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Tony:  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, June 12, 2015.  This is one of those good-bad things.  This is sensitive, exciting, emotional information and that’s what this day is going to be.  I was thinking about this and want to share it with those who care. When I was in MLM, with days on the stage, people would walk up to me and say, “I wish I was you” and my response was “If you understood what it took to be me, you’d take a gun to your head!”  Today, emotional and complicated and misunderstood as it is, I say the same thing.  People are saying they’re sorry that I’m going through exposure to idiots and all the rest, and people still wish they were me… either you don’t know what you are talking about, you’re lying to yourself, or you’re an idiot.  You have to be crazy to want to be in this suit.  And guess what, there are people making videos about Tony… because nobody would look at that site unless it was about Tony.  Even today, this clown still wants to be known because of Tony, and that is just ridiculous.  Don’t look at others, appreciate what you are yourself.

I’m looking at the call board right now, and if anyone has been on the call in the last two weeks, please put your hands down.  I like the old guys and I want to talk to some new people.  We’re going through something sensitive, and I want to know what some of the new people feel about that, and what questions they have.  So if you’ve been on in the last two weeks, give someone else a shot today.  Press *2 to lower your hand, so I don’t have to drop as many people off.

Here’s the information:  nothing has changed, everything is absolutely the same as the last three calls. Everything is completed and ready to go, and it will go when they reach the perfect time in their minds. Everything is signed off, completed, ready to go when they choose the perfect moment.  My bank people are seeing the rates $3,91, $2.22 for dong and 13 cents for zim.  Iraq is completed and ready for the  magical hour.  There is something they have to complete by 17. June, with new currency and rates.  All the banks in Iraq are now authorized to exchange foreign currency.  That is the third time they have done that, and each time it’s just before they make another attempt. They have told their people by the 17th, before Ramadan, and that’s when I look for it to happen (or before).

405 caller:  You say Iraq has control when it goes?  If it has to be in a window, then they don’t have control…

Tony: As long as it’s in that window, they have control.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

610 caller:  [Appreciation]

936 caller:  I’m doing just fine, sir.  We were asked questions here about Iraq – they have tried to press the button so many times and it was stopped in the US.  Do you know what they were going to do a few years to prevent us from getting this?  It seems like they are going through the same rigamarole here.  What were they doing a few years ago?

Tony:  I can’t remember – I’d have to look at our notes – but there was a definite plan.

Caller:  Do you think they are doing the same thing now?

Tony:  I don’t think they are doing the same thing as far as cutting us out;  back then we weren’t going to get anything. The RV is happening, and nobody out there is saying the Iraq currency is NOT going to revalue.  It’s all a play on words and preconceptions and getting people to ASSUME it won’t revalue.  Guys, the bottom line is that it has to revalue, and be international – the loans, investments in the country are all based on Iraq having a new rate.  Their PM has gone on television several times saying that their dinar will revalue. The banks have given rates and dates, it’s shown on their television and newspapers and they are explaining the process. Unless they are lying to their own people and the world, the RV will occur.  We just don’t know the date and time.

Caller:  Do you anticipate this might get stopped again here in the US?

Tony:  My understanding for the last 18 days and again this morning is that they are all in agreement.

Caller:  Was that the contract rate you gave earlier?

Tony:  It was the international rate for the dinar, and $2.22 was on the screens for the dong.  For me, 47 cents for the dong (international) makes more sense, but we’ll see.

Caller:  We’re proud of them over there.  They have done more in Iraq in the last year than we have in 200 years!

916 caller:  Someone asked a question about trusts, and that you may have to share the cap with the trust if you control the trust.  If others are on the board of our trust that we have set up to help this neighborhood, will that be okay?

Tony:  I’m not an attorney or financial adviser, and you should ask such a person, but if you have a board of trustees and you are just sitting on the board, and decisions are made by a majority of the board, then it should be alright. If you have a family trust and you are the ones in charge, then you will probably be seen as having control.  Do get some legal advice.

Caller:  We have a tax attorney but they want to see the money before investing much time.  I’m not a Vegas girl, but Sacramento, Sacramento, Sacramento!

479 caller:  We’ve been hearing something is supposed to expire on the 17th… was that EO 13303?  Or something else?

Tony:  All we’ve been talking about lately is the possibility of the zim expiring.  EO 13303 was renewed in May, so that’s not involved.  You can ask Pam, because I may not be right, but I’m never wrong.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

408 caller:  How are you, Tony?  I’m fine, just working.

Tony:  I’m super-fantastic because I know what’s going on!

Caller:  I have a question about gift letters, that you need to have them notarized?  I plan on giving people currency post-RV.  I have the letters already, and I could date them before the RV.

Tony:  I would do it before – if you know who you are giving to, just do it!  Make out the gift letter, add the currency in the envelope, get it notarized and get it done.  Otherwise, if it comes to court, and you admit you filled it out ten days after the RV, that’s not the same.

Caller:  There are saying that Sterling was being pumped on other sites, but no one is naming names.  Do you know any of the people involved in pumping for Sterling?  That is what they are going after, that people were lying about the RV being imminent just to increase sales.  If we knew their names, we could then avoid them.

Tony:  What you want me to do is to name all the people that I think might have been pumping up sales of the dinar and Sterling, so you can dismiss what they said?  No, I can’t.  I don’t know anyone who was doing anything for anybody, intentionally or un-intentionally.  I know people want more information here.  This is what I do know, and what I’ve been talking to people about for five years.  We told you a long time ago that in the end there is a list of people who will be arrested.  This is nothing new, and I am not shocked about any of this, because they will get the people taking people’s dinars, or taking money for the opportunity to exchange dinar. There are groups that had you send your dinar, and now they cannot give it back.  There are gurus who made you pay to be in the calls, or to get you to the front of the line.  We knew this would happen near the end or at the end, so none of this is a surprise.  Actually, Sterling is a big surprise to me!  This is part of the process, and we’ve been talking about it for 4-5 years.  We knew it would be crazy and many of you will be disappointed with some of the people and groups you got involved with.  When it comes time to do the exchange, you will go to the bank yourself, get your money right away and get on with your life.  Those in groups may not see their money for months, or even for years.  That is why we advised you not to get involved in any of that.  Nothing in the world is like having your own money in your hand, going to the bank, and making your own decisions.  Now people are saying, “I wish I had paid attention two years ago, or even two weeks ago.”  People are using all this as a way to get more of your money, not knowing that they are going to get caught.  If you don’t believe me, just look at the information that’s out there.  The FBI is actively putting people on notice that they are looking for people whose money has been taken so that they can be at the front of the line.  All of that is coming to roost now, all of it. There are some things you guys don’t know about that we can’t talk about on the call.

Right now, I would concentrate on what you have, what is under your control, and how can you make that multiply?  Pay yourself first, have your money make money, set aside money for taxes and make the rest work for you.  Okay, you might only have ten million instead of a hundred million – so how can you turn that into a hundred million?  Plan A is doing what you are doing now and see how that works out.  Plan B is to do whatever else you need to do to achieve your goals.  Do you want to be first mouse, second mouse?  What bank do you want to go to?  These are decisions that have to be made right now.

If Plan A depended on reserves, you’d better come up with a Plan B now, and a Plan C for what you will do afterwards.  That is just my personal opinion.

513 caller:  What was the dong rate you mentioned earlier?

Tony:  It was 2.27 on the screens.

Caller: I was going to give my time over to 404, because she asks great questions.  The bank I want to use is not tier 1, and it is closed on the weekends;  would that be a concern if it is released this weekend?

Tony: It is definitely a possibility. They want it to start before Ramadan on the 18th, and that is five days from now.  I don’t know exactly when it will be released, and also we don’t have the package yet.  We don’t know if we will have the 15-minute call or a longer call.  We just want to help and make it as smooth as possible for your guys.  If we can help and make it a smooth transition, we are ready to do that.  If not, you will have to go back to these calls and make your own plans and decisions.

Caller:  Austin, Austin, Austin!

Tony: There is something about you TX people saying “Austin, Austin, Austin” sounds like “awful, awful, awful”, so I don’t think so.

301 caller:  I’m blessed!  I’m above ground and that’s a good thing!  Based on what you  said about Sterling, does it seem that any layaway money at Sterling are now lost, and there will be no settlements there?

Tony:  I don’t know what that is really all about.  I can say (just as me, personally) that if I were you, I  would have a Plan B.  I don’t know if we will get settlements or not.  A reasonable person might say that will be tied up in court for a long time; if I do get it in the end, that will be a blessings.  A reasonable person would develop a Plan B.

Caller:  A wise rat has more than one whole, so if you were depending on Sterling alone, then you need to have alternatives.  I read the complaint, and it seemed to me that Sterling was not at fault so much as their affiliates doing things amiss.

Tony:  Every time I talked to Sterling on the phone, they seemed honest and professional.  I don’t know what anyone knows or did or said.  I can’t talk about any of that.  When I look at everything that came out, nowhere did it say that the RV was not going to take place, that the currency wouldn’t revalue.  The ‘scams’ that took place during this process were NOT about dinar itself but with respect to other activities that have now come to light.  Will the dinar revalue one day?  Yes.  How can I make sure I have enough currency to make sure my dreams come true when that happens?  That’s what I’m looking for because there is nothing I can do about the rest of it.

Caller:  A plan is better than no plan.  Most people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan.  If you bought currency and the RV happens eventually, you are bound to gain in the end. They haven’t talk about dinar or the RV, they talked more about who Sterling affiliated itself with than about Sterling’s own actions.  It will get cleaned up, but it won’t before the RV, that’s for sure.

Tony:  [chitchat about sports]

601 caller:  [Appreciation]

561 caller:  Does the US Treasury or government get to exchange all their dinar for oil credits?

Tony: That is the way this was set up, yes.

Caller:  So if I exchange for the international rate, will the UST receive oil credits for every dinar they receive from the bank?  [Tony:  Yes.}  [Appreciation]

209 caller:  Thank you to all the people who cut off, as I would never have made it on the call today!  You have a plan to exchange;  how long do you think this will take?  If we check with each bank in turn, by the time we exchange the contract rates may be gone.

Tony:  I’m going to use four different banks because each one will offer me something different, and I believe in diversifying and not putting all my eggs in one basket.  I will put a lot of money NOT in banks, in other types of opportunity.  If you are trying to get a contract rate, they will be available first thing. If you have enough currency to dictate that negotiation, then that’s what I would do. They will ask how much you have, how much you are willing to leave in their bank and for how long. If you fit their criteria, you should take their offer.  If you don’t fit those criteria, then I would wait.  At some point, this will hit Forex, and it will run up and then come down.  That is not for the faint of heart. If you don’t want to risk that, you can exchange and put your money somewhere it will make money for you.

Caller:  If they are looking at rates on the screen, is that the new code or the old code?

Tony:  I didn’t ask that question this morning.  We have discussed that in the past;  sometimes the codes didn’t go through and I think those were the new codes.

Caller:  I think the real reason DC isn’t on the call is that he hasn’t got his macadamia nuts and chocolate.  I think you should send some of those on to him!

772 caller:  We’re still here! The alternate plans you are talking about (in case Plan A doesn’t work)… has anyone talked about actual exchanges with dealers rather than banks?  Not at the airports, because they probably won’t have enough cash, but dealers who have a big office in a city.  Will they be able to handle this?

Tony:  That is always an option, but I haven’t heard anything myself.

Caller:  The dealers are able to do a few things the banks cannot do, so call your local dealer to see if you can buy other currencies with your existing currency.

Tony:  I hear what you are saying and I want people to think about this.  Let’s say I have dinar and I want $4 for my dinar – are you saying the dealer may not meet the same rate the bank is offering?  The international rate is $3.91, and if the bank is going to give me that rate, I want the dealer to give me that same rate or why would I go there?  Maybe I can use the dealer to exchange dinar into some other currency, but how does that benefit me?  If I take the contract rate up to the cap, and you suggest that I exchange the rest with the dealer, if he can’t give me more than $3.91, I might as well stay at the bank.  So, yes, that is an option, but you need to think it through.

409 caller:  [Appreciation]  What do you think of the troops brought to Iraq this past week?

Tony:  You are trying to get me in trouble!

Caller:  That was one of the concerns, troops being sent to Iraq.  They wanted more protection in Baghdad before the RV, right?

Tony: They wanted more and better equipment delivered faster;  they also wanted combat troops to go in with the Iraq Defense Force.  The US and the coalition agreed to sent more, newer, better equipment to all parts of the country.  It wasn’t ideal from Iraq’s point of view, but it was something everyone could live with.  Our country has put 14 years into changing their country, trying to make it a democracy, and where multiple countries benefit from helping them grow.  We have invested trillions of dollars, and Iraq is going to grow into a decent democracy, even if they are never perfect (just as we are not perfect).  Investors will help build Iraq into the next Dubai, plus the foundation of the Global Currency Reset, using the dinar as a reserve currency to bolster each of those 190 countries… so we are not going to let Iraq fail.  Imagine you have a new kid who is two years old, or five years old, and you tell that kid to go out in the streets and learn to defend yourself and make your own decisions.  The kid says, “What?!  I’ve never been outside before!”  By the time he gets to the sidewalk, he’s been beaten up six times.  So you need to walk the kid down to the sidewalk and support him for a few more years until he’s able to look after himself.  I believe that is what will happen at some point.  They are going to have to try things on their own, with resistance for years to come if someone doesn’t help.  It doesn’t have to be the US;  other countries can hold Iraq’s hand.

Caller:  Is this one of the reasons this got held up a few weeks ago?  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  A lot of people think it is.  That’s all I’m going to say.

205 caller:  Does Greece have anything to do with the RV, to keep other economies from having a full meltdown?

Tony:  I really want everyone to understand that the RV is not being held up. Iraq has already paid people different rates in different parts of the country.  Iraq is announcing rates and the date the people will see the new rates.  All we’re really waiting for is the announcement.  Countries and banks have been signed off, rates are on the bank screens, and we are just waiting for the announcement.  So we are not waiting for Greece for the whole world to change.  We hope to see it before the 17th.  I think they are trying to get this accomplished, and I don’t think they want Abadi to look that bad as a new prime minister.   They’ve been saying “soon, in a few days” but now they are giving exact dates and instructions in the mosques, so I don’t see a PM doing that to himself.

713 caller:  What’s going on with the people in the streets of Iraq?

Tony: They have put money on their cards so that won’t protest.  Money was supposed to be put back on our friend’s card on Tuesday;  they had a meeting, apologized, and gave him a new date for that to happen.  They won’t reload the cards until they can do it at the new rate.

Caller:  Did you hear anything from the mosques this morning?  What about the TV?

Tony:  I did hear something but I’m not going to say until it’s been confirmed.  On television they continue to talk about the process, etc.  Abadi has already told his people and the whole world that there will be a new rate and a new currency by the 17th.  When everyone is told that they are being given a whole lot, if it doesn’t happen that will disappoint a lot of people.

Caller:  This would be the greatest thing for the planet, for Iraq and every human being that can benefit, so let’s move forward and make this a global event.  Please release this and let us make a new planet – now, today! Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Let’s go party!

803 caller:  You mentioned an extra rate on Wednesday, for the Afghani.  I had never heard that before.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony: We’ve been giving out the Afghani rate before.

626 caller:  At the G7, President Obama said that Americans will never cash in from this.

Tony:  Huh?  I never heard him say that.  We have banking laws, and all of them would have to be changed to exclude the dinar as a currency – why would we do that when we just spent the last eleven years supporting Iraq and making it a global currency.  Why would they not let us exchange the currency and boost the economy? That doesn’t make sense to me.  Years ago, someone else could have made that decision.  Since then, it’s all been about how much we should have.

806 caller:  I’m ready for this roller coaster ride to be over.  President Obama did sign EO 13303 last month.

Tony:  404, if you could dial in right now, I will let you ask the last questions.

Caller: You said everything is the same, so when you get your package and tweet out, the thing I would like to see is that you will put it on, so that anyone who is not on the forum or who doesn’t get the tweets will still get the information.

Tony:  The site will say “we are now static” for however long we need to get the info and go through the package.  Go to the front page of  We have the page made up and it will say “We are now static”.  When we come back with the information, we will have a live call, and we will put that information on the front page.  When we have done the call, we will post the replay on that public page as well, so everyone (members or nonmembers) can listen and follow the instructions.  Pam is sending me text after text:

Pam: does NOT require a log-in.  You can click on Forum, and gain access to the Tony Blast section, with the ten most important things you can read without being a member.  We will also put the information the three, .net and .info, and you don’t have to log in there either.

Caller:  Two nights ago I got a confirmation on the automatic layaway with a new date.  What is your take on that?  Should we try to make those payments?

Tony:  Sterling does seem to be continuing their process.  I would call them and ask if they are in business or not.  They didn’t arrest anyone, but the site says that they are not accepting new business or payments. I don’t know any more than that;  I would have a Plan B.

Caller:  I do have a Plan B.  You just play your hand the best you can.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  [Appreciation]  The haters make fun of me, but it doesn’t bother me. They need to get a life.  What goes around comes around, and they’ll pay for it someday.

Tony:  We wanted to get some new people today, hear what they’re thinking. Pam? Ray?

Pam:  I agree with Tony – have a Plan B, be flexible and ready to move, ready to do what’s best for you.

Ray:  Continue to enjoy Fantabulous Friday – is it “Finally going to see it Friday”?  Yes we are going to see it, eventually;  time will tell.

Tony:  You have options.  You can sit around and mope about what could have been, or right now you can form a plan to make the remaining time and resources into the best plan possible. Anything that can be done about other conditions is NOT going to be done between now and this RV.  Afterwards, everyone who lost money, who was promised to be at the front of the line, promised a certain rate, or that they would go two years before anyone else, etc., etc., or you can’t find the people you sent dinar to, and all the rest… you’re going to have to deal with all that afterwards.  Don’t let it consume you or mess up your plan.  Exchange your currency and THEN go back and sort out those tangles.  It could take years.  You’ve been hearing about it for the last 4-5 years, and it’s become a reality.  If you have given a lot away, I would be doing something about that so that I have some currency in hand.  I’m not your legal adviser or your conscience,  I’m just trying to help as best I can.  If something dramatic happens, I will be doing a tweet and a call.  I would be very happy to do a late Friday call!  Meanwhile, enjoy your day.  Let’s get this party started!


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