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TONY – Good afternoon, TNT. It’s Friday, April 3, 2015. It’s a great day. DC will not be with us today. I will tell you why and everything he wanted to tell you.

PAM – Winston (DC GUY)’s birthday is tomorrow. Also, we now post the verbatim transcript on and you don’t have to be a member to read it anytime. It’s posted around midnight or the next morning. Non-members can read the transcript from the call.

T – DC isn’t here but we have a lot of good info. Again, as was Wednesday and we get closer people get super-sensitive. They’re sensitive about what he says, about what I say, about what you say because nobody wants to mess anything up. Pam said DC was told not to say anything important. What does that mean? So I’m going to tell you what I know and hope it’s not important – LOL!

T – Nothing has changed in Iraq. They’re supposedly telling their people to look for it this weekend. Nothing has changed. But here is something different. I did talk with someone over there, whom I’ve known for years. Here’s the crazy thing: they have different rates still throughout the country. He said right now Kuwait is exchanging the dinar for .20/IQN. People are leaving Iraq for Kuwait to exchange and get rid of the last 3-zero notes. He said there is no currency around and where he’s at their still using USD even tho they’re not supposed to. They are confused about the 25K note because they hear they’re taking that note away. So there’s a lot of confusion over there about what’s going on. And this American guy is in intelligence.

T – So we know it’s mass confusion. They’re still being told on TV that life will change for all Iraqis this weekend. Over here, again, everybody is sensitive and on-edge waiting for this to happen. Banks are prepared and are on standby. I’ve heard more bank stories in the past 72 hours than I’ve heard in the past 4 years. All levels of bank stories. And I don’t mean just from bank people. After our call on Wednesday they had bank meetings and told everybody to shut up. Bank tests were happening and it reached a fever pitch and about to bust wide open.

T – The only difference in this weekend is that several places are saying we’re still there. And Abadi is going to each province telling people face-to-face something will happen this weekend. If he’s doing this in person I would think he would want it to happen. The rates haven’t changed. Great rates – has nothing to do with the .20 that Kuwait was offering this morning. Personally, I think Kuwait is smart to do that and use all those dinar for oil credits after it revalues. That’s a great move on their part. It helps get money out of the country (Iraq), which is going to force this to happen. There’s less and less money on the street.

T – I’m super-excited. I’m answering as many questions as I can. The currency rates haven’t changed since Wednesday. Exchanges are taking place with all 3 currencies, the majority with IQN. They are putting a $7,500 cap on how much cash you can walk of the bank with in your pockets. You can still use your bank Visa, checks, and wire transfers.



C – I’m excited about this but I’ve been trying to explain to a friend what this about because he saw a YouTube video that this is a scam and that people are getting arrested. T – People have taken a legitimate thing and scamming it, selling old Saddaam notes, selliing services, etc. There are scams built around the dinar. But the dinar is not a scam.
C – Is the Rupiah still in the basket? T – Yes. And it’s the only currency that has had a consistent rate.

C – When the rv is released how quickly will it show up on Forex? T – I don’t know. In the beginning they wanted to keep it off Forex to run us thru first. Some wanted it to go there immediately. Forex is closed on the weekend though. It’s going to be risk vs. reward. It could be risky. But no guts no glory.

C – I think the biggest scam in the USA is the USD. How can you lend 10X what your deposits are and it not be a scam? T – We are going to be positive and there’s nothing positive about that. That is a discussion for another day.

C – Do you think the Iran nuclear deal is a piece of the puzzle for the RV  to happen? T – I think, whether you know it or not, the date was set for the RV  on 3/28, then moved to the 31st, same time as the deadline for the Iran deal. Was that needed for the RV? No. Is it better that the agreement is in place? Yes. Iran has a lot of dinar and they are helping with the fight against ISIS. Will folks be happier now? Yes. It makes it easier. But I don’t think we needed a deal for the RV  to occur.

C – Can you comment on security for foreign investors feeling it’s a safe place to come to for investments? T – I think that is the purpose of the propaganda we are seeing, like taking the cities back. By the time everyday citizens and companies start sending their employees there, it will be safe for the masses. Small incidents may happen. It’s supposed to be one of the great showplaces of the ME in the next 10 years and I think they’ll accomplish that.

C – What are the chances of this going another week? T – I’m telling you exactly what I’m being told. It could any minute, in 2 hours or 2 days. Anytime. The entire system is connected, banks have finalized their plans, the rates are there, we have better explanations of the NDAs, so much is being exposed including payouts. They are waiting for that magic moment to make the announcement to the general public. Abadi is saying this weekend. There’s nothing else holding this back. The Iran deal is not holding it back any longer. We can’t find anything. People are on standby at every level. It can be mobilized anytime. I’m not trying to hype the weekend, but we’re just hoping it happens over the weekend like Abadi is saying.

T – Pam has a great idea. If this does not happen over the w/e and DC comes back on the call Monday, I will tell you Pam’s idea. The best way to get on that list.

C – Is there going to be a problem with Sterling wiring me a large amount to my bank if I exchange my layaway with them? T – The issue is if you wire to another party. There will not be a problem receiving a wire from Sterling.
T – I got a call from our guy in Iraq and he says every gov’t agency is on high alert for this weekend.

T – Even the people who exchanged this week (are reporting) the banks are reporting different amounts and options. If you leave money with the bank and get paid interest on it, it will really help people. Ask if they can help you with IPOs, investments, annuities, and other things that will make your money grow.

C – At the exchange, how are we going to read what’s on the screen for the Zim? T – You walk in with a note, remove 6 zeros, and exchange for .10, .12, .18, .25,  whatever they offer as a rate. They already know this and have it in their system.

C – Is it true that Iran has more IQD than any other? T – I don’t know that’s true. This stuff has been smuggled out of the country for the past 10 years. Certain officials were moving it out. We know they had relationships with other countries and it has been tracked. The entire ME is not about war, it’s about how to change a mindset and how to change a region’s economy and bring them into the 21st century. They’ve been fighting hundreds of years and now they’re trying a different approach: let us help you be successful. All that’s good – I don’t see a negative in there. Just my opinion.

C – Do you have an additional info about the tax situation? T – I wish I did but I don’t. For all the people who already exchanged, they have not taken out any taxes that I know of

RECAP: T – Since DC left me alone today… these calls started out with 3-hour calls, 3X a week. Now we’re down to a short call today because it’s Good Friday. DC is taking care of business and I didn’t not want to do a call but Pam said we should do a short call so everybody wouldn’t think we had cashed out and left. Everything is good and moving forward and thinks something should happen over the weekend. There is no reason for it not to be, that anybody knows of, since everything they said needs to be accomplished has already been accomplished. It could be in the next hour or few days. It’s all good. If they’re paying ordinary people you should be happy because your turn is coming up soon. Hopefully I’ll speak to you all over the weekend. I don’t care what anybody else is saying, there is nothing negative out there. I’m in touch with each bank and they are ready. They have security in place, they are telling their managers this is about to happen. END OF CALL

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