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Tony: It’s only 96 degrees where I’m at.  I have to wait until I get to my magic number!  I don’t try to start a call until there are at least 25,000 on the line.  The number can climb throughout the call, but I like that many to start.

Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, June 19, 2015.  No, we never, ever, ever expected to be here today.  Even on the last call, I said I wouldn’t be upset if I didn’t’ have to do this call, but here I am.  I guess they weren’t listening…

What we know is that everyone is still geared up for it, more than ever before.  They told them in Iraq that this thing was going to happen on the 17th – two days ago – that the new rate would come out and be applied then.  It didn’t’ happen.  Then they changed it to the 17th or 18th to the 19th. They even moved Ramadan for this, so they could get everything needed to be done before Ramadan.  They changed the law so that the banks would be open on Saturday so they could do international business, effective tomorrow.  They said those who had cards that have been zeroed out that their cards will be loaded Sunday at a new rate.  So Saturday they will do international exchanges, and on their television it shows Abadi saying their taxes will be removed (the 8% on foreign exchanges), and Abadi meeting yesterday and announced changes relating to current laws and fees.  They are still saying that from Sunday there would be more purchasing power coming, more than before the sanctions.  Abadi is meeting with Russia and other countries.  They are showing this on Iraqi television, not here.  However we were sent two videos from Iraq that say this in Arabic:  The CBI bank is increasing value of dinar against eth dollar starting Saturday.  The second video says the dinar will increase in value to $3.34 or more;  we know it’s $3.91.  That video is being broadcast on their television every three hours.  There is no guarantee, but this is what the Iraqi people are getting excited about.

Will it go through this time?  I don’t know, but they are getting excited.  Banks over here are looking for it.  They don’t have 100% confidence, because we are as close as we have ever been, and we hope it happens, but nobody is saying 100%.  I’m looking forward for this to go, but also there was an article about whether the system is any better under Abadi than under Maliki.  He has had time to change something, and confidence in Abadi is drooping every time he makes a public announcement that doesn’t’ come through.

Everyone has been notified, with positive bank memos in several banks.  They are saying something about between now and Monday being a ‘busy time’ (paraphrase).  I want us to be excited and I want us to go.  I don’t want anyone buying more dinar based on this.  The only thing showing on the bank screens as of ten minutes ago is the dinar @ $3.91; the other currencies are not showing right now.

That’s all we know.  We’re good!  So let’s do this!

352 caller:  I’ve been reading some stuff, don’t know whether you have seen what Mtn Goat said:  that there wouldn’t be an RV until Dr. Shabibi is back at the CBI.  The post was also suggesting that someone is pushing the zim, and it won’t really RV.

Tony:  When you bring me stuff that other people say, and it contradicts what we are saying, all I can say is :that is their opinion” or “they are idiots”.  Some people say it’s going to happen in June, then in January, then it’s never going to happen, back and forth all over the place.  Either you believe or your don’t.  Either you follow the information with common sense or you don’t.  The same people are saying “it’s never going to happen” alternating with “it’s happening now!”

I downloaded everybody’s site over the years;  I have all their information, all their remarks, and we can see what they said and when they said it.  I live in the moment;  when it changes, it changes.  What I don’t do is to say “It’s never going to happen this month  because I’m mad at someone.”  It’s not about this law or that law, because Iraq is going to keepmaking laws, just like we do.  They are going to keep creating changes, and a government that grows in stability.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  If we are waiting for people to stop blowing each other up, it’s not going to happen.  We have someone kill ninen people yesterday in a church!  Over the years they will have a new government and new laws, just like we do.  So pick a side and stick to it.  Two weeks ago, Mtn Goat said it would go within 72 hours, and now what is that one saying?  So it’s not a good idea to ask me what other people are saying, because I might tell you what I think.

Caller:  Seems like Mtn Goat is always slamming you and DC.

Tony:  That is so – with Mtn Goat, Dave Schmidt, and all the rest.  All they are doing is using my name to push up numbers on their site and get paid by their advertisers.  We don’t advertise!   They are not giving you any new information about anything, all they are doing is talking about Tony or Tony’s information. They don’t have any information of their own, so you need to keep that in mind when you go to those sites. They don’t post anything until after my call – think about that.  This isn’t about me, and they are trying to make it about me instead of having a conversation about Iraq, dinar and the RV.  I’m just a man who puts on his pants like any other man – just ask my wife!

208 caller:  How are you?

Tony:  I’m good!  I talked to DC this morning, twice, and there is nothing but good news.  We are just waiting.  If they can change the date of Ramadan, they can change any date they want.   How are you?

Caller:  I just want to tell you how wonderful you guys are!  I have a wealth manager I’m talking to who says the government is trying to find a way to kick us out of this.  But I believe you because I have a feeling of honesty from you.  Without you, I would have given up a long time ago, me and my group in Idaho.  Don’t let anyone hurt you!

Tony:  I really appreciate that.  Please don’t cry!  It’s not just me.  We have so many government people (in our government) who believe in this.  They are putting their careers on the line to give us this information.  There are people in Iraq putting their lives on the line because their people are listening in Iraqi cafés and they want to give them hope.  It’s a collective effort with Pam, Ray, DC, and the whole team.  This is so much more than Tony.

Caller:  When I think of Tony, I think of all the people you must be talking to you.  I feel like you are a person who researches deeply, so when I think of Tony, I think of all of you.  It’s such a special thing that brought you all together.  I hope to meet you one day, and we’ll all celebrate.  Thank you so much!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

805 caller:  I’m a little from the opposite of the lady who just called.  This is a business call and I’m talking for a bunch of people I’ve been involved with for the last five years.  I have some intel that you have, and I don’t’ get it off the internet.  A lot of the people I’m responsible for are a little tired and pissed that every Friday it looks like there is going to be a release, and then there is nothing.  Why doesn’t DC come on the line and tell what’s going on?  It seems really strange that we are at the end of the line and he’s not here.

Tony:  We don’t need to have the same conversation every call!  DC sent his message, he is doing what he has to do, and he’s not in apposition to be on this call.  Everyone who has been on this for years know that he did before he came here, and he is busy doing that.  He is a grown man;  he knows what is going on, and if he wanted to be here, he would do that.  He is doing what he can do.  I’m not going to do a call at 5-6am before he goes into his work.  So far as he is concerned, this was supposed to be over last Monday.  We are beyond flabbergasted that we are still on this call today because we shouldn’t be having this call today.

301 caller:  I know you are the middle person and it seems like everyone is coming on you;  you are the one bringing the information.  To hear that person saying that ii’s like the little boy who cried wolf, and I don’t want to hear we are in a good place.  Okay, you are being told “It should happen this day”, and I’m sure it must kill you to have to say that over and over again and then have it not happen. So what is holding this up?  At first it was the US, then it went to Iraq, and now Iraq seems not to be releasing the RV.  I know it’s all about Iraq, but you have others who have stake in this, too, and you’re playing with people’s feelings, and I don’t think that’s right.

Tony:  Here is the deal. How long have you been doing this?  [A year.]  We have people who have been in this 10-12 years, and I’ve been in this five years.  First, we shouldn’t even been involved with this.  It was put in place for the US government and the elite, and not for the  ordinary citizen – it wasn’t designed for us.  We shouldn’t even be getting the information that we’ve got.  The level and context of people who have sent me messages is unbelievable, but that was never supposed to happen.  Once we got involved, they couldn’t cut us out, although they tried to cut us out.  We are privileged to be here.  The information wasn’t designed for us;  it was designed for  the people of Iraq to come out of poverty and up to the level that will help develop the whole Middle East.  It was between the US, Britain and Iraq, and is now between 190 countries because it is now a global currency reset – not just what Clinton did to reduce the US deficit, but for the entire world.  We are the smallest part of this entire thing.  Every time there is a decision to do it or to not do it, that is not based on us.  It’s based on the effect it will have on the US dollar, not how many dollars we get to put in our pockets.  It’s based on the effect this will have on the US economy, the Iraqi economy and the global economy.  We have to consider ALL the citizens of the US, not just the five million who have dinar.  Every time we get closer, one of those million pieces crops up and they have to think again.  There are a lot of nuances people don’t’ want to hear or understand about why it didn’t happen that day.

I know it’s frustrating that it should happen every weekend, and I know some of those blocks and pauses are intentional – some other factor came in, or there was sabotage, or there was a glitch in the system.  You are all concerned about the dealers, but there is something entirely different going on that I could have told you two years ago.  W hen people get emotional and upset every weekend, I understand that.  When you get to that point, that is when you walk away, saying that you have your various currencies and you’re putting in a box, and deciding to listen only on Monday, or whatever.  You should tell your group that you will just let them know when it happens and not until then.  On our calls we talk about life, finances, and how you will use this money to support the rest of your life. You will have all this money, and eveyrthing the US and Iraq went through, you will be going through on a smaller scale.  Until it happens, all I can do is tell  you what is happening in the moment.  If that is not what you want to hear, you can go to another site where they are flip-flopping every week.

Caller:   We understand that, but for THEM to say “this day, that day” and then not do it – that is not fair to the people.

Tony: The people are not even supposed to even have this information!

Caller:  Maybe I should have said it’s unfair to the people of Iraq.  We know that we will get it after the Iraqi people.  So when they keep telling the Iraqi people that it’s going to happen this day or that day… I understand that you are only saying what you are told.

Tony:  Is it right to get the Iraqi people’s hopes up and down all the time?  NO!  It’s hurting Abadi’s credibility to keep doing that.  They want to prove they are in charge, so they can do it when they feel like it, but then they miss the opportunity to do it in the proscribed window, then that control will pass them by.  There are things happening over there.  If they bomb a church right down the street from the CBI, then they are not going to have a celebration that day… or the day they assassinated one of the ministers.

Caller:  You said that they have not tested it in the  last 2-3 weeks. Will there be a problem when they release the RV?

Tony:  All the banks have loaded the rates and they are ready to go when they release this.  They haven’t tried to push it through.  As far as everyone is concerned today, there will not be a problem when they push it through.  It’s not my system and I cannot say for sure, but hopefully when they say GO, it will go!

Caller:  I heard someone say on Wednesday that she would try to do her exchange.  Won’t that signal more tellers and employees to go buy currency when they see the numbers on the screen?  I would sure do that.

Tony:  That’s you.. would you really tell ten or twenty people to go out and buy this?

Caller:   Yes, if I saw that on the screens, I would tell everyone to buy currency.

Tony:  How many bank stories do we get like that every day?  Maybe three or four a day.  What they do is to put out their own stories.  Why do you think there was a news truck outside Sterling 20 minutes before the FBI arrived?  Why do you think they have been covering certain court cases?  Because they have their own media, and most people will believe the negative rather than seeing the opportunity.

Caller:  Okay.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

404 caller:  [Appreciation]  It appears the Abadi government is having contention with the CBI and the Maliki-appointed governor.  Do we need to see that appointee removed and/or Shabibi to come back for the RV to happen?

Tony:  Shabibi is just as involved behind the scenes.  For a new guy to be appointed means they would have to reconsider and make changes.  It’s better to stick with the guy they have at the moment and let this go forward as it is.  They wouldn’t be broadcasting that is this about to happen if they were planning changes like that… they would say “in the coming months” if they were planning to change the money and paperwork.  They are saying NOW, in the next few days.

Caller:  What was said in the mosques this morning, on their holy day at the start of Ramadan?

Tony:  I didn’t get the message from the mosque and won’t until after this call.  DC told me this was the first day of Ramadan, which is like Thanksgiving.  They did tell them that the banks will be open on Saturday so they can be international.  They told them the rates are coming and the cards should be reloaded on Sunday. They are saying Ramadan doesn’t make a difference;  they just want to get this done.

Caller:  Other times when we expected the RV, there were preparations to celebrate.  Is anything like that happening?

Tony:  They already are celebrating Ramadan.  The new plan is not to plan anything until after it happens, because it always gets out.  Now they will plan AFTER it comes out.  They will not even tell us it’s happened until afterwards.  The banks were told to be ready from this moment on, and have their people ready to go.  Banks sent out memos to expect a rush of people to their banks.

Caller;  So there aren’t a lot of loose ends, you are just waiting for someone to tell you?

Tony:  And they are waiting for someone to give them the Go signal!  Just do it!

Caller:  Happy Father’s Day, and Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

512 caller:  We’ve been talking about going back and forth with people, getting mad and frustrated, and now they have moved Ramadan. What is your personal feeling about whether we are going this weekend?

Tony:  Everythign I’m hearing says that we’re there.  We have heard this before;  we are not listening to what they are saying, but looking at what they are doing.  I’m not even looking over here, I’m looking at what’s happening in Iraq:  they are repeating the video every three hours, and they are telling their citizens that there will be 234% increase or $2.34 increase, the translator wasn’t sure.  They could get pissed off at someone and it might be blocked again, but everyone over here is being told this IS going.  So all I can do is to hope it does and pass on exactly what I’m hearing.

Caller:  It’s my wife’s birthday and it would be great to happen today!  Thanks for your help and it makes me feel good hearing this positive call.  You did the right thing cutting off those negative people earlier.

719 caller:  I’m great, figuring out how to spend, save and invest money!  At least this has given us time to consider.  They say that Abadi went to Russia for a meeting for June 17-19?  Have you heard anything about that?  Why would Abadi go to Russia – weapons?

Tony:  Life goes on and Abadi has a country to run.  We were told he will be back in a matter of hours of this happening.  He could be back right now.

Caller:  Why  do you think it has taken Abadi so long to let this go?  I think he is a good man, and he obviously wants the best for his people.

Tony:  My personal opinion is that there are events happening outside the dinar.  In Negotiation 101, you don’t start with the whole list of what you want.  You start with 50 out of a hundred, and you do one last thing, yet one more thing right at the last minute.  That is what they do. The official date of the RV, I have the day and the time;  the rest is about other things before it goes public, the other people who get a bite of the apple.  The RV is a foregone conclusion;  things are being bought and paid for at that rate.  This is about other things:  they want more weapons, boots on the ground, and so on.  A whole lot of stuff is going on that is really government business, not our business, but that is what has been holding this up.  I herar people complaining but we don’t have anything that is directly affecting us, and even if there were something trying to cut us out, you have to know when to take action.  So let’s plan, get ready, know where to put your money to make money.  Anything other that than means we are just frustrating ourselves.

Caller:  If Iraq had their money and we didn’t, then I would be concerned.  Iraq has to go furst, but at some point, the Iraqis won’t stand for this stop-and-start any more.

Tony:  I agree!  It’s their money!  They are the ones with three hours of electricity per day, no water, and ruins.  If they are not complaining, how dare we complain?  It’s their money and if they are not complaining, we shouldn’t complain either.

Caller:  Without you and your team, we would be lost without any firm information.  If people have lost hope, they need to sell their currency back and move on.  I just hope that Iraq will be healed.  We just saw American Sniper, and the conditions are dreadful, with all their factions, etc.  I just pray that this is released – for them.

Tony:  We don’t just go through this at the weekends, but many times a day.  We are told this is the plan, and then someone comes out of a meeting and it’s all blown to hell again.  I’m not sitting over my phone waiting for the time they said, because it doesn’t matter to Iraq that they have gone four hours past that time… they will do it or they won’t.

Caller:  Abadi has put out tweets saying he wants everyone to come together.  Won’t they look ridiculous if there is no movement by Monday?

Tony:  That’s already happened three times.  Abadi said it would be released on the 17th, and today is the 19th.  That is why there are articles comparing him to Maliki.  Every time a date or timeframe passes, that makes him look bad to Iraq and to other countries.  It’s really saying that he is not in control, and they negotiated back and forth some more.  People were starting to riot in the streets, so at least Abadi changed the rate in-country so that the people could buy some things and enjoy a new level of life.  That slowed down the agitation, but now they are expecting more.  After they have had some success, this is going to have to go.  The rate hasn’t changed in Baghdad, though.

Caller: You said on Wednesday that it didn’t go because some egos came into play…

Tony:  It was egos on a couple of different fronts.

Caller:  They need to get past that Edging God Out, and release this!

863 caller:  Supposedly some dealers were paying people $200 for putting bank stories on the sites – if they are willing pay me a couple hundred dollars, I’m in!  Yesterday I was making a deposit at my business bank, Regions Bank, and I asked for the current rates.  The lady said it was 39 cents for the dong.   Of course I didn’t have any dong with me, so I called my wife, and she flew to the local bank, but of course it wasn’t there any longer.  The gal who showed me the screen didn’t even ask me how much I had.  I spent the rest of the day  going round town checking banks (with my dong).  Sure enough, it was 39 cents at the very next bank.  That teller had to reload something and log in again;  by the time they were ready to take the deposit, it was back at the lower rate again.  It was real, first-hand, tangible experience, and it was fun.

Tony: I got that story this morning, so you already posted it, right?

Caller:  No, I’m not on the forum.

Tony:  I did hear there was a similar story at Regions Bank, at that same rate of 39 cents.  We have heard stories over the years of people being in the right place at the right time.

Caller:  This is a speculative investment, and everyone is stressed but I’m having fun with this.  I did tell everyone on Twitter, and then all the haters come out, which I think is funny.

Tony:  Oh, that’s where I saw your story – on Twitter!  Thank you for that!

Pam, Ray, let’s call it a day.  I enjoyed today and appreciated some of the questions because I know many people have the same issues.  I know it’s not about me, and there are some things that we cannot talk about, but the overall objective is NOT to keep us going up and down. They would have preferred for us to have only one call per week or per month – they don’t really want you to have daily information, but I think it’s helped them to develop their plans.

Pam:  I am glad you have the patience to deal with those disgruntled people.   I just wish we could get paid for all the bank stories on our site!  We are here to keep you in the game, and if you don’t want to be here any longer, that’s okay, too.  Don’t waste your time or ours.

Ray:  This might actually be Finally-gonna-see-it Friday – it is coming.

Tony:  These last two weeks, no one has been fussing or fighting. The plan was for this to happen a few days before Ramadan so that people can go to the bank and have money to celebrate.  We are hearing now that they don’t if it happens during Ramadan.  On Saturday the banks should be open for international banking, and on Sunday they say they will reload that cards with the new rates.  You can come to your own conclusions.  I’m ready for a super-fantastic weekend.  I’m not stressing over anything, especially over the idiots who are not helping you today or in the future.

It’s Father’s Day, so enjoy the weekend with your father, or enjoy it for him.  My mother didn’t party, so I used to have a birthday party for her, wherever I was.  It’s a good time to be a dinarian.

Pam:  Happy Father’s Day to Tony, DC, and Ray – you deserve it!

Tony:   And to all the fathers here and elsewhere!  Enjoy your day!


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