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TNT Call notes 20-Mar-2015
Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, March 20, 2015.  Today is another Friday, and we shouldn’t be here.  However, we are closer, there is more positive information, with things happening.
DC:  Everything looks really good.  The summary is simple:  there is a lot more positive info, we don’t know the exact time;  we are hanging off the edge but not falling. Everyone is waiting.  We have been asked to be gentle and specific;  nobody is finding this a laughing matter so we will try not to take liberties. Callers, please don’t complain about any specific person on the calls.
Iraq is ready.  It’s their Sabbath, and in the mosques they said “This is really happening, we promise.” They talked about northern and southern cousins who have been paid on this and that, and some parts of Baghdad as well.  We are waiting on the remaining part. This is still the different classes that have been paid, not the  whole country.   On television, they are still on the fourth stage of the economic reform. Behind the scenes, every office and ministry has been telling their people to get ready.  Of course, everyone was ready on Wednesday, so why are we still sitting here. In Iraq there are many rumors about when this will go through.  The majority of Qi  cards have been adjust from $3.58 to $3.91.  They made it clear that they are not waiting on that to be done. They did have a celebration about beating Da’ash and how that group is eroding;  they are expecting to have more parities this weekend, too.
Tony:  We were asked to be super-sensitive today.  We understand where we are in the process. We are asked to remove negative people at this time, because of where we are in the process.  Everything that was on the television Wednesday was on the television today as well.  The person who got their cards upgraded has family who are now at $3.91.  They started on the edges of the country working through  to Baghdad.  People were told that they would see this when they woke up on Thursday, and now it’s Friday, but I don’t see it stretching out much further. I 100% do NOT see it happening today, although the weekend is something different.
DC:  I understand people are confused about different areas being paid.  IN some parts, the cards are being adjusted to $3.91 on their cards AND long-due payments are now being made.  The snowball effect has now been started in the outer edges of Iraq, and it’s now getting to a critical point, where it is happening for a lot of people, but it’s a real mess because it’s not happening everywhere at once.
Tony: They are working by a plan that they have laid out, going into each region, and making sure the  outer regions understand what’s happening. They are changing the way they do business and banking as well as giving out money. 
DC:  It is a thought-out process as well as daily meetings to feel out how it’s going. 
In the USA, the Fed, bankers, UST, etc., have all been on lockdown all week.  They have brought in new folks, including VPs and other higher people who are not normally on lockdown.  They have relaxed that a little bit. Why did they scare everyone?  The systems were live on Wednesday and Thursday for hours at a time.  They were exchanging a few people, one at a time, to make sure the systems were working correctly.  That has been going on for a week, and full on since Wednesday afternoon, in the US and throughout the world. They are incredibly frustrated because they keep being told it will go down this time and it’s another dress rehearsal. The banks are geared up again for as early as this evening and this weekend.  It is live throughout the world, and they are having access to screens if they go looking.  We have had wonderful bank stories from people just asking the tellers. They have never been trained on dinar, they have just checked and say, “That can’t be right!”  So they end up  calling their bosses in, and then say they cannot exchange yet.  The rates are live throughout the system, and it helps to build the message that everyone is ready for this. They have not signaled when this will go down;  we are waiting on Abadi and Shabibi.  They have told everyone to be on their toes and look out for it.  So the world is ready and has been live since Wednesday, and everyone is waiting on this.
Tony:  Here is a disclaimer:  even though these are actual events, they probably won’t work for you, so don’t go to the banks until we get the official word.  People went to the banks but have not been able to complete the transactions.  I have talked to bank people whose bosses are still telling them this is not going to happen and it’s all BS. We have two different states and the same bank, where the person presented their currency, and it blew the teller’s mind.  They had to get authorization and the manager said, “This can’t be right, we’re not doing it.”  The other manager could see it, but told the person to come back the next day.  Some managers can see it and some cannot.  They are not going to get that authorization code until it’s time.
There have been different banks with different rates – only by a penny or two, but depending on how much you have, that could make a lot of difference.  There is competition between the banks.  Some banks were briefed this morning about the 800 numbers, because they didn’t know anything about that.  When you call the 800 number for the bank you want, they will send you to a location. They are all being trained to deal with this.
DC: The tests included tier 2 banks, and a few even exchanged a couple of people. Those tests were successful.
Tony:  It could go today, tomorrow or Sunday.
DC:  They are not telling anybody. A lot of smart folks are speculating about times, after the market closes, or after Forex closes.  Some high-up people in banks are saying they expect this time or that, but they are just reading the tea leaves because there is no official time yet.
Tony:  Announcements went out in Iraq to prepare for celebrations in all government offices, although they didn’t say when.  Now, let’s have some calls, but Pam says new callers only.  Pam said that, not me! 
702 caller:  I’m not a first caller, so I’ll let you go!  I’ve been on 1500 minutes…
DC: What is your question?
Caller:  You’ve talked about having different get-togethers, and they might not let you have them?  It  would be great if we could get together and meet each other and make connections.  It would be great to hear stories and see how to make money together.
Tony:  I agree!  The little ones we have done here and LA, I think people have enjoyed meeting each other.  I hope DC will get past their objections.  Pam sent a text saying it would also be a great place for scoundrels and scallywags.  Someone else sent a message this morning saying someone is putting together some kind of group.  They are going to the banks with all that information to make a deal at the bank. This has specifically happened in Reno three separate times, Homeland has got involved and restraining orders.  You don’t’ want to get involved with that kind of mess.  If someone has a legitimate group, they will show you the contract and the exact rate.  The only legitimate group I  know already knows its contract rate.  As of this morning, 1.1 billion dinar has been removed from one group.  They can tell you they have a deal and take your dinar, or even just use your information to create a list of new millionaires that they can then sell to advertising companies.  Be aware of this problem!  Even if we meet afterwards, you don’t know these people – you met them on the internet!  Be cautious;  don’t get into business with people you don’t know.  You cannot get into business with me, I won’t go into business with you, but I do want us to meet and have a good time. 
Two years ago, the banks said they would show up and help you with being a new millionaire.  You can get that from the banks or any state with a lottery has classes for those who just won the lottery.  If you are in a city with pro teams, they have the same kind of information for new millionaires; you just have to take advantage of it.
510 caller:  Is the contract rate still available?  In regards to the finite contract rate pool, is that just for dinar holders in the US?
DC:  Yes.  The contract rates are available to members of the coalition that liberated Iraq. We don’t know how it is divided up – dependent on who had the most troops or what.  We just don’t know.  It’s like a race, and you need to get in there as quickly as you can when we get the green light.
Pam:  We’ve spent two years telling you not to collect each others information because they don’t know who the person they’re talking to really is.
Tony:  What I was saying is that there are groups out there collecting information.  We have always said not to give out your information on the TNT site.  If you are meeting face-to-face, then you are adults and you can decide for yourself.  We don’t collect your information on TNT, and we don’t allow you to collect that information from our site because there are people who will sell that information on, and who want to take as much of your money as they can.
281 caller:  I am not a first time caller, but I do have a plea – can the more experienced callers please ask pertinent questions to educate others?  I cannot get on the call Mondays or Wednesdays, and I do donate, so can I ask for an exception?
My sister, who is new to this, had an opportunity to travel to Houston;  she walked into a bank there and asked to speak to a wealth manager.  She said she had a couple of currencies to exchange.  The bank manager asked which currencies, and she said the dinar and dong.  The manager said that they would be exchanging those currencies at that location from April 20th, and the manager took her information.  My sister had no idea of the depth of the information – that the bank manager acknowledged they would exchange those currencies and she gave an actual date.
I understand the banks will be competitive.  Let’s say I’ve called the 800 number and I’ve got to my appointment.  Do we give them currency and they will give us a rate right  then?  What’s the deal?
DC: There are two different processes.  The banks with Delarue machines should count the currency in front of you, with a witness, so that there is agreement about what you have and verify that they are legitimate notes.  Then they will offer you specific rates. The majority of exchange locations will not have Delarue machines;  they will count out your notes, with a witness, put it in a bag and ship it overnight to a counting facility where they will count and verify it again.  Before they ship the money off, they will agree a rate with you, so that you will know what will be in your account the next day.  You will get a receipt for it, like any other banking transaction.
Caller:  At one point it seemed like a guessing game, that we wouldn’t know what rate would be available.
DC:  There will be double verification, but don’t let them send your money off until you  are completely comfortable with the rate they are offering.
Tony:  What they really want  you to do is go in, accept the rate they offer, and let it go.  Most people have 100K dinar or less, and they will not offer a higher rate for that amount.  Everyone needs to call the 800 number first, and you want to know what the rate is at that moment.  Make your appointment with whomever offers the highest rate.  If you can’t do that, and if you have a certain amount or higher, you may get offered a higher rate at your appointment.  If not, get an appointment at each of the banks. That’s for people who can wait, for those willing to negotiate to get the best rate.  This does complicate the situation, but this may be the only time in your life you get this amount of money.  It’s common sense, if you have the patience to go to all the banks and then make a decision.
Caller:  Many of us will be glad to get off this roller coaster ride.  For me, I have one shot at this and I want to make sure it’s my best shot.  I’m in the position of power and I want enough ammunition to make sure I put my best foot forward.  I was curious about the contract rate because that is the part that … I want to make sure I get the best for what I have.
DC:  If you play poker where the joker’s wild, we know for a fact that the contract rate is on a very short fuse.  Is it 12 hours?  We’ve been told 1-2 days, most likely.  The nice part is that you have the advantage because you are paying attention and can find out about it quickly and get in there early.  After those contract rates are gone, the banks can still do some rate adjustments depending on how much currency you have.  The joker is the timeline on the contract rates, and we just don’t know that.
Caller:  There will be many contract rates, not just one, right?
DC:  Yes, and each bank has different criteria for their contract rates.  One bank said “We’re just going to beat Wells Fargo”, and that is their mentality.  But that is only for the people they want to deal with.  So they are instructing their people to see how people are dressed, are they respectful to the process, do they want to invest, etc.  Some other banks will just offer the first customers the best rate they can and get you through as quickly as possible.  The banks need to be fair about it to maximize the pool, and spread it around, and that’s why there is a cap of  20 million dinar, maximum. Beyond that, they will want  you to take the lower rate.  We have told you how to maximize that.
Tony:  The banks will be competitive on the international rates, too.  For some currencies, one penny’s difference could mean a million dollars more or less.
Caller: Any update on the tax situation?
DC:  No.
Tony:  DC, some members want to know why the ISX went up 1100% and why you haven’t already explained this.
DC:  It’s because Iraq is doing awesome;  they are doing tremendous business, it will be one of the world’s richest countries, and they expect it to go up even further.
239 caller:  Let’s say nothing happens for a week;  can another currency go first?
DC:  There’s always a possibility, but I’d say  less than 1% chance of that.
Caller:  You said that the banks might limit the zim as well?
DC:  We have heard there are caps on dinar and dong, and they didn’t expect to put a cap on zim because not many people had it.  However, numbers have gone up so much in the last month, that a ruling has not been made yet. There are two camps:  one says “let it rip;  it’s less than 10,000 people, so who cares”, and the other camps says “we cannot allow that;  for the first 20 million dollars worth, let it go, and after that make it one penny per zim rather than 15 cents.” 
Caller:  Can I just go to different location and cash in another 20 million, and then another and another…?
DC: It depends on how or if they are tracking it.  They  don’t have a system to track that yet, and it’s a question of if they will go to that effort for so few people.
Tony:  If I have ten of those notes, and they give me 15 million for one of those notes, I’m not going to give over my other notes for one million dollars.  I would give those notes away before I give them to the bank for them to get the extra 14 million dollars. I’m talking about the 100 trillion zim notes.  Right now on the screens, one bank is offering 15 cents, and another bank is offering 13 cents, so you see how a penny makes a huge difference. I don’t know who thought up that possibility, but it doesn’t make sense to anyone.  They cannot just take your extra notes;  that is just theft.  Don’t let those notes out of your hand unless you are happy with the rate.  If you are not happy, take your notes to the next bank and see what they will offer you.
DC:   In my opinion, the banks will not treat you that way.  A bank is going to make 2% off your money, and they would always happier making 2% off 15 million dollars than 2% off one million dollars.  They want to do business with  people who have investment ideas, who present themselves well, properly dressed and respectful,
Tony:  A 100 trillion zim note minus six zeroes x .15 = 15 million dollars.  That is not my rate, and I’m not telling you to buy zim, and in any case you probably wouldn’t receive them before this goes.  It’s just one scenario. 
702 caller:  You said that when Baghdad gets paid, we get paid.  Didn’t you say that Baghdad is now getting paid?
DC: They have started paying different groups of people, not the entire community. That includes past debts and salaries, health care and pensions, some contracts and a few ordinary citizens.  It’s the government checks that are being paid at $3.91.  They are just starting to do that in Baghdad now, and that is leading to even more economic  disparity between 1166, $3.58 and $3.91 rates. 
Tony:  Government checks go through first, from the outside in, but we get paid when the general public gets paid.
Caller;  Do you  think that will be soon, or the 20. April like that other gal said?
DC: That is just a few bankers throwing a date up against the wall.  In my opinion it will be very, very soon.  They wouldn’t be doing all this stuff this week without it finishing up very soon. Bankers don’t go into this industry because they expect their phones to be monitored.  You don’t ramp it up to this state, on the edge of the cliff, just for fun.  There is intent and purpose, and we really are that close..
Caller:  Some people are saying it wll be a slower rollout, like one dollar rather than $3.91.
DC: The $3.91 is what is showing up on the cards who have paid those amounts, both in Iraq and on the bank screens around the world.  They have done a tremendous amount of exchanges at mid-three dollars or above.  It’s very unlikely they would go lower. The one-dollar rate had to do with punishing Maliki, plus the UN Chapter 7 deal which said that the rate had to be 1:1 at a minimum.  A lot of that is a translation issue to do with removal of zeroes.  Google translation started a lot of that, but we are all in the camp of mid-threes and above.  I do believe this is happening very shortly, and have my bags packed and by the door for a reason.
610 caller:  It’s snowing here on the east coast, and I hope you’re enjoying sun on the west coast. [Appreciation]  I do hope we’ll have those four events to help the world.
313 caller:  [Appreciation]  I gave currency  to someone with a gift letter;  that was dated but not notarized.  Is that okay?  He cannot take it and have it notarized. 
DC:  A notary doesn’t make it true or false, it just gives a timestamp.  We are not attorneys, but Tony and I have been told that the more documentation the better.  Send an email, because it has a date and time stamp.  Just write it up, how much you gave, and both of you print it up with the time and date. With the tax guys, the more documentation you have, the better.
Caller:  The letter is dated and the envelope has a date as well…
DC:  Where you give a lot of currency, I would follow up with an email with an additional date/time stamp on it.
312 caller:  We’re taking it one day at a time.  I have a question about the process.  Once the normal public in Iraq can exchange, we will get the green light.  I assume the groups will go first?  Or will we go simultaneously?  When you send a tweet out, you can only talk to a certain number at the same time… what if we cannot get on the call?
Tony:  Sometimes I can’t get on the call, like today, because we waited until the last minute.  That is on the free conference call side. If you tet the link, that holds 30-40 thousand people. Both have recordings, both the free conference call and the internet site.  I’m pretty sure the site will have to stay up for that call at least. 
DC:  Something like 325, 000 people listen to the call and the playback, and they influence well over a million people. 
Tony:  Even if you cannot get on the call, you should be able to listen the play back.
DC:  We will go through the  same time as the groups.  If you live in Atlanta, San Francisco or other densely-packed locations, then if might take a few days to get to your appointment, but most places you can get an appointment right away.
Caller:  I have reserves with Sterling, so I might exchange in Atlanta, although I live in Chicago.
Tony:  What confidence do you have that this is happening very soon, given the level of requests to be quiet or be sensitive?
DC:  We have had a high level of requests to be sensitive from the highest level, and they are doing it because this is the real thing and it is upon us now.  This is coming from people involved in the process, and it is a strong indication this is happening.
503 caller:  We have King Tony and Smokin’ Winston today!  Latest rates?
DC:  International rates are $3.91 for dinar and $1.56 for dong (contract rate?).
Caller:  Is this being tracked by the UST so that you can’t go to different places to get over the cap for the different currencies?
DC:  They already have that for dinar and dong, and it would be easy to add the zim. ISIL is being pushed back, and they now have Anbar province back.  I think they have pushed the snowball down the hill, and I don’t’ think they can hold it back for more than a few extra days. 
Caller:  I know the people on these calls are planning to do great things for their communities, and I can’t wait to see what they will accomplish!
281 caller:  How can we get a certificate so we can have credits towards a degree?
Tony/DC:    That would be nice, wouldn’t it!
Caller:  I have learned so much, I want to tell someone outside Dinarland!
Tony:  One of our guys said that if we would just sell shirts saying Super-fantastic, then people would have something to show they are part of this.  We have seen some great coffee cups and t-shirts.  We haven’t done that because people are always saying we are doing this to make money, and that would just give them another excuse.  I would love it if we could set up a page or when people sign up for Vegas, we would send them a free shirt saying TNT, not about dinar.  That would be a great memento.
DC: Iraq is ready;  they have partially paid man y people throughout the regions.  The US and the rest of the world is on super-duper high alert all week, and they anticipate this going down at any time.  We are just waiting for Shabibi and Abadi to push the button.  There is a lot of speculation, but they are not telling anybody the exact date and time.  We are all excited. Thanks to everyone for listening.  Take a step back and realize what a cool deal this is.  Folks that are involved in this thing, both high and low, have been very generous with their time and sharing their information with Tony and the TNT team.  It’s the coolest thing I’ve ever been involved in… 
Pam:  Thanks to all of the TNT team as well… we’ll just keep reporting as long as we can…
Ray:  Is this it?  Enjoy Fantabulous Friday and we’ll hang in hoping it happens before Monday.
Tony:  We’ve been dragging out on paying for the site and the calls, but we do have to pay our bills.  I really expected it to go this week.  They could possibly drag it out until next Monday or Tuesday, but I don’t think so.  We were told that it was going live yesterday morning and it did go live but for only 3-4 hours. They ran some people through to make sure it working.  The screens are blinking, and when they stop blinking, hopefully we will exchange.  We told you those two stories where the tellers had the rates lives, and the managers didn’t let them do the exchange.  We do hope it will go today or tomorrow.  In Iraq, they were ordered to prepare for celebrations, so I would ecstatic if I were you. We aren’t at the edge, we are over edge, we just don’t’ know when they will let us drop.  I think that bank manager might have meant 20. March;  I really don’t think it will stretch out into April.  I’m happy, DC is ecstatic, Ray is happy, and Pam yells at me for doing the roll call.  If anything great happens over the weekend – and I expect it to – look for the tweet and the phone call! 

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