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Tony:  [music]  Good morning, TNT!  Today is Friday, August 14, 2015.  I want to say this really quickly:  I had a song I wanted to play on our very last call, so we’ve been holding that song.  I was talking to DC and he said they are concerned I will do something crazy, so I won’t do it.  I have this song called Shut Up, so you should Google it and play it for all the other gurus.  I was really going to play it, but I’m not going to do it now, but you guys should know how I feel, and I have good reasons for feeling that.

We have some really good news.  Iraqi citizens are going to get paid tomorrow.  They said they would reduce the official salaries by 50%.  If Abadi keeps his word, we will know the rest will happen as well.  They should get paid tomorrow.  We also talked about China devaluing their currency, and that got people motivated, and we should see the results of that after tomorrow. That didn’t hurt anything, it just helped it along.

Banks and security are ready, and everyone is on high alert from top to bottom.  Memos and directives went out this morning, they had meetings all day yesterday and this morning.  All that took place in anticipation of a super-fantastic weekend, and that starts today and goes through Monday morning.  We will see this tomorrow after pay day – it will be the big eye-opener.  Nobody is saying Stop. More are saying go, go, go.  That is it in a nutshell.  Without being too detailed because this is a sensitive timeframe, let’s enjoy what they do.  There is definitely something to look forward to.

If I were you, today, I would take out all my currency, count it, label each one so you know what’s in each stack, and decide how much you will take to each bank.  If you have one appointment, figure out how much to take to that appointment.  Do that NOW, not once everyone is going crazy. You will have choices, so work out which bank you want to work with.  Map out your route so you’re not driving crazy.  Figure out who will go with you, and who you will contact and when.  I’m not sending out a group message until I have got my own appointment;  you need to figure those things out first.  Whether we go static, send out a blast or tweet… those are the things you should be looking for throughout the weekend.  I don’t know what the procedures will be, but keep checking throughout the weekend.  There are a lot of different scenarios, but they will do something to alert the internet groups. They don’t care about the rest of them, but they do want to get you done, so we’ll see how that goes.  We may have a call on Monday to give the details.

Abadi did tell Maliki to move out within 48 hours, or they will send in the eviction team.  There is not a lot to do.  They are saying to get ready, be prepared, it could happen at any moment.  I am great, about to be super-fantastic. There is not a whole lot of talk about.

706 caller:  I’ve been with you since the early days when you came up with ‘who does that make sense to?’  Those were the early days of my investment.  [Appreciation]  I work in customer service for Canada, and the VP for our sales team to remind me that June 30th is Canada Day.  He finally ended up saying that “Quebec is our Texas.”  I thought of you when he said that.  My question is:  In regard to Kurdistan, do you have confirmation hat the rate change and prices were changed throughout the region?

Tony: We do talk to boots on the ground there every day, and they said that the rates did change and prices as well… not to $3.90, but more like $3.61.  Our contacts are government people and large contractors who deal with the government, plus store owners and a few bankers, all different people, and we try to get info from all of them.  So the rates have changed, and they have implemented taxes and tariffs that they cannot maintain at the current rate.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony: I’m glad she started the call off like that.  I would appreciate it if you would allow those behind the scenes to get us that information and know that we all appreciate they sacrifices they make to ensure that we appreciate it.  It may be the last opportunity to do that.

408 caller:  Thanks to them and to your team, without whom we would just be left speculating.  Will banks be bringing us in this Saturday and Sunday?  Also, I have heard about dong being over $2 and dinar being $9 or more.

Tony:  Yes, they will be exchanging all weekend.  No, nobody has seen that rate on the screens.

617 caller:  I have been reading that groups have already been exchanging.   Is that true?

Tony:  Some minor groups have exchanged, but I haven’t heard any groups overall.  Some have been given SKRs from Monday.  I have heard some individuals IN groups who have bought luxury cars… I haven’t heard that the full groups have gone through.  The plan is that they will go through when you go through.  One or two have gone through, but the larger the group, the last place it has in line.

Caller:  Most of those groups have already settled for a certain rate, so that doesn’t take up the contract rate, right?  And some have been saying that the zim isn’t worth anything.

Tony:  Those groups have already been negotiated outside the contract rate.  And if they think the zim is worthless, look up the dinar and dong rates.  We are seeing those rates on the screens. I’m just waiting for this to happen;  I don’t care if they believe it or not.  If it wasn’t going to happen, they wouldn’t put all that negative information out.  There is a reason they are doing that.  If it weren’t true, they wouldn’t care.  If it were just Monopoly money, they wouldn’t care.  The only reason they are putting out misinformation is because this is about to happen.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  I’m looking forward to meeting you all there!  We just want to have fun and meet each other… we don’t have to talk about currency.

863 caller:  First time caller after eight years…. [Appreciation]  Looking forward to going to Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  I’m an ex-Marine, been looking forward to several of these, changing dollars to scrip, and scrip to dollars.  [chitchat]  What is an SKR?

Tony: It’s a Safe Keeping Receipt, for when people exchanged currency early.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas! and I will see you there.

512 caller:  I guess you are super-fantastic like everyone else?

Tony:  It’s all good, all a timing thing, and I know we’ve heard it before but this is so much more intense.  They are supposed to get paid tomorrow, the UN operational rate change on the 15th, and China just gave them a little push.

Caller:  I thought that the CBI is the only one that can push the button. If that is the case, and if the IMF is asking Iraq to get moving, doesn’t Abadi have to  appoint the governor of the CBI?  Because Abadi cannot do this himself, right?

Tony:  There is already a Governor of the CBI.  Shabibi is running things in the background.  Even though it is their country and their button, there are others who hav eto authorize this, although Abadi and the CBI gets to choose the moment. China has done something to push the markets and they will continue to do this until something happens.  They want everything to be absolutely perfect, and at some point they realized it will never be perfect.  We think the authorization is there, and Abadi told the CBI to do it when they can.  We still have to realize that there are influences there…

Caller:  Is Alak the Governor of the CBI?  Who is the Governor right now?  Didn’t Turki resign?  Or is it Saleah?

Tony:   Yes, that is the one.

Caller:  They keep saying something about ‘key words’ in posts – what does that mean?

Tony:  I don’t know — key words?

Caller:  [Appreciation]  We are all grateful.  Austin, Austin, Austin!  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

Tony:  Shabibi is still involved with the CBI and may well come back as Governor. But we are past all that.  Everything Abadi did this week was important in letting people know that they are cutting out the corruption out.  The CBI has been safe for a while.  Our key thing this week is that the corruption is gone and the CBI cut out all sales of the US dollar.  They are ONLY  using dinar today and they cannot operate at the rates they are at.  Did they do that because of the RV?  Or because of what China did, which raised the value of the dollar?  They just added taxes and tariffs, and that put more pressure on to get this done.  If China continues to drop their rate, the dollar will get stronger and Iraq rate will get more impossible.  China did that three days in a row and said they will continue to do that, so that just puts more pressure on Iraq to get this done.

313 caller:  Good morning from Michigan.  How are you?

Tony:  I am great and getting better by the moment.

Caller:  When I talked to you on Wednesday, my phone dropped.  I heard your answer on the replay.  Can you tell us the rates?  I don’t want to take all my money to the bank if I don’t need to…

Tony:  The rates are still in the same region we’ve been talking about for the last week. They haven’t gone drastically up or down.  They could change after the markets close, but by pennies, not dollars.  They could go to $9, but I don’t think they will start there.  You can take that chance if you know how to react and can react quickly.  I do truly believe in ‘no guts, no glory’, but you have to  have a fall back plan, or at least a minimum of knowledge in that area.

Caller:  We have the knowledge.  We will just exchange some dong and wait for it to go up.  Can you tell us the rates right now?

Tony:  The best opportunity in seeing the rate go up significantly is for the  dinar – that’s just my personal opinion.  The rest MAY go up, but I think that dinar is your best bet with the institutions and such.  I was told yesterday  they were mad because I give you guys the rates, and today they told me not to give out the rates because it’s sensitive.  I don’t get that because it’s not going to change the rates if I tell you, but…

Caller:  How confident do you feel about this weekend?

Tony:  I do feel confident after  Abadi cut the salaries and pensions.  I know everyone is geared up for this at a higher level than before.  The banks sent out memos this morning and I feel really, really good, especially once China got into the mix and said they would continue.  If not today, then tomorrow or the next day… It cannot be sustained forever.  I’m at 95-96%.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

407 caller:  This is 404 at a different location yet again.  [Appreciation]  You and the team are keeping us in the game.  About Abadi’s trip to China… there are  now reports that his trip may be delayed.  What do your sources say about that?

Tony: I didn’t talk to my sources about that.  It makes sense that he delays it because even though the vote was unanimous, he should say in the country to make sure all the reforms take place.  Even though people say they will give up their power/position, that doesn’t mean they will.  You can’t go on television and say you’ve wiped our corruption, that doesn’t mean corruption has disappeared after 200 years.  Maybe Abadi’s advisers told him to stick around to see this through.

636 caller:  Good morning!  I’m good!  I saw something about the Frank-Dodd Bill;  are there any ‘gotcha’s’ we should be aware of in that bill?

Tony:  I don’t know.  There is a whole lot in that bill that have to do with this money.  Even though it restricted what banks can do with your money, and what you do as well, you just have to go through it and see.

Caller:  Should we look for a wealth manager who has experience with currencies and what accounts to put that money?  I’ve been reading some scare-mongering that says that money then belongs to the bank and not to us.  That doesn’t make sense to me.

Tony:  You should get together with your attorney and look at that. It’s not going to happen in the first five days.  Do what we suggested:  set aside money for taxes, pay off your immediate bills and debts, put your money in an interest-bearing account, then see how the market reacts.  See what your wealth manager’s expertise is, and see how that matches your interests.  I am interested in IPOs, so I need a WM who does that for the bank, so that s/he can support me.  Or I need the person who can get me into what I’m interested in, such as mutual funds, or whatever. I have my own plan, and I want someone who will support that plan.  I know what I want to do but I’m not going to do it for 6-7 months, so I can see what the economy is doing so that I can have long-term income.

Caller:  That makes sense, and I appreciate your re-balancing our perspective.  I appreciate all that your sources, contacts and the whole team has been doing for us.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!

916 caller:  [Appreciation]  One thing you mentioned – do you think that real estate should be the first thing we do with our money?  Or paying off what we own?

Tony:  One year I bought 30 houses, rentals and apartments, and then the market changed, so I was glad to get out of real estate.  It is stable and tangible, so I’m not telling you NOT to do that, but as soon as people start buying it will cost you a lot more by next spring.  There will be a lot of dinarians buying houses so it will be a sellers market.  I would never buy a house free and clear because I don’t know what will happen in the future, although I do want to have somewhere to live.  I want to buy real estate as cheaply as possible.  I’m not giving you advice, just things to think about.

Caller:  What about paying taxes in advance?

Tony: You can put taxes in an escrow account so that you know you have it in hand, if necessary.

254 caller:  Is this their holy day? What are they telling people in the mosque?

Tony:  Yes, up until sunset.  I didn’t ask what they are saying in the mosques today.  They could make an announcement this evening because tomorrow is pay day.  They put things out through the mosques because they listen to the religious leaders, and they are supporting Abadi.  That is what changed the tide because nobody wants to  be seen as going against him.

Caller:  All these laws, have they gone through yet?

Tony:  They have all gone through!  You know that every time there was an issue, there were articles, meetings, etc.  None of that is going on.  They are not fussing and fighting in Parliament because it’s all done.

Caller: You are all doing a great job, and it’s kept me in the game.  Back in the 1980s, the peso had hit the dumps, and I was thinking I should get into this (being in Texas), but I didn’t have the money then.  I got into this because I saw they revalued.  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Austin, Austin, Austin!

832 caller:  I’m from Houston.  This is my first time on the call. It seems like people take forever and a day just to hear your voice.

Tony:  We have a lot of Austin people today.

Caller:  [Appreciation]  About the zim:  when they say they are taking off six zeroes, does that mean the actual bills?  I’m confused on that.  When we get to the exchange, how does that work on the zim?

Tony:  My understanding is that 100 trillion note will take six zeroes away, then multiply that by the rate.  I believe they will take the 100 trillion and 50 trillion notes.

Caller:  Vegas, Vegas, Vegas!  Dallas, Dallas, Dallas!

Pam:  I will thank everyone also, which has gone way beyond to get information to us.  It’s been quite a journey;  they are amazing people from all levels and locations. They have put themselves and their jobs on the line to help all you guys.   When movies are made and books are written, they won’t even know all of that.

Tony: I will echo that.  I really want you to listen to that song. When this really comes out and you see what it is, and where there was doubt/questions where there should not have been, and we put ourselves through a lot of undue stress… I’ve always known how this would end, we just had to get to the end and now we are there.  More importantly, I hope you will look at all the things you were told by other groups and gurus, and now you see that they were never going to happen… people you sent money to that was never going to happen… that will come at your 20-30 times more now that you really have the money.  You have to take care of you, in terms of protecting your money.  Use this experience in terms of how business really works.  Use the last 4-5 years as your education. I have paid probably $500,000 for my education in experience.  Others might teach you things in a classroom, but I learned it in the real world, with the ups and downs you never heard in the classroom. We have been explaining real world politics and banking to you for the last 4-5 years – what happens, how it happens, and who benefits from it.  We have seen relationships (good and bad) that started on the internet;  you always want to trust someone on the internet until you don’t.   That will happen more and more as people know you have more money, and they want you to invest in businesses or loan them money.  Every opportunity has pitfalls, so be prepared and have things set aside.  I want you to create a legacy for your family, but if all else fails, at least hang onto your money for at least four years.  It’s our goal to help as many people as we can to get the money and also to keep the money and use it to benefit your family.

Pam says I just insulted all the teachers out there by saying “those who can, do;  those who can’t, teach.”  It’s just an expression in the world of entrepreneurs.  I love all the teachers out there.  Entrepreneurs find out that they didn’t learn everything they need to know in the classroom. I did take classes so that I could have a foundation.  Take courses, read books, spend time with people in the areas you want to be involved in.  The five people you spend the most time with, that’s who you are.  Is that who you want to be?  If not, find those five people you do want to be like.  I want to be with people who are smarter than be, who are the people I want to be.  I don’t just want to buy a house, take four vacations per year, and watch my bank account shrink.  I want my money to work for me. If your money is not working, you’re doing something wrong.

This should be a super-fantastic weekend.  We will live in a different world.  Think about what we’ve told you in the last few years and prepare to make this the most successful venture of your life.  I’m looking forward to our great future.  Let’s see what Iraq does tomorrow in terms of paying their people.

Ray:  Continue to enjoy this Fantabulous Friday!


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