheated, but that’s not a worry anymore. This will be a new, scary thing for some folks and sometimes that is overlooked by the planners, who forget you are everyday folks and have not lived in their world. We just want to help you walk through the process. We aren’t scared of the banks, but of people not understanding.

C – If we already have a personal banker should we use the 800# or call him (PB)?

T – If you already have one that’s the first person you should call. They want to benefit of you business FIRST rather than you call the 800#. They will be motivated to help you.

C – Will they offer the same rates and offers?

T – If you trust them already ask them. “Nothing beats a failure but a try.”

C – What would the “senior statesman” say to us right now, if he was addressing us?

DC – He is active, active active! He has been extremely instrumental in this entire process along with his team. Unfortunately he won’t get a lot of credit for this he deserves, but that is his choice. He just wants to make sure everybody pays it forward.

*”senior statesman” s/b “elder” statesman. But DC just said he prefers “accomplished” statesman

C – Could you recap what you said at the beginning of the call? I had to leave to fix my son lunch.

DC – The GOI was seated yesterday and announced on TV and newspaper, and announced in the mosques. We are waiting for a change in value.

C – Are they having a new holiday this coming Monday? If so, why?

DC – First, they really know how to relax. And secondly, for obvious reasons.

C – What day did they actually vote to seat the GOI?

DC – Over a week ago.

T – We’ve been telling you that they do things in the dark of night so that they are not public and their moves cannot be anticipated. A whole lot of agreements all coming out at the same time or within 24 hours of each other indicate they’ve been working on them for some time but holding the release of the info.

[MAC] Actually they work at night because it is too hot during the daytime

C – What is the status of the Iraqi CBI? Is it private or gov’t-owned? And if it’s private, who owns it?

DC – Ownership and control are 2 different things. What you want to know is control. Control is done by the CBI and appointed by the PM. They don’t report to the PM on a daily basis and they run the bank independently of the GOI. They provide quarterly reports. Dr. Shabbib and Dr. Turki have done a great job at this.

C – With Monday a holiday, how large is the US delegation that will be celebrating?

DC – The US side we frankly don’t know. A lot of folks would like to keep this as demure as possible.

C – Is there any correlation between the Bretton Woods meeting next week?

DC – My understanding is that everything will done by that meeting and they will just be reviewing after-action notes. They’ll be doing clean-up and global currency readjustments.

C – Can we CE a dong note without an appointment?

T – You may walk into a bank to exchange any currency and be asked to make an appointment. When you call the 800# ask them if you can exchange a note before the appointment.

C – Will you at least be able to inform us that the RV has happened?

T – I think we’ll at least be able to do one call. Not sure about the 7-14 days thing. They know we have the majority of people who are listening. What they clearly don’t want me or DC doing is giving us advice on the process, muddying the waters with our opinion. Since there have been a lot of fake RV notices, I think we’ll at least be able to make an announcement.

DC – We have heard so many variations and changes, i.e., one department wants us involved, another doesn’t want us involved. The last we heard is we would be able to give a 15 mins-1 hour long “goodbye” call with numbers and basic info. That’s changed so many times they could change it again at the last minute. Everybody has to be flexible. The exchange process, IMO, will be very anti-climactic. It’s going to be very easy.

C – Have you heard anything about what our Admin plans to do post-RV?

DC – Sure, there are at least 100 humanitarian projects being planned, including water wells, vaccinations, infra-structure banks here in the US. Their intent is to funnel as much money into these as possible from the exchanges. Thousands of charities will be funded.

RECAP: T – It’s a holiday weekend, 4-day weekend. Where are we at?

DC – I hope it’s the best dang Labor Day weekend we’ve ever had. Announcements from the GOI have gone out this morning. They have given every aspect of announcements of the change of values as we speak. The world is prepared to handle us, so everybody must have some patience and be flexible. Our goal is to be helpful. I’m pretty damn excited myself about actions being taken in Iraq right now.

PAM – After this happens, you may not hear from us due to NDAs. If anybody contacts you to sell you something with our names on it, it is NOT from us. We will NEVER try to sell you anything or put you in an investment.

T – To me, right now it’s where it should be. It’s all about Iraq. The announcements they started making last night, today, they’re expecting a big change. They are about to get the glory they’ve been seeking and we’re about to get what we want. We will continue to help as best we can. One way or another we are going to have some contact with you. It’s going to be a great weekend. Expect your life to be different next week. You’ll hear things after the call and a lot of it will be positive about things happening over there. Monday is a holiday and Tuesday is a new beginning for a whole lot of people. If anything happens over the weekend we will send out a tweet to let you know.


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