TNT Friday

Highlights of Tony’s CC. Updated as the call progresses.
Tony: : Nothing has changed. Still at the same spot. Banks were ready to go at 8 but it did not. Probably not get any more notifications because the plan is just to do it. May not hear wrap up memo type thing anymore.

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: Could happen over the weekend. In Iraq they were told today or next week. Scheduled banks to be open again today in Iraq. Could happen any moment.

IRAQ: Tony has received conflicting messages. Some saying how safe Baghdad is and others talking about demonstrations in the streets. People in the streets been hearing the reform is going to happen in 2 days, 2 hours, next week and they are getting fed up. The people see them saying one thing but doing another. No VP’s pulled out of office. Abadhi issued statement yesterday it takes time. In the past they have given them the cards, payments to quell the unrest. Tony wondered how they would do it this time as the people are demanding they do something.

People paid: Tony heard they got paid Tuesday but did not know at what rate. They were told not to discuss it. Tony does not think it was the revalued rate or they would not be in the streets demonstrating this morning. Tony: They would be out buying TV’s, cars, etc.
Banks scheduled to be open today as they have for the last three Fridays.
Economic Reforms: Abadhi got the ER’s approved but they are not ALL implemented. Some have been implemented. It is a process that he has started. There are still procedures to follow to make it all happen.


Baskets: Tony said it would make sense for Chinese Ywan (spelling?) to be part of this first basket.
Rates staying the same. Looking for .47 on the Dong but Tony said it could go well over $2.00. ZIM: Tony said should come out between .11 and .22.


An individual was detained, (by the FBI?) and all their dinar was taken. (I missed the point of why Tony mentioned this or in what context. He was talking about scams again and it was unclear to me if it was truly the FBI or people posing as the FBI)

Scam: Tony said 4,000 people that exchanged in Utah and Reno don’t even know yet they have lost their dinar. Even church groups are being mislead by their ministers. Tony: 400 FBI investigations going on right now. There are 300 legitimate groups but they send people to the bank to exchange. These other groups want your name, DL and sign a document signing everything over to them.

Interest Bearing vs. non-Interest Bearing Bank Accounts: Years ago Dinarland was told the bank could not use your money if it was in a NI Account. Tony said we need to research that information for ourselves.

***TIP DAY: Tony would love to designate a specific day that we all do our large tips on. He said 10 days after the last call would be that day.


RAY: (ray was positive as always. I missed his verbatim statement)
TONY: Again nothing bad as far as the currency, meetings or people upset about that is holding it up. Might be something in the process or economic reasons but not anything in the law or people. System completely ready. Plan done here and in the US of how to process. Rates done. In a holding spot waiting for the go.
Please be careful and help one another through a difficult situation. Lots of people going to try to take advantage of you here at the end. They are being watched. One person file a law suit and tie it up. Again, heard the information on Monday. Some of you realize you lost it already. Some are going to lose it. Some people get a little and they can afford to file a law suit and everything gets frozen.
Everything is good. SuperFantastic for everyone else. We will go when Iraq goes. . . Let’s hope and pray they get it real soon. Enjoy your weekend. I am truly looking for it any minute. I know that is a possibility. Enjoy the rest of your day.

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  1. I just want to get my money from dinar and Zimbabwe, buy a house, new furniture and truck give apportion to my church and live comfortable is that to much to ask for. I am tired of the lies and the waiting period every weekend the banks are on high alert, going to the bank. Stop the lies and misleading people since we do have feelings.

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